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Wife's Garbage

by Scoopdoop

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Storycodes: F/m; wrap; gag; bagged; trash; messy; transport; compactor; dumped; cons; X

I had convinced my wife to bag me up for a day while she cleaned up the house. Well I seemed to have done more convincing than I thought (or I really pissed her off).

She started out Friday night by tightly wrapping my knees to my chest and my arms by my side with plastic wrap. Then she stuffed her sock in my mouth and duct taped my mouth shut. After that she rolled me over to a big 64 gallon black contractor bag and sat me down in the middle then pulled the sides up over my head and placed the folding flaps over me to block my vision of outside the bag.

My wife then went outside and got a bag from the can outside that she had taken out earlier in the week and brought it into the kitchen. She opened up the top of my bag and turned the white bag from outside over filling my bag about half way up with garbage. After she threw the old bag in with me (she buys the glad odor shield scented bags), she went to the laundry and got the kitchen can and brought it over and turned it over on top of me emptying it into my bag and giving me a good view of what a piece of trash in the bag would see looking up into a can with trash in it. She then went about cooking a big meal.

I sat in the bag wondering why she was making so much food figuring she was gonna let me out later on to eat. The whole time she was cooking she would throw the cuttings and other waste from her cooking into the bag on top of me all the while completely ignoring me.

After she was done cutting up stuff and had all the food cooking she shook my bag and let the stuff inside settle around me, then went and got another bag and emptied it on me. I later found out she got this bag from our neighbor who is a beautiful 26 year old nurse that lives by herself. This final bag covered me up. She mashed the trash down over me and folded the top of the bag back over me.

A few minutes later her sister and mom came over. Now I was nervous. I did NOT want her mom or sister to find me. They ate and chatted a while then started cleaning up. I don't know who it was constantly coming over and dropping leftovers in on me but it wasn't my wife cause she was across the kitchen. Then the bag got tied up and my wife dragged me outside and pushed me into the big can outside and closed the lid. She left me out there all night freezing my balls off while she slept.

I got nervous about the air but she left the top of the bag open to let air in. The next morning she got up, came outside and dumped the can over and dragged me back into the kitchen. She opened the bag up and the trash had settled and packed in enough that I only had trash up to the bottom of my ears. Still completely ignoring me she went about cooking breakfast. Eggs, bacon, toast, tomatoes and coffee. She of course dropped the shells and wrappings in on me.

After she was done she scraped her leftovers off in with me and then went about cleaning the house. First papers, then she emptied the can from the bathroom. Her and her sister have their periods at the same time I abruptly discovered. After that she tied the bag closed again and dragged me outside and then somehow lifted me into the back of her truck. She stopped by her sisters house and got her and her trash and then threw it in the back of the truck with me.

Now, we live in the country where there is NO garbage pickup so we usually have big boxes that we put the trash in and haul it off about every two weeks or so. Then we went on a 15 minute drive to none other than the local waste dump station. This place is nothing more than a fenced in square with an office trailer and a pit with a trash compactor at the bottom. She then threw a couple of bags in then she started dragging the bag I was in and very painfully dropped me off the back of the truck down into the chute and emptied the rest of the trash on top of me and turned on the compactor.

It pushed me in but things never got tight at all. The ram drew back and I fell back out of the pile staring up. I heard them talking then her truck started and they drove off and another vehicle pulled up and threw their trash right on top of me. A few more vehicles drove up and then I heard the compactor start again and push me into the container. It cycled another 2 times pushing me further in.

For another couple of hours folks would come and drop their trash in. Things were starting to get tight though and I had been trying to get loose ever since I went in the container and finally took a nap.

I got woke up by someone walking on the pile of trash and digging through it. Finally my wife called my name and. I was able to move enough for her to notice me. She dug me out and opened the bag and dug me out. She brought some clothes for me to get into. She massaged my legs to wake them up and then we got out and went home. I got a long shower and got into the bed. Then she climbed on top of me and laid it on me good. She promises that she will do it again one day just not as extreme.

All I can say is WOW!

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