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Oops Wrong Bin

by Stu

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story continued from part one

Part Two

Maybe I could convince my beautiful neighbour to just dump her garbage for good, the signs are there for sure. I just need to push things along gently I thought to myself. Hopefully soon she'll allow me to join in with his trashing then I'll be able to guage how to complete my plan.

I knew Lisa would be trashing him again soon so I decided to help her slightly with trashy pleasures for Stu. Lisa had mentioned her displeasure when she could still see him in the bottom of the industrial strength garbage sacks. So I emptied my fridge early in the week just to ensure everything I bagged was foul smelling and going bad. The weather was still warm it would heat up nicely in the large outside in the sun.

I had the pleasure of my baby nephew for a few days whilst my sister worked away. Their 2 large dogs also stayed with me too as I had a large garden for them to play and run. I did all the usual aunty things such as walks to the park and playing in the garden. The nappy/diaper changes were nothing short of horrific to me as a non parent, but I piled them in a bag outide by the trash bin. Thursday afternoon I was in the garden shovelling dog poo into a bucket where the dogs had relieved themselves.

Lisa had just came back when she saw me asking how things were going with my guests.

"Now thats a lot of crap right there!" she quipped.

"You're more than welcome to it." I replied with a grin.

"Well he's done nothing but complain all week about sleeping in the spare room, how long I left him in bag yada yada yada. Thing being is, he's his own worst enemy. He asked for and I delivered just maybe the fantasy was better than reality but unfortunately for him he's awoken something deep inside of me. Something dark that I can't quite shift, I've thought about this a lot and keep telling myself its unnatural, strange or weird. But from there I get wet, my heart races, my palms sweaty and I find my self touching and playing." Her words quieting off and her head bowed as if she was ashamed of admitting these feelings.

I jumped in quick, "Don't be silly, when I first met you he was arrogant, dismissive and selfish. He deserves everything he gets... and soooooo much more." Her face quickly brightened and smiled. "I bet his little thing downstairs is erect the whole time, it'll be another way for him to control you from the bottom. He asks for it and where many would run away, you have accepted and delivered and yet he still complains and makes you feel guilty and yet he gets pleasure." I continued, "Myself I would make it hell for him, he asked for it I would deliver with bells on. Make him trash, treat him like trash, like this bucket of dog poo. It's going in the bin where it belongs. No thought no remorse its where unwanted garbage goes. Doesn't matter if he's in there or not because he asked for it."

She looked slightly amused with a small smirk on lips. "You know you're right, if its what he wants I should do it for him. No questions and no second thoughts just trash." Her chest pumped out and shoulders lifted as her confidence returned. "This Friday is his next punishment, why don't you pop in for a wine or three" her face now beaming a gorgeous smile.

"Are you sure? Will he not go crazy?" I said.

"He has no choice does he, by 7pm he'll be bound, bagged and gagged and just as worthless as the rest of my garbage like you said."

"Should I bring a bottle?" I asked .

"No but if he gives me any more attitude you can bring that bucket oh and the diaper bag down there stinks so he may get both!" she laughed.

I lifted the bin lid and strong smell of rotting food drifted out almost slapping us both around the face.

"Woah what's that?" she quickly blocked both nostrils and jumped backwards.

"Ah yeah I cleaned out the refrigerator earlier this week and well that's what happens to garbage it goes off, rots and stinks like Stu. Bins don't have a choice what goes in and they don't care and neither should you." I repiled as we both started laughing.

"Well it gives me even more options doesn't it? In fact I think this bag maybe first so he gets the full effect and ghastly aromas."

This was shaping up exceptionally well for me but poor Stu, nah who am I kidding I couldn't wait.

"7.30 pm Friday and bring the bag" she laughed as she joyfully skipped away.

* * *

Friday couldn't come quick enough for me, I must have checked the door and porch every ten minutes. I emptied every bin and made extra at every meal just to add to the trash. I double checked the fridge and pantry even made spaghetti whist I wasn't hungry just to add to the cold slimy mess. I now had 3 large bags ready plus the bucket and diapers. Stu was in big trouble with zero mercy from moi. I licked my lips with anticipation hoping to bury him for good but if all else fails just seduce the gorgeous Lisa. After that I'll work on getting rid of her useless trash.

I saw Stu's car return fairly early and he quickly disappeared inside. My excitement was building by the second as I slowly rubbed my sex to a wet shaky orgasm thinking of what lay ahead. My legs were still shaking slightly as I gathered my emotions to get dressed again. A tap on door made me almost jump out of my self induced trance, Lisa was stood with a huge grin on her face.

"I got bored and bagged him early tonight, I couldn't help myself. The bags were calling me and as soon as he arrived I had him stripped and cable tied, then duct taped just to make sure. He was begging me to go easy as I jammed my 3 day old gym socks in his mouth and wrapped that with the tape too."

I just wanted to see but she was so excited I didn,t want to interrupt so I just keep smiling and nodding along. "Then what did you do?" I asked.

"Oh I hogtied him with the cable ties and tape so he's got zero chance of escaping, I didn't use the cling film/saran wrap so he can feel every bit of stinky repulsive trash we throw on him. He wanted trashing well he'll get his wish."

"Oh are these for me too?" she pointed to 3 bags near the door with a smile. "Lets get this party started shall we." she said as she picked up a bag in each hand and waltzed out of the door almost skipping. I quickly followed, grabbing the remaining bag on my way past in hand and the bucket of festering dog mess and diapers.

As I entered I saw a mass of thick black plastic in the corner, it shuffled slightly as I approached. "Ah gee these bags are huge, big enough to dispose of a body in fact." The bag moved again and I couldn't help but smile. My panties getting wet all over again. "What do we have in this huge bag may I ask Lisa? "

"Just some worthless junk babe." she said.

"Well I'm in luck, could you help me empty these bags please as they're very heavy, wet and full."

Stu looked up briefly as the contents rained down upon his naked scrawny body. It absolutely stank of rotting mouldy food and waste.

"Wait is that your arrogant asshole boyfriend in there?" I laughed.

The bag shook violently as Stu kicked and struggled against his bonds but Lisa's bondage held firm. In fact it never budged an inch.

"Like I said worthless junk, nothing but trash!" More struggling ensued but again all he managed to was scrub himself deeper in my garbage much to my amusement.

I handed Lisa the next bag and without any hesitation she emptied the contents straight onto Stu. Slight coughs and splutters emitted from deep within. Only one arm and hip were now visible the rest was now submerged in amongst my garbage.

Lisa disappeared and returned with a scuba snorkel and a tube of glue. She quickly slipped on her marigold type washing gloves and knelt down where his head was and reached into the mess and filth. She removed his gag with a threat of much worse treatment if he uttered one word. Lisa applied a thick layer of glue to the snorkel before pushing it firmly between Stu's teeth and holding firm until the glue set. She gave it a few tugs before releasing her grip then dropping the now soiled gloves into the bag.

The final bag was quickly emptied and Stu was gone, out of sight (I wish for good).

"You know Lisa this is no place for this stinking filth, help me drag it outside where it belongs." Lisa quickly agreed and we gathered the tops of the triple bags and slid the heavy lump towards the door. We bumped it out off the step with a grunt but all the bags held firm and their contents sploshed about inside.

"Oh wait the best is yet to come Stu", as I nodded towards the diaper bag and bucket stood near the door. Lisa didn't look 100% sure, "Garbage is garbage and bags don't discriminate" I quipped.

That was all I needed and Lisa nodded and grabbed the bucket and tipped the entire innards straight onto her now buried boyfriend. The diapers followed and we both held our noses as we loosely tied all three bags shut ensuring the snorkle was lifted first using the bags to guide it.

"Enjoy Stu!" we both said as we returned back inside.

We opened a bottle of wine and talked for hours, laughing and joking about all manner of topics. Normal day to day things. It just felt so natural as I got lost in her eyes. My hand dropped to her leg and I left it there too see how she'd react. She was strikingly beautiful and her smile would melt a million hearts. I thought I'd done something wrong when she stood up and headed towards the door picking up the wine cork on her way. She opened the bags and adjusted the contents until his nose appeared from the mess. She then placed the wine cork into the snorkel with a grin blocking any air from entering.

"He wanted trashing so why should he not enjoy the smells and odours too?"

"You'll get no argument from me," as she pulled me back inside by the hand.

I sat down first and pulled her onto me with a stumble making out like I slipped. She didn't pull away so I reached up and brushed the hair from her face. She smiled back to me and closed her eyes. This was it, this was my chance as I leant in and gently kissed her lips. Her eyes slowly opened but she didn't pull away. Her eyes closed again and she returned my kiss. Our hands were entwined as we kissed passionately. Our hands slowly wandered and explored each others bodies. I kept expecting her to pull away or stop but if a anything she took the lead. She cupped my breast and pulled my top over my head. In seconds we were naked and writhing around on the floor.

It was possibly the most passionate love I've ever made, we both ended in a sweaty embrace on the rug infront of the fire. Lisa kissed me again before wrapping a dressing gown around her beautiful form. She walked outside and peaked at the garbage bags and plucked the cork from the snorkel. "You're staying put slave I don't think you deserve to be released yet so good night and smelly dreams. If we release you at all that is..."

* * *

It was the best night of my life, you would think we'd been possessed by a sex demon. We eventually collapsed in each other's arms after midnight without ever mentioning her bagged and trashed boyfriend on the step outside.

We awoke groggily the next morning possibly due to wine intake the previous evening. Neither of us seemed in any hurry to mention or check on Stu. Lisa leaned over gently kissing me before asking if I'd like some coffee and breakfast to which I quickly agreed. Lisa disappeared in her pyjamas to make some coffee, a waft of bacon and eggs drifted into the bedroom as I slipped on yesterday's clothes. I just saw Lisa reappear from outside wiping both hands with a grin etched across her face.

"What's put that smile on your gorgeous face? Have you released him?" I asked her.

"I did think about it but as soon as he heard the door he started bucking and squirming. I peered in but couldn't even see him until I moved a few things with a stick" she laughed. "he started really screaming or what I think was screaming more just mumbled protests. I've told him he obviously needs more time in there to cool off so I've emptied the egg shells, coffee grinds and bacon rind in his face and closed the bags again. I even sat on the bag a few times just too make sure it was scrubbed in."

Even I was suprised, but not unhappy in the slightest. I smiled my best smile and sat down to eat. Small talk resumed about our plans for the day. I couldn't stop staring into those beautiful eyes almost memorized by their depth. I agreed to go get showered and changed before heading out shopping. So I guess Stu would get an early reprieve unless I could convince her otherwise. As we approached the door a foul odour drifted in and we both held our noses in disgust. Stu had now been in the bags for 13 hours with all manner of nasty disgusting slimy trash.

"Lisa maybe we should put the trash where it belongs as its starting to stink out here and we wouldn't want the neighbours complaining" I winked.

Lisa walked straight to her large wheeled bin opening the lid and emptying 3 bags out from the bottom. We tipped the bin on its side on the second step creating a small ramp down into its grimy smelly dark pit. Stu was quickly manouvered to the entrance and with one big push slowly slid straight to the bottom with a bump.

This was amazing and we both looked very satisfied with the result.

We stood the bin back onto its wheels dragged it fairly easily back to its resting place next to my own. The 3 bags were then placed back on top but now with Stu inside they over flowed the top. We both closed the lid squashing down the trash. It took a couple of attempts but finally stayed shut ensuring the lid clicked closed.

I'm sure I heard some moans and grumbles from within but they were very faint.

"Did you hear something?" I asked with a smile.

"Nothing at all" she smiled again. "See you in an hour" and Lisa was gone.

This couldn't really go much better but I want rid of him for good. He looked no different to any other useless trash before whilst only bagged but now buried inside the bin no-one would ever know. I quickly got showered and changed wondering if I could dispose of my only obstacle whilst making it look like an accident.

I checked the time and headed back through the door listening intently for any noise but silence, not a single sound. "Hey Stu can you here me?" I kicked the strong plastic can. A slight tremor but nothing you'd detect in normal movement. "Shout for me" I asked but barely a whimper emerged.

If the garbage truck came no-one world hear him over the gruff diesel engine and hydraulic whine.

"Good" I muttered to myself before Lisa emerged looking radiant as ever.

We headed off hand in hand for a day of shopping.

"When does the garbage get emptied again?" I enquired with a grin.

"Monday first thing," Lisa replied without breaking stride.

"Do you think we can leave him there til then?" I asked.

"If we give it a drink and maybe some baby food down the snorkel I don't see why not," she looked perfectly happy, not a care in the world and definitely no worry or remorse.

We chatted playfully, never mentioning him again. We watched a new movie at the cinema and had a wonderful day. As light slowly dwindled we headed home. I expected Lisa to stop as we past her bound boyfriend but she went straight to the door. Quickly ran in the house before grabbing something from a kitchen cupboard. When she returned she handed me a jug half filled with golden warm urine. Slightly taken back before aking if I should top it up for him.

I almost skipped to the bathroom before adding my own golden nectar to the mix. As I finished Lisa was just emptying the 3 now flatter bags from the bin. She had her bright yellow marigolds on as she fished for the snorkel top. I handed her the now heavy jug and with great glea she began pouring the contents into Stu's funnel.

"Why waste good water on trash!" she quipped.

Quiet gargling sounds drifted from within and gulping could be heard. Lisa gave him no break just kept pouring the warm contents. We added some phlegm to the mix just for added sustenance.
Soon as the mixture had disappeared the 3 bags were replaced and squashed back down again until we heard the metallic click. Stu was now trapped again as I tried to steal his stunning girlfriend away. I know one thing I was definitely going to enjoy this more than him.

* * *

As night fell again and darkness ensued the birds went silent.

I have very little thought to the once arrogant, ignorant selfish little man buried in the bin. I don't doubt he'd be in pain, squashed tightly in the bottom of the bin. Hard to breath I'd imagine and what he did breath would be the putrid stench of rotting food and other garbage. I cared not one jott if he whined, moaned and complained, in fact nothing would please me more than to see him emptied into the carverness confines of large trash lorry.

My wetness confirmed this to be true as I gently stroked Lisa's hair gently as we watched a romantic flim cuddled on the sofa.

"We never did this you know, he wouldn't watch films like this with me, never stroked my hair or gave me many compliments. He also had the tv remote, never did the dishes or any house work. In fact the house is soo much neater with him in there" she nodded towards the door.

"Maybe we should let the truck collect him and be done with it I joked?" Unsure of her response.

"That's murder though surely?" Lisa asked.

"Well accidents happen." I smiled.

The subject changed and I tried to do all things he didn't, I tidied and cleaned, paid her every compliment and let her lead. She chose everything for the remaining time, I could almost see her blossom from this quiet, shy soul to this natural beauty growing in confidence every second. I knew the garbage men would be around first thing in the morning to empty our trash cans.

"Hey, what do you say we have a little more fun at Stu's expense? We could wheel the bins down to the curb and watch him wriggle and squirm one last time? We can always wheel him back in the morning no harm done?"

I had barely finished when Lisa strode straight out of the door and heaved the bin on to its wheels.

"Hey trash we don't want you to miss the pick up in morning so you're going to curb tonight. You'll have all night to think about the way you've treated me. The way you've took away my confidence, my independence and humiliated me in front my friends, colleagues and family. They would probably tell me to leave you here for good. I'll sleep on it tonight and decide in the morning". Lisa said.

We stood back almost doubled over laughing as the bin barely moved, very little muffled sounds were emitted either. I dragged my identical bin to the curb, side by side with Lisa's and looking at them both you'd never tell.

Lisa headed back to hers so I made my excuses for 5 mins saying I needed to check something in my house. Before leaving and checking Lisa had gone I swapped the bins round. Mine now in her bins place and vice versa.

I returned to Lisa's side and caressed the night away. I kept her up late as possible, in fact almost 2am before we fell to sleep.

Lisa woke with a jump possibly hearing the low grumble of the diesel engine or trash mens usual whistle as he collected the dumpsters before connecting them to the rear of the truck. Pressing a button the hydraulics kicked in lifting the bin up and over, emptying the worthless trash ready for the packer blade to swoop down and compress the garbage.

The truck was next door as she donned her little pink dressing gown and ran out of the door. She quickly made her way to curb, relieved as they dragged what she thought was my bin to the truck. Up and over it went the contents swiftly disappeared from view and was swept away with barely a pop. Those strong treble bags doing their job. She grabbed my bin and made some excuse dragging it back down the garden path. Slightly flustered and out of brearth placed the bin back by the door and slipped into the house.

"That was far too close for comfort" breaking into a smile "but such a rush. "

I pretended to look pleased but knowing Stu had now been swallowed effortlessly by the truck. Those super strong bags keeping everything confined until he's buried at the dump. I couldn't be happier I just had to see how she reacted.

"Should we release him?" She enquired.

"Let's leave him a little longer maybe night fall in case we get caught emptying our delicate trash in public." Knowing full well by then he'll be under tonnes of trash and long gone.

I took Lisa out for lunch and gave her 100% attention all day.

Around 5 pm Lisa said we should release him. As the bags emptied from the bin a look of both shock and horror swept across het pretty face. "Where is he, what's going on? I don't understand."

I tried to look concerned and confused but I knew it was futile.

"Oops they must have took the wrong bin"

Tears ensued but after reasoning she agreed, What could they do he was gone with the trash.

"Surely the police would have been by now if they found him" I said with an unseen smile

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