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Worthless and Unwanted

by Unwanted Trash

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© Copyright 2023 - Unwanted Trash - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; hum; trash; objectify; urine; messy; compacted; bagged; nc; XXX

“You’re worthless!” She screamed at him, pushing him to the floor. It was no normal Thursday, but he knew that she was done with him. He knew that she no longer wanted him, for he was unable to give her what she needed rather he was completely reliant on her; and now she wanted no more of him. Finding her above him, a sudden jolt of pain strikes his ribcage, her feet kicking him senselessly. Then a solid blow lands to the genitals, sheer pain overcomes him, he screams. “Why don’t you shut up you worthless object” she snarled, no longer even a human he had been downgraded to merely an object. Then she lands a strike to the head, he blacks out.

He awakens to the feeling of a tissue, yet also the feeling of being smaller, less of a human, merely a thing. Finally taking in his surroundings he realizes he's in her room's metal frame trash can. A sudden feeling of panic ensues, he is unsure as to what he is, yet he knows that he is merely within her trash, helpless, yet still possessing human sense and feeling. He can sense he's at least a foot or so, yet his size is malleable by that of what is around him. Yet he can also feel the dampness of snot on a tissue and notices the wrappers. He can do nothing but lie there helpless merely and object in her trash can. He hears a soft moan in the distance yet cannot tell what it is, from his vantage point all he can see is the bed frame and ceiling and trash can. He lies there in utter filth and worthlessness. Nothing more than an object in her trash can. 

Thump! The sounds of footsteps vibrate through the ground as she walks to the trash can. Standing above him, she looks down with a face of disgust. “Oh, look at this, how worthless it’s just another piece of trash, oh I’m sorry you look so confused. Let me clarify to you what you are.” She pulls up her phone as he lies there looking up at her as nothing more than a worthless piece of trash.

All he can think is, this must be a dream, wake me up!

“Ah yes here we are, let's see what the dictionary says: ‘Trash, things that are no longer useful or wanted.’ Oh look what that is, you of course, you’re no longer wanted, no one wanted you and I don’t want you anymore.” She moves away to grab a few things, her footsteps many times louder from his position in the trash.

Returning she resumes taunting him “you know that no one could ever want you, you were merely a mistake, and you’re just as disgusting as trash is, you can’t even use the bathroom for yourself, and you jack off to trash! You're so gross and repulsive, the only place you belong is with all other yucky things, the trash. You know you're worthless, you’re utterly worthless, you can’t even show me enough attention or care, you have no value to this world and none to me.”

She then reveals what she had retrieved, carelessly she picks up his baby blanket and tosses it in the trash can. She then picks up another childhood item, his stuffed animal known as “Dogo'' and carelessly tosses it in. They land on top of him, yet she moves her foot on top, compacting the trash within and moving the blanket into a ball and Dogo beside him. “You’re a worthless thing with less value than even a diaper, at least it has a use in catching shit and piss, in the meantime you are the shit. But you know you’re not even a big boy, you don’t even wear undies and still need your Dogo and Blanky. Look at you there whimpering in fear. Even this well-worn underwear has served me better than you, I know you wanted them you little piece of trash.”

She then proceeds to take off her current pair which had seen much service and tosses them into the trash can landing upon him. The underwear is clearly damp with sticky fluid, the underwear repulsive in smell. Yet from more than just the sticky fluid, stains of dribbles of piss are evident along with the vile smell of other waste and sweat particles. He then feels the trash can being picked up and moved. There is nothing he can do now.

She proceeds to her bathroom collecting the can separately. Moving downstairs she proceeds to the kitchen trash can. The sound of its opening can be heard by him, he feels powerless to do anything more than whimper in fear, yet no one can hear him. The stench of the kitchen trash can is immediately smelled. Its repulsive nature of decaying food scraps is evident. To add to that fact, many other trash cans from around the house having already been emptied, the trash is considerably full. The guest bathroom's contents are evident having contained used diapers from guests creating quite the stink but trash goes where trash goes and so she empties her bathroom trash and proceeds to empty her own.

Free falling, he, Blanky and Dogo fall into the dark rancid abyss of her trash. Then the trash can lid falls back down into a closed position. She leaves with no remorse, after all it was just another normal trash day emptying her trash can, nothing but trash within. He falls upon the bathroom trash and gross substances of the kitchen trash. He quickly takes in his surroundings, his eyes do him no good, but he can certainly smell all her and her family's trash. Evidently the bathroom trash is repulsive, with the smell of soiled wipes and menstrual products. Fully realizing his soundings, he was now engrossed in foul odor and the entirety of her kitchen trash can.

Ouch. His eyes, suddenly blasted by the bright light of the kitchen trash can opening. This happens many times. He looks up in the hope of being rescued each time but all he sees is a hand dropping in pieces of trash. He hoped one at one of these opportunities he might somehow be saved. Yet it seems no one sees him. To add insult to injury a question was raised as to why there was a stuffed animal in the trash, her story was it was litter found outside. This makes him feel utterly worthless and unnoticed, how could they notice Dogo but not him! Then came dinner time, produce-scraps are emptied into the kitchen trash can, adding to the stench and filth. Then the after-dinner waste. Unfinished food emptied in, sauce dumped within, he became more filthy and wet as the waste was dumped upon him. As the trash begins to reach the brim the trash is pushed down. Stirring up the putrid smell of the trash and forcing him to become utterly compacted within all the filth and all light to cease. 

Crinkle. The plastic trash bag is crinkled. Her mother retrieves the drawstrings from the sides of the trash bag and pulls them to draw the bag shut. He was now truly trash on its way to be disposed of, he or rather it was being sent to its rightful place. It, formerly he, felt utterly degraded and abandoned, the one he thought was his lover had left him in the trash, where her mother would take it away to the curb.

And so, with a jolt her mother pulled the bag out of the kitchen trash can. To her the gray bag just possessed unwanted things, which would be sent off to be buried with many other families' unwanted objects. Her mother picks up the bag, moving it out of the kitchen to the main trash can, as the trash is moved it rustles within its plastic confines. Her mother thinks nothing of the bag of trash for it is just another bag of garbage to put out, exactly the same as the many she has put out before.

Thud! The bag lands in the trash can, on top of other bags of trash and cat litter scoopings. Though the bag is tied, it is not airtight, it can smell the rotting stench of the trash within its bag, yet also the smell of the cat scoopings and the smell of the rot of the other bags. The can tilts and she proceeds to push the trash can out to the curb. Leaving there at the curb an entirely full can of rotten, smelly, disgusting trash joined by dozens of trash cans all resting on the same street. Rotting and waiting for the morning to the inhabitants of the street it's all stinking, it's all disgusting, it's all worthless.

Thud. It awakens to the trash can being opened and the smell of trash, rotting trash. Its former lover had come out to throw away the waste from breakfast. And with no care she drops it in, spilling curdling milk and other filth all over him. The stench became even worse and because of the sweltering heat of summer, the decay process sped up, causing the trash to become overripe filth.

It hears her voice, giving him one last taunt, “you’re right where you belong, nothing more than a worthless object, unwanted, and useless, you’re trash, that's all you are. I don't care what happens to you, no one does, you're now just another piece of trash being sent off somewhere. You have no dignity nor worth, nor life, you don’t 'live' or 'die'. Trash exists until it's disposed of and then it's just an afterthought. You’re getting nothing more than what you deserve. You’re utterly worthless.”

She walks back to the house. Soon enough the rumble of the trash truck moves down the street. And from the window she watches on as the trash can at her house has its contents carelessly dumped into the rear loader of the trash truck. There is nothing he can do but brace himself for the pressure of the packer. It was now truly trash, joined by other trash.

She thought that it was only right that it was compacted to make room for the other peoples' bags. Merely another worthless bag of trash within the trash truck, all of it to be taken away and buried. Within weeks she'd forgotten about him. To her he was just another piece of trash she’d happily disposed of.


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