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Recycling a Flatmate

by Stoo

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© Copyright 2008 - Stoo - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; bagged; trashcan; outdoors; dumped; cons; X

Lydia returned home from a hard day at work, she worked in an office at the local recycling centre and often found herself working long boring hours. One of the things she looked forward to on her returning home was her flatmate Fiona, who had been her best friend for as long as she could remember.

They would often share their secrets to each other, and often these would be of a sexual nature. Fiona had learned of Lydia’s love of being tied up and treated as an object, and had treated her friend to some games as her way to help her relax when she’d come home from work.

Lydia kicked her shoes off and slumped onto the couch next to Fiona, "how was work?" asked her friend.

"Long" she replied, "way too long, I’m so glad to be home".

Fiona turned her body to face her flatmate and smiling said, "I’m glad your home too, I have a surprise for you. All you have to do is stand in the middle of your room with your eyes closed and I will get it ready for you".

Without hesitation Lydia got up and stood in the centre of the room like she was asked to and closed her eyes. She could hear Fiona making some noise in the kitchen, some rustling of plastic, and cupboards opening and closing. Just as she was lost in thought of what her surprise could be she felt her hands being pulled behind her back and then a ziptie being secured over them.

"What the?!" shouted Lydia as she struggled to turn round.

"Hold still!!" snapped Fiona as she forced her confused friend around again. "Just relax"

Before Lydia could reply she felt something forced into her mouth and tied round the back, it was a black trash bag. Another was tied around her ankles, and after Lydia had tested her bonds she realised just how strong these bags were.

"I’ve been on the computer a lot lately, and I came across some sites you’d been on." Fiona whispered into Lydia’s ears. "I know something you haven’t told me before."

Lydia was left standing as Fiona quickly left the room again. This was her chance to try and break free and get back at what she thought was just a prank. But as she tried she realised it was no use, just then her flatmate had returned holding something black and shiny. "I have a fun evening planned for you!" Fiona said with a smile on her face.

She walked in front of her friend and then started to unfold what Lydia had now realised to be a trash bag, but this one was huge and it took Fiona a short while to unfold it. The bound woman's eyes grew wide as she noticed how big it was when unfolded and what it was about to be used for.

"These trash bags are 50 gallon bags, plenty of room for all this trash here."  Fiona lay the bag open on the floor.

"I think it may be too much room," she said as she walked into the living room and returned with a big pile of newspapers. She then started to open them and half crumpling some of the pages she threw them into the bag until a layer was formed on the bottom. She then guided her friend slowly over to the bag, and by this time Lydia knew she had to go along with it, and she would be let free later and they’d both laugh about it.

Fiona started to remove all of Lydia’s clothes, cutting them from her since she was already bond. Once naked, she lifted her up and put her feet into a corner of the bag and then pushed her down so she was sitting in the other. The newspaper had created a comfy little seat for her, and she thought at least she won't get numb so easily.

Once Lydia was seated in the bag, Fiona picked up more of the newspapers and stuffed them on top of and around Lydia, until they were all gone and the bag was completely full. She then proceeded to tie the top and attached a ziptie to secure it.

"Almost forgot!!" she said as she poked a small hole near the top for air. Fiona sat down on the couch and started to watch some TV as she left her best friend tied up, and stuffed in a big black shiny trash bag stuffed with newspapers. From the outside it looked like a normal bag of trash.

Lydia was started to get warm in her plastic prison and she’d only just started to think about what was really going on, everything had happened so fast she barely had enough time to process it. Seems now she had all the time in the world. Wriggling around a bit she noticed she’d been packed in the back quite well, the newspaper, although making it rather snug had secured her in the centre of the bag.

"I’m glad she never used actual trash," she thought to herself, "but then again there isn’t much anyway".

Lydia was a bit of a clean freak, usually she’d have the place spotless before she left for work. She thought maybe that was part of the cause for her trash bag fetish. "I really should start deleting my browsing history".

But the more she sat in her bag the more she enjoyed it, she had always secretly wondered what it was like to be tied inside a garbage bag. She began to feel herself getting wet between the legs, and the newspaper was starting to soak some of it up. Whenever she moved she would hear the rustling of the paper and the plastic of the bag, and this would remind her of the situation she was in, making her even more excited, until she burst into her first orgasm, letting out a muffled moan.

Fiona had noticed this and was already getting to work on the next part of her surprise!

"I need to take this trash out, it’s starting to smell really bad!" exclaimed Fiona as she grabbed the top of the bag and started to drag it.

Lydia felt her dark world move and the rustling grow really loud. Wwhat now?" she thought. The paper below her made it hard to identify the surface, but the temperature dropped slightly, indicating she was no longer in the house. Lydia began to wonder if she would really do what she thinks she’s about to do.

Just then the sides of the bag tighten against her as she is clumsily lifted up and then dropped straight back down. Lydia tried to stretch out her legs as far as she could but after only a couple of centimetres she’d reached a hard surface, leaning back slightly she felt another. "She didn’t!! I can’t believe her!!" she was so shocked as to how far this was going.

"In case you’re wondering, yes, you are in the outside bin. I saw the websites you’d visited and I thought this would be a treat for you." Fiona said to the trash bag. "Don’t worry though, I won’t let the garbage men take you away, I will be back to let you out before then!"

Lydia felt a little calmer now, she believed her friend. She’d done things like this before, surprising her with random acts of bondage, but she hadn't experienced anything like this. Frankly she was too embarrassed with her trash bag fetish to mention it to Fiona,
and was sort of glad she knew now.

"I’m going back inside to watch some more TV.. Have fun!!" Fiona closed the lid.


Lydia had gotten a small fright, but then quickly relaxed again. She was really beginning to enjoy this now, already onto her 3rd orgasm. Exhausted and quite warm she drifted off into sleep. Fiona had done the same, crashing on the couch with the television still going.

A loud engine roar had Woken Lydia from her slumber and it took her a while to remember where she was.

"Oh no!! Fiona didn’t come and get me!" She tried to scream but the engine of the dump truck was too loud.

Her bin began to move but then suddenly stopped and she heard a male voice.

"This one’s too heavy, the hydraulics aren’t working too great right now, we're gonna have to throw a couple of the bags in ourselves first"

"No problem" replied another man’s voice

The inside of Lydia’s bag grew slightly brighter as the lid was opened. The garbage man grabbed her bag and pulled but all it did was rip the bag open a little. "Looks like this bag is full of paper, that'll be why it’s so heavy!" he said to his fellow bin man. "It annoys me when people don’t recycle, its more work for us. Help me empty this into the paper recycling bin".

The other worker wheeled the paper bin out from the garden and opened the lid. "Its full!" he shouted over.

"Try next doors then" replied the other man.

He wheeled the bin back in the garden and then opened the paper bin from next door. "Yeah it’s empty."

"Ok, help me empty this bag into it."

They both grabbed a hold of the bag and pulled it out from the bin and balanced it on the edge of the other, one of them ripped it open and the tilted it over and the contents flushed out and soon the other bin was filled to the top with newspaper. They closed the lid and finished emptying the bins, and continued down the street. Lydia was now in her new bin, surrounded by paper, no longer in her trash bag.

The whole time she tried to scream and wriggle, but the gag and the engine of the truck stopped them from hearing, and she was packed in too tight to move the bin enough for them to notice. I guess none of that mattered now anyway, as she was just glad she hadn't been thrown into the back of the truck and taken to the landfill.

Back in the house Fiona was still asleep on the couch, unaware of the time and what had just happened to her friend... or was she?


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