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The College Shortcut

by Binboy

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© Copyright 2009 - Binboy - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/m; captive; revenge; bond; gag; tape; wrap; dumpster; bags; foodwaste; trash; stuck; cons/nc; XX

Part One.

I had wanted to get home quickly that day, as I had to get ready to go out that night for a few beers with some friends of mine whom I hadn’t seen for ages. As a result, I thought the best bet was to take a short cut through the grounds of the local college and save myself about fifteen minutes. The walk through the college itself took about 20 minutes, and took me on the route I had used so much in my life. I had gone to this very college a few years before, and it was thanks to this place that I now had my steady career in architecture.

As I walked across the campus, I smiled as I thought back to some of the great times I had here. It sure was a fun few years!

Walking away from the open area to the front of the main buildings, I began to head down a side road that would take me to the back entrance of the grounds, and that bit closer to home. This walk took me around the side of the library and past the back offices. Finally, I noted the service yard in a far corner where deliveries were made and waste was stored. It was much quieter in this part of the grounds, as it was Saturday, and there were no deliveries in progress today.

I had only a couple of minutes before I left the grounds entirely, and could see the busy road outside, when suddenly, I found myself confronted by a gang of five young guys. It appeared I was about to be mugged. I’d been in this situation before, and I knew not to argue, I’d give these idiots what they wanted and get away safe.

“Give us your cash man, and you won't get hurt!” said the tallest guy there. He was quite tall, about 6 foot 2, and had a very good body. He was dressed in black nylon tracksuit bottoms and a tight white t-shirt with white trainers. I’d never been mugged by anyone this good looking I thought, and grinned slightly.

“He’s fucking laughing at us Mikey,” said one of the other guys, and I realized I had noticeably grinned at the thought of this hot guy robbing me. This riled the 5 of them, and they began to get a bit more physical, pushing me from one to the other and back again. Finally, I lost my balance and fell over, receiving a kick in the ribs that completely knocked the wind out of me.

“Hang on a sec,” said Mikey, the tall ringleader in the pack. “ I know you, you fuck!!”

This worried me. How would this guy know me? He must be local, like me.

“You’re Sean Landry aren’t you; you were in final year of college when I just started first year”.

I looked up, and instantly placed the guy in my mind. This was Mikey Ryan, from the other side of town. I’d had my run-ins with him in college, and on one occasion when he really pissed me off, some friends and I had some fun with him by locking him in one of the school bins. I had heard this had totally freaked him out. I knew now that I wasn’t in a good place with these guys.

”You’re the asshole who locked me in the bin in first year. Do you know how that fucking stank in there? Do you know I was in there for nearly two days before I was found?” with this, I received another kick in the ribs rendering me virtually unable to move.

“Well, time to see for yourself what its like,” he said. “Come on lads, grab him.”

At this, the other 4 guys each grabbed a little piece of me and held me down. Smarting as I was from my swift kicks, I was unable to fight back and could do nothing but wait and see what they had planned. I didn’t wait long.

Mikey disappeared around the corner for a minute, heading towards the storage sheds, and returned promptly holding in his hand a huge silver roll of duct tap. Oh fuck, they were going to tie me up.

He instructed each of the guys to hold one limb straight down by my side as he gripped the start of the tape, and reached towards me. At this point, my breath had returned, and I tried vainly to shout for some help. The response to this was a quick seal of my mouth with three or four winds of the tape around my head, sealing any hope of making any sounds.

Next he stood straddling my body facing my feet, and he reached down and wound the tape around my legs dozens of times. He began at my ankles, and wound up and up and up until he was nearing my crotch, and my whole body from the cock down was wrapped in silver tape. As he stood straddling me, I could see the shape of his crotch through the tight tracksuit bottoms, and I began to get the worst timed hard on ever. It wasn’t long before one of the other guys noticed, and pointed it out.

”You’re a fucking queer too?” gasped Mikey, almost with disbelief in his voice, “aw man, we are gonna trash you up good”.

With that, my arms were roughly pulled behind my back and taped securely together. This was not enough for them though, and they continued to wind the tape around my immobile body until I resembled a silver mummy. Only my eyes and nose upwards, and my neck remained exposed.

”Should we tape up his head?” asked another of the guys, this fellow looked amazingly like a gorilla.

“No, not yet Ron,” replied Mikey, “we want him to enjoy the inside of the cafeteria bins, we want him to enjoy the sights and sounds just like I did”.

They all laughed at this comment.

“Right, come on lads, pick him up and help me get over to the bins”.

At that, all five of them took a part of my body, and hoisted me up high in the air, balancing me on their shoulders. This felt unnervingly like being carried in a coffin. It was almost two minutes of being carried like this before I could see where they had brought me. No surprise, this was the waste storage yard. The container in the further left was absolutely huge, and housed all of the garbage from the college cafeteria. It measured about 12 feet wide, 12 feet deep and about 8 feet high. This would hold hundreds of bags of garbage. Just looking at the outside of the container (and noticing how I was heading towards it) made my cock swell once again, but in the confines of the silver tape, it couldn’t actually stand up and bulge as it had earlier on. I could hear the 5 lads talking of “getting even” and “making him pay” by which I presumed me.

It had been about 4 years previous, young Mikey had been bugging me for weeks, catcalling when I walked by, throwing stones at my car, and generally being a complete asshole. I decided one day that enough was enough. As my fetish had always been so centred around garbage and garbage disposal, I had at the time though it a great way to act out a fantasy and throw someone in for real. This very scene has played out, almost identical, except I didn’t mummify him, and I didn’t put him in the cafeteria dumpster. I had just tied his hands and feet in a rough hogtie, gagged him and left him in a general waste container beside the offices. I had so enjoyed seeing him squirm among the stuffed trash bags. I knew he got out safe, but I had never actually seen the guy since then until now. Justice can be poetic indeed at times.

Now, here I was, on the precipice of this huge skip, and about to thrown away like so much rubbish. At least being wrapped in tape should keep me somewhat clean. I adjusted my head slightly so I could look down, and all I could see below me was a sea of stuffed garbage bags, most of which had been zip tied shut. I didn’t get long to enjoy the view before I was plunging headfirst into the smooth black plastic pile.

My head was first to hit and the bag I collided with was full to the max with some sort of soft contents. The weight of my own body on top of me forced me face first into the bag, which absorbed my face and caused the plastic to wrap tight around my head. Thankfully, it didn’t burst, and as the rest of me flumped down onto the pile, the pressure of the plastic bag eased, and I slid off allowing me to breathe again. This relief would not last long though, as I could feel myself beginning to slip and slide down into the rubbish. The container was almost full, and there must have been at least 7 feet of trash below me now, all of it squashed under my mummified weight.

I wriggled slightly from side to side to see how secure my binds were. They were very secure, and I discovered that wriggling caused me to slide deeper into the stinking pile around me. With this realization, I looked down at my feet and realized that I had sunk into the pile up to my upper waist. I was disappearing quickly, and was really starting to panic. I looked up to see the 5 lads pointing and laughing at me, Mikey in the middle looking as pleased as punch to finally get his revenge. With barely a nod, all 5 of them disappeared and the lid of the dumpster clanged down above me, plunging me into darkness in my trash filled prison. I knew they would come back to set me free, they would never just leave me in here, buried in waste. Would they?

As it began to get dark, it began to get cold as well, but my tape cast was keeping me plenty warm. However, my body heat in the container was beginning to cause quite a bit of condensation, and the bags around me began to get wet and very slippy. Sadly, this meant that I was now even more precarious in keeping my head above the pile, and soon I felt my whole weight shift, and my body begin to slide to the left.

As my head slipped below the surface of the pile, I began to turn as well, so after a couple of minutes of hearing the crush and creak of compacting garbage, I ended up quite near the bottom of the compactor, only about 4 bags deep below me. All of these bags must have contained kitchen waste or food, as they were all really heavy and really full. As well as that, the smell of decaying food was strong, and totally unexpectedly, I began to get another raging hard on. Seeing where I was, and knowing that fighting was futile, I thought I would take a moment to enjoy my predicament, as this wasn’t the type of thing that happened to me everyday.

I began to squirm in my binds, writhing like a big silver caterpillar and pressing my crotch into the bagged waste below me. The bags were wet, and I could not grip them, but still the sensation of my cock rubbing off bags of garbage like this thrilled me to the point of no return, and soon, I had climaxed like never before. The entire inside of my pants was covered in cum, and I felt exhausted. I drifted off into a confused and scared, but happy and contented sleep.

Waking the next day was an experience. I did not remember the events of the day before for a moment, and trying to work out why I couldn’t move, and why I was pressed face first into a sealed bag of garbage took a few moments. It came flooding back soon enough though. I lay there, immobile and hungry for what felt like an eternity as Sunday came and went. Nobody came to let me out, and I began to wonder what sort of trouble I was in. Mikey had spent two days trapped, so he probably wanted me to be trapped longer. Fuck this, I was gonna have this out with him when I was free.

The boredom of being in this moist dark garbage filled prison made me sleepy, and I spent most of the day drifting in and out of consciousness. My muscles were aching now being tied for so long, and sleep helped allay the pain. A loud clang noise was what startled me from my dazed slumber, and I instantly recognized the sound of the college truck bay clanging into place on a tail lift to take a delivery. It was Monday, and the world was back at work outside my prison, while I still lay here trapped like a bag of yesterday’s rubbish. I squirmed again against my binds, but it was useless. I couldn’t sink any further now, as the bags beneath me were well and truly trapped, so all I could do was wiggle a bit. I began to notice the weight above me more now, and I started to think of the danger I was in. This was always my fantasy, but not to be here against my will with someone who meant me harm. I grunted against my tape gag, but could do no more than a muffled “Mmmmmppphh” which I knew nobody could hear through the many full bags above me. Oh lord, please let Mikey come back and let me out, we were even now. Weren’t we?

It was only about an hour before I heard the familiar screech of the hinge on the lid above me, and the steel container was opened by someone outside. Was this Mikey coming to free me? The breath being knocked out me by the dozen or so bags thrown in on top of my pile answered my question as a distinct no. This was one of the canteen staff getting rid of the breakfast clutter and leftovers. I thought of how full the container was when I was thrown in, it would not be long before the trucks would be here to empty this dumpster to make way for more garbage. Oh fuck, I thought, I was in real trouble.

Through the course of the day, the lid opened again a few times. After every meal or serving inside, the remains and the waste were sealed in tough plastic bags, zip tied shut and then they joined me in my dark smelly dungeon. On the fourth occasion, I heard voices outside, and once again I squirmed in vain against my bonds. Nobody could hear me, but I was trying anyway. After a couple of seconds, I held my breath and tried my best to listen to what was being said outside.

”Hey, organize to get the stinky dumpster emptied will ya?” came the voice of an older man from a little bit away.

“Not yet dave”, came the response, “there’s still another couple of days space in this thing”.

Dave’s response was quite final. “OK Mikey, but if that’s starts to stink, the canteen guys complain, you can answer to them”.

Mikey? MIKEY?? Oh fuck, Mikey was outside the dumpster, and judging by the conversation, he was working here in the waste yard. He knew I was trapped in here, immobile and struggling for breath, and he was still playing with me.

“You know what Dave,” I heard Mikey shout outside, as he kicked the metal container.

”What?” came the reply.

“I fucking hate garbage so much man. I look forward to nothing more than seeing all of this smelly crap being hauled off by the dump truck and buried forever. Must suck to be a bag of garbage eh?” he laughed at the end of this comment, and I froze with fear.

”Yeah, whatever you’re on man,” came the reply from Dave.

The squeak of the hinge happened once again as Mikey opened the lid, and poked his head inside the container.

”I’ll be back for you later Landry, I’m gonna have some fun with you before your ass is hauled off forever. See you later tonight fuckwad”.

With this, the lid slammed down and I heard the distinct sound of a padlock being put in place and clicked shut.

What the hell did he mean by that? Was he actually going to kill me?

I guessed the answers would come soon enough….


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