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Xmas Cleanup

by Tammy Murfin

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© Copyright 2017 - Tammy Murfin - Used by permission

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Sal hated Christmas. Not because he was a Scrooge, and he really liked to help others and always put his change in the kettle. What Sal hated was the days after the holiday.

Sal worked on a garbage truck. And for a solid week afterwards, the streets would be lined with bins and bags, piles full of trash. The wrappings, paper and boxes were no problem even if they should have been set out next week to be recycled. No, it was all the old toys and furniture and kitchenware that had been replaced by gifts. It was all kept so the new things would be a surprise. And out it all went starting the day after Christmas.

It meant long hours with OT, but it also meant lots and lots of heavy stuff to be thrown into the hopper of his rear loader by hand. Just grab it and toss it, grab it and toss it. Don't look at what it is, whether it might be worth holding back for resale or not, grab it, toss it and mash it into the load.

Most of the year, Sal would be friendly and help the customers load the heavy things, and made a few tips. He even had a few on his route that seemed fascinated with garbage and how his truck worked.

As he grabbed and tossed, he thought about those three different women on his route who had paid him to load them into his truck. Different women, different times during last year, but basicly the same thing. A bag with a yellow ribbon at the curb.

When he found one of those, or saw it in a wheelie bin he would compact the truck's load first to make room and not crush their bag against the already compacted trash. Then toss it in, or tip it in with the rest of the garbage in a wheelie bin, making sure it landed on other bags of garbage.

Sal liked them to be in the bins, loading 120 to 180 pounds in a plastic bag was not easy. He might have to get the driver to come back so they could both grab the bag and, give it a 1, 2, 3 heave up and in.

He would then push it in so the blade of the packer would go over it and not mash the bag flat. Sal had to admit that it was always fun to feel a soft body inside one of those the garbage bags. And then up and in with it, ignoring the moans of pleasure. That was what bothered him the most, hearing those women getting off on being treated like garbage. Hell, he'd be glad to screw them.

Sal moved along the route, grab and toss and pack, over and over. The driver was doing the route in reverse to avoid the traffic pattern since he knew they would run late. The normally early pickups, where those women lived were on the last three blocks as the truck slowly collected the garbage.

As it happened, the women had discovered each other through a kink group and their shared hobby. If one could call having sex with their husbands and then getting themselves stuffed in trash bags like garbage and set out at the curb, a hobby.

It had been an unseasonably warm couple of weeks before and now after Christmas. So the girls had decided to get together and let their husbands use any or all of them and then have the guys put them out together together. Three bins in a row. They would all have the yellow ribbons on their bags and the guys would take turns watching for Sal's truck and go pick out their favorite trash in the alley behind the store nearby.

That was how it worked, Sal would see the ribbons, pack them carefully and tell the driver. The driver would detour a block away to a store alley and let Sal open up the back so the guys could reclaim their garbage wives.

Once before, the truck had broken down, and the pickup had not happened till the next day. So when the truck had not come by 5pm, the guys decided to let the girls spend the night in the trash. They had no idea the truck driver had reversed the route that day. They turned on the TV to watch one of the early bowl games and grabbed a few beers.

Meanwhile, Sal was still hard at work. Grab and toss, pack it in. Wheel it over, tip it in and pack it in. Run the heavy duty internal ram to crush the load.

Almost done, two more blocks.. Grab and toss, damn, a whole row of bins, ugh, more heavy ones, drag it over, tip it in and back for the next one. Hopper's full, pack it in. Too exhausted to notice the sounds from the bags in the row of bins, sweat running in his eyes making ribbons too hard to spot, just dump in the garbage and pack it in.

One more block. Trash spills out as he opens the packer. Around to the side for the main compaction. Hearing it strain and the garbage crunch. To the back, grab, toss and pack, and finally done!

The truck headed back to the transfer station at the landfill but the gate guard tells the driver it was too dark up on the hill, just dump it all in the load channel at the dry waste plant since it was mostly Christmas stuff and not a lot of biodegradable things.

The truck backed up, Sal unlatches the packer and the load is dumped into the channel with the conveyor at the bottom.

From there all the garbage is carried up and tipped into the bulk shredder to be torn into little bits before it is be fed into the incinerator burner for the new power from trash generator.

The guys were at home, the game was in the last quarter. All the lights were burning bright, powered by the trash they and their neighbors had set out at the curb. By the time the game ended and they noticed the trash had been picked up, Sal was at home, relaxing in a warm bath.

His hard week was done and all the garbage was gone, shredded and now producing the power to heat the water in his hot tub. It was a hard job, not well paid, but he liked knowing that his town was cleaner thanks to his work disposing of the garbage. Rewarding, that was the word.

Sal laid back as the three women played with his cock and snuggled in the hot tub. He was having a really happy holiday and was so glad he had noticed those ribbons on the bags down on the conveyor belt. And amazed at how thankful they were for pulling them out.

He laughed as the naked women talked about how scared their husbands probably were and how it served them right for leaving the girls outside all night and day. Sal wondered if the guys would be upset at all, heck, they probably thought they were rid of this trash.

Rewarding work, this garbage disposal, Sal thought as his Xmas gifts took turns climbing on top of him. Poking the holes in the garbage, ho ho ho.

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