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When's Trash Day?

by Carnaj

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© Copyright 2006 - Carnaj - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; chloro; bond; gagged; bagged; transported; dumped; trash; mast; cons; X


I heard the noise that I had been waiting for and literally jumped from the warmth of my bed before quickly running to the closest window.  I heard Beth stirring behind me, rolling over but still safe and secure under the covers as I pulled the window curtains aside and pressed my face to the cool glass staring out and down.  There was still a thin coating of snow in the shadowy corners and the street was damp and shining in the early light of the sun.  A beautiful day by the looks of it, and quiet but for the rumble of the huge grinding engine and the ‘spflang’ of the dumpster's massive arms.  I stared at the garbage truck in all its glory.

I watched in fascination as the big, burly sanitation engineer hefted the heavy bags of trash into the back of the truck with amazing ease.  After a few, maybe a dozen bags at most he walked to the side and yanked down on the lever.  I heard the rumble of the compressors, the compactors as they drove the bags deeper into the confines of the huge truck, the hydraulics mashing the garbage, bags and all, then shifting and shoving everything back and away.

My hand was on my cock as I stared out the window.  My breath coming in gasps as I watched, enraptured…

And the truck drove on, the garbage man jumping onto the rear grate as the massive truck churned down the street, rumbling and finally stopping a few buildings away.  It started the sequence again.

“Oh god…” I heard Beth say and turned about, looking at my girlfriend.  She looked gorgeous there in the dim light of false dawn, the early sunlight washing over her smooth white skin, her raven black hair shining as she stretched.  “Again?” she asked cocking her head at an angle, and I looked at her in mock confusion.

“What?” I said, shrugging my shoulders innocently.

She smirked, settling back against her pillows.  “It’s garbage day.  What is it with you?”

“I dunno,” I said, hanging my head and stealing another glance as the truck rumbled up the block.  It rolled out of sight around a corner and I finally turned, stalking slowly towards the bed.  “There’s just… It excites me.  I dunno,” I repeated as I slid back under the covers, Beth shifting to the side, inching closer as she draped her arm across my chest.  Her other hand started to probe, drifting down, rubbing my stomach and finally cupping my groin.  I felt her fingers sizing up my member, squeezing playfully.

“God, you’re hard as a rock –  again.”

Beth giggled as she played her fingers over my length.  “What is it about the garbage truck?  Or is it the garbage men?”  She eyed me devilishly, grinning as I blushed.

I turned with wide eyes and shook my head.  “No!”

“Then what?” she asked, kneading me between my legs.

“It’s…” I looked at her, trying to sense if I could explain, if we were close enough that she would not laugh in my face.  Beth had been great in the six years that we had been together.  We had shared a lot, the both of us exploring our more private fantasies and we learned that together we had similar interests.

I loved bondage, and Beth decided that she liked having me tied and helpless, at her mercy.  I loved feet, and Beth loved having her pretty peds licked and kissed and sucked.  I loved waiting on her, and she loved being pampered.  But this?  Was it too weird?  This latest fantasy of mine might be that ‘proverbial’ straw.

“It’s hard,” I said, biting my lip, trying to figure how best to explain.

“Kyle,” she said softly, her hand drifting to my chest and rubbing gently.  “I love you.  Tell me.  I want to know.”  She stared at me, her blue eyes wide and sincere.  She meant what she said I knew, but could she handle the truth?

I sighed, looking long and deeply into her soft, searching eyes.  I tried to smile.

“I want to be tied up and gagged – “

“Again?” she snorted, cutting me off.

“And thrown away.”  She blinked.


“I knew you’d think I was crazy.”  I sighed a heavy, dramatic sigh, pulling back just a little.  Her probing hand was still, resting in mid-squeeze.

“No,” she said, her hand flat on my chest, pushing me down.  She leaned up on her elbow and stared at me intently.  “No, I just don’t understand.  Thrown away?  What do you mean?”

I closed my eyes, licking my lips.  “I want you to tie me up like never before.  Gag me.  Then I want to be put out with the trash.”  I said it quickly, knowing that if I stuttered or stalled that I’d never screw the courage up to try again.  There was a long, dead pause…

When I opened my eyes again I saw Beth hovering over me, still propped on her elbow.  Her brows looked knitted in confusion as she studied me, looking to see if maybe I was kidding, trying to fathom just what I meant.  I looked back at her and forced another sheepish smile.

“That’s…” she started, biting her lip suddenly as she looked away.  “That’s dangerous.  I don’t know if I can do that.  What if something goes wrong?  What am I supposed to do, run out before they toss you into the truck?  How does it end?”

“I don’t know,” I confessed.  I admit that I had not thought it all the way through yet.  “But I will, if you’ll think about it?”

Beth twisted her lips as she considered.  I felt like two inches tall under her scrutiny, but I knew her well enough to know that she WAS giving the matter serious thought.  Finally she nodded ever so slightly.

“I’ll think about it.”


With my foot in the door, I took her.  We had loud, hard sex over and over, once or twice even making love…


I thought long and hard about my plan, and all of the ramifications, or at least those that I could imagine.  Beth was right in that there seemed no clear resolution.  What did it involve?

I would be bound, gagged and bagged in a big, industrial thick trash bag, but then what?  I would be naked too, for full effect.  Would I sit out on the curb in the cold until the garbage men came around?  Pneumonia was definitely not an option.  If Beth did not rush out and save me at the last moment, would I be tossed into the truck?  I would be crushed, compacted into mulch.  That would definitely be no fun.

But what else was there?

To really enjoy the sensation I needed to be bagged and dumped somewhere, left to stew and hear the ‘free’ people who were not trash going on about their mundane, daily lives.  I thought long about that and remembered that there was a dumpster at the Mall that might fit that bill.  If I was dumped there in my garbage bag, I would hear all sorts of people in passing.  I presented the idea to Beth…

“You’re kidding, right?”  She gave me that look again.

Beth just kind of stared at me as though I were insane.  I knew that this was way beyond the norm, but I wanted it so much I could taste it.  I was getting hard again just thinking about it.

“It’ll work,” I said with a certainty that was not really one hundred percent.  “You can dump me on Monday and I can spend two whole days as garbage, then free me before the Wednesday pick up.  I’ll get buried in the trash that the Mall dumps.  Better than being just dragged onto the curb for a night to freeze to death.  The dumpster is covered and enclosed.  I’ll be snug as a bug in a rug.”  I beamed, proud of my plan.

“I don’t know…” Beth said, biting her lip again.  “It seems dangerous.”

“I’ll be fine.  I know I will.  Please…”

“I don’t know…”

In the end she gave me a tentative maybe.  That usually meant yes!


I had the plan all thought out.  I knew how she would tie me and bag me, then get me into the trunk of the car.  She would drive me to the Mall and back right up to the enclosure.  It would be a little effort for her to move me around – she is smaller than me after all, and a woman, but I had faith.  If she could hoist me out of the trunk, she could just shove me over the edge of the pit and into the dumpster used for the Mall’s garbage dump.  And there I would stay for the better part of two days, squirming and writhing in some serious bondage, waiting for her to rescue me before the trash company came to take me away.

Little did I know that she had been doing some serious thinking too…


I woke with a panicked start, smelling the bittersweet aroma as something pressed firmly over my face; my nose and mouth.  I tried to struggle, but I was still half-asleep and someone was sitting on my stomach, their strong hands holding my arms securely as I tried to flail about to no avail.  I blinked my eyes, trying to focus, trying to draw breath and saw Beth staring down at me and wearing a wicked grin.

“Shhh…” she cooed, and I realized that she was not alone.  I looked up and around my eyes darting even as my vision started to close in, graying at the edges.  I saw Becky, Beth’s best friend as she laughed down at me, holding the folded, chloroformed cloth over my lower face with one hand, the other pressing down on my forehead to stop my thrashing about.  I moaned and struggled helplessly until I started to weaken and finally fall away…



I woke to hear voices.  Giggling voices far away as the dark and slick world around me rolled and shifted.  I could not move.

I strained, trying my best to reach out but quickly realized that my hands and arms had been drawn back behind me.  I felt the stiff nylon cord binding my wrists and running to my elbows, tightly lashing them together as well.  My ankles felt similarly bound, and another cord wrapped about my knees further prevented my movement and escape.  My wrists were lashed to my ankles in a hog-tie of sorts with yet another rope wrapped all around me, tightly and turning me into a big, human ball with my legs folded up snugly against my chest.  I was laying on my side, enshrouded by a thick, stifling black.

Breathing was labored as I scanned the confines of the dark.  It was total and all encompassing.  I felt the smooth slickness of a garbage bag’s touch, clinging to my sweaty skin.  I struggled and screamed, but my pleas were cut short in my throat as I was gagged; something wadded and stuffed into my mouth and held in place by silver duct tape swathed all about my lower face and head.  I was trapped, and quickly becoming hard as a rock.

Patchy memories returned and I realized that Beth had decided to really do this right.  She was fulfilling my fantasy – hell a load of fantasies.  She had actually used chloroform to knock me out, and even better, had added an accomplice in her schemes.  I vaguely recalled her best friend Becky’s leering, mocking face as my sight had dimmed and I started throbbing.

I had always had that typical guy fantasy of a threesome, and most times it was Becky that popped into my head.  Sure she was a little overweight and loud, but she could be sexy as hell too when she applied herself.

I squirmed, not really wanting release but wanting to test my bondage and savor the moment.  I quickly found that escape was impossible,  Someone – Beth I assumed – had done me up well.  I sagged after a bit of intense struggling, sighing through my nose as I felt my bag move.  I was being dragged along a concrete path…

“He’s heavier than I expected.  Who knew?  He looks so damn skinny.”

“Yeah.  I’ll need to put him on a diet… if he survives this,” Beth said with a wicked giggle.  I recognized her voice, and the first was definitely Becky.  They must have known that I was awake as I had been thrashing about just moments before they started to drag the bag.  They were really putting on a good show for me, bless ‘em.

The dragging sensation stopped, suddenly, and there was a pause…

“What now?” I heard Becky ask.  I had no idea where we were.  Had they already driven to the Mall, or had they just dragged me to the car on the street.  It felt chilly, naked as I was, but as I listened it seemed there was an odd, hollow echo as they spoke.  The Mall then I figured.

“We dump him in,” I heard Beth say with a giggle, and I felt her foot press onto the side of my bag.  With just a bit of effort and joined by Becky’s foot, they shoved and I toppled over the edge of the pit I assumed.  I fell a short distance, landing harder than I was expecting to with a ‘woof’ onto something mostly soft that sagged with my impact.  Something hard jammed into my ribs as my bag sank and I let out a moan, stifled by my gag.  I squirmed, trying to ease off of whatever it was and heard the girls laughing at me.

“God…” I heard Becky’s voice, mocking and far away.  “Way cool.  You are soooo lucky.”

“What?” Beth asked.  “Why?”

“Dale would never even consider this.  God it was hot seeing him squirm, all tied up.  Look at him.”

Dale was Becky’s boyfriend; just about THE most plain and vanilla man I knew.  She was totally right.  I squirmed and writhed all the harder, thrilling at the scene and giving her a thrill as well I hoped.  It was the least I could do.

“So what now?” Becky asked after watching me thrash around for a bit.

“We go home,” Beth said matter of factly.  “But first…”

I felt something land on top of me.  Another garbage bag.  Then another.  I moaned as the girls were apparently burying me in the dumpster, just like I wanted.  I hoped that Beth had remembered the air holes as I twisted about, sinking beneath the sea of garbage bags.

“This is his little fantasy,” she continued after the short rain of trash bags finally stopped.  They had dumped about ten bags on top of me I thought, though I was having so much fun that I quickly lost count.  “Let him have it.  We go home and get drunk while he stays here and masturbates, wondering what we’re doing.  Maybe we’ll call Mark and the fellas later.  If we can’t think of some fun we can have together, that is.”

I was listening intently at that last wondering what Beth meant by that.  She couldn’t mean…

I mean, I had fantasized about a threesome but with both women on me – stud that I am.  I never considered…

Sure, Becky seemed a little BI at times, the way she dressed and acted.  Hell she could drink me under the table.  But Beth?  No way!

I listened to the silence, wondering what was happening.  I heard a moan after a bit, soft and pleased.  Beth?

Were they making out right above me, while I was bound and gagged and bagged in the garbage dumpster?  How sick was that?  Jesus, how HOT was that?  The images flashed through my head and I could feel my erection struggling up between my tightly bound legs.  I started moaning too.

Then I thought about Mark.  I could not believe that she might call someone, let alone that geek.  He was a dweeb through and through that we saw every time we went to the dance club, which was almost every weekend.  Everyone knew that he was infatuated with Beth as he followed her around just waiting to ask her to dance when I was in the bathroom or talking to my friends.  He would rush over at the drop of a quarter, not missing a beat and running every light if Beth crooked her finger.  I writhed in my bondage, getting a mad on as my hard on started to wither and wilt. She wouldn’t dare call that little shit!  I screamed, aggravated and annoyed at the thought.

“Oh, shut up,” I heard Beth say as something fell on top of my bag, and the bags on top of me.  It was heavy, and actually hurt as whatever it was thumped me on the head.

“You have fun playing with yourself now,” Beth mocked, her voice cruel.  “Think about what you’ll be missing at home.  We’ll be back on Thursday.”

“Bye, Kyle,” Becky added in a final parting shot.

I heard the trunk of the car slam shut, and then their footfalls as the girls walked around the car to get in.  Two doors opened and then slammed shut, and a moment later the engine kicked to life and revved.



“Nnnnn!” I screamed, which translated into ‘No you stupid bitch!  Come back!  They pick up the trash on Wednesday!’

I heard the engine gun and roar again, and then the car sped away with a squeal of the tires.  I listened as the sound faded slowly, Beth giving a final honk on the horn as they pulled out of the Mall’s parking lot, leaving me behind.  Alone…

Jesus, what had I done?

Where was the Mall Security?

Where were the cops?  Beth was obviously speeding.

Damn.  I was screwed.

She was just teasing of course, I figured.  I knew!  We had gone over the plan so many times…


Mark.  Pimply faced ass.  I knew she was playing, trying to get me jealous.  That was it.

They were sneaking back even now, creeping up to watch me wiggle and squirm.  Any second and they’d burst out laughing at there little joke.  They’d haul me back out of the dumpster and take me home and they’d have their way with me.  We’d have that threesome!


Any minute now…

Any minute…



Story © Carnaj 2006


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