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Julie's Trash Time

by Trash Girl / 64Fordman

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© Copyright 2017 - Trash Girl / 64Fordman - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; trash; trashcan; bagged; messy; compacted; dumped; majick; transform; con/nc; X

Julie stands in the kitchen next to the full trashcan as her roommate Audrey unleashes her anger. Not doing her chores, not contributing to the household, Julie is not listening as the tirade continues, she’s heard this all before.

It wasn’t Julies fault. Well, it was, putting out the trash for collection is her chore. Julie had done it again, sitting in a chair staring into the last few days’ kitchen waste deep in fantasy. She had simply lost track of the time.

After sharing an awkwardly silent meal, Julie decides to go for a walk. She really likes Audrey and wants to do her share around the house, but her growing obsession with her fantasies is affecting the rest of her life. She needs to find a way to resolve her desire and still meet her obligations.

Lost in thought, Julie isn’t paying attention to where she is going. She emerges from the woods into a clearing. In front of Julie is a little cottage she has never seen before, and in front of the cottage is a strange little man waving her over.

“Hello child, if you have a moment you could do me a great favor.” He said.

Without waiting for an answer he takes Julies hand and brings her inside the cottage. It is filled with furniture and objects from different countries and time periods.

“There is something inside this bottle I need, and if you could remove the top I would be most grateful.” He said.

“Is it stuck?” Julie said.

“No, it comes off quite easy. I just can’t do it myself, war injury, I don’t like to talk about it, so if you could just open the bottle for me.” He said.

Julie should leave, but the little man is the opposite of threatening, he’s quite endearing. He is also very funny and Julie’s spirits have been lifted in the few minutes she’s been here.

“Not buying it? Can’t blame you,” He said, “okay, the absolute truth this time, I’m a Genie.”

Julie breaks out in laughter.

“It’s true,” Genie said, “I am trapped inside the bottle when the top is on, that’s why I can’t take the top off the bottle myself. So if you could remove the top I would be grateful.”

“Why do want to get back in so bad?” Julie said.

“I can’t remember unplugging the toaster,” Genie said, “if you could just open the bottle.”

“I don’t know.” Julie said.

“Genie.  Grateful.” Genie said. “You want I should write it down?”

“And you’ll grant me three wishes?” Julie said.

“I was contractually obligated to grant those wishes to the person who let me out of the bottle, it’s a union thing.” Genie said. “Off the record, I might be able to hook you up, but you didn’t get that from me. So what do you say? Help a brother in need, can I get an Amen?”

“Okay, I’ll go along.” Julie said. She lifts the top off the ancient looking bottle and steps back.

The man dissolves into a cloud of smoke and is sucked into the bottle like a vacuum while Julie watches in shock. A few moments later smoke billows from the opening like a chimney and the man reappears from the cloud.

“That’s taken care of,” Genie said, then looks up at the ceiling. “OFFICIALLY,” he returns his attention to Julie, “I can now offer you a gift of thanks.”

He retrieves a small sculpture from a shelf, a golden obelisk on a marble base.

“Rub this obelisk three times to experience your greatest dream for one hour, but take care, only allow your dream to become reality if you want the magic to be permanent.”

* * * * *

It’s late; Audrey went to her room hours ago. Julie lies on her bed staring at the trashcan next to her dressing table. Its heaping full with envelopes, tissue and cotton balls, with more on the carpet, but that’s how Julie likes it. She dreams she is an item in the trash, used up and discarded, waiting to be collected and hauled away.

The obelisk is on her dressing table; Julie hasn’t decided what to do with it. She gets up and goes to the table. Remembering the Genie and his foolish stories makes her smile. Julie reaches out and touches it, rubbing her thumb on the smooth gold surface. Poof.

Julie feels very strange. She’s aware but she can’t move, she can see but she doesn’t have eyes. The room is the same, but everything has become much larger. Julie discovers she can focus her mind on different parts of the room to look around. As her mind sweeps the room like a lighthouse beacon she focuses on the trashcan she is next to.

A sudden odd feeling overcomes Julie, like she is looking at herself in the mirror but seeing someone else. Yet somehow she knows it’s her. The reflection in the side of the trashcan is a crumpled up piece of paper. Julie has become a piece of trash on the floor next to her own trashcan. Can it be true? Everything she sees and feels tells Julie it is.

Now very excited, Julie begins one of her fantasies, she imagines someone entering her room with a trash bag. More trash falls to the floor as the overfilled can is lifted and turned over into the bag. Then a hand grabs Julie with the trash that has fallen from the can and tosses her in the bag. The collection continues and the bag fills with waste from the kitchen, bathroom and garden. The bag is tied and dropped in the bin. Julie feels the bin tip as it is rolled toward the street. Poof.

Julie lies on the floor next to her trashcan shaking, her fantasy much more powerful than she has ever experienced. Her hand goes down her pyjama pants and immediately she is convulsing. She can’t stop but she risks waking Audrey, stretching her other arm under her bed she finds a worn sock and stuffs it in her mouth, then covers it with her hand just as her orgasm crashes over her. Julie’s eyes roll back in her head and she sees a kaleidoscope of colors. When it’s over she is exhausted and falls asleep curled up with the trash.

* * * * *

Some days pass and Julie is desperate to try the obelisk again. This time she wants to get closer to her fantasy. She should wait, but the trash is more than half full right now and she still has plenty of time.

Julie brings the obelisk into the kitchen and puts it on the counter, then checks the fridge for anything that should be thrown out. A container of yogurt has two days left, close enough; Julie opens the top and dumps the yogurt into the trash, then sets the empty container aside for recycling.

Bracing herself on the counter, Julie puts one foot onto the trashcan careful to keep the plastic bag folded over the edge. Cool yogurt and coffee grounds squish between her toes as Julie's foot settles into the kitchen waste from the last few days.

She carefully brings her other foot into the can, then reaches for the obelisk. Poof.

It’s dark. Julie is not sure what she has become, something with form, perhaps a carrot from the stew or a slice of tomato from a salad. She knows she is in the trash, she can feel herself settled in among the plate scrapings and trimmings. This is exactly what she wanted.

Julie lets her mind float as she takes in the experience of being a piece of kitchen trash. She could do this forever, but she only has an hour so she better start her fantasy.

Suddenly Julie hears the sound of heels on the kitchen floor, Audrey can’t be home already.

“Where has that Girl gone to now?” Audrey said out loud in frustration. Fortunately she’s home early and still has time to catch the truck.

Audrey sees the empty container on the counter. She’s eaten my yogurt and can’t even put the container in the proper bin. Audrey collects the top of the trash bag, and then sees the obelisk on the counter.

What’s this doing here; maybe losing something will teach Julie to put her things away? Audrey tosses the obelisk into the trash, lifts the bag out of the can and gives it a spin, then wraps a twist tie around sealing it closed.

She tosses the bag out the kitchen door onto the back porch, and then goes around the house collecting the other trash. With trash from the bath and bedrooms, Julie steps out to the back porch, picks up the kitchen bag and brings them to the side yard.

Having missed last week’s collection the wheelie bin is almost full. Julie can feel the bag she is in being lifted into the wheelie bin, then being smashed down as Audrey struggles to close the top. Julie realizes Audrey doesn’t know she is in the trash and is throwing her away. Julie’s excitement grows by the second.

When the bin tilts and begins rolling Julie has an out-of-body orgasmic experience that doesn’t end until Audrey has returned with the recycling boxes. The garbage truck turns onto the street, thankful she has gotten the trash out front in time Audrey waves to the men and returns to the house.

This is better than Julie could have imagined, she doesn’t care at this point if anyone sees her climbing out of the wheelie bin covered in trash. Speaking of climbing out, the hour must be up by now, something must be wrong.

Is it because the obelisk in in the house and Julie is out here at the curb? That doesn’t make sense, what did the Genie say about her dream becoming reality?

Julie hears the garbage truck getting closer. The engine revs and idles as it moves house to house. She can’t help it, her excitement grows again.

The bin is pulled into the street and hooked to the tailgate. Julie feels the bin turning over until she spills out, the rest of the trash bags falling on top of her. The engine revs as the hydraulic pump is engaged starting the packer. Another orgasm hits Julie as the packer squishes the bags pushing Julie into the compactor. The empty bin is returned to the curb and the truck moves on with Julie inside.

Stop after stop trash is loaded into the truck and compacted. It was fun at the start, but Julie is becoming more afraid this is going to be permanent. The truck completes its route and arrives at the dump. After backing up to the pit the tailgate is opened and the ejector plate begins pushing the trash out. Julie wishes this would end.

Julies trash bag, with the obelisk inside, tumbles down the trash pile. Poof.

Tearing the bag open, Julie pulls herself out. She is covered in trash at the bottom of a mountain of trash, but otherwise back to normal. Next to her is the obelisk. She picks it up and starts the long walk home.

With no idea where Julie went, Audrey makes a light meal for herself and is cleaning up the dishes when the kitchen door opens.

“What happened?” Audrey said.

“I’ll take a shower then tell you about it.” Julie said.

“You’ll do no such thing, I just cleaned this floor, you march right outside and I’ll turn the garden hose on you.” Audrey said.

After cleaning up and having something to eat, Julie brings the obelisk in from where she left it under the back porch and puts it on the kitchen table in front of Audrey.

“Throwing this away saved my life. You better make coffee, this will take a while.” Julie said.

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