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Wife's Unexpected Change of Heart

by bag me please

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© Copyright 2011 - bag me please - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; FF/m; bond; bagged; breathplay; trash; messy; dumped; compactor; oral; sex; cons/nc; XX

Part 1

It has always been a dream / fetish of mine to be wraped up in black rubbish sacks and used by a beautiful lady then put away untill she wanted to use me again. When i meet my wife (Kate) i was unsure as to tell her my secret of making large bags, getting in and enjoying myself, to this day i still have not told her i choose to play on my own when she is out. Anyway on with the story

I got home from work and Kate was standing in the kitchen by the window and was just finishing making me a cup of tea, as I walked in she called me and gave me a cuddle then handed me the cuppa. "Had a good day?" she asked and I told her about the nightmare day I had. After I finished my tea Kate said "You look all hot and sweaty, go and have a shower."

So I put my cup in to the sink and walked up to the bedroom to get sorted ready for my shower. As I was getting ready I stopped as I thought I heard a noise, just then Kate opened the door and walked into the room.

"What’s taking you so long" she storms as I stand there naked.

"Just going, give me a chance" I reply as I walk out the door, as I stand in the shower I let the water flow down over my body and relax, I start to think of the stories that I have found and read on line. I am letting my thought’s drift of as I imagine I am in one of the stories and I start to get aroused. Just then I am snapped back into real life as the door opens and Kate walks in and grabs hold of the shower gel.

"Turn around. I want to make sure you wash properly" she orders. As I turn she noticed my erect member, "Thinking of me are you?" she asked.

"Yes darling always" I quickly respond, "How about joining me and I can soap you up as well" I add.

"No thank you I had a shower this morning" she replied, with this she grabbed my member and started to gently rub her hand up and down. This made me even harder, "Do you like that?" she asked.

All I could do was reply umm, as Kate continued to expertly turn me on. Then without any waning she stopped and walked out of the bathroom. "If you want me to carry on you better hurry up and join me in the bedroom!" Kate said as she winked and smiled then disappeared into the bedroom. I turned off the shower and got dried as quick as I could, at one point I was rushing so much that I knocked the shampoo and it hit the floor and split spilling its contents all over the place.

"Blast!" I said then Kate called out and asked that was up I explained what happened and she told me to leave it and hurry up. When I walked into the bedroom I saw Kate she was sitting on the bed with only her robe around her.

"Well do we carry on ?" she asked as I stood in the doorway, I walked over to the bed and stood next to her held her and started to kiss and tease her neck, at this point she again took hold of my member and continued to fondle. As I stood and Kate worked her magic I became hard again, Kate then rolled over, "Join me", she said as she rolled she patted the bed next to her.

I got on to the bed and was just about to straddle her, Kate lifted her legs up on to her chest "WHAT are you doing?" she demanded.

"I am just doing what you want" I replied.

"What gave you that idea" she said, "I want to play and talk first, can you do this for me?" Kate asked.

"I will do whatever you want my darling" I replied, with this Kate turned and looked at me and then without any warning put my member in her mouth and gave a suck.

"I am going to ask you a question, think before you answer, I can hurt you" Kate ordered.

I nervously replied "Ok, fire away."

Kate sat up and still holding my member she asked. "Have you got any secrets you want to tell me?"

I looked at her and did not know what to say, after a short time I said "I can’t think of any and you know about my bag fetish"

"That I do my darling, and you know that I will not have anything to with that, it’s wrong." Kate said. "Well let me tell you about my day darling."

With that she adjusted her position, got comfy and still holding my member started. "I decided that I have got fed up with the layout of the spare bedroom so I thought that I would change it around with the help of Mel", (Kate’s old school friend), "We cleared the book case and stripped the bed ready to move the furniture around. We then agreed that the chest of drawers was in the way so we decided to move that as well and to do this we had to empty as it was too heavy with the drawers in".

At this point a shiver went down my back and I was worried, as I keep my bags made, ready to jump into and enjoy and ones that I have used if I did not hole them, as well as new rolls hidden under the chest. At this time I have got 2 new large bags made and one used hidden with two new rolls of 240 ltr bags and brown parcel tape, stashed away. Kate noticed my change in appearance and smiled. She then carried on telling me about her day. "As we emptied the drawers to move do you know what we found darling?" As she said this she squeezed her hand around my member, I throbbed. "Not yet I have not finished", she continued. "Can you imagine the horror that I had when Mel saw them; I told her that we used them to cover items when we decorate".

"When we finished I thanked Mel and she went home I was going to cut the things up and put them back for you, but I decided not to". Kate then got up and walked to her drawer and removed the bags, she threw them at me and said, "Go on then show me, no wait put me in one, let me see how it feels". I lay on the bed and froze Kate jumped on the bed put my member in her mouth and said, "Do it or I bite it off".

I agreed and with that Kate got off I stood up. I got a bag rolled it down and got Kate to stand in it; she stepped in and commented that this could be fun. Once she was standing in the bag I started to pull it up as I did I kissed her legs, pussy, chest, neck and finally her lips, I stopped the bag at her neck and then got her to lie on the bed. I then climbed on the bed and straddled her, as I got on top I started to ride her and she said, "Is that it?"

At this point I grabbed the bag and pulled it up over her head and screwed the top up making the bag air tight, as Kate started to move about I rode her harder and said, "If you don’t stop moving I will turn and cum in your hair and all over you face, you piece of trash". I was shocked when she said, "Go on then I dare you!"

As I stood up to turn around and adjusted the bag to carry out the dare, my back was to the walk-in wardrobe and I did not hear or see Mel come out. The first I knew was when I had my hands grabbed and zip tied behind my back, and then Kate got out of the bag and stood in front of me and said, "Your turn darling".

Part 2

Before I could say anything Mel shoved her freshly wet knickers in my mouth, Kate and Mel then stood me in a bag and started to pull it up over me, once it was above my head Kate pushed me on to the bed. Once I landed Mel said, "Look at that he really enjoys this!" pointing at my now rock hard member. Kate got on top and straddled me, lowered herself and began to pleasure her now wet pussy, as Kate notice that I was about to explode she got off and said, "You don’t get that pleasure any more!" She then sat on the bed next to me.

Mel asked, "Are you going to use that?" pointing at my member.

"No its just rubbish and I don’t take trash back out once its bagged". Then Kate turned to Mel and said, "If you can make use of it go ahead it only going to be binned".

When Mel heard that she jumped up and took off the rest of her clothes and got on top and enjoyed herself. As Mel rode me like she had not seen a man for 30 years I exploded into her, she jumped up and said, "I did not say you could do that you are going to pay for that!"

Mel turned to Kate and said, "It’s going to be binned yes?"

Kate said, "I don’t want it any more if you want it take it".

Mel said, "It’s a dirty piece of trash what do I want it for!"

Mel then stood me up and took the tape and wrapped it around and around from my ankles to my shoulders. Then they sat me on the bed, Mel stood on the bed and opened the bag so she could see my face, asking Kate to hold it up she squatted over the bag and used it like a toilet, she passed urine and had a dump into the bag. Kate laughed and said, "Actually I need the loo as well can you hold the bag for me". So they swapped places and Kate gave me the same present as Mel. When finished she got down and they tied the bag up and then pushed the bag against my face and all over my head.

Mel asked about leakage and Kate said, "No need to worry as he has kindly made 2 more so we can treble bag the smelly trash".

They continued to use the bags, once finished they both agreed that it made them hot & horney so they pushed me back on to the bed and got on top, Kate sat on my face with Mel on my member As they felt me struggle for air Mel said, "We can’t let him die yet I have not come".

So Kate grabbed some tubing and made a hole pushing the tube through so I could breath. Once happy it was in the right place they secured it with the tape, they then got on top again and spent the next two hours giving themselves the best time they could remember, including multiple orgasms’.

Once they had got their breath back Kate went and made a cup of tea, when she was down stairs Mel got back on top of me and had a feel around, found my member, made a hole and pulled it through. Mel then started to suck down and got me rock hard, she then ripped open the bag around my face, then telling me to suck to save my life, sat down on my face making sure that her wet dripping pussy was over my nose and mouth, she then gave me the best deep throat action that I had ever had. As Kate walked into the room we both exploded, she was horrified to see Mel with her mouth around my member.

Kate was furious and threw the cups of tea at Mel, this made Mel fall off me and hit the floor with a bang. It knocked the wind out of Mel and that gave Kate the time she needed to grab her up by the hair and push her back on top of me, she put my member back in Mel’s mouth and wrapped tape around me and Mel securing her face against me so that she could not move, then she pushed her pussy back on to my face and again wrapped tape round us securing us together.

Kate then stood back and admired her work she then told us that trash should be contained in a bag, with that she opened the roll of new bags and proceeded to cover us in the bags. Once happy Kate was wondering what do with the large bag of trash now, she then remembered that the guys that do the rubbish at work owed her a massive favour after she stopped them getting the sack over games they played with the compactor.

Kate gave them a call and said that she had cleared out some old trash and the bag was too heavy for her to lift or get to the local dump, the guys turned up and Kate flirted with them and they said that as it was her trash she could push the button on the compactor. Once back at her place of work she watched as the guys lifted us up and dropped us into a large bin, they then showed Kate how to operate the compactor and she started to lift the bin and tip it into the hopper.

Just before she pushed the start she grabbed hold of one of the guys between the legs and said, "Before I push the button fuck me on the trash in the hopper". He agreed and they made mad passionate sex on top of us and all the over rubbish in the hopper.

As Kate finished and got out she said out loud, "Bye trashy scum!" and then pushed the button and as we disappeared into the container with popping and cracking of bags and trash. Kate had an orgasm turned to the guys and said, "That was fantastic! Take me again on more bags as the compactor is running". Kate and the rubbish guys continued to have fantastic sex in the hopper after work.


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