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Scout Camp

by TeaSer

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© Copyright 2012 - TeaSer - Used by permission

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continued from Marie Spending a Day in a Bin & Human Garbage The Letter

The letter arrived on a thursday, but Marie didn't notice it before friday. And it sure didn't advertise itself - just a simple, white envelope with her name and address in front. No sender. The stamp was ordinary and the post office had marked it a few days before. Now of course a letter wasn't a big deal in itself, but Marie didn't receive many letters. After her father had died last year, she hadn't received any letters at all! That is - of course she had bills and other kinds of official letters, but nothing like this. She drank a cup of coffee while letting the anticipation grow.

When she did open the letter it was kind of anticlimax. "You will receive an invitation to join the scout camp at South Wood ... and then a date a month ahead. The camp will last for one week, but do apply for two weeks holiday and make sure you will not be missed during this time. Peter." She didn't know any Peter! Well, there was this guy at university, but she hardly knew him. And when she digged deeper she had an idea that one of the clerks in a shop nearby was named Peter. But apart from those?

Well she didn't have a lots of close friends. Not that she was weird or special - in fact she was a normal, bright girl. Pretty after common standards with her 5'7, her firm, round 36C's and her hot bum. At university she was well liked - she just didn't have many interests in common with her fellow students. And her interests .... well, perhaps she was a bit weird after all. She smiled as she recalled being locked up in a garbage-bin at the nearby mall. Her degration and embarrassment when she was walking home through the town - naked and smelly. The thought of this made her groin tingle. And the second adventure! Some guy had helped her the first time. And she had called him for assistance on a second adventure - where she was locked up in a garbage bin in the middle of a town party. Lots of people had been just outside her garbage bin - eating, drinking, having fun. And using her bin for their waste - not knowing a naked girl was receiving all their deposits.

Her hand was now rubbing her tight jeans and she recalled the feeling of the waste sliding down her face, into her mouth held open by the ring gag, down her body and making her panties soak with leftovers. And how Peter had releas..... Peter! She now remembered some of the other workers at the party adressing him Peter! Could this letter be from him?

On her way home from the party, she had promised herself never ever to do such a thing again. And she hadn't! Well, there was a few occasions where she had taken some disposed fruit with her home and used it for messy masturbation. But that wasn't the same! She would never ever accept getting in such a situation again for real. Fantasy was different, of course, and she had played quite a set of scene while working her sensitive body. Like now when she imagined being at display with her heavily stained jeans - the crotch obviously soaking. But she would never submit to this kind of predicament again.

Seeds and plants

Nothing happened. Nobody called to have her join a scout camp. Nobody offered an explanation. After reading the letter and dismissing the suggestion, she spent a weekend with movies, cafes, walks in the city. Everything an attractive, young woman would do, when she wasn't busy with her friends. Just - as she sat drinking a softdrink sunday afternoon, she realized she never removed the chain Peter had put round her neck the first time they met. That chain had become a part of her. At first something her colleagues would wonder about, but now they hardly gave it an eye. And she had gained a habit of softly pulling and playing with the lock when she was idle. The letter was at her desk at home. Even if she would neve r(and she certainly hadn't changed her mind) would endulge in waste again, she was a bit intrigued. Something should happen!

On Monday she addressed her family telling them, she expected to be late for the holiday with them. When asked about her plans, she even mentioned the option of joining a scout camp as a supporter - but was sure to make it an undecided option. And she did look up the wood on Google Maps - trying to figure out what she was supposed to do - and what she could offer the kids. She had never been a scout herself and things like building wooden towers or hiking was not skills prominent on her resume. Further she didn't understand why Peter had not invited her himself - it couldn't be some garbage-run with kids around. She felt utterly bewildered. And nothing happened.

During the next week she had learned that there was indeed going to be a scout camp. The local papers had an article about it, and one of the scout leaders told about the exciting things the kids should do. Marie had looked at the pretty young scoutleader, who was a girl at her own age, and felt good about her - but she still didn't have any idea what should happen. And as the second week went by without any contact, she had almost dismissed the letter. Now she had the dates for the holiday set and she might as well go do something. She just didn't know what she wanted.

Her doorbell rang late Sunday. Like receiving a letter this was a very uncommon thing. Outside was the scoutleader, she had seen in the paper. She referred to the letter, Peter had sent, and asked if Marie was willing to spend some of her vacation with the scouts. And really, all they needed was hands. They had the necessary people who could do the scout-things, but they needed someone to look after the kids when the leaders were preparing the next session. Or to take care of scratches or whatever popped up. Clara, which was the name of the scoutleader, was very enthusiastic and easily convinced Marie that this was just the right way to spend her vacation. And as leaders didn't have to pay to join the camp, it would be a very cheap vacation as well.

Practicalities like what Marie should bring was easily sorted out. And Clara would have someone driving by to pick up Marie and drive her to the scout camp a few hours ahead of the kids, in order to have her installed. Marie felt good about this - completely discarding the thought of this being another disgusting garbarge-adventure. During the next two weeks she searched the internet for scout-information, just to be a little prepared for the things that might happen. And she carefully selected old clothes as Clara had warned her she might have some clothes torn in the wood. So at the agreed time, her house was locked and she was ready with her bags as a car made stop at the street. A young man and a young woman greeted her, and soon she was seated - heading for adventure.


Arriving at the scout camp was kind of a disappointment. At this time the field was just green grass but there was no activity at all. Well, we're a bit early, John, the young man from the car, told her. They left the lugage in the car and started a walk round the area. In one end of the area was a house, which the leaders would use for administration. There was a kitchen in there as well. Next to the house was some small buildings holding toilets and rows of watersupplies. "The kids will live in tents on the field and get their water from these supplies. And", John said, "the kids are going to prepare their own food from raw materials, using campfires". Apparently this was uncommon, Marie thought. Well - actually she never bothered where food came from. To her use food came from the supermarket and just needed a few minutes in the microwave oven. Hopefully she should not deal too much with raw food.

As they walked along a dusty path next to the field they came to some rather large bins. "This is another theme for this camp", John said, "Recycling of garbage". He showed Marie how the bins was supposed to be used for different sorts of waste - metal, paper, carton, plastic, and 'the rest'. And a bin with a yellow lid and some thing that looked like a big pasta-cutter was for food-scrapings and peels. He opened the lid of the food-container showing Marie how the remains was being cut into small pieces in order to decompose faster. In both ends of the lid there was a container, which John told her would be filled with waste water. One of those was connected to something that looked like a pump, connected to the end of the bin. Marie couldn't figure out why they needed a pump, but didn't ask. Then John looked straight at Marie, "And this is where you are going to spend the camp."

Marie gave a yelp, more of surprise than trying to call for help. Anna, the girl from the car, had joined them carring a small backpack and Marie started to move towards her. But she just pushed her back. And while John held her arms, Anna tore open Marie's shirt and unbuttoned her jeans. Then John grabed her neck-chain and Anna gave a laugh, "Get rid of the clothes!" Marie could do nothing but obey and she was soon all naked in front of the two.

Now Anna produced a pair of steel cuffs and fixed them round Marie's wrists. A short chain connected each cuff to Marie's collar, making her hands hold her chin. She then fixed some knee protectors to Marie's legs. "You're going to spend some time kneeling", Anna said, "and we don't want you to have scrape wounds too early".

"There's this extra, Peter said you would love", Anna continued. She showed her a bunch of leather straps with a clear tube fixed to one of the straps. It appeared that part of the straps was a belt, which she tightened firmly round Marie's stomach. The strap with the tube was a crotch strap. She smeared some lube on the end of the tube, which was then pushed into Marie's ass. The part of the strap right in front of the tube was covered by a small piece of tube, and Anna made sure this went right between Marie's pussylips. The strap was tightened to the belt and Anna pulled the tube to make sure it was securely stuck.

While John held the chain round Marie's neck, Anna pulled out a broad felt pen and wrote "Trash Slut" down Marie's belly. She then made a few pictures using her cellphone. Marie was devastated! Not only would she have to enjure another slimy experience, but she was pictured naked. This certainly didn't become her well! Besides she didn't know who might see those pictures. She tried to protest, but Anna cut her off: "Shut up, slut. You know you likes this." To prove it, she slid a finger through Marie's cunt and sniffed at it. Marie flushed red, realising her body had indeed reacted to the unexpected treatment.

Now Marie was unceremoniously lifted and filled into the garbage bin. John connected the tube from Marie's ass to the pump and secured it with some tool. Next he pointed at a tube held at the end of the bin opposite the pump, "This is for drinking. Make sure to drink a lot when water is available. The bin will get warm during the day." Anna connected a chain to the belt and to the top of the bin. The chain was pretty loose, and Marie couldn't figure out why it was there. Anna noticed her puzzled look and laughed. "A final touch," she said, "I'm sure you'll enjoy." Finaly the lid was closed and Marie heard a padlock shut.

Looking around in her prison, Marie discovered the purpose of the chain. Being exactly in the middle of the bin, she was able to kneel, but if she moved around a bit, she would need to stand on her feet. And as the bin wasn't very high she would have to be crumpled in a very tiring position. Reluctantly she moved back to the center, kneeling. The smell in the bin was not too bad - although it wasn't all clean, there was no visible trash in there. Kneeling here was just boring, and her thoughts wandered off - how long was she to stay in the bin? She had announced vacation for two full weeks, so nobody would miss her. But surely she wasn't going to spend all this time in the bin. She also realized how much she would need to drink. Even if it was still before noon, the bin was warm, causing her to sweat. And her mouth was dry already.

For a long time there it was almost silent. A few birds sang, but most of the time it was silence. Marie really got annoyed with the wrists connected to her neck, her knees hurt from carrying her weight, and her ass felt miserable with the tube stuck inside it. Not that it was wide open - the tube really wasn't that big. Marie just felt penetrated. And looking down her belly the words Trash Slut shined clear. Then there was noise! Lots of children yelled and talked and sang. Adults directing them how to raise the tents and how to stuff their luggage. Marie felt exposed even if she knew it wasn't possible to see her. And she had tried to push the lid up to no avail, so her mind told her, no one could lift the lid and see her down here. Still she felt a tension whenever some kid was particularly loud.

Some adult called the children and the sound of them faded a bit. After a while the noise grew again, and there was kids just outside the bin. Some adult told the kid about waste-separation, how different waste could be used for different purpose. Then there was a knock on her bin. "This bin is for waste food," she heard. The adult continued to describe how rinse-water should go in one container and soapy water should go in the other. The soapy water should be pushed through a filter of sand - hence the children should operate the handle of the pump. Marie realised that she was going to be the filter, and that the kids would pump their soapy water into her ass. She started to whimper, but hurried to be all quiet. No one heard her, she believed. And the water that would be poured in the other container was for her to drink. Water that had been used to rinse things at the camp. She surely didn't want to drink any of this! She realized the adult was talking about the things that should be poured into the shredder: All kinds of waste food, vegetables, leftovers, food-stained paper and things like that, should go into the shredder and the kids should turn the handle on the shredder to make the waste fine-grained for fast compostition. There was some questions, then the kids left.

During the next hour or so, more groups of kids was shown the bins, and each time, Marie felt exposed and humiliated. This waste was going to make a mess of her 'home'. Well - it wasn't a home, but during the hours she started to feel more and more at home in here. Even if she was sweaty and dry, the bin covered her from prying eyes and she felt reasonably secure in here. Her crotch also kept telling her this could be ok - the sensations between her legs eroding her resistance. Just one problem: She couldn't do anything to stimulate herself. Her hands was securely kept away from her crotch and putting pressure on the crotch-strap just made her slightly more horny. There would be no way of getting off. A final group came to the bins and this time she was allerted that something drinkable might arrive. The adult poured some coffee into the container and a few seconds later it splashed out of the tube. Marie had been close to catch some with her hands - now it just made the bottom of the container wet. Thankfully some of the kids poured some water into the container as well, and Marie managed to get close enough to actually lead it to her dry mouth. Then some of the kids wanted to dispose of some bread they had gotten and filled it into the shredder. Marie felt the bread land on her back and stick to her sweaty skin. Then this group left as well.

Again Marie got bored from waiting. The kids was working round the tents and the temperature grew in the bin. Just down there was some water and some of the spilled coffee. Marie felt disgusted while at the same time felt a need to get it. And she discovered that she could push herself over - having the hands and face all close to the bottom of the container while stretching her legs a bit. The feeling of embarrassment and humiliation was overwhelming while she lapped the foul liquids from the bottom of the container. She promised herself to be faster at drinking the water that came down to her in order not to need to lap up water from the container.

Dinner is served

Hours went by and Marie could hear the kids having fun while doing ... whatever they was doing. From her reading she expected they were settling in. She herself was already settled - her world being the container. She smelt smoke and heard the scoutleaders instructing the kids how to make food. She could do with some herself, she thought - not having eaten since the morning. But no one knew she was there - except John and Anna. She wondered what Clara was thinking as she had promised her to be at the camp. But most likely John and Anna had made some excuse that she wasn't going anyway. Marie sure didn't expect Clara to look for her in the bin.

The kids were still busy. Marie was quite content about them not knowing she was here. Seeing a naked woman tied up sure wasn't something kids should see. And Marie was painfully aware of the writing on her stomach. No! She sure wouldn't have the kids to find her. Then better stay and see what happened. After yet another long time, the camp seemed to be quiet. According to the light, it wasn't evening yet, so Marie wondered what happened. Oh, of course! They were eating. And sure - after a short while the noise returned. Then kids came to the bin and Marie made sure to be all quiet.

She could hear the kids talking about all the good food - and how much they had left over. Now on a camp they couldn't save the extra food, so they had to dispose it. They were laughing about how the kids in Africa could survive on all the spare food they were going to dispose. Then the shredder started.

In the bin Marie got food all over. The shredder cut the remains into small pieces which was spread all over the bin - and all over Marie. She couldn't tell what they had eaten, but some was very sticky and made her skin itch. This made her decision to be quiet very difficult. She started licking her hands - tasting the remains. True - it was quite good, but having to eat the disposed remains was grossly embarrassing. For a while the shredding continued, then she heard the funnel being filled announcing water to be applied. She hurried to the tube in order to have something to drink - very quiet, of course. As the water entered her mouth she was about to spit it out with a scream. The water tasted pretty much of soap.

"Don't put the soapy water in that funnel", someone said, "we're supposed to use this funnel for rinse-water - and the other for the soapy". Marie sighed. Why couldn't kids listen when told something? Still, she had to be careful about drinking too fast. Then the kid applied the soapy water to the other funnel and Marie saw the container inside the bin fill. That was - part of the container was her ass. As the container got filled more and more, Marie felt an increasing pressure in her rear.

Apparently the kids had eaten in their different teams. At least several groups came by, shredded the remains and dumped water into the two funnels. The bottom of the bin was now slimey from all the food and from all the water being poured into the bin. It was difficult for her to move around quietly, so when kids was close, she simply sat kneeling in the bin - waiting for the kids to do their deeds. By the way - they wasn't all clever at cooking! Some of the food had been burned and tasted and smelled disgustingly. While other teams had made really good food. Unfortunately it all got mixed in the bin - and mixed with dirty water.

As the bin-area got quiet again, Marie decided to try to eat some of the food. Now there was two options: She could eat from the bottom of the bin, where most of the food was. Unfortunately this was mixed with the dirty water. The other option was to scrape food from the sides of the bin - accepting to eat what had previously been in the bin as well. Both options was disgusting, and Marie just couldn't make herself do it. She licked what was reachable with her hands, but as those was pretty tight to her throat, there really wasn't much to eat. Somehow she just got more hungry that way. Equally bad was the drinking problem. As she couldn't risk being heard, she had let all the water pour into the bottom of the bin, where it was mixed with the shredded food, and had washed loose the possible remains of the previous content of the bin. Marie was thirsty, but she couldn't make herself drink from there. Sure John and Anna would bring her something?

The evening went by - and she heard the kids singing. Apparently they had a large campfire, and there was someone talking. Marie couldn't hear what they said, but the kids laughed and cheered. Then there was some more singing. And on and on. Marie felt miserable! Being part of the group, being part of the cooking, being part of the campfire. This was what she had signed up for. Not to be stored naked and tied in a bin with all the scrapings. Marie felt devastated - yet there was this little itch between her legs. Surely this was due to the crotchstrap. She couldn't get horny from being treated like that, could she?

The campfire had ended and the kids were sent to the tents. She heard the voices spreading over the field - some yelling, some hushing, someone crying and some adult voices trying to silence the crying child. Marie felt like crying too. She too was alone. Not crying for being away from her parents, she had been so for a long time. But for being locked up in a dirty bin. Hungry and thirsty. And no one came to comfort her! And in the middle of all this despair, her crotch was so alarminly wet. After her other adventures she was sure never to do a garbage run again - and here she was. She was utterly confused about herself, getting horny like that. And to increase her discomfort the hands locked to her collar chain offered no way to release the intensifying itch in her cunt. The plug-arrangement at her bottom was increasingly annoying, yet there was no way she could remove it. And the tube at her crotch kept rubbing her cuntlips and clit - not enough to do any real good, but surely too much to be ignored.

After the camp had been silent a while, she heard someone approaching. The bin was opened, and Marie looked up. Anna and John was looking down at her - large smiles on their faces. "So", Anna said, "how does our Trash Slut like the camp?" Marie started to whimper, but John cut her off. "You have everything in the bin", he said. "You have water and you have food. And even the toiletries are taken care of. Now you just enjoy the camp". He then lowered the container with soapy water to let water run from her bowels into the container. Brown water filled the tube and Marie felt humiliated by them seeing her waste. Still there was nothing she could do about it. John emptied the container somewhere outside her bin and then restored it. All the while Anna kept making pictures with her mobile phone adding to Marie's humiliation and degradation. Finally they shut the lid and restored the lock - keeping Marie enprisoned in the bin.

When the night comes

Until now, Marie had spent time on her knees. From time to time leaning against the side of the bin, but mostly sitting upright. She had tried to sit right on her bottom, but the chain connecting her belt to the lid didn't allow this. And standing on her feet was terribly tiring as well, as she couldn't stay upright. So kneeling was about the best position. However she really wanted to lay down to sleep. Moving around a lot she discovered the devilish plan with the chain: If she was to get some rest in her back, she would have her face right at the bottom of the bin - her ass still held high by the chain. The hands tied to the collar did nothing to prevent her face from enjoying the full foul mud in the bottom of the bin - mud created by fine-grained food from the shredder, mixed with the dirty water. And to keep stable she had to have her legs wide spread - making her feel exposed and vulnerable

The knee paddings was soaking from the food on the bottom of the bin. Still Marie felt thankful she was wearing them, as she sure could imagine how her knees would be scraped inside the bin. And eventually she fell asleep - face continously smeared with the wet food, making her sleep very disturbed. From time to time something hit the bin - she could only guess it was an animal. During the night there was water poured into the bin from time to time - she could only guess it was some night-guard emptying his cup before returning to the tent.

As night comes, so does day. Marie was kind of bewildered when she woke up - her nose filled with some slime and her mouth equally soaking. The slime didn't smell or taste good at all. And why was she laying there with her head in the slime without being able to move her hands? There was the sound of kids nearby getting closer every minute. Slowly she realized where she was and why she was there. Her back hurt from the unusual sleeping position and she had itch over most of her body. An itch the hands couldn't do much to relieve and as the kids was now right outside the bin, Marie couldn't start rubbing herself against the side of the bin.

She tried to clean out her mouth and then moved silently in position to get some water if the kids poured some in the bin. And somehow she was lucky: The kids had brought water from rinsing the plates from their breakfast, leftovers for the shredder and water from dishwahing and cleaning. As the water splashed through the tube, Marie tried to wash her mouth and face - then drank some of the milk-mixed water. The shredder was activated and plenty of bread and cornflakes and sausage and ketchup was spread over Marie's naked body. She was now pretty hungry and turned to lapping the food which was within reach. But lots of the food was covering her body, making her feel dirty. Pressure in her bottom announced the humiliating enema, she was having - by kids filling her bowels without knowing what happened to their soapy used dishwater.

As the day grew sun was getting hotter and hotter, and Marie's bin got pretty warm. As she started to feel dizzy, she had to bend to the bottom of the bin to lap up some of the water there - water mixed with food from the morning and the evening before. The water was really smelly and it was hard for Marie to swallow it. Still she knew she had to. "Have some fresh water", someone outside the bin said. And even if she didn't know if they was addressing her, she moved to the tube - to be rewarded with several handfulls of clean and cold water. She felt so thankful, yet she dared not verbally thank the one giving her some water. As the world outside got quiet again, Marie went back to some half dreamy state, feeling itchy, feeling horny, feeling disgusted, feeling despair, feeling horny, horny, horny. Like in her previous adventures she gained an acceptance of being trash. And being kept from masturbating, just increased her feeling of being horny and controlled. She sure didn't like it, but being trash and being controlled was stimulating her immensely.

By now her crotch was permanently in the soaking food and she started worrying about the night. If she was to sleep the same way as she had done last night, there was a risk of drowning. And they didn't want that, did they? Marie sure didn't want to drown in soaking waste inside a bin. But like anything else, there was not much, she could do about it. Lunch brought more water and left over food to her bin. Again the kids had been cooking at the fires and as some food tasted burned, other samples was almost raw. Marie really wasn't happy about the menu!

Marie discovered that the water in her bowels somehow entered her body. At least she was peeing way more than she would expect from the amount she drank. Now this pee had only one way to go: to the bottom of the bin, to be mixed with the other water down there. So no matter how disgusting she considered it, she was lapping her own pee to get something to drink. Trying to build barriers in the food did some help to keep the pee from mixing too much with her not so bad drinking water gave her some kind of distraction, but she wasn't very successfull - among other problems her hands connected to the neck-chain made her dip her head where ever she wanted to do something. Marie sure wasn't happy.

Work to be done

Lunch was approaching. At least Marie again smelled smoke and there was lots of activity on the camp. Apparently the kids was preparing something as there was a lot of traffic to the bins. The shredder was busy cutting scraps into tiny pieces which as usual was distributed over Marie. Some carrots and salad was ok, but she really didn't like the raw potato peels, that was mixed in. Or whatever else the kids dumped into the shredder. Marie was sure there was some raw meat of some kind, and got worried about different diseases, she might be exposed to. Still there was nothing she could do about it.

The water tube was almost constantly running now, giving a terrible mess at the bottom of the bin. At least this would make her pee thinner when she had to drink it. Still Marie was happy to be able to drink the waste water from the tube, by now fully accepting that this was waste water and not clean water. Her ass and belly started to cramp from all the water being poured in there, but there was nothing to do about that. Marie tried to squeeze some water out, but the pressure kept pushing water back into her.

Finally the crowd thinned, and the camp was silent. Marie wondered what happened, as the kids apparently didn't come back with scrapings. Not that she missed it. By now the bin had more than a foot of crunched soaking food at the bottom. It was very slippery and the smell sure wasn't good. She felt utterly humiliated by kneeling in this slime, utterly humiliated by having to, and so terribly horny for being so humiliated. She couldn't know her current appearance, but she was sure she was a mess. She felt that way! Hair clinging to her face, her face being stiff by food, that dried slowly, making her skin itch. Her mouth felt like a drain - which somehow was a very correct description. Marie sure didn't like her current situation.

Then there was footsteps and the lock to the lid was removed. Marie looked up as the lid was opened and saw John and Anna laughing at her. Anna had her camera and made several pictures of Marie. "Stand up", said John. This was not at all easy! Having been kneeling for so long had made Marie's muscles stiff, and not being able to use her hands made standing a very difficult task. But Marie fought herself to her feet. She noticed that Anna had changed to video recording, so her struggles was now recorded.

"You're really trash", John said. Then he reached to her crotch and rubbed her cuntlips. It sent shivers through Marie. "Gosh she's a horny trash slut", said Anna, while still recording. Marie wanted to protest, but was abrubtly cut off by John. He then rubbed her clit through the garbage and in no time Marie simply sank back into the bin - her orgasm being so strong. All the way Anna had recorded her and Marie had no idea where the movie would end.

John now emptied the tank and her belly, giving her strained stomach just a little relief. He then threw a large plastic bag into the bin and put a cabletie in her mouth. "Now you will fill this bag with the waste", John said. "You have several hours to do so, as the kids are away from the camp. So nobody will be disturbed by you making noises. When the bag is as filled as you can make it, you will use the cabletie to seal the bag. That is - if you drop the tie and can't find it, you will have a hell of a night, keeping your head above water. So better make sure the tie stays in your mouth until you're going to use it". After this, they uncerimoniously shut the lid and restored the lock, leaving Marie alone.

Marie looked around in the bin. Filling all this goo into the bag seemed to be a lot of work. Still she had to agree - having to sleep with the water and stuff in the bin sure wouldn't be fun. She opened the bag. It was a standard size waste bag - rather strong quality as far as she could feel. Now how was she to fill the bag? She tried simply to pull the bag from one end of the bin to the other like a fishing-trawl. This took quite a lot, but there was still lots of waste left. Trying to pull the bag once more didn't help - in fact it seemed like some of the first waste spilled out of the bag at the second pull. Marie decided to empty the bag to try once more. As she pulled the bag through the waste again she dropped the cabletie. Even if she hurried to dive for it, it sank into the goo and disappeared. Marie was devastated. Would she have to spend the night leaning against the side, scared to fall asleep and drown in the goo? She spent the next long time fingering the waste trying to find the cabletie. When she eventually succeeded, she was almost out of breath as she had had to put her head into the waste in order to reach to the bottom of the layer. But now she had won this victory and had the cabletie safely back in her mouth.

Carefully dragging the bag through the waste actually took a lot of waste into the bag. And after this one pull, Marie put the bag in the end of the bin - standing with the opening upside. Now she just needed to get as much waste as possible from the bottom of the bin to the bag. This appeared to be a tedious and dirty work. Marie had to cup her hands in front of her face to carry a load of waste to the bag. That meant she had to move carefully not to drop all the muddy waste back into the bin. And she had to work hard from kneeling head down to standing crumbled in front of the bag. If she happened to lean on the bag, the waste would just flow out, causing her work to be wasted. And lifting the goo right in front of her face didn't make her happy either. Allready after one day in the heat, the food was clearly rotten and disgusting, causing her to feel sick. But slowly she was able to move the waste from the bottom of the bin to the bag.

When all the solid waste was away, she considered the remaining fluid part. The layer on the bottom wasn't too big, but still she would prefer to get rid of it. Trying to carry the fluids with her cupped hands just didn't work, as the water simply escaped her. With a sigh, she took the cabletie from her mouth - being very carefull to have it in her clenched hand. She then dipped her mouth into the water and filled it with the dirty water. Using her mouth as a container, she was able to lift the water into the bag. Very small amount after very small amount. And finally the floor was just wet - with a little swamp in the end of the container. Marie restored the cabletie in her mouth and enjoyed finally being able to relax her hand. She then carefully tugged the opening of the bag and collected the sides. The bag was almost filled, but she succeeded twisting the opening a few times before she took the cabletie out of the mouth to seal the bag. Afraid to drop the cabletie and risk spilling the waste she spent a long time carefully putting the tie round the opening before pulling it tight. To make things even better she bit the tie and pulled it even tighter. Finally she returned to her kneeling position in the middle of the bin, resting and waiting for the kids to return home.

Waiting for days to cum

Marie felt pretty miserable. Not just was she locked in a dirty and smelling bin, her ass almost constantly subjected to having an enema, her hands locked to her collar, in a position most uncomfortable and streineous. She was also dirty to an unbelievable extent, her hair stiff from slimy goo, every orifice having a coating of a foul stench, taste and composture. She was constantly horny yet utterly unable to stimulate herself enough to cum, and after the humiliating session this morning, where John had masturbated her to cum, she really didn't know what she wanted. Cumming was great, but when the descision to do it was taken from her, she sure didn't feel great about it.

Another frustrating fact was, she didn't know how long she had to enjure this predicament. When she had done her first garbage-run, she had planned for one night only - unfortunately this experience had been extended to more than a full day, and she had escaped only due to the intervention of Peter. Then the second run had been another long day in a bin, but still a timeframe, she could relate to. By now she had been in this bin for a full day, a full night, and now another full day. And she had no clue how long she was to enjure the situation.

The constant tugging of her crotch by the strap, made her loins go wild, and even in the uncertaincy - or perhaps due to the uncertaincy - she began to fantasize about what might happen to her. And this fantacy wasn't about escaping. Instead her mind had her bound even stricter, the timeframe extending to weeks/months/years/forever, the dirty food getting even worse. And due to those fantasies she got even hornier, her body gyrating in the chain holding her in a futile attempt to get enough friction to actually get off. All to no avail.

Eventually the kids returned from whatever they were doing - emptying their waste in the bins. Dull water in the bowl for that and their leftovers in the shredder - sending the scrapings over the almost clean bin. Marie accepted this with a sigh - there was nothing she could do about it anyway. Besides she was pretty hungry by now so the food distributed on the walls and on her body was welcome to solve this problem. Marie discovered she had hindered the way to the drinking tube by putting the bag right in front of it, which meant she had to suck water from the floor. Still after her cleaning effort this floor wasn't too bad, and Marie slowly got in a better mood.

The program for the evening wasn't much different from the program the day earlier. The kids had to provide food for themselves in small groups meaning lots of waste being shredded onto Marie. And the enema-tube actively had her ass ache from being at a constant pressure. And after dinner Marie got a load of scrapings at different stages of cooking - some was amost raw, others was burned and very few did actually taste good. Still nothing could be done about it and Marie dozed off after being fed - accepting her fate. Being constantly horny and confined in the small room - at the same time shielded and feeling exposed was taking its toll on Marie, her mind filled with strange images of being shredded herself, being made to waste, floating in a stream of rotten water mixing up with pee, her breathing restrained from bags of trash being put onto her, and the cruel awakening as her head was yanked against the bin.

Some kids was apparently playing arond the bins and had pulled them around, causing the filled bag to move. Marie sure hoped the kids had been too noisy to notice any sound from her, and as far as she could understand they had no clue about her presence. Still Marie had to move the bag to be able to breathe freely, and this had to be done with the utmost care not to alarm the kids. Luckily they got called from somewhere and disappeared, leaving Marie to move the bag more freely. And in fact it turned out that the seal with the cabletie was not only still in place, it also kept the fluid content of the bag securely inside. Marie decided to have the bag laying at the end of the bin giving her a chance to get to the water-tube in case it should expell some fairly clean water to her. And in fact the bag this way made it possible for her to rest her head upon it, thereby giving her back a most welcome relief. Marie almost felt happy in her confinement.

Marie woke up with a shock when a boost entered her already stretched stomach. She heard a female voice laugh outside the bin and hoped it was Anna and nobody else. Then she stiffened as the outside voice was doubled and turned into a conversation about her. Not that the girls outside seemed to be very worried about her well being, the conversation was more on the difficulties she had caused them with her unsatisfiable need for being treated as trash. Marie stared silently in the direction of the voices. She had made no request to be put in the bin, nor had she in any way expressed even a faint desire to enter this horrible situation.

The lid opened and two girls peeked down at her. That is, Anna was busy filming Marie. The other girl was Clara - the scoutleader who approached her the first day. Marie opened her mouth to cry out her innocence regarding the present situation, but Clara cut her off; "Not a word from you trash slut!" She then reached down and pulled Marie's collar making her stand. "Gosh you're a pervert", she said. "I couldn't believe my ears when Anna and John told me of your desire to spend the camp inside this bin. I'm really disappointed about you walking out on me this way, you was supposed to be an asset for the camp - not a burden". She angrily let the excess water out of Marie's rear, wrinkling her nose at the sight and the smell of the waste-filled fluid.

Clara pinched Marie's nipple hard: "And now you will thank me for letting your shit out!" she said with a stern look at Marie. Marie felt completely bewildered. She had made no request to be in the bin out of control of her own body! The pinch got harder and turned into a yanking. "Well?" Marie whispered: "Thank you for emptying my belly from shitty water".

"A bit louder!" Clara required. Marie repeated with a trembling voice. "And then you will thank me for letting you spend a week in the bin of this camp", Clara urged while twisting the nipple roughly between her fingers. Darn that girl is strong, Marie thought, before she with a fairly clear voice thanked Clara for letting her spend the camp inside the bin. "Once again! And no names this time!" Marie was confused, but repeated how delighted she was about spending her time in the bin. After this Clara spat in her face and let her slip back into the bin, ignoring Marie's pleading eyes.

As the lid was locked over Marie, she realised what had just happened. She had provided whoever had her encased here a 'proof' she was here voluntarialy, that she had in fact asked for being locked away. Marie was devastated. This was not what she wanted. This was not her intention on being at the camp. This was not..... She cried with her head on the filled bag, making streams of tears in her dirty face. There would be no salvation, she was certain now. Everybody who knew she was in the camp would say she had asked for the bin herself - and now she had given them a proof.

More days to come

As Marie finished her silent crying, she hear the faint voices of kids enjoying themselves at the bonfires - singing and laughing. Maybe they had cookies, Marie thought, while the foul taste of the scraping-meal filled her. And while they had tea or juice to drink, she was left to soak up used water from the bottom of her bin. This really wasn't what she had expected. Yet she felt safe in her bin, tied up and restricted as she was. The control over her rear was taken from her and she no longer felt the humiliation of being washed inside by the soapy water. She accepted the itching of sweat-stripes on her dirty skin - the constant change of being wet and dry. She had stopped trying to clean her face from whatever was on it. All in all she had accepted her situation and slowly stopped thinking about being outside.

She became part of the waste and perhaps this really was her desire? She didn't understand herself. Was this really what she wanted? To live in a bin eating waste. Yet her previous two experiences had left her soakingly horny, and she had used the feelings for several hot dreams while masturbating. Had she ever dreamt about becomming trash this way? Marie didn't remember. Then somehow this was the ultimate trash-experience. Completely without control, completely being part of the trash, completely without the respect, she usually received as a 'normal' girl. Marie just couldn't make those thoughts fit.

The night went by with no disturbances and Marie slept well, resting her head on the waste-filled bag. Morning came and with this more waste. Marie was kind of blurred and reacted like on instinct - drinking the water as it poured out of the tube, accepting being washed in her rear, scraping the shredded food off the bin and off the bag to eat the shreddings. The layer of waste in the bottom of the bin increased, and Marie vaguely wondered if she would be given another bag to fill.

Apparently the kids would stay in the camp this day. There was a constant flow of kids in the bin area along with noices from all over. And the shredder was in use very frequently - dispensing shredded fruit and vegetables over her. The fruit was nice, but as the heat increased the smell of the bin turned into a sweet, heavy stench. Apparently the kids outside the bin noticed too - quite a few made comments even if they, of course, didn't know Marie was inside it. From the pool of wet waste on the bottom, there was bubbles of gas, as the food got rotten and decomposed. Marie felt the gas at her pussy - kept open by the chain there. The bubbles made her swollen lips tingle. Not enough to give her any relief, but surely she was kept at attention.

After the evening meal the camp got silent. Marie wondered what had happened, but had no way to tell. Besides what happened outside her bin wasn't her concern. She heard the lock of her bin being unlocked and the lid opened. "What a slut", Clara said looking down at Marie. Marie looked down, remembering how she was forced to give evidence the night before. "Have some fresh bread!" Marie looked up at Clara who held a piece of toast in front of her. As Marie reached out, Clara let it drop into the mess at the bottom. "Now pick it up, and eat what you're given", Clara said in a stern voice. Marie could do nothing but do as told. While she ate the now soaking bread, Clara made comments on her. "How filthy she was. How she smelled, and that she was in fact happy, such a slut should not be with the kids". As Marie finished her bread, she was told to thank Clara for the present. Doing so was just humiliating! Marie had not requested the bread, and yet she was to thank Clara as she had been given a special favor. Clara then dropped a bag into the bin. "You know what to do with this?" Marie nodded. "Excellent", Clara smiled. "And then you need a cabletie too". She held out the cabletie, but again she dropped it out of reach for Marie. "Oops", she said with a fake smile. "Do clean this mess, will you?" She then shut the lid, leaving Marie in her dim confinement.

Marie started to search for the cabletie. As the layer of muddy waste on the bottom of the bin was pretty thick she had to bury her face in there to be able to feel around. This was so disgusting! The stench increased as more gas was released, and her face and hair felt slimy. Then Marie discovered she could stand on her feet while using the hands to hold the cain and this way use the feet to look for the cabletie. Success! She had the tie between her toes and now she just needed to move it to her hands. So close - before she dropped it. Still the strategy had proved right, and Marie felt proud of herself.

After yet a few futile attempts Marie finally got the cabletie in her hand, and then securely stuffed in her mouth. By now all of Marie's body was covered in fresh, wet, stinking mud, but she just couldn't care. She got hold of the plastic bin and started to fill it with the mud. Of course this meant that more slimy mud was dispensed on her face, but Marie didn't care. She was no stranger to the waste - she was part of it. Like the first time, she filled as much as possible into the bag using her hands - then turned to fill her mouth with the thinner parts of waste. She even tried to lick the walls of the bin, to clean her home better, but that made the bag spill some of its content, and she decided to leave the walls to later. Finally she tied the bag securely off with the cabletie and sat back on her padded knees, relaxing after a well done job.

As most of the wet content of the bin had now been removed, the smell got better, and the air inside got dryer. Marie almost felt happy enjoying the feeling of drying mud on her skin making it itch and tingle. Those small sensations giving her some distraction from just waiting.

As the day grew the bin got hotter, and Marie felt dizzy. The kids had left her some morning deposits, but as most was allready cleaned away, there was not much, she could do to relieve the situation. Apparently the kids were away today, which in turn cut her supplies of water and food. Some kids, however, was still in camp having some cleaning chore - at least the pressure on her ass and stomach was kept high most of the day. Only eventually they dropped some water in the drinking side and Marie had to be quick to gain some precious mouthfulls. But the day passed in a haze. The evening was equally uneventful - the kids still away gave only sparse food supplies and there was no bonfires this night. Marie dozed off feeling left alone with her trash, hoping someone would let her ass empty but otherwise without much concern.

Her sleep was weird and filled with strange dreams. The strap in her crotch had kept her excited for days now and as her hands was securely connected to her collar there was no way she could relieve herself. The plug in her ass was constantly being pulled and twisted due to being connected to the bin, and even if the distraction was not really uncomfortable, her attention was drawn toward this as well. All in all Marie really wanted to get off.

She had tried to move around, tried to hump the chain, tried to rub against the bags - all unsuccessfull. Squeezing her thighs did highten her arousal, yet just not enough to get off. Marie really wanted to be able to get her hands down there.

Once again she moved her hips in a futile attempt to get some stimulation - and once again the piece of tube covering the crotch-strap just made a slippery tingle on her clit and labia lips. This was so frustrating! And her excited state made her dreams weird - large garbage animals with slimy, snakelike structures penetrating her and bringing her so close to orgasm, before denying her getting over the edge.

Marie was a mess! Being filthy was now natural. Her usually clean and vivid hair sticking to her chin. A constant dull smell of rotten garbage and the foul taste of slimy vegetables and fruit. On top of this Marie was hungry and thirsty, her bowel full as it's been a long time since her ass was cleaned. Next a dizzyness due to the heat and bad air. And a fatigue due to never really sleeping while never really being awake either. Marie was a mess!

As the sounds of the camp turned to sounds of the night, she heard a splash of water and immediately thereafter she felt her belly being filled from behind. Then the lid was opened. Marie looked up to see Anna's smiling face above her. "How is the trash slut?" she asked. Marie squirmed due to her full bowel, but managed to thank Anna for her interest.

"Well, really I have a little job for you", Anna said. She then showed Marie several muddy boots. "Those really need cleaning", she said, "and I want you to lick them". Marie turned her head away. "Oh", Anna said and poured some more water into the tube putting more pressure on Marie's bottom. "Well, I won't empty you before you're done - so just take your time, if you like". Marie sighed and took a boot from Anna.

Even if muddy, the boot really wasn't very dirty, and Marie had no problem licking the mud away. And in contrast to her expectations the dirt didn't taste really bad. It was just humiliating to lick the boots in front of Anna. As Marie returned the first boot, she realised Anna had been filming her licking the boot, and immediatgely flushed with embarrassment. Anna looked the boot over before handing her another boot.

Knowing Anna was filming her, Marie felt even more humiliated - and it sure didn't help, that Anna was commenting on her all the time now. "Get your tongue all in there, slut" - "Don't loose the mud on the sole!" - "You really like working that tongue, don't you garbage queen?" And still the water was pushing on Marie's rear making her squirm like she got hot on licking the boot. Marie could easily imagine what the movie would show: A dirty girl getting off on licking dirty boots.

As Marie had finally finished cleaning all the boots, Anna released the content of her ass. This made Marie relax, and she felt almost happy when Anna closed the lid over her. Then the shredder started, and the bin was filled with strains of left over lunch. Anna was hungry and licked the walls of the bin to get the most out of the food. Then she dosed off - dreaming about licking Anna's boots and feeling horny about the humiliation.

In the morning the kids woke Marie up with noise and cheering. The shredder was working constantly, filling the bin with a terrifying speed. Water was poured into both the drains - the one letting Marie drink and the one filling her rear to a painful pressure. Marie could understand this was the last day of the camp, and the kids was packing all their stuff. This was why the amount of garbage was increasing.

At noon the kids was gathered and the adults gave them some final instructions, Marie could hear. Yet nobody had told her what to do. Not that she was able to do anything anyway, but she would really like to know what would happen to her now. The lid was opened and John looked down on her.

"The kids are leaving in a few minutes", he said. "You will then have some hours alone here, before we'll pick you up". As he was about to close the lid again, he stopped. "You will need the key to get the chain off the bin", he said. "Otherwise you can't get away". Marie looked at him not understanding why he told her that. John then took out a large knife and cut open the bags in which Marie had filled the waste from the previous days. "You see", he said, "The key is in one of those bags, and you will need to find it to be able to get away". He then laughed and closed the lid.

Marie was devastated. She had been working so hard to get the garbage into the bags and now it was all flowing back out. And the stench was terrible - rotten food from several days in this heat sure didn't compete with perfume. And as the level of waste was rising to almost two feet in the bin, she knew she would have some hard searching in front of her.

Marie started immediately pulling the first bag close trying to reach into it in order to find the key. However she soon realised that to get a feel of all the bag, she would need to put her head into the bag as well. And doing so scared her. So in the end she simply poured the remaining content out of the bag while trying to get as much through her fingers as possible. As the bag was empty, she carefully folded it to a thin package - and checked once again that there was no key inside.

Somehow she needed to store the finished bag in the bin. She tried several possibilities before accepting she would have to put the bag under her collar to hold it away from the other bin. Then she took the next bag and checked that the same way as the first. Still no success. Marie folded this bag as well and made a knot to both the bags. Now at least she wouldn't need to consider those again.

With a sigh, she dived into the garbage. Her bottom being held high by the chain to her waist made her feel exposed and vulnerable - even inside her confined space. Again and again she stuck her head deep in the waste trying to find the key - each time unsuccessful and gasping for air in the smelly container. She felt the slime creep into her nose and mouth and felt disgusted about herself getting down there again and again.

Must all good things end

Marie felt exhausted. She had been searching the key for hours without any success. What now? Was she to stay in the bin forever? Or would she be disposed with the content? There was no rational thoughts in Marie - just despair and exhaustion. Occasionally she got under again, giving the search another try, but most of the time she just sat there feeling empty.

Eventually someone came and opened the lid. Marie looked up and saw John and Anna standing over her - Anna with the camera in hand. "The key!" commanded John and held out his hand. Marie looked down and shook her head. "I couldn't find it", she said. "You couldn't find it? Perhaps you want to stay in the bin? Or perhaps you're just a lazy slut?"

"Please, cried Marie! I don't want to stay in the bin and I tried so hard! I'll do anything if you will please let me out". The lid got closed and Marie heard them walk away. She bent into the waste over and over trying to find the key, but it was just impossible. Finally John and Anna returned.

"We can give you one chance", John said: "You will actively participate in a movie we'll make". Marie looked at him. She should accept being in a movie? She had little doubt the movie was going to be grossly humiliating - and maybe somebody else would see it. But she had no alternatives. She couldn't stay in the bin the rest of her life! Slowly she nodded. "Yes?" John said. "Do you choose to star a movie?" Marie nodded again.

John pulled out a key and released Marie from the bin. Marie had a suspicion the key was never down the gutter, but of course she couldn't prove it. Then John put on some rubber gloves and pulled Marie out of the bin. After the long stay in the bin, Marie stood uneasy on the ground, while John cut off the tube to her ass. Dirty water spilled out as Marie couldn't clench her ass - and Anna was quick to get it all on her camera. Next her hands was released from the collar.

John then pulled her toward the field where flat grass proved the location of the tents. Next to one of the flat spots was a pile of pieces of watermelon. As they got closer, Marie could see the pieces was all stained with rot and indeed the smell was not very good. She was then pulled towards some bushes. John told her to lie down.

"First scene will be you sleeping on the grass", John said. "Then when I call you, you will pretend to wake up". Marie got down and John instructed her to move her legs and arms. Marie was pretty sure she would show very private parts of herself, but she couldn't do anything about it. She just didn't want to get back to the bin. Anna stepped closer and made sure to get every angle of the sleeping girl. Marie felt humiliated, but kept her eyes closed. Then John called and Marie pretended to wake up - looking around the empty field. Anna was right in front of her - getting some good pictures of Marie's waste-stained face.

Marie was now instructed to grope herself - both squeezing the breasts and working her cunt with wide-spread legs. If possible she should pee on the grass as well. Marie didn't like behaving like a slut, but again: Anything was better than going back to the bin. With some effort she even managed to pee, which of course was filmed by Anna. Finally Marie had to walk over the field to 'spot' the watermelon.

While John told Marie what to do, Anna made sure to get some good pictures of the rotten fruit. Marie then went to the pile and grabbed a piece and started eating it - letting the juice flow down her body. She then took a piece and started to rub her cunt with the rotten melon. Again juice flowed and Marie made sure to spread her legs wide to let Anna get some good pictures of her cunt being cleaned by the watermelon.

Marie had been horny for a long time, and rubbing her cunt felt so very good. She started to act naturally and grabbed another piece of melon to get off. Her hips moved and she started moaning - completely forgetting Anna documented everything with the camera. Just as she was about to get off, John cried her out of her bliss: "Stop!" Marie looked at him while he told her that if she had an orgasm, she would be stowed directly into the bin again. He then produced a small clamp, which he put directly on Marie's swollen clit. She cried out, but John just told her to shut up and keep rubbing herself with the melon.

Marie did so, kept from the needed orgasm by the pain in her clit. Finally John demanded her to pretend having orgasm while he warned her again from really having one. Marie kept rubbing herself with the rotten watermelon before pretending to orgasm. Her face was filled with despair of having to pretend while being denied the pleasure she so needed. After the 'orgasm' Marie ate the piece of watermelon, she had been using in her crotch, before walking away from the pile.

"Excellent", John said. He then reconnected her wrists to her collar, removed the clamp from her clit and had her walk towards the parking lot. He opened a car and pulled out a heavy cottonbag, which Marie was told to step into. The bag was large, but Marie still had to curl up to be all inside it. And as she did so, John put a lock on the bag, sealing her inside. She felt hands lifting the bag and was pretty sure she was stored in the trunk of the car. Boxes and other bags followed her reducing her space to a minimum. Then the lid was closed. After a long wait the car was started and she was driven away.

Garbage slut

After a long drive the car stopped and the trunk was opened. First all the luggage was removed and finally the bag was pulled out. Marie felt she was on a kind of table, which soon proved to be a cart, as she was wheeled away. When the cart was stopped, the bag was opened and Marie could look out - on Peter. Peter was the guy who had helped her in her first voluntary garbage adventure, and he had set up her second: The day in a bin in a public square. Apparently he had created this adventure as well - without getting consent from Marie.

Marie felt angry against Peter for doing this against her. On the other hand her cunt really needed attention, and she started to realize that she really was a garbage slut, who was turned on by garbage and humiliation. As she was pulled out of the bag, she realized this was the first time, she had been all naked in front of Peter. And for some strange reason this mattered more to her than being naked in front of Anna, Clara or John. She didn't get much time to think about it, as Peter swiftly lifted her into a small household-bin and shut the lid after her. "Make yourself comfortable", he said. "See you tomorrow."

Marie was bewildered - was this adventure going on? She had so much hoped to get released, so she could get washed and do something about that aching cunt of hers. Instead she was stuck in another garbage bin, her hands again held at her collar and was waiting for the morning to come.

As the day broke Marie was awoken by the sounds of the city. Most important she heard garbage bins being wheeled out to the garbage collection. And as the truck was getting close to her, she felt the bin being tilted and wheeled away. Marie started crying - softly at first but then stronger and stronger. The bin stopped and the lid opened. Peter laughed down at her, while Marie felt a strong relief. She hadn't been wheeled to the garbage truck.

"Having fun?" Peter asked. Marie looked at him unable to figure out what to answer. On one hand she really didn't like this. On the other hand all her body felt tingly and she did feel safe inside the bin. At least as long as it didn't move. Peter laughed. "You'd better get washed. I have a movie I'd like to show you". He then tilted the bin, letting Marie crawl out in the garden. She was chained at a pole in the middle of a grassfield, and Peter produced a water hose. He poured cold water over the girl making sure to make her wet all over. Her hands was released and she was told to wash herself while Peter poured more water on her. Even with the cold water, most of the dirt was washed away and Marie felt human for the first time since she was locked in the bin at the camp. After the cleaning, her hands were again connected to the collar and Peter left her to dry in the sun.

Some hours later he returned, releasing Marie from the pole. This time he pulled her into some shed and had her sit at the floor. "Now let's enjoy this", he said, while turning on a computer and connecting it to a big screen on the wall. Marie looked at him as he sat in the armchair. She then moved a little closer - sitting on the floor next to his legs. It was the movie from the camp! Marie had suspected so, but she really had hoped Peter shouldn't see it. Somehow this mattered to her. And apparently Peter had been working on the movie - moving scenes around to make a story. Marie was shocked to see herself this way. At the same time the movie was really hot - and very dirty. Marie felt her body wake up and so much wanted to be able to touch herself. Apparently Peter felt the same way. He just didn't need to restrain himself as his hands were free. Marie envied him being able to rub his crotch but kept watching the movie. At the end Peter shut down the computer.

"Well, it's obvious you enjoyed yourself at the camp!" he said. Marie flushed. Yes that was the impression anybody would get from seeing this movie. A trash-slut being horny and getting herself off with some rotten watermelon. And the pictures from the bin was mixed into the movie - like a kind of dream or desire of hers. Nobody would suspect she didn't want all this to happen. And Marie wasn't quite sure herself. Maybe she did want it?

"Anyway", Peter continued, "it's time to send you back to reality". He stood up and picked Marie's clothes from a plastic bag. That is - some of the clothes. There was no underwear and no jacket - just her thin top and the light cotton shorts she had brought for the camp. Peter released her hands from the collar and let her dress. He then gave her a key. "This is the key to your home. All the other stuff is brought home to you. By the way - I took the liberty to get some shoes for you". He gave Marie her highest pair of heels. As Marie put them on it dawned to her that she was required to walk home dressed like this. She immediately felt slutty and humiliated, which had this nasty effect of turning her on. Now she really wanted to get home to rub herself off.

Peter followed her to the street - "you live in that direction", he said while pointing down the road. And as she started to walk: "Do try not to get too hot, Marie. The shorts will show what a slut you are". Marie looked down and saw the dark, wet spot in her shorts. Flushing she hurried towards her home, holding the key firmly in her hand.

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