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Oops Wrong Bin

by Stu

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© Copyright 2017 - Stu - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; MF; F/m; neighbours; bond; naked; saranwrap; tape; trashbags; bagged; garbage; messy; encased; punish; denial; toys; mast; climax; cons; X

To set the scene I live in a suburban street by myself, a 32 yr old blonde spinster. I'd describe myself as attractive with an athletic figure, blonde shoulder length hair and blue eyes. I'd had various girlfriends over the last few years but none I'd like to stick with unfortunately. I knew I was a lesbian from about 16 years of age before that type of thing was widely accepted.

The house next door had been empty for some time but one August morning a removal truck pulled up outside, followed by a small sports car. A young couple were moving in, both in their mid-twenties. I saw him first, around 5ft 6 with slick backed hair and a phone glued to his hand. I went out to introduce myself and welcome them to the area.

"Hi there" I called out but he barely looked at me before nodding briefly and strutting straight past my extended hand.

Very ignorant I said to myself but this vision of beauty emerged from the small car. Hands full she politely smiled and apologised for her rude boyfriend.

"I'm sorry he's always got that thing glued to his ear, I feel like throwing it in the trash sometimes ".

"Him or the phone!" I quickly replied.

We both laughed as I introduced myself. "Looks like we're neighbours, so if you need anything just shout ".

I was stunned by her gorgeous smile and couldn't wait to get to know Lisa better, I just wish she was single.

Lisa and I hit it off right away, I work from home as a business analyst. Although fairly boring and mundane I was highly sort after and well paid. We would frequently be in each other's home for coffee and in some cases her confidant or shoulder to cry on.

In short her boyfriend Stu was a selfish self centered pig who only cared about himself.

So many times I looked into those mesmerising eyes and wished I could kiss the pain away. A few times when cuddling I would inhale her scent from her hair.

Slowly over time she admitted her just used her for his cheap thrills then discarded her like trash. He was into bondage and always pushing her into stranger things.

One passing day she commented he'd brought in some huge black industrial strength yard bags, so tough she struggled to put her dainty finger nail through it.

"He wants me to bind him up inside one, then leave him for a few hours. What do you think? I'm not sure I can do it. "

I was certainly quite shocked but also hatched a plan at the same time, "Well there's no real harm I suppose, not really hurting anyone is it?"

Lisa looked quite suprised by my honest answer as she knew I didn't like Stu at all.

I left shortly after as I played through different scenarios in my head.

I played it quite cool until she knocked one afternoon, she came in and looked quite happy for a change.

"What's perked you up? " I asked.

"Well remember those trashbags? Yesterday I bound Stu with thick wide duct tape at the ankles and knees, his wrists behind his back then used one of the bags to gag him tightly and rolled him into another two. I had a blissfu levening watching my soaps as he struggled and rustled around the kitchen floor. I even used my new vibrator to several shuddering orgasms."

"Trouble is he wants to go further next time."

"Well there's no real harm, what happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors. What do you mean though he wants to go further?"

"Well he wants to feel like trash, like he's been discarded like any other rubbish/garbage." Lisa said. "I asked why he wants this but he replied it helps him forget his troubles, stresses and frustrations. He just zones out almost meditating he said".

"Well if it gives you some peace, quiet and fun times like last night there's definitely no harm, in fact you're doing him a favour". I replied. "How do you take things further though? " I was leading along and trying to manipulate my plans but in a subtle way without sounding too interested.

Lisa said, "He needs to feel like trash he said so maybe I can tip some garbage in with him make him feel more at home." she smiled.

"Now I'd love to see that, I really would especially the way he treats and talks to you, he deserves to be buried in worthless garbage." I had to hold myself back from continuing further. "Take some pictures for added security or even bribery!" I laughed.

I tried to make it sound like a joke but she quickly agreed a nodded whilst smiling a beautiful smile.

"How long did he stay in there last time? If he wants more maybe you should extend the time too?" I was hoping she would take the hint and again she quickly agreed. This was going much better than I imagined.

"Last time was around 3 hours but I think double would be sufficient." Lisa said, a huge broad grin spread across her face just thinking about it.

"Maybe you could add time for little indiscretions or noises etc" I added. "Well he wanted it after all so you're only doing as he asked".

The subject changed back to mundane and Lisa left an hour later still smiling more than I'd ever seen since she'd moved in.

* * *

A couple of days past before I saw Lisa again outside putting some trash in the large wheeled bins we have for fortnightly collections.

"Looks heavy Lisa, where did you get all that or dare I ask?." As she heaved the large black bulging sack into the dumpster. I quickly opened the lid ready for her and peared into the smelly open bin.

"Just checking in case something else was in there!" I laughed.

Lisa replied, "Now there's an idea!" as her eyes lit up. "Why don't you pop in for coffee I'll tell you the latest gossip".

"How could I possibly refuse such a generous offer" as I passed over the small pathway where our bins were kept and in through the backdoor.

Lisa made us both a coffee as I sat at the kitchen table taking in her radiance as she floated around the kitchen. I couldn't help but admire her toned figure as she hummed along to the small radio playing some music or other.

"So tell me whats been happening, whats new?"

"Well Stu finished work early on Wednesday and walked in with flowers in one hand and plastic bag containing 300m of strong saran/cling wrap and 2 rolls of gorilla tape. I'm not sure what I enjoyed more, but the flowers were quickly put in a vase as I told him to strip for his reward. By the time he had stripped I had started unravelling the Tape and binding his ankles and knees. His hands I taped into balls, then bound them behind his back so he couldn't touch his now hard member. I whipped open 3 bags this time as I wanted no mess on my floor, especially since he was getting the full treatment this time. I must admit he looked quizzicaly but before he could speak I wrapped the strong tape around his head about 6 or 7 times. He kept trying to struggle already and making noises, so maybe I should stuff something in his mouth next time." She mused then continued.

I sat there in complete shock, she was obviously very excited so I said nothing and just nodded along smiling all the time. I didn't want her to think I was judging her or disagreeing with her actions. Completely the opposite I just wish I could help and get rid of him all together.

Lisa continued, "I sat him down in the middle of the opened triple bags and used the plastic wrap to secure his knees to his chest as tight as I could. I almost made myself dizzy I went round that many times but he had no chance of escape, I sat looking at him laughing. All he could do was make mmmmmppppphhing sounds. It was then I remembered what you said about punishments so ran and collected my mobile snapping pictures of him trussed like a turkey. I laid out my plans for which caused quite a stir and added 30 mins to his stay in his trashy prison. I dragged him alot easier than I thought into the corner where the kitchen bin stood, almost daring me to empty. I didn't think I could do it but looking down at him in the bottom of the 3 bags I felt more excitement than pity and he'd asked for it."

"No real decision to make, so up and over it went and it was fairly full with everything from a weeks living. Being only 2 of us we don't use that much to fill the trash. I was slightly disappointed when I could still see him at the bottom of the bag squirming around. The squeals he made cost him another 30 mins before I retrieved every bin we have to cover him, hence the bag you saw outside. I even had a small shudder when I peered in again and it just looked like trash. I stood back and even admired my work." She was now flicking through her phone before passing it to me.

"Have a look I took plenty of picture's for you." she winked.

I could feel myself both blushing and getting turned on at the same time.

"I folded the two bags tops in and squashed it all down but they were barely half full so I need to plan better in future."

"Well my bin outside is side by side, you could have used that too after all it's for a worthy cause" I laughed.

Lisa said, "Aw shucks I never thought of that!"

"In fact my kitchen bin is empty but the can outside has a few bags in. I was thinking of doing a big clean, including the fridge and freezer so maybe we should synchronize our diaries because I'd be happy to help, in fact I'd love to help. I'm also babysiting my nephew a couple of days next week and there 2 dogs, so I'll have plenty of really really smelly trash for you." I expected her to disagree but much to my suprise her answer really took me back.

"Trash is trash! I don't really care what goes in". Lisa responded. She was very straight faced about it almost cold infact.

"He spent nearly 7 hours in there until I went to bed at 10pm. He came into our room after his long shower, but boy was he a mess when I released him. I put on my rubber marigolds and cut what I needed to let him struggle out. Then informed him he was sleeping in the spare room as he stank. He was disgusting and smelled even worse and this morning I've had to clean up after him so that's another punishment for next time."

This was working better than I could have even dreamed off.............

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