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The College Shortcut 2

by Binboy

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© Copyright 2009 - Binboy - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/m; captive; revenge; bond; gag; tape; wrap; dumpster; bags; foodwaste; trash; stuck; mast; climax; truck; disposal; suffocate; cons/nc; XXX

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Part Two.

I was genuinely fearing for my life now after Mikeys earlier comment. "I'll be back to have fun with you" he'd said. What the hell did that mean? How could any part of this be fun?

Through the next couple of hours I strained against my tape bonds with all the strength I could muster, but after the few days I'd been here, taped up like a mummy, my muscles were almost totally locked, and it was all I could do to barely roll from side to side. The weight pressing down on me from all sides didn't help either. My face was once again pressed into the middle of an overly full bag, and the moisture from my breathing through my nose had made the slick plastic wet and slippery. It was getting tough to breath now as well, and I moved my head from side to side to try to get a better angle to breathe from, but the immense weight above made it very difficult to do so.

After a few minutes of writhing like this, I head the sound of metal on metal, and I froze, worried that this could be Mikey back to mess me up even worse. I held my breath and heard a metallic click, as the Padlock sealing the bin was opened. This was swiftly followed by the screech of the hinge as the lid was opened.

I heard a vague laugh through the messy pile above me, it was indeed Mikey, back to do even worse things with me. My heart skipped a beat as I wondered what he was planning.

"Well fuckhead, heeeere's Mikey" he said loudly, and chuckled to himself. "You know, you would never even know there was an asshole hidden under all this trash, and you know what? It's right where you belong, but first of all, I'm gonna make you pay for what you did to me all those years ago".

With that, there was a resounding noise above me of bags being squashed, and the weight pressing on me became even more intense. Unknown to me, Mikey had jumped into the bin with me, and his extra weight was enough to totally knock my breath out. As I struggled into a better position to breathe, I could hear the sound of bags above me being moved. Mikey was throwing the bags over me into a deeper pile to my side so he could gain access to my mummified body. Due to the weight and the sheer number of bags, it took him about 5 minutes to actually reach me, and all of a sudden, he lifted the bag that rested on my head and I became conscious of light falling around me as I became once more exposed to the world.

"Well look at you, a proper little trash mummy", again he laughed and I feared I could sense insanity in this laugh.

Unseen to me, he took a length of rope out of the pocket of his dark blue overalls, and reached down towards my feet. Suddenly, I felt the rope get wound around my tape wrapped feet and legs, and the stronger pressure of a knot being secured to hold the rope in place. What was going on?

"Dont worry dude, I'm getting you out of the skip."

I breathed a sigh of relief. Perhaps I would not die in this container.

"For now anyway..." again the vaguely maniacal laugh.

There was a crush noise again as Mikey scrambled up the pile of bags he had created beside me, and jumped out of the bin.

A couple of minutes passed, and then I heard the sound of an engine. Mikey had driven his pickup right to the edge of my prison. Mikey's truck had a winch. He was going to use the force of his truck to pull me out of the bin feet first rather than lift me out himself. Still, freedom was freedom.

The tug at my lower body was sudden and unexpected, as the winch on the truck effortlessly yanked my body close to the side of the bin. The pile of bags shifted, and I could feel them falling all around me, pressing into me, as my body was pulled through, and up into the pile. This took only seconds, but it felt like longer, as I found myself upside down, with stuffed bags pressing in from all sides, then as quickly as it has began, it ended as I edged over the lip of the bin and fell with a bump to the ground below. Thankfully I landed on my ass, so I don't think anything broke, but it still winded me badly. It took me a couple of seconds to readjust to the evening light outside.

I was barely able to move my neck enough to look down at myself, and I noted that I was as securely taped up as I had been when I was thrown in. I needed Mikey's help to get out of this, but would he offer it?

Suddenly, a shadow fell over me as Mikey straddled me again. I rolled over so I was looking straight up, and saw Mikey standing over me bearing a knife. His blue overalls were quite badly stained, and this was obviously his clothes for working in the waste yard.

"Roll over!" he barked at me, and the sight of the knife made me obey instantly.

I rolled over so I was lying on my front, and I suddenly felt a release in the tape around my upper thighs. Mikey had cut the binds at the back between my upper legs, and it allowed a tiny amount of movement that I had been denied for days. My mouth was still sealed, but still I "mmmmfffff"ed my thanks to him for letting me free, or beginning to. My feeling of relief didn't last long though, as I saw with horror what he was doing.

He untied the rope from the winch and took it with both hands and began to drag my almost lifeless body towards a wooden pallet near the end of the yard. On this pallet stood a single blue plastic container, huge in size and big enough to hold about 10 refuse sacks. With a struggle, he pulled me onto the pallet and then turned out of my eyeline.

"You know, I was perfectly normal til you messed me up in that bin", at that I got a swift kick in the ribs, winding me totally.

"But after two days locked in there, I changed so much. You know, now the only thing now that turns me on is seeing someone like you stuck and at my mercy, knowing that soon you'll be garbage forever".

It seemed my freedom was not guaranteed at all.

I heard the familiar rasp of a bag being ripped from a roll, and suddenly, my feet were hoisted into the air. Mikey took only seconds to slide my entire lower body into this giant black bag, and suddenly, my whole body became warmer again. Within seconds, Mikey had wrapped cable ties around my ankles, and just above the knees, and zipped them tightly closed, sealing my taped body inside the garbage bag. The next sound was another rasp as a second bag was ripped from the roll.

Mikey came back into my eyeline again, as he crouched beside my head. I noticed his crotch was bulging, and I had an inkling that this was indeed turning him.on.

It took only seconds for the second bag to slide over my upper body, totally sealing me in  blackness. The bag was huge and went down almost to my knees. Within moments, cable ties had secured the bag just under my ass, and around my midriff. There was virtually no air in the bag, as it was brand new and had not filled out and I thought that this was it for me. But to my surprise, I suddenly felt tape being wrapped around my bag clad head, around my mouth three times, and then around my forehead. The plastic was tight against my face, when Mikey ripped open a small hole in front of my allowing air to rush in, which I greedily sucked up.

"Oh don't worry fuckhead, I want you to see what's happening to you through this, you ain't gonna ever mess with me again".

At his, he rolled me onto my back so I was peering straight up at him as he straddled my plastic wrapped body, one leg on each side of my waist.

"You're gonna be bag raped boy" he muttered, almost as much to himself as me, and then sniggered.

With horror I watched as he began to pull down the zipper of his overalls, and slide his arms out of the thick material. Underneath, he was wearing the same clothes as the day he had kidnapped me, tight black nlyon tracksuit bottoms and a white t shirt. As he stepped out of the dirty overalls, he reached down and began to caress his bulging cock through the shiny black nylon.

He lowered himself down and within a couple of seconds, he had sat his body down on my face, the nylon of his tracksuit again cuting off my air. I tried to roll out the way, but his full weight was on me, and I heard him begin to moan as he continued to pleasure himself. The heat was incredible. After about a minute of this, and with me close to passing out, he lifted himself up, and violently turned me over so that my wrapped body was below him, face down onto the wooden pallet.

I suspected what was next, and I was right.

He grabbed his cock, and pulled down his trousers so it was exposed in the air. He immediately lowered himself over me and lay his entire weight on my body with his cock pressing into my plastic wrapped ass. He was a big guy, and his weight was even more intense than that of the garbage. Within seconds, he began to gyrate up and down, pressing his bulging piece into me and groaning with pleasure. Without warning, he wrapped his arms around my neck, and began to squeeze. I could feel his cock get bigger, and I could sense his movement become swifter as he began to groan with ecstasy.

I couldn't believe this, and despite my danger, I too began to get a raging hard on. I began to move with him as he pushed himself into the layer of plastic that seperated his cock from my body, and within moments, the movement of my own dick on the wood beneath me made me cum like an explosion. My entire body spasmed, desperately trying to move, as Mikey himself also reached his peak. He moaned loudly as he shot his substantial load all over my plastic wrapped ass, and within a second, he had rolled off me, allowing me to breathe a little easier once again. 

"Now", he said, "if anyone ever asks if you've been bag raped, you can say yes", he chuckled at his own joke.

He dressed himself quickly, and with a little struggle, pulled his overalls back on and zipped them firmly shut. At this, he leant towards me, put one arm under my shoulders, and one under my ass, and with a heave, lifted me into the air. "Time to take the trash out for good" he muttered.

As I was already on the pallet with the blue container, it took only a second for him to turn and lean me on the edge. I peered in and could see the whole thing was lined with a really thick green bag, and contained inside was about 5 bags of garbage, tied shut like the rest with zip ties. With a grunt, he dropped me, and I fell feet first into the container, the bags below me moving aside to make space me, almost welcoming me in. Surely it wasnt going to start again??

Mikey disappeared for a moment, but my question was answered within moments as he appeared above the top of my new prison with a stuffed bag in hand. He produced the knife again, sliced the bag open and allowed its sticky contents to rain down on me. Most of this was food waste, old bread and sandwiches, plastic containers, drink cans and messy food like yoghurt and spagetti. In  seconds the bag had emptied around me and covered me in slimy mess. Seconds later, a second bag was treated the same way, then a third, a fourth and a fifth. After the 7th bag, I stopped counting when I realised the container was all but full, and the mess around me was up to my chin. Again, I tried to speak but my tape gag held firm.

For the final time I would see him, Mikey appeared above me, zip tie in hand and looked me straight in the eye. I could barely see him through the hole in my bag, which had moved slightly, but I knew what he was doing.

"Okay trash, time to be trash, and remember, you should never have fucked with me". With this, he spit in my face, the spit thankfully landing on the bag, and not my eye. With one reach, he gather all the sides of the giant bag, wrapped the zip tie around it and I heard the zzzzpppppppp noise as it closed firmly, trapping me in this gigantic bag of waste.

Only two minutes later did I realize why this container was on a pallet, as I heard the sound of a fork truck starting. My whole world began to go up as the fork truck raised my prison off the ground. I could feel myself moving, and no doubt, I was headed back for the skip again. Within seconds, the truck stopped, and I felt my container be tipped onto its side, the waste beneath me now pressing from the side. It took only a moment for Mikey to manvoure the giant green bag out of the container, and it began to slide, unstoppable now, into the main waste container.

As I fell back into the maw, the trash around me got everywhere. It came in through my eye hole, and made my whole face feel wet and slimy. I felt the familiar feeling of crashing and squashing through the huge pile beneath me. My own weight coupled with that of the trash in my giant green bag meant I slid immedialtely to the bottom of the container. My air supply was low now, with the outer bag being sealed, and trash pressing me from all sides. Again I struggled, but I knew it was useless.

I thought my end would come now as I would suffocate in here, but Mikey had it timed to a tee. I heard the sound of air brakes squeal as the garbage truck entered the yard and stopped only feet away from me. The familiar sound of a truck reversing came as the truck beeped while manouvring into position. The noise outside was intense, even through the trash around me. Suddenly, the clang as the arms of the truck gripped the side of the bin, and for the third time that day, my world began to be lifted.

It only took about 2 minutes for all the garbage in my container to be poured into the gaping mouth of the truck, and with no hesitation, the driver clanged the bin back down to the ground. I heard the safety siren whine as he activated the compactor built into the truck.

This new pressure was unlike anything I had yet experienced, and my breath was instantly squeezed out of me. The huge pile of food waste and garbage had a bit of give, but my body did not, and I could feel pressure from every side as the pile I was in was pushed into the back of the already half full container. Breathing was impossible now as plastic wrapped around my face finally cutting off my air. As the pressure mounted, I began to see only whiteness in my eyes and I knew that I was finally losing consciousness. The last thing I realized was despite my imminent danger, I still had a raging hard on. Then blackness took me.....

"Hey Mikey, thanks for getting the bin emptied. Its unsusual for him to come at evening isnt it" shouted Mikeys boss.

"Yeah, it is, but you were right, there was some nasty trash in that bin, and I thought it best to get rid of it before the morning".

Mikey looked at the freshly emptied bin, and grinned. He had really enjoyed the night before. In fact, he enjoyed it so much, that he believed he would do it again real soon. He zipped up his dirty blue overalls and walked whistling into the college building, proud of a good nights fun...

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