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Julie's Trash Time 2

by Trash Girl / 64Fordman

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© Copyright 2017 - Trash Girl / 64Fordman - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; other/ff; majick; transform; trash; vacuum; bag; bin; messy; bond; damsel; rope; gag; hogtie; roleplay; tickle; genie; cons; X

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Continues from part 1

Part Two

Julie and Audrey sit at the kitchen table over coffee while Julie tells the story of the obelisk and how it turns her into trash. Audrey believes her roommate’s story is rubbish. At least they’re both talking garbage.

Julie offers to demonstrate. She sits on the kitchen counter with her legs dangling in the trashcan and puts the obelisk down next to her. Julie doesn’t want to upset Audrey any more than necessary, she looks around and sees some mail, sets the kitchen timer for one hour and rubs the obelisk. Poof.

Before Audrey’s eyes Julie disappears and in her place is an empty envelope hanging off the edge of the counter. It slides off and drops into the can. Audrey steps close to look inside, the envelope rests in the can on top of a few other items of trash. She can’t believe what she has just seen and sits at the table with her coffee as the timer counts down.

Minute-by-minute Audrey watches as wild thoughts swirl through her mind. The Genie, whether she should mail Julie back to her mother, and what she’ll tell the police when they ask about her missing roommate.

The timer’s dial finally reaches zero and chimes. A few moments later Julie is crouched in the trashcan. Audrey gets up and helps her to step out.

“Okay, I believe you, but why trash?” Audrey said.

“Because I always dreamed of being treated like trash, and now I can be trash, at least for a while. Would you like to try it?” Julie said.

“I don’t want to be trash.” Audrey said.

“You can do whatever you want. Is there anything you’ve always dreamed of?” Julie said.

“Don’t laugh at me, I’ve never told anyone before, but I always imagined being a captured princess like in the movies.” Audrey said.

“Try it, just sit down and think about it, then rub the obelisk.” Julie said.

 Audrey sits in the kitchen chair, closes her eyes for a moment, and rubs the statue. Poof.

“Wow! You look great.” Julie said. Audrey is now dressed in a full length gown of dark green satin with white lace trim on the collar and sleeves and matching silk slippers on her feet. She is also tied to the chair with natural fiber rope. Audrey’s wrists are crossed and tied behind the chair back with rope circling her chest and waist, everything is cinched tight. Her ankles are crossed and tied together in a ladylike fashion and lashed to the crossbar, and a thick white cloth fills her mouth and is tied behind her flowing golden hair.

Audrey, still in shock over her sudden transformation, struggles and moans behind her gag, but the rope gives no quarter. Julie recalls her first experience with the obelisk and quickly leaves the room, returning with a mirror from the bedroom so Audrey can see herself.

It works and Audrey calms down. Julie can tell Audrey is getting comfortable with her situation and maybe even having a fantasy. She leaves Audrey alone to enjoy her private thoughts.

Alone, Audrey’s mind turns the kitchen into a castle room. Outside the window her prince valiantly battles the dragon and will soon rescue his damsel. The hour ends and Audrey finds herself back in her old clothes, the rope and gag gone.

Julie sits on the sofa in their living room anxiously flipping through a magazine waiting to ask Audrey how it was. Audrey is taking a long shower after her first damsel-in-distress experience, really long.

Finally the water shuts off. A few minutes later Audrey bounces into the room in her pink pajamas and hops onto the sofa next to Julie.

“I haven’t seen you this happy in a while.” Julie said.

“That was amazing, thank you.” Audrey said and kisses Julie on the cheek.

“I was thinking we could take turns with it, and when one of us is playing the other could look out for them.” Julie said.

“That sounds great, thank you.” Audrey said.

Several days later the girls have a play date. After receiving her instructions Audrey is ready to assist her roommate during Julie’s turn with the obelisk. Everything is okay as long as it’s part of the game, that’s the most important thing to remember. Audrey waits in the living room while Julie gets ready, then goes in the kitchen.

“Look at this mess, how did cereal spill on the floor?” Audrey said knowing Julie can hear.

Julie doesn’t know exactly what is going to happen, and that’s what she wants. Audrey goes to the hall closet, comes back with the canister vacuum and plugs it in.

“This will make quick work of this mess.” Audrey said and switches on the vacuum.

Julie is whisked up with the brush head and sucked up through a short hose and inside the clear dirt canister, swirls around in the air current then settles to the bottom. The vacuum switches off.

“As long as I have this thing out, I may as well vacuum the rest of the place.” Audrey said.

The vacuum starts and Audrey runs it over the living room carpet, stopping to use the hose attachment on the window sills and upholstery. Julie swirls in the canister as it fills with dust and lint like some crazy cotton candy machine.

Audrey stops the vacuum and takes it to the kitchen.

“Look at all that dirt, guess I should empty it.” Audrey said.

Julie can see Audrey through the clear plastic as she bends over and unsnaps the canister, turns it over in the trashcan and taps it a few times against the side. Julie falls into the bottom of the plastic bag with the rest of the dirt and lint.

“I think I’ll make myself something to eat.” Audrey said.

Audrey makes, eats and cleans up from a quick meal. Along the way empty food packaging and plate scrapings drop into the trashcan and on top of Julie who is gets more excited with each new step.

“This trash looks nasty, I better put it outside.” Audrey said. She gathers up the top of the bag, tied it with a twist tie and pulls it from the trashcan.

Julie can feel herself lifted as Audrey carries her out the back door, drops her into the wheelie bin on the side of the house and slams the lid down. Julie’s orgasm hits as her time ends and she changes back. She lays in the bin for a few long minutes catching her breath before tearing the bag open and climbing out.

Arms embrace Audrey from behind and a wet smelly kiss is planted on her cheek.

“You could have cleaned up first.” Audrey said.

“That was the best time I ever had.” Julie said.

Several days later it is Audrey’s turn. Julie thanks her again for the other day and wishes she could do more for Audrey’s fantasies. They share an embrace and Audrey rubs the obelisk. Poof. Audrey is dressed like an eighteenth century farm woman and tied down to the kitchen table.

Julie is dressed in black topcoat and pants holding a piece of paper and quill pen. She is not sure why but starts demanding Audrey sign over the deed to her ranch. Audrey catches on.

“I’ll never turn over my ranch.” Audrey said.

“Maybe this will change your mind.” Julie said using the quill pen on Audrey’s bare foot.

Audrey screams with laughter and fights her bonds but can’t escape the torture.

“Stop. Stop, please.” Audrey begs.

“Will you sign over your ranch?” Julie said.

“Yes. Anything, I can’t stand it.” Audrey said.

Julie puts the pen in Audrey’s bound hand and holds the paper so she can sign, but the sound of a horse approaching fast stops them both.

“Drat, I’m not through with you yet Widow Audrey.” Julie said and runs from the room.

A few minutes later Julie returns dressed in a white hat and chaps. She unties Audrey’s hands and Audrey sits up on the table and wraps her arms around Julie.

“My hero.” Audrey said. Poof. The fantasy ends and everything is as it was.

Over the next few days Audrey can’t stop thinking about her experience, she can’t wait to do it again. Julie can’t wait either. Finally they get an opportunity to play again, but the girls are so excited neither can remember whose turn it is.

“I’m pretty sure it’s my turn.” Audrey said.

“I think you’re mistaken.” Julie said.

“You could be right, but to be safe I should go next.” Audrey said.

“Yeah, next after me.” Julie said.

Both girls grab the obelisk at the same time. Poof.

The next thing Audrey knows she is tightly hogtied in the trashcan. She tries to call for Julie but the gag filling her mouth doesn’t allow more than a mew to escape her throat. What happened she thinks?

“I don’t know” comes an answer.


“We can talk with our minds, just think the words and I can hear you.” Julie said.

“I’m tied up in the trashcan, help me.” Audrey said.

“I’m in the trashcan also, I’m the rope you are tied with.” Julie said.

“Then untie me.” Audrey said.

“I can’t, I’m a piece of rope, I can’t move.” Julie said.

“How did this happen?” Audrey said.

“The obelisk must have combined our fantasies when we both touched it.” Julie said.

“I’m covered in garbage, your fantasy is not very nice.” Audrey said.

“Yeah, it would be much better lying on railroad tracks with a train coming.” Julie said.

“Point taken. I didn’t mind when I was throwing you in the trash so I guess I can take it. Now that I’m over the shock I can feel you, it’s like your hugging me.” Audrey said.

“I can feel you too, it’s kind of nice.” Julie said.

“It is nice.” Audrey said.

 Poof. Julie is lying on top of Audrey with her arms and legs hanging over the sides of the trashcan pushing Audrey further down into the garbage.

“Get off of me.” Audrey said.

“I’m trying.” Julie said as she grabs the edge of the kitchen counter for leverage. She pulls herself up about six inches and pushes against the counter to roll out of the trashcan. Audrey senses the cans center of gravity shifting.

“Wait, wait.” Audrey said as the trashcan tilts, then crashes to the floor sending Julie and garbage across the tile.

“We’re going to need a bigger trashcan.” Julie said.

Reaching in head first, Julie grabs Audrey by the waist and pulls, pulls, pulls her free from the bottom of the can. She helps Audrey lean against the kitchen cabinet and they both catch their breath. Just then Julie notices someone standing next to the table.

“Genie!” Julie said, then turns to Audrey. “This is the Genie who gave me the magic obelisk.”

“You’re responsible for this.” Audrey said pointing to her trash covered tiles.

“That makes it unanimous, it’s all my fault, thanks for your support.” Genie said.

“Did you stop by for a visit?” Julie said.

“The obelisk was only meant for one, but somehow you two found a small defect in the magic that allows you to enter each other’s dreams and your excessive draw on the, let’s call it the magic grid, got the attention of the, let’s call them the board of directors, and the chairman, let’s call him Frank Sinatra, demanded I remedy the situation or else, let’s just say you two have become my worst nightmare, that’s why I stopped by.” Genie said.

“You’re going to take back my gift?” Julie said.

“I should be so lucky. You did help me and I owe you a reward, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m taking the old obelisk and leaving you with this new upgrade. It has an 18 Karat gold plated statue mounted on a base of real imitation Italian marble. But wait, there’s more, I’m giving you next gen virtual reality for a richer fantasy experience. And I’m not stopping there, if you call in the next 15 minutes I’ll include open ended magic for free, just pay separate handling.” Genie said.

“What does that mean?” Julie said.

“Let me read you the fine print, when Julie is using the obelisk to play her favorite fantasy, Audrey will be in charge of how long the fantasy lasts. When Audrey is playing, Julie will be in charge. Each of your fantasies will remain your own, but your roommate will decide how long it lasts, even if you are sharing in the other’s fantasy, that’s open ended magic.” Genie said.

“Won’t this overload the magic grid?” Audrey said.

“It was the flaw in the magic that caused the disruption, the new obelisk is created to do everything it does.” Genie said.

“Anything else we should do?” Julie said.

“Have your people call my people, we’ll do lunch.” Genie said.

“Really?” Audrey said.

“No. If this works you’ll never see me again. If this doesn’t work no one will ever see me again. Goodbye.” Genie said and was gone.

“We should try it.” Julie said.

“Fun time is over trash girl, you get the broom and I’ll get the mop.” Audrey said.

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