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The Sorority Trashing Part 1: The Way It All Began

by HerTrashySub

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Part 1: The Way It All Began

It's starting to get hot and the smell of all these soiled diapers is making me sick. I'm bound in a 95-gallon trash bag at the bottom of a 6 cubic yard rollaway dumpster in the back of a sorority house. My arms and legs are bound with handcuffs, the modified ring gag holds my mouth open, and for the first time I'm scared that Haley is going to go through with her threat.

Let's rewind, I have a little bit of time to explain. I've been a trash boy for ages, and at 5'10", fitting me in a bin is a hard feat. My girlfriend, I should say ex-girlfriend, Haley, knew about my trash obsession. I say ex-girlfriend in retrospect because she's the one who put me here. When she did she had a fire in her eye when she looked over the top of the bin down at me. I have never seen that look before.

I'm sore and cramped in this near foetal position. But perhaps I should start from the beginning...

Three weeks ago, I think, Haley called me; she was my girlfriend, mistress, and the secretary at the renovation company I work at. She called to tell me that the perfect job had come in; her sorority was looking to perform some major remodelling in the 20-bedroom house. It was supposed to be all easy work, good money, and perhaps a little sideshow or a few parties. As a guy, you didn't have to ask me twice about working on a sorority house or to go to some college parties.

Haley and I had graduated last year from the nearby college. She had stayed in contact with her sorority and jumped at the opportunity to work with her best friends. So we headed out to the large home to take a look. Everything was trashed. It was a four-story home which desperately needed the electrical redone. The job meant that the drywall needed to be removed from the bedrooms and eventually needed replacement once the new wiring had been installed. That was the good news. Bad news was that the windows were small, yard even smaller, and there was little room to place a full-size dumpster, so we improvised.

The clothes chute became the trash chute. It ran from the attic, past the three community bathrooms on the upper three floors, past the lavish bathroom on the first, and slightly jetted out in the ceiling of the basement. Located in the direct center of the home, obviously built for a campus sorority, the chute was large enough to accommodate laundry bags full of dirty clothes. The chute opened to the center of the laundry room, which at that point in time contained tables. The laundry room consisted of six washers and dryers, a bathroom, and a ramp that led to a cellar door in the back of the home (obviously for easy access to contractors which needed to replace the machines once an awhile). So, we moved the tables and centered a 95-gallon rollaway garbage bin. My co-workers lined the laundry chute with heavy tarp to prevent damage. We figured the dust from the drywall might be too much, so we hung tarp from the edge of the laundry chute and draped it into the active trashcan.

We had four 95 gallon rollaway trashcans and a large 6 cubic yard dumpster out back in the alleyway. We lined the trashcans with large 100-gallon trashcan liners we had specially ordered; they'd be the perfect toys for Haley and I when we finished the job. Just thinking about being in a trashcan liner made me shudder with anticipation, but the job came first. We had to figure out a way to dump the large bins into the rollaway dumpster, since they'd contain heavy broken drywall and debris.

What we had to do was turn the dumpster around so the locking lids opened away from the backyard. We then rolled it flush with the backyard retaining wall, which stood nearly 4 feet high. The dumpster's edge was a nearly perfect height match with the edge of the retaining wall. We created a ramp and chute system which sloped up and away from dumpster. The ramp was at a 45 degree incline, ended about three feet from the edge. This left just enough room to wheel the trashcan in front of the ramp and accent. We'd walk the trashcan up the long ramp backwards, wheels first. Then at the top, we'd stop it, attach a pulley system to the handle bar, and tip it over a 4x4, which locked into place near the front of the trashcan, near the base. The pulley system allowed the trashcan to tip controlled. The bag, due to it's weight, would pop out and roll down the ramp, over the grass, and into the open dumpster with a thunk.

School would start in a few weeks. The girls that were present were living on the first floor. Our first job was to clean out the upstairs bedrooms and prep for drywall removal. The amount of lingerie and clothes that the girls left behind was ridiculous. We must have filled over six 95-gallon bins with just old clothing. These bags got set-aside in the laundry room for later. It was time to start the drywall removal.

The days flew by quick. The drywall was out in three days, electrical was in quickly thereafter, and the first two floors were re-dry walled. We got through most of the third floor and were told to finish up as quickly as possible as the girls would be coming back. So we began to work overtime. Days began to blend into nights. Before I knew it there were three dozen hotties running around the house. Late one night as I was removing one of the dumpsters with Haley, I caught sight of someone in the far corner of the basement go around an obscure corner.

"Don't even look over there," Haley said, "That's not for you."

"Just tired is all." I replied.

"You know how you haven't seen an attic entrance... that's one of the secret entrances over there. Only the uninitiated tramps and scoundrels go up there. Think of it as a chapter room."

"Wait, did you ever go up there?" I replied.

"Sssh, of all the things I'm not happy about, that's one of them. Let's just get this garbage out," she said with a wink.

We made wild passionate love that night.

Time flew by. With the addition of the 100-hour work week things just got crazier as all the girls moved back in. Haley caught my ogling one night and threatened to throw me out. It was her way of being naughty and digging into my trash obsession. She even whispered in my ear, "Wouldn't you like to be tossed into all these girl's trash?" The thought made me shudder.

Fast forward a few more days, I think it was Saturday. I had finished up most of our work early and headed out to the bar. I drank... a lot. Knowing Haley, she'd be back at the sorority house talking with her girls. I don't know what time it was, but it was late. I showed up unannounced, banging on the door and I don't know what happened next.

I woke up the following morning, in a room I didn't recognize. Over a dozen girls, and nearly twenty guys lay in sheets. The place felt familiar. I panicked once I realized I was naked next to a familiar face I had seen recently.

"Hey sweetie," she said groggily, "I'm Kayla, if you don't remember. Last night was fun, want to go again?"

"WHAT?! What did I do!?!" I whispered in fear.

"Well, you came pounding at the door. The frat guys from next door were right behind you for initiation."

"Did... we...?" I stammered.

"Oh babe did we ever, a lot,” she whispered with a naughty look on her face.

"Does Haley know?"

"Oh she left early last night, she doesn't know, I don't think." responded Kayla.

"FUCK!" I said as I saw 10 missed calls on my phone. I scrambled to put my clothes on quietly and looked for the exit. I saw a spiral staircase in the corner of the large room and darted to it. I tripped over an opening in the floor and lost my sweatshirt down a large chute. I wasn't thinking and ran down the stairs. Four floors later I exited a large metal door and turned the corner. I was in the basement of the sorority house! I had been in the initiation room! Initiation was an orgy! I stood there dumbfounded for a minute and made the call to Haley.

If Haley knew about the indiscretion, she didn't let on. I fed her a story about how I had blacked out after drinking the night before and passed out cold in an alley. I explained I was back at the house on time and finishing up work in the basement if she wanted to come visit. She didn't show up all day.

Sunday came and went. I showed up on Monday to put the final touches on the place.  Mid-afternoon I turned around and saw Haley standing in the doorway, smiling. She knew something, I was sure of it.

"So John, we're throwing a toga and diaper party tomorrow night, care to join?" she asked gently. "All the girls are back, the frat next door is putting up flyers, getting the beer kegs, and we've got all the other arrangements taken care of."

"Ummm, sure." I said. "Let me put the finishing touches on the attic and you can tell me more."

"No hun, skip it for now. We need help setting things up!" she exclaimed with a little bit too much excitement.

I spent the rest of the day removing all the remodeling trash, picking up all the contractor tools, hauling out trash for the girls as they cleaned, and making the basement as spic and span as it possibly could be. Once done, all four 95 gallon trashcans had been emptied into the now full dumpster. I relined the trashcans, thinking about how awesome it would be in one when Haley came down to the basement.

I said, "The dumpster is full."

"Don't worry about it. I called the company earlier and asked them to make a special stop. Dave [our boss] approved given the amount of money the sorority is paying. What I need you to do is to haul out these six bags of old clothes when they're done."

I grumbled, but secretly knew I'd enjoy the job. Once the dumpster had been rolled back into place, I hauled out all six bags and rolled them off the ledge. I examined the bags and figured they'd best not be left all piled against the edge, so I hopped in and spread them out, lining the bottom with a soft layer of huge bags of clothing.

"You know, you didn't have to really do that," I heard Haley say from above. "I know your little fetish gets the best of you sometimes. How about I lock you in there?"

I panicked, "No, that would be silly."

"Okay, come in and help me clean up the bathrooms," she said disappointed.

We walked into the second floor community bathroom together. In the corner I could see the clothes chute with the words "Trash & Diapers Here". In the corner was a large stack of boxes, a large bookshelf, a trashcan, and two musty looking twin bed mattresses.

Haley spoke quickly: "Okay, here's the deal. Go around to all the girl's rooms and empty their trash into this community trashcan, leave it by the trash chute. Lay the mattresses down in the shower room and grab the mattress liners from the top of the boxes and put them on. Also, the three boxes contain cases of Depends diapers. Line the shelves as full as you can, stuff if you have too. We're making the bathrooms changing rooms for tomorrow. Last year it was a hit. Oh yeah, empty the sanitary cans from each of the stalls into the trash too."

She left stating she have the other guys setup the third and fourth floor bathrooms identically. When all was said and done, the community bathroom was a changing room, with semi-private stalls on the shower's floor to change. I went around to all the girl's rooms and emptied their trash into the community trashcan. Dirty panties, ripped lingerie, old makeup containers, used condoms, dirty bathroom tissue, and bloodied sanitary napkins were the majority of the items I saw. I dragged the half-full trashcan back to the bathroom and emptied five very full sanitary bins into the bin. Used tampons, condoms, maxi-pads, tampon applicators, and wrappers filled the bin a bit more.

Haley came barging in near midnight and locked all the stalls, placing out of order signs on each. She also hung a homemade sign that stated, "If you see someone using a toilet, except to vomit, tell a full-member. All offenders will need to do a 30-second kegstand." She helped me jam the entire bookshelf full of nearly 400 adult diapers before she led me back downstairs to the basement.

"Tired lover?" she asked.

"Exhausted." I replied.

"Well, wanna play your little fantasy?" she asked.

My eyes went wide as I realized one of the 95-gallon trashcans was tipped on its side. "Do I ever!"

"Well babe, I get what I want first," she said.

She guided me to a table, had me lay on my back and stripped me naked. She placed a condom on my now ridged member and lifted her cute skirt to reveal her cleanly shaven cooter underneath. She rode me wild for a good ten minutes before she came with a muffled scream. She lifted her cunt off my spent member and removed the condom, tying it and setting it aside on the table.

Her tiny figure crashed down on me, wet with sweat. She lay there for a second, and then said, "Now."

I was too tired to realize what was happening or to fight it off. Four girls came out of the corners of the basement. One cuffed my ankles together, one propped me on my back, and the one by my ankles slid my feet to my butt. One set of hands clipped handcuffs around my wrist. I felt my mouth wenches open and before I knew what happened, a hollow ring gag was shoved into my mouth and clipped behind my head. My set of cuffs was tied together loosely, and I was confined in a foetal position looking at a smirking Haley.

"Shouldn't have cheated on me baby," she said as I was lifted by all four girls who moved me towards the awaiting 95-gallon trashcan.

They tilted me sideways and squeezed my legs tighter to my chest. One of the girls held a tube of KY Jelly, which she opened and began squirting all over me. All the girls helped spread it over my naked body. They then manoeuvred me onto my back, back to the backside of the bin, and slid my feet and butt to the very bottom of the trashcan by pushing on my shoulders and knees. The bin was up righted and I was left in a trashcan, lined with at least two heavy black 100-gallon trashcan liners.

Haley looked over the edge, down at me, and smiled mischievously. She began her rehearsed speech:

I really hope you like being trashed after that stunt you pulled with Kayla. It didn't take much convincing to get my besties to get rid of you. See, you've set up everything for us. The party tomorrow is going to generate quite the load of dirty diapers, good thing we have a full 6 cubic yard dumpster out back.

Oh yeah, we’re going to need to dump all that nasty trash you dumped into the bin upstairs tonight... and the stuff from the third and fourth floors. But that's not really what is going to be icky. See, that orgy you were a part of last night generated a nice load of trash. We'll dump that first. Girls, go upstairs and get ready to dump when I say.

So... since we have a few minutes to kill and that this is our last time together, let me tell you how things are going to go for the rest of your pathetic life. We're going to dump the trash; I doubt it's really going to even be close to a fourth of this bin. We'll move you off to the side until tomorrow night along with the other three standby trashcans. You can wallow in all the feminine waste for the next day or so.

Then tomorrow night, we'll wheel the first trashcan out once it's full. We'll maybe move you into place second, but probably save you till the third or fourth. Things start to get pretty shady around here the later the night gets. All the frats and sororities are coming, as this is the biggest party of the fall. Oh yeah, new initiates will be sent to the chapter room for their special initiations if they didn't perform well enough last night. Once your bin is full, we'll tie your bin up and take you out back like you've been hauling away the remodelling trash all week. Hope you're excited for the ramp! And the dumpster is getting picked up bright and early Tuesday morning by one of the girl's fathers who drives a special route for the waste company.

I've also been kind enough to illuminate the chute for you. I've pointed four LED flashlights upward so you can see what's coming down but guests can't see the bottom. So, without further waiting, let's get you into place! It's time to throw out the trash!

I felt the container tip and we were rolling. The bin stopped and thudded to the floor. I saw the tarp, which hung from the ceiling move and hang on the inner edge of the trashcan. Looking up I saw the chute, currently dark. Suddenly a bunch of lights went on, and I could see up the chute. Haley had made remote flashlights and secured them with duct tape to the corners of the chute.

Haley's head popped in and all I could see was her hair as she screamed up the chute, "Amber! Can you see him?! Anyone?!"

I the girl's heads pop into the chute opening high above and look down. "No!" came the uniformed reply.

"Go Amber!"

I saw at the very top of the chute, a familiar hole open and a light obscured by a large trashcan. A voice rung out, "Haley, there's a LOT of condoms in here, you sure about this?!"

"JUST DO IT!" she replied, moving her head out of the tarp.

I saw the can tip and the light became scattered. A rain of a half-full kitchen sized garbage can, full of used condoms, most untied, came raining down. Male ejaculate splattered everywhere as the wave of rubbery, cold, used condoms hit me.

I saw Haley's head enter once the cascade of trash ended from the attic. She saw me, covered in spunk and used rubber with the random opened condom wrapper. "Oh that reminds me!" she stated, brining her hand into the tarped area and releasing our used condom so it fell onto my face with a splat. "Okay ladies! Dump them!" she screamed as she removed her head again from the trap.

I saw three trashcan edges enter high above and tip. Everything went dark as the rain of sorority house trash came down. Used kleenex, wet tampons, used tampon applicators, bloody maxi-pads, maxi-pad wrappers, old lingerie, KY Jelly containers, old swimsuits, used condoms, empty makeup containers, and a few other items cascaded down all around me. When it was over, Haley looked into the trashcan. The trash wasn't compacted, and was sitting loosely at the level of my chin in my current sitting position.

Her hands appeared with a broom as she began to compact the trash all around me. When she was done, the feminine waste lay tightly compacted up to my navel. I watched her disappear from view with the broom, only to come back to say, "I know how much you enjoy this, and you better not squawk through that ring gag. If you do, we'll just end it all right here and toss you out. Chances are you'd parish in the dumpster, in the heat, before you woke up from a nice GHB nap."

Her head disappeared and the tarp chute was removed. The lid slammed shut and I felt it tip again. She was moving back into the line of standby dumpsters. Once my prison thunked down I heard another move and thunk, probably under the chute as I heard the tarp being placed.

Then it all went quiet. I was alone, in the dark, restrained in a trashcan, covered in spunk, condoms, used feminine hygiene products, with a floor of old female clothing. It was warm and humid in the bin as my body heat warmed the confined 95-gallon space. I dozed off to sleep before only with the anticipation the worst and best day of my life to come tomorrow.

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