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Jennifer's Trash

by femboy in a dumpster

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© Copyright 2017 - femboy in a dumpster - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; naked; footrub; voy; cuaght; FF/m; strip; hum; diaper; enslave; sex; climax; punish; toys; insert; trashcan; garbage; stuck; compactor; collected; landfill; cons/reluct; XX

This is a side story to the trashy adventures of David and Christine.

(This story is based on a fantasy our good friend malus infantia confessed to me and asked me to write. He seemed to have been quite inspired by our lovely trash queen, Jennifer. Hope you enjoy. - This story is told from the perspective of Jennifer.)

"Yeah, yeah, she's still here." I'm sitting on my couch, my legs crossed as I talk on the phone to Christine. my slave, Rebecca, massages my feet. It had been a rather long day collecting garbage, and I didn't get to play with any of it. At least I'll be able to take my frustration out on my pretty little garbage slave.

"Harder." I command, wiggling my toes. "I have been on my feet all day, it's about time I get to relax. And when you're done..." I smirk, already having wonderful plans for Rebecca.

"You're really enjoying this, aren't you?" Christine asks, giggling.

"Very much, yes." I sigh happily. "Rebecca has been an absolute dream. If she wasn't just a piece of garbage I'd be willing to say I love the girl. But who could love garbage?" I giggle, nudging Rebecca with my foot. "She's just a useful piece of trash destined for the trash heap."

I hear Rebecca moan softly at that declaration and smirk. It really is true. She believes it. She loves it.

And me? I relish in it, the knowledge that one day I will throw this girl away, and she'll accept it without argument. She knows her place. And it's with the rest of the trash.

I pull my foot away as I finish my conversation with Christine, hanging up. "Okay, Rebecca. Go get started on your chores. Then return to me when you're done."

"Yes mistress." Ah how I love to hear those words from her mouth. Rebecca gets up and skips her sexy, naked ass out of the room, getting started on her many chores, most of which involve collecting my trash and taking it out to my trash pit. I get up, heading toward the kitchen, when I'm startled by an earsplitting scream.

I rush toward the sound, bursting into the room to find Rebecca braced against the wall, looking out the window with a terrified look on her face. She's covering her breasts with a blanket.

"Peep... peeping tom..." is all she says.

I rush to the window, now a little angry. No one looks at my slave but me and Christine. A protective feeling comes over me as I see the culprit disappear into the woods surrounding my home, and a grin spreads across my face.

"Rebecca, hun. Go get our little friend. I think I'd like to meet him. You know, before we throw him away."

Rebecca grins, diving out the window and taking off into the distance. I go out the normal way, through a door, and moments later I hear the startled male cry as Rebecca catches him. "I've got him!" I hear her call out.

I approach them, grinning as I pat her head. "Well done. No punishment for you today." Rebecca pouts at that and I remember that no punishment for her IS punishment. "Okay then, extra punishment."

She grins happily before turning her attention to the man beneath her. He's kinda thin, though not too thin. His short black hair is matted with dirt, his brown shirt torn from the brush. Rebecca is straddling his waist, and takes the opportunity to grind her naked pussy against his groin.

"Oh stop that, becca, look at his face he's loving it."

Rebecca giggles, stopping as he groans. "P...please. let me go..."

I slowly walk around him, smirking. "No, I don't think I will. You see, you were peeping on my slave here. And that's not very nice." He whimpers as I crouch next to his face. "Now I just need to figure out what to do with you."

"Can we keep him?" Rebecca asks, perking up considerably.

"Keep him? Why would you want to keep a piece of trash like him?" I ask, kicking his side.

"Cause he's a cute piece of trash. Pleeeease mistress?" Rebecca pouts and I sigh.

"Tell you what. I'll give him a day to prove himself as our new slave. If he isn't able to..." my grin widens and I look down at him. "I think it's in your best interest to be a good little slave. Agreed?"

He nods, and I smile. "Excellent. Rebecca, strip him and take him to the pit. I'd like to introduce this piece of garbage to where he'll be spending most of his time."

Rebecca giggles and proceeds to destroy his shirt, ripping it off him. She then goes down to his pants, pulling out and handing me his phone. He tries to protest but Rebecca stuffs a pair of panties in his mouth as I click my tongue. "Already off to a bad start, huh. Talking back. That's only gonna get you a really painful end."

Rebecca begins unbuttoning his pants. She pulls them down, exclaiming in shock. "Mistress! This creep's wearing a diaper!"

He blushes profusely as I look up from his phone. "A diaper, huh? Interesting." I approach him, nudging Rebecca out of the way before planting my heel into his diapered crotch, grinding it with my heel. He cries out in pain and I giggle. "That's for peeping on my trash slut. Now, let's see who you are..."

I return my attention to his phone, opening up chrome. It immediately opens up to a page on a site called user name, malus infantia.

"Malus???" I grin widely. Malus infantia was a well known writer of trash erotica in Gromet's trashcan stories website. "The malus infantia?" Malus nods and I squeal happily. "I'm in the presence of a celebrity. I've read ALL of your erotica. At least the ones on gromets. This is gonna be more fun than I thought. Now, get up. I think you're definitely going to enjoy my idea of 'fun'"

Malus gets up and I shove him forward, leading him inside.

Yes, this is gonna be fun indeed.

"No, dammit!" I growl at my newest slave as Rebecca stands on the side, shaking her head. I had given malus the simple task of massaging my feet. I'd even had Rebecca show him how I like it, and still, he seems to have absolutely no aptitude for even the smallest task.

"No, the heel, malus.. focus on... ah, forget it. Enough, just stop..." I sigh as malus stops, looking up at me with a pitiful expression. "You are HORRIBLE at this."

He looks down, ashamed. "I... I'm sorry, I've never..." his words are cut off as I plant my foot on his face, pinning him to the ground.

"Rule number 4, what is it?" I say angrily.

"I...I don't... I don't remember."

I sigh, letting him up. "Do not speak without permission. Rebecca is able to speak without permission because she's earned that right."

I shake my head, commanding him to lie on his back. "This is your last chance. I'm going to fuck you senseless. If you can at least do this right, I'll keep you, even if it's just as a living sex toy. One to, eventually, be disposed of. And I WILL dispose of you eventually." With that, I immediately mount him, taking his rather decent sized cock inside me.

It's incredible. He immediately adjusts his hips, angling directly for my g-spot. I moan out loud. "Oh god. Looks like we finally found something you're good at."

With that I proceed to ride him, rolling my hips as I bounce up and down, moaning in ecstasy. I'm getting close... so close already... when suddenly his eyes widen and he bucks his hips, groaning. I feel his cock twitching and I freeze, glaring.

"Did.. did you just cum?" A look of fear crosses his face and I pull off, glaring as cum drips from my pussy.

Not my cum... his.

"You filthy piece of trash!" I growl, demanding he get up. He complies without hesitation, clearly scared. "Rebecca, get my toys. I've got a little test for our slave."

Moments later, malus is outfitted with a vibrating cock sheath, and a vibrating butt plug.

And for added measure, a diaper.

He groans as the plug fills his ass and, with Rebecca's help, I toss him in a rather large trash can.

"You dirty boy, cumming without permission. Tell me, what's rule number one?" He hesitates then sighs, looking down. "I didn't think so."

I gag him before answering my question for him. "'Mistresses pleasure before your own'. You came before I did. Sure I could have finished, but it's the principle of the thing. So here's what we're going to do." I activate the two toys on the lowest setting possible. "I'm going to give you a little test to see just how important to you it is to get off. You have a choice, stay in here, or get out and submit to me. You can climb out at any time, but the moment you do the toys come off, and you get locked in chastity until I decide you can appreciate the importance of my pleasure. As long as you stay in the can you'll be allowed to cum. That's what the diaper's for. In case you decide to make a sticky little mess, you'll have to sit in it until you manage to get out. However..."

Rebecca comes over, dumping a small bucket of trash into the can.

"Every now and then I'm going to fill this can more and more. Eventually it's going to become more and more difficult to get out. When this can is full... it's contents are going into the compactor. Whether that includes you or not is up to you." I smile as Rebecca dumps another pail of trash into the can. "So choice is yours. Come out and sacrifice your right to cum, or stay in here until you cum and possibly get thrown out in the process. Rebecca, with me." With that, Rebecca and I turn and go back inside.

"Is he still in there?" I ask as Rebecca peeks out back.

"Yup. Should I take the next pail of trash out?"

I shake my head. "No, I think I'll do it this time. I wanna toy with him a little." I get up, picking up several pails of trash and bringing it out. I dump the next load in, humming happily. I notice that he's squirming. Maybe trying to get out? Guess it's already become difficult. "hmm... this looks like it's getting pretty full. Guess I'm gonna have quite a bit of trash to dump, huh?" I go back inside, smirking as he struggles even more.

It doesn't help that Rebecca had packed the trash in tight.

I'm definitely going to be throwing away a lot of trash today.

The time comes when Rebecca comes back in, skipping happily, to let me know the can is full. I sigh, getting up and heading out to the trash can. I can barely see malus's head beneath the trash. I dig a little, freeing his head, and remove his gag. "What's the first rule?"

He sputters out his answer. "Mistresses pleasure before my own." He has a hopeful expression, as if he expects me to let him go.

"Good boy." I replace the gag and pull the drawstrings up, tying it closed above his head. The last thing I see is his pleading eyes as I seal him in.

Having bagged him up, Rebecca and I take the can of trash to the compactor to be disposed of. We lift the can and dump it's contents into the hopper. Rebecca presses the start button and I pull her close, kissing her as the compactor starts up. I pull out the remote to the vibrators, turning it up on high. I'm pretty sure I can hear his groan of pleasure over the roar of the compactor. Rebecca reaches down as we kiss, pleasuring my womanhood as we crush our trash.

When the compactor is done, we turn and walk away. Malus is probably alive. Most likely. Though I haven't decided if I'm going to save him.

Or just completely crush him.

The next day, Christine comes over with David. "Hey, Jennifer." She smiles happily, and I return the greeting, noticing that David is tied up. "I need your compactor. David has been naughty and I need to punish him."

I hesitate. Malus is still in the compactor and I still haven't decided whether or not to free him or finish the job. "I'm... kinda using it right now."

Christine crosses her arms, an eyebrow raised. "Jennifer, we have a deal, remember?"

I nod, sighing. Seems the decision has been made for me. Oh well. He was a piece of trash anyway. "What should I do with the trash inside?"

"Dump it." She shrugs nonchalantly. I don't think she realizes the kind of trash I have held within. "I need it to be empty."

I nod, then call the company in which I work, asking for a quick pick up of the compactor. Hours later, a truck comes to pick it up, taking it away, and replacing the compactor with a new, empty one. I watch the truck drive off with my trash, smiling as I think of what's going to happen to my garbage.

The truck will take it to the dump, weigh it... then take it to a pit. It will be dumped, and buried, the garbage within slowly buried by more and more garbage. Eventually it will be crushed down and covered over with dirt.

Just another piece of the trash. And malus will experience every last moment of his trashy end.

It's too bad he won't get to write about this one. Oh what a story he'd have to tell.

The end

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