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Marie Spending a Day in a Bin

by TeaSer

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© Copyright 2011 - TeaSer - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; bond; tape; gag; trash; enclosed; messy; stuck; hum; cons; X

Current situation: Bad

Inside the bin the temperature was terrifying. Sweat poured down her face and upper body making traces in the slimy waste, that stuck to her naked skin. Her blonde hair was annoyingly clinging to her face and shoulders - teasing her constantly, yet she was utterly unable to pull it away. From time to time she tried scraping her face clean against the bin, but still she had to be careful not to make any noise. Her arms ached behind her back - tied together with adhesive tape. By now the tape should have loosened in the damp environment, but this tape just wouldn't let go. Her feet was stuck in some small gymshoes - crushling her toes in the slimy goo that she filled them with before tightening the strings.

Looking out the hole she had drilled in the side of the bin, she saw some kid with an ice-cream approaching. Her bin was located next to several other bins, so it was unlikely this bin would be opened - still it was possible and she ducked low to avoid being seen. The lid opened, and the kid threw the ice-cream into the bin. It landed on her back and started to slide down - leaving a melted track of ice-cream on her skin. "Come back", she heard the mother yell, "it's disgusting how those bins smell in the sun." And it was indeed. Even if she had her hole to give her fresh air, the stench was close to unbearable. And yet she had to bear it - there was no way she would exit the bin while the shopping mall was crowded.

She sucked a bit water from the tube sealed in the hollow gag. Using a ball with holes seemed so sensible, when she created her gag, but as she got more messy, she realised how disgusting this was. Her gag was filled with waste and when she sucked to get some water, she would suck waste in her mouth as well. The water diluting it so she couldn't even get rid of it. She felt like she had eaten rotten meat - which she most likely just had.

Sensible! Well, she was a bright girl. Not quite top scores in university, still she was recognised as clever. And she had lots of friends as well, as her manners were good without her being boring. She knew some of her classmates envied her - they should see her now. Or rather, they most certainly shouldn't! Being found almost naked in this bin would be a disaster. Damn! Her crotch immediately reacted to the thought of the humiliation. Why couldn't she just date some of the naughty guys in university instead of risking everything?

As she moved a bit in the bin she felt some more goo pass down the belt of the diaper to mix up with the pee and her pussy juices. Again she had thought of some dry diaper - wetting it with her pee and then stop. Instead the diaper was now filled with unmentionable waste - irritating her soft skin and causing an itch, which she was utterly unable to ease. That damn tape sealing her hands in a gloved fist.

Even if her immediate fear of being seen faded during the day, she wasn't happy about this setup at all. She had entered the bin-area very early this morning. Found the bin, which she had prepared some days earlier, drilling the hole two thirds up the bin. She then stripped all her clothes and put them in the collection box for the poor. Now those were unaccessible. The key to her flat was put in some tape and pushed into her pussy like a kind of plug. She now felt it turning and twisting inside her like it had a life of it's own.

Then she put on the new diaper, that resembled some padded shorts. Nice and dry and clean - at that time. Her bin really wasn't very full, so she collected bags from the other bins - mostly groceries and other kinds of food - and emptied them directly into her bin. When she found some salad dressing she poured some of this into the shoes and a few minutes later she found some coffee grounds as well. Then she pushed her feet into the mix and tied the shoes tight to her feet. The shoes were thin leather shoes, which she had used for gym-classes several years ago. Already then they were tight - now they was crushing her feet making it difficult and painful to stand. Which in turn was exactly why she had brought them. A small padlock made sure she wouldn't remove them before she was back in the apartment where the key was waiting for her.

By now the bin was half full and she pulled out some lengths of sticky tape and attached them to the top of the bin. Then her tank of water was tied to the lid, the tube dangling free. 'Time's up', she remembered thinking before entering the bin herself. And the feeling of the waste covering her legs was so delicious she almost orgasmed right there. But it was getting light and the first workers would be around any minute, so she quickly put the gag in her mouth and tied it off tight. The strap was sealed with a padlock - the key to this being on her kitchen floor in the flat. The tube from her watertank was connected to a metal stud that used to be used for watering her pet rabbit. With this stud she would have to lick a small ball to obtain some water. She made sure the stud was securely connected to the gag and in line with it.

The final part was to tie one piece of tape round her arms at her back at elbow level. This was extremely difficult, but she managed to have the arms pretty restrained. Then the last piece of tape was connecting her wrists and she wrapped it round her fists as good as possible. By now - hours later - it turned out this was far too good. As she lowered herself in the bin, the lid was pulled close - leaving her in darkness. She tried to stand in the bin, but her feet hurt and slipped - also her back got sore from being bent. Eventually she splashed down into the waste feeling it enclose her body and spill on her face. This was when she orgasmed the first time.

In the light of darkness

During the long day she felt so wasted, so lonely, so vulnerable, so disgusted, so ... horny. The hole to the fresh air was close to the top of the waste, so she had to duck deep in the goo to enjoy the fresh air. And of course she slipped from time to time - plunging fully into the waste. So after a few hours all her body was covered with slimy waste. The goo filled her diaper and her breasts felt hot and swollen.

As the day passed the temperature dropped. Not to a comfortable level, but still noticeable. And the light faded while the mall slowly emptied. She still had hours to wait though, as there was several restaurants in the mall - and those was still open.

During the evening she felt even more vulnerable than during the day. First the families passed. No problem with them. Even if they did open her bin, she would not be seen in the darkness - smeared as she was with waste. Later the young boys. They were noisy and they had fights for fun. They threw bottles and tins in the bins and occasionally they kicked the bins. She was pretty scared they should turn her bin over - and expose her like this. Once a boy saw the hole in the bin and actually peed through the hole. At this time she was trying to see what was going on outside, and she got his hot stream right in the face. This was so terrifying - and so hot! She had to hold back while he was still around, but let herself have a crushing orgasm afterwards.

After the young boys there was some quiet time. She tried hard to remove the tape round her hands and arms, but instead of relieving the tape, it seemed like the goo had sealed the tape even better. She was stuck. She tried standing to jump out of the bin, but her feet slipped in the goo and without her hands to help her up, she could not get out. From time to time someone approached and she had to slip down again - waiting for the next quiet moment to try to gain freedom.

After several hours of useless fight, she was about to accept that she just couldn't get out. Deep in the bin she realized she had to wait until the morning - and then get up when someone was around. A terrible thought! No matter who was out there she was certain that her adventure would be the top item in the university after the weekend. And the humiliation would be hard to bear. She almost came just thinking about it.

Someone approached - very unsteady. She looked out the hole wondering if she should try her luck with this one. Out there was a guy - not particular good looking even if his body was well shaped. Unfortunately he was soaking drunk. The stench of alcohol was noticeable even in the stench of waste. He walked around between the bins banging into them from time to time. Then she saw the lid open and the guy had his face over the bin. As she looked up, he opened his mouth and let out a splash of vomit. Her surprise made her give a sound even if she had decided that she did not want him to disclose her. As the guy had emptied his belly he saw down the bin - and with a yelp, he shut the lid close. Then there was a thump on the lid and she heard him hurry away.

Who empties the bins mom?

After the guy had left, she sat crying in the bin for a while. Covered in waste, peed upon and now her hair and face was covered in stinking puke. This was just too gross. She tried to stand up, but the lid was now sealed. What happened? The adventure, even a pretty messy one, had now turned into a horrible nightmare. She was stuck by her own means and now locked in the bin by this guy. When would she eventually be found? And in which state?

Trying to pull herself together to do something useful, she realised the light outside started to get brighter. Dawn was underway. Should she endure yet another day in the bin? And what about the stock of water? She had taken plenty of water for one day, but it had been warm and she may had drunk more than expected. Would someone open the bin this day to set her free? Or would they accept whatever held the lid down and just use another bin? She tried moving from side to side to turn the bin over, but she didn't even manage to make it rock. She realised her strength was gone - wasted on the futile attempts of escape. Then there was noise outside and the bins got wheeled away.

As her bin was wheeled away she tried to move to make the one wheeling it know there was someone inside, but apparently he didn't notice. When the bin was again steady, she looked out her hole and saw the bins at a row. Collection time! 'This is it', she thought. 'When the garbage collectors come they will not notice me at all and I will end my life here'. She tried to scream, but the gag was filled with gooey waste and not a sound came out. Then her bin was moved again.

This time the move was longer. She felt her bin rumble and the sounds changed. At first she expected this to be the garbage collection, but then she could see she was wheeled into a more private area.

The lid opened and the guy who had emptied his belly on her looked down. "You're alive?" he whispered? She nodded. "Who did this to you?" he continued.

Even through the layers of waste on her face, he noticed her blushing. "You did so yourself?" he said in a tone like he just couldn't believe it. She nodded slightly - so embarrassed about having to let him know. He wrinkled his nose - disgusted about the smell and perhaps disgusted about her. Then he inspected her setup - the tank with just a little water left in it. "You can't get out?" he asked. She shook her head and turned, so he could see the tied arms.

"Well - I can't help you right now, but I'll come back later," he said. "Now I better cover you up - it's garbage collection day, and you wouldn't want to be collected would you?"

He wheeled her into a corner disabling her peeking out the hole. "Get down!" he said. She tried to tell him she didn't want the lid closed again, but he just pushed her under. Again the lid was sealed somehow and she heard him pull something else close to the bin. Then all became silent.

It really was a beautiful morning. The birds were singing and the sun started it's work heating up the ground. Now the garbage collectors were picking up the bins. So close! She was scared to be seen, scared to be taken away, scared not to be seen, scared to be left to die in this corner. But then the garbage collectors drove away, leaving her alone with the birds and the sun.

She swallowed some more water and noticed that the tank was now empty. Would he come back to save her? And why couldn't he just pull her out when he was there? She felt the diaper rub her skin - itchy and discomforting stuff. And her feet certainly didn't like being locked in the small shoes anymore. Her arms were aching and her jaw was stiff, so she imagined she would never again be able to lock her mouth. That is if there would be an 'ever' for her.

She heard the garbage outside being moved and the lid opened. There he was again. "I brought you some water," he said, and filled water from some bottles into her tank. "Yes, you're going to stay here! You did this to your self and you got pretty messed up by not being careful. I believe you need another day to consider just what kind of risk you put yourself into." He then closed the lid and restored all the other garbage - leaving her for another day in her messy and smelly prison.

Good things must end - but what about bad things

If the first day was a long wait, the second day was torture. She was able to lean against the side of the bin and have small fractions of sleep. But if she slept too much, she would slide down into the waste. This happened several times - and she had to fight to get up and get the goo out of her nostrils to breathe again. And every time she almost fainted by the smell of the waste - getting more and more slimy and disgusting. It sure was a long day.

But all good things must end, and even this day became evening. When the garbage outside was moved again, her spirit rose. Now she was to be let out.

The lid opened and the guy told her to stand up. With considerable effort she managed and turned away from him as he directed. To her surprise he locked a chain round her neck. The click of the padlock shocked her - this was completely unexpected. He then cut the tape from her hands and arms.

"That gag! Do you have the key to release it here?" he asked. She shook her head.

"What about clothes?" Again she shook her head.

"Well," he said, "so you intended to go home like this?" Embarrassed she nodded.

"Well - no reason to spoil your fun," he said. "It's still early evening, and there are plenty of people in the streets. So I guess you'll prefer your messy bin for another few hours. This time I will of course not lock you in the bin, and it's all your choice when you want to leave." With this he pushed the lid letting her get back into the goo. "By the way," he said. "The sign on the chain is my telephone number. Do call me next time you want to do an adventure like this. Then I can help you make it safe."

Inside the bin she could finally rub herself now her hands was free. And to her own surprise the orgasm was strong and satisfying. She sucked the water, and sat thinking about his last words. He wasn't disgusted - and he would even help her in further adventures. Her loins got hot again and she sat caressing herself while the evening turned into night.

When she decided to leave the bin, it was all dark. She lifted herself out of the bin, but almost fell when she tried to support herself. Agony cut through her feet and she realised that it would be a very long walk home. Then she removed the diaper, tossed it into the bin and started her way home.


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