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Recycling a Flatmate Part 2

by Stoo

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Storycodes: MF/f; bond; bagged; trashcan; outdoors; dumpster; cons; X

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Recycling A Flatmate Part 2

Lydia had dosed off, she had no idea how long for, but was woken by a slamming noise. It was the lid to her new bin; someone had shut it, but why? She was a little disorientated and it took her a few seconds to remember where she was and what sort of situation she was in.

Her flatmate Fiona had stripped her, bound her and thrown her out in a large black shiny trash bag stuffed to the gunnels with newspaper. She wasn’t sure why, her only thought was that she had found some of the sites she'd been looking at involving her fetish for garbage bags, and being thrown out. Knowing how embarrassed she would get if Fiona had confronted her about this, it was typical for her flatmate to show an understanding in something she liked by getting involved first, and asking about it later, making Lydia more comfortable about it. But had she gone too far?

She had been left in the wheelie bin outside their flat, but the garbage truck had came for the weeks pickup, and thanks to the stamp down on recycling she had been placed in her neighbours paper bin. Fiona was supposed to come and get her before all of this had happened, but she didn’t. This prompted the question of whether this was all planned, but it seems really elaborate. She must have fallen asleep and missed the pickup, that’s the only reasonable conclusion.

She didn’t have much time to think more about this until she heard a voice. Lydia listened carefully as since she recognised it... it was her neighbour, Stu!

Stu lived below Fiona and Lydia and they were fairly good friends, in fact, Lydia had sort of a crush on him as did Fiona, but they decided neither would pursue him, so that he wouldn’t come in between their friendship. But feeling like her life was pretty much screwed now she was wishing she had.

Lydia stayed perfectly still in her bonds, trying her hardest not to make any sound, she didn’t know how she could explain it to him if he'd caught her naked tied up in his bin. A prank? Was that a good enough reason? Either way she thought, it’s probably gonna alter his judgment of them and ruin any chance she has with him. So she was hoping he wouldn’t discover her... unless he already had? "Nah" She thought, he wouldn’t of closed the lid again, plus I can still feel a lot of newspaper on my head, so there’s no way he's seen me. She also came to the conclusion that since this bin was safe from pickup for another week it would give her time to get out on her own, even if this meant knocking the bin over in the early hours and slowly climbing out.

She heard his voice again and listened in to what was being said, but all she managed to catch was something about the bin being full and needing it to clear out his house. What does he mean? What’s he going to do with me? The recycling plant is too far away to take the bin for a simple emptying, and she knew how lazy Stu is, there’s no way he’s doing that. Just then she heard him talk again, she couldn’t figure out who he was talking to but they sounded familiar. Whoever it was suggested that he empty his bin in the larger recycling dumpster a couple blocks away. Which Lydia had forgotten about.

"That’s a good idea" said Stu, "but I’m not gonna bag it all up, I have a few bags full already, and it's too much bother. I think I’ll just wheel the whole thing there, Its a nice day anyway."

Stu hooked the full bags of paper on the handles of the bin and Lydia felt her world move once more as he tilted her bin back and started to wheel it away.

"I wonder who filled this thing anyway?" he asked himself

Lydia giggled to herself as she thought "if you only knew".

After a couple steps Stu almost lost control but steadied the bin, surprised by the weight. "Whoever it was sure threw a lot in here!"

Stu was tall, 6ft 4 to be precise and not particularly muscular but still fairly strong in his own right, so once he realised the weight of the bin it was no problem at all for him to compensate and wheel it a few blocks away. He could probably wheel it a few miles away if he really wanted to, but it was unlikely he'd have that sort of commitment.

The journey was bumpy and Lydia was starting to get sore from being tied up and crammed in the wheelie bin, there was a good layer of paper already below her and a serious amount of newspaper surrounding her, holding her completely still. She knew what chance she once had of getting out on her own would of been really hard and probably would have taken her several hours. In fact, she was kind of enjoying being so crammed. The feeling of being trash was turning her on again and she felt herself start to get wet again between her legs.

She imagined Stu wheeling her away to be thrown out, knowing she was in there, and it encouraged her to reach her hands under her as best she could, just reaching her pussy with extended fingers she started stroking herself. The pleasure grew fast and strong and she felt a new orgasm coming on, then all of a sudden her body shuddered slightly and she bit hard on her lip to stop herself from moaning. She was breathing heavy and trying to calm herself when she noticed her bin had stopped moving. Her first thought was that he’d heard her or felt her moving around in her prison, but staying as still as she could nothing happened, so she settled down a little more.

Stu was standing outside a group of large dumpster used by locals when their bins were full or if they had a large amount to throw out or be recycled. He walked over to the blue one, which was used for paper. Opening the lid he looked inside, it was only half full, perfect! He threw the lid back so that it hung open at the other side.

Lydia was getting scared, thinking now was probably the moment of truth after hearing the dumpster being opened. She was thinking, either she could try and scream now so he would find her, or she would wait till she was in the dumpster and wait until it got dark before she tried her escape.

Suddenly her confinement brightened slightly as Stu opened her bin, getting ready to empty her into the dumpster, but just then she had yet another thought... What if he saw her while she fell into the dumpster?!

She was panicking now because even if she didn’t want to be found right now she probably will be! She heard a grunt as her can was lifted and the end was rested on the rim of the dumpster, then after a slight pause she was tilted up and the contents, including her spilled into the half full dumpster. Luckily there was a lot of paper in the bin, and all the paper that was on the bottom had helped hide her once she’d landed on the soft filling of the larger dumpster. Luckily Stu hadn’t seen her since the way he was standing to lift his bin up had blocked a full view of inside the dumpster.

Lydia had noticed her confusing world had turned dark again, but her new prison was a lot bigger and she was a lot more comfortable. She wondered if she was fully concealed and had hoped so, since Stu had more to throw in there with her. Then she heard the noise of the empty bin settle on the ground and then its lid being slammed shut. Then she heard rustling as Stu opened the first bag and emptied it on top of her, feeling a slight pressure on her as he buried her more, then once more as he emptied the other bag. It was a strange feeling, but one she liked, again, especially more since it was her crush doing this to her.


The lid to her new home was closed and everything got a lot darker, as what little light had made it through the tiny tunnels in between the paper was shrouded in the pitch black. She knew that the noise from the lid would be louder inside the dumpster but it had still given her a fright, same as when she was in the wheelie bin, something she figured she'd get used to eventually. She lay still, not knowing what to expect next, but heard Stu wheel the bin away from her home, and she relaxed.

There was no way of knowing what time it was, but since it was still light outside she guessed it was no later than 5, but that still wasn’t very specific, since it could be anywhere between 8am and 5pm!. How would she know when it was safe to leave? She thought hard to herself then came to the conclusion that the only way she would have any kind of reference to time was by monitoring when people came to empty more on top of her, as less people came the later it would get, until the stream of people stopped altogether. Then she would try and get herself free from her bonds and escape home in the darkness... naked.

I guess now all she could do is lie there and wait...


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