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A Wheelie good time!

by Restricted

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© Copyright 2007 - Restricted - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; latex; balloon; bin; outdoors; caught; M/f; bond; cons; X

I have always had stirring towards bondage but only practised very lightly with some rope. Usually for a short time each evening whenever I felt like it.

I had not been out apart from going to work, but in the evening I sat indoors every night bored beyond belief.  That was until I saw the film where the girl was captured and cruelly tied up and carted off unable to contact anybody or scream. 

This was on the Monday night, so for the rest of the week, I kept thinking about it.  The more I thought about it, the more excited I became. Thank God I have some toys to relieve my frustration. But the thought that I would be kept frustrated and unable to use the toys on myself really got me going.

At work the following week, I had a chance to look through the internet. I know my boss kept a log of who looks at what site, so I took my own laptop and as it has an Ethernet connection, I used it during a break to search the sites.  I get free connection for so many minutes a day so it would not show up on the office computer.

I saw this rubber balloon thing. It looks great. The girl in the pictures had it pulled right up to her neck and a chain was locked around the neck so she could not escape. Wow, this really caught my imagination.  I closed my eyes and imagined that was me, trapped in the balloon by some evil monster who was taunting me. If only.

I put the site on my favourites list and closed the laptop and started work once more. But all that afternoon all that came into my head was the picture of the girl in the balloon. But the day dragged by and I could not wait to get home to look at the picture once more.

I eventually got home, stopping along the way to get a take away from the local Chinese shop.  Even they featured in my daydream. They were from the triads who were taking me back to serve in the brothels of Shanghai. Little did they know of my thoughts of what they could do to me! Mind you, none of them would ever hurt a fly so I could not pay them to act it out for me.

I put out my dinner and turned on the laptop. Naturally I went to the site with the balloon once more. It looked fantastic. It was made of thick rubber which stretched to let the person in and then closed trapping the person inside. I realised that the occupant would be able to let themselves out until I noticed the chain that went through the tube at the top of the balloon. All you could see was the last few links and the padlock.

I imagined I was trapped in the balloon with a gag in my mouth. I looked at the price of the balloon. It was a bit on the dear side, but when you think of all the hours of fun I could get out of it, it would be cheap really.

I searched the site for other things they do. Crikey, they do a matching helmet with a gag built in. With that on and the balloon all that could be seen of the prisoner were her eyes and the bottom of her nose. By changing pictures I noticed the part over the ears was padded so I presumed that the helmet was virtually soundproof. By reading the write up on it, I was right.  Wow, imagine that. Trapped in the balloon unable to talk or hear anything. Heavenly.

Never mind, I turned off the laptop and watched the usual rubbish on the television. Every channel was the same until I switched to another channel and found a re-run of The Avengers.  Emma peel was dressed in latex and was severely tied up. Oh I wish that were me. I would have done the stunt double job for nothing if I had been asked. In fact I would have paid them.

That night I went to bed and had this strange dream about me and the balloon. I was in it and I had forgotten to put the key to the padlock inside. I was at a party and everyone just ignored me.  I recognised everyone I work with and the Chinese staff from along the road. They ignored my trying to scream through the helmet, but the gag was too efficient.

I woke up in a sweat when the alarm clock went off at seven. My first thoughts were…..balloon. I sat eating breakfast watching the news. It should one scene of a hot air balloon. I imagined me in my balloon being hoisted up in front of everyone by the hot air balloon and instead of rescuing me, everyone was clapping.

All day long, work kept piling up. But I got through it and looked at my laptop for the site once more. But this had to stop. I had to get back to normality and stop having these weird thoughts.

Back at home, I sat through the humdrum regularity of life. I needed to get out. Perhaps go to the West End of London for a little night life. I did get out one night but finished up in Soho looking at the bondage clothes. This was no help to me and so I went home.

 All the following week I kept thinking about it, stuck in the balloon and unable to escape. It was no use I had to have one. Plus of course the helmet. So I went to the web site and ordered it. It would take two weeks to get here so I had plenty of time to kill.

During the week, the council put a letter through my letterbox saying they were leaving wheelie bins for the grass cuttings and other garden refuse. If I wanted another one, I would have to pay for it. Thinking carefully about it, I walked along a road that had their bins outside ready for collection.  This is brilliant. I could climb inside the bin. I must have one for a special type of refuse. Me. The best of it was that the bins had a hasp and staple to put a lock in so other people could not put their rubbish in your bin. All you have to do is leave it unlocked so they could empty it into the dustcart. If I got two, then the one with the rubbish could be put out the night before. But my one could be put out during the week so I could watch for the kids. 

For some time now the kids around our way have become little horrors causing all sorts of damage. Perhaps if I hid in one, I could see who was doing it. So I ordered two wheelie bins and drilled lots of holes for air to circulate. But in order to get the best view, I would have to leave the lid open slightly.

The bins arrived the following week and I tried it. I was rather pleased with the way I had drilled the holes into the polyurethane. The holes could not be seen from the road. I had put them all around the back and some on the side of the lid so the rain would not get in.

I tried it for a few days. It was fun watching people walk by not realising I was in the bin. Especially that handsome fella from along the road. But he only walked past with his girlfriend. The lucky cow! That is when things started to go haywire. Well, you know what it is like; you go so far, get away with it and go a step further increasing the excitement as you go.

The balloon and helmet turned up. The parcel delivery man had left a card for me to pick it up. Of course I had to wait until I got home to try it out. I could not wait. It was brilliant. The helmet had a collar with a “D” ring buckle at the front so it could be locked to the bag. The padlock would also lock the collar at the same time. It is a very ingenious device. It lets the wearer know they are well and truly locked in.

I put the helmet on to try it. It took some time working out the way to fit it, but the instructions were quite explicit and helped tremendously. You start by virtually turning it inside out. Next stage is put the gag in the mouth. This has holes in it so you can breathe through it if your nose gets blocked. Whoever planned it had thought of everything.

The helmet is then worked down over your face and head. I put my nose into the part that is shaped to take it, carried on pulling it over my head. It is a good job I have short hair. The sides of the helmet I worked down to my ears. Apart from the lumps covering the ears, there were parts that went into the ears to add to the dampening down of all noise. I eased them into my ears and adjusted the helmet so my eyes lined up with the eye holes. Now all I had to do was ease it down, pull the bottom down and thread the collar through the loops and buckle it up. My head was held firmly straight in front of me. I could not bend my head to look forward.  The helmet was tight, but this added to the thrill.

Now for the balloon. There was a long chain hanging through the tube at the top. I wondered why there was such a long chain when all my neck is would take about eleven inches. It was a struggle getting the hole big enough to accept my body, which is when I realised why the chain was so long. It has to allow the balloon to stretch over my body. Silly me. After a while I managed to get the balloon to my waist. I bent my knees and by pulling hard, I got it up to my breasts. This is hard work. By shuffling, I managed to get the balloon up further and stretched it until it reached my neck.  The balloon eased back around my neck trapping me in it. I put my finger tips through the hole, although it was a struggle I must admit. But I managed to get hold of the chain ends and pulled them inside with me. I found it was rather constrictive as the rubber was tight. I had to push hard to get the rubber to allow me to move my body. It gripped me rather tightly.  By looking in a mirror on my wardrobe, I could see this prisoner trapped in a balloon and helmet with sad pleading eyes begging to be released. Unable to speak or hear anything. I closed my eyes and pretended that my captor had gone to get a blindfold as he had got fed up with my trying to win him over.

It was hot in the balloon. I realised that it would be best if I were naked in future rather than in this track suit I was wearing. I had to escape and relieve myself if this torment. It took ages to get out of the balloon, but manageable.

It will take some working out how to lock myself into the balloon and bag as well. But I have not got a padlock. So tomorrow I will get a padlock.

During lunch hour I popped out and found a hardware shop. I bought a small but good strong padlock.  I took a chance that it would fit the chain.  On my way back I saw a shop selling air guns and knives and all sorts of things. There in the window was a pair of handcuffs. And they were quite cheap. I had to have them. Why didn’t I see this shop before? Especially on my way to the hardware shop!

I went into the shop and purchased the handcuffs. I could feel my face getting hotter by the second, but the assistant said nothing, he just took the money, put the handcuffs into a bag and handed them to me. As I went to leave the shop he called out behind me, “Have fun” I turned and saw a big grin on his face. I virtually ran out of the shop.

All the rest of the day I kept thinking “If only the girls knew what is in my bag” I felt elated really. But this is only the start. I am on holiday next week for two weeks and intend to enjoy myself.

At home that night, I had to try the handcuffs on. I sat with them on holding my hands together all night. It was fun trying to eat dinner pretending I had just been thrown into this room and was being fed by my captors.

I had to try them with my hands behind my back and found I could quite easily undo them, so that would present no problem.  The following night, my hands were behind my back all night. But I still had not plucked up the courage to use the balloon and helmet with the padlock yet.

Tomorrow is my last day at work for two weeks and I will go the whole hog tonight. Handcuffs, balloon, helmet, the wheelie bin, the lot, as soon as I get home.

The last day seemed to drag by. I never knew a day to last so long. There was very little to do. But fortunately my working day did end and I could not wait to rush back to my little rubber prison.

I had eaten at lunch time, so all I needed was a glass of water and my imagination.  I stripped naked, dropped my handcuff key into the balloon along with the padlock key and started to get ready for a whole nights fun. The handcuffs and d the padlock for the collar and neck chain went into the balloon as well. Now I am committed to carry on with my task.

I put talcum powder all over my body and put the helmet on once more. Once this was settled into position, I struggled into the balloon once more. I pulled it up and eased the chain ends inside the balloon. Thinking about it, if I had another padlock, I could lock the handcuffs to the chain so I would be just unable to reach myself and give myself an orgasm. But then how do I reach the handcuff key? Or the one for the padlock? Best leave that idea alone.

So here I sat cross-legged but with my knees up crushed against my breasts. With the helmet firmly in place, the collar was stopping me from turning my head or looking down, the balloon up around my neck waiting for the next stage. My heart raced. What if I could not get the lock to the chain undone? Surely, if I could reach to lock it up, it would be easy to unlock it. 

With a pounding heart, I eased my fingers through the opening at the front, carefully making sure I did not drop the padlock. I pulled the chain ends up and managed to put the shank of the padlock through two of the links. I eventually managed to get it through the buckle of the helmet.

“Click” I felt elated as I heard that wonderful sound of me being trapped for all time. At least in my imagination I was trapped for all time. If need be, I would struggle out to the kitchen and slash the balloon with a knife.

I got hold of the handcuffs and clocked one half on one wrist. By struggling against the taut rubber, I managed to get my hands behind my back. “Click” My hands were now hand-cuffed behind my back. I am looking in my mirror at this poor prisoner awaiting her fate. It did not take long before I needed to frig myself. But how could I? My hands are behind my back. I grew ever more frustrated. I had to do it.

Now I hit the problem. The handcuff key was in front of my legs. How do I get it behind me?  I tried walking my feet over the key, but kept pushing it forward. I realised that if I were to lie on my back, the key would slide behind me and I would be able to undo the handcuffs.

I threw my weight backwards and toppled over. “Ouch” I must not do that again. I hit my head on the leg of a chair. I lay on my back with my legs held crossed firmly in front of me. The handcuffs were digging into my back. It hurt, but there was the key, along with the padlock key. I got the handcuffs off of my wrists. It took a little longer than I was used to as the rubber was not allowing me to get my hands into the position I really needed find the key holes and turn the key. But I managed it eventually.  I had to frig myself and give myself relief from this frustration. I would not object to a man taking me here and now if he wanted to.

But I quickly had my orgasm and I was soaked in sweat and other juices. This will not do. I will have to find a way to prevent myself from touching myself while I am in the balloon. Now I will have to wash the balloon.

I managed to get my fingers through the hole and undid the padlock on the chain and collar. It took me another ten minutes to escape. I took a shower and washed the helmet and balloon as they were sticky with my sweat.

I showered and wrapped a bath robe around my body and went downstairs to watch the television. As it was dark, I hung the balloon and helmet on the line to dry. Being as it was a warm night with a little light breeze, it would not take long for them to dry out.

I turned to my laptop for ideas how to stop myself from frigging myself. A chastity belt? Now, that might hurt in the balloon. Suddenly it hit me. I turned to adult baby web sites. There I found the perfect solution. Adult size nappies with a pair of plastic pants that locked into position. If I put two or three nappies on and lock the pants on as well, would I be able to give myself an orgasm? It was worth a try. So I bought them.

For a few nights I put my track suit on, put my personal wheelie bin outside replacing the one I use for grass cuttings and climbed in. It was brilliant watching people walk by. But at one point some women stopped to talk in front of me and I had to remain perfectly still or they would hear me.  But at last they went and I could change position.  I was worried about the hasp falling down trapping me inside the bin, so taped the hasp up so the lid was always free to be lifted.

But as I said earlier, the more you do, the more you want and the further you go. This was my downfall. I had swapped my wheelie bins over so the council could take away all my grass cuttings, so now I had a week to really go for the big one. I still had one week left of my holiday.

I kept thinking about it and then putting it off thinking “I will do it tomorrow” but tomorrow never comes, as they say. So it had to be done. It was six in the evening when I put the handcuffs, padlock and keys into the balloon. I put the balloon into my wheelie bin. Now all I had to do was swap them over. I peeped out of the curtains and noticed it had started to rain. Good, there will be no one about. I was in luck, the street lights had not come on and it was quite dark outside.

I made sure the hasp was taped with transparent tape. I use a lot for sealing envelopes. I taped the hasp up for safety and went back indoors. As I say, I did not want the hasp to fall over the “D” ring and trapping me inside the bin. I stripped, put on three thick towelling nappies. They were huge and forced my legs apart. I pulled the plastic pants on and locked them in place. I found walking difficult and had to waddle.

At ten thirty I was ready. I was wearing the helmet all ready to be locked in place. I left the house with my door key making sure no one saw me. It had stopped raining by then. The rain only lasted a few moments, but it was heavy. I climbed into the bin, stood in the balloon and as quick as I could eased it up over my body. As I snuggled down into the balloon the lid followed me down.

It took me a good half hour to be locked in the balloon and helmet. Now I could just about move about thanks to the constrictive balloon and the wheelie bin. I handcuffed my hands behind my back and was ready for a whole night of frustration. It started to rain again. I heard the rain on the bin sounding like thunder. I heard a strange sound on the bin. I was soft and I was not sure what it was. But it was strange. But again it did not last long.

I don’t know how long it was before a group of boys came along. One of them kicked my wheelie bin. I had to admit, I never felt the blow. The wheelie bin must be quite strong. The boys moved on.

I went to push the lid up with my head, but found it would not budge. The rain must have washed the tape off of the hasp and it had fallen down when the boy kicked the bin. Now I was stuck. How do I get out of this predicament? 

It was not much longer before the boys came back. They grabbed my wheelie bin and I felt myself being wheeled along the pavement. They bumped me down the kerbs in the roads and I felt every hole and bump they came to. I could not hear what they were saying and I did not want to scream to let them know I was there and what I looked like. But eventually the bin was wheeled over a different surface. I realised they were wheeling me over to a woods nearby. I just hope they don’t look in the bin. But suddenly I was on my own. The boys had walked off leaving me trapped in my plastic bin.

I gave it some time after the bin had been left and took a chance they were not nearby. I managed to undo the handcuffs and the lock between the helmet and mask. I eased myself out of the balloon and took the mask off. It took longer than I would have liked as the balloon kept pressing my arms to my sides. Plus the confinement of the bin did not help. The balloon and mask were soaked in sweat. But now I had to escape from the wheelie bin. I rocked myself about. I had no idea of the time, but the bin would not topple over. Eventually I managed it and the lid flew open. I crawled out of the bin and looked round. It was getting light. I grabbed the balloon, mask, handcuffs and padlock and rolled them all up together.  I had to get home without being seen in my nappies. I had about a mile to run, well run is not the word; I could only waddle as fast as I could along the road.

But I managed it. There were a few near misses as people came out of their houses. But thankfully I managed it. At last I reached my house and flew inside. My heart was pounding with fright at my experience. I unlocked the panties and stripped the nappies off. Perhaps they can be used for polishing.

Never will I go through that again. I will leave these experiences to just silly day dreams. I will sell the lot. I won’t get as much money back as I paid for them, but I can at least buy something to ease the pain of what happened tonight. It was a good job the boys were not that bright, otherwise they would have emptied the contents out, mainly me, on the pavement. Or put a stick in the hasp leaving me there until they wanted to come back for me. I don’t even know how many there was let alone who they were.

Later that day, I went back for my wheelie bin. It will only be used for rubbish in future.  As I walked along the road, towing the bin, I saw that hunk fella who I fancied. “Hello, enjoy yourself?” he asked. I replied that kids had left my wheelie bin in the woods. He told me he had seen me in my nappy as I was going home. He said no one would ever know my little secret.

It turned out that he and the girl had split up. She had been seeing someone else behind his back. He had been staying with his mother and every morning at four he goes for a five mile run. He does it at that time because he felt a fool running in a vest and athletic shorts.

I invited him in and we started to chat. We found we had a lot in common. He loves bondage as well. He likes tying up as well as being tied up. After a few months, he moved in with me. For a present he bought me a lace up sleeve that would secure my arms tightly behind my back. It does not hurt as much as the handcuffs once I am secured in the balloon.

I in turn stick him in it and hogtie him. He loves being forced to give me oral sex while like this. I on the other hand love having it done.  Now I have to buy him a present for me. I think I will measure him up and get him a chastity belt and tease and torment him. Although I would not mean it I would threaten permanent chastity for him with no sign of ever having a release fro the belt. Maybe even tease him that I will bring my workmates round to meet him. Of course he would only be allowed to wear the chastity belt. I have noticed that whenever I tease him, his erection is stronger. The worse I make it, the stronger he gets.  I will drop the hint about the chastity belt to him and see what his reaction is. I like the idea of having him fastened to the wall and I would be dressed as a slave girl in a harem and do a sexy dance in front of him.  Maybe later in our relationship.

He has bought me a little baby girls outfit to wear with my nappies. I am beginning to think he should wear it. But as I sit there with my hands fastened behind my back he starts. I love the feeling as he runs his hands over the plastic pants. I can’t get an orgasm like this, but when he does give me one, it is more intense.  Perhaps I should get him a matching outfit so I can see his nappies as he does the housework.

Now we are at the stage where on a Friday night (every second Friday), he goes out with his mates to the pub, (that is why he goes jogging every morning to save getting fat) and I get left locked in the balloon and wheelie bin. Of course, he puts a padlock through the hasp of the wheelie bin. And he has put a thick stake in the ground so the wheelie bin can be chained to it to save the kids being able to wheel it away.

On the Fridays in between, I go out with my mates from work and he gets left tied up in some way or another.  I think about that silly girl down the road. She does not know what she has let escape out of her life.

Oh good, tomorrow is his turn to go out leaving me in the bin. He has promised me something different this time. I am eager to find out. I can’t wait and no matter how much I pester him, he will not say. All I know is some parcels have turned up for him. This is killing me with the suspense.  Oh why won't he do it now? I will get my revenge. let me see now, where did I find that chastity belt? Perhaps I should get two. One each so I can see how he likes being kept waiting.


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