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What a Waste

by Doctor Vader

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© Copyright 2013 - Doctor Vader - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/f; kidnap; bond; rope; gag; compactor; trash; climax; cons/nc; X

“Taxi for Dawn” The taxi driver called hanging out of the window. Dawn was pleased when her taxi arrived so soon. When she’d phoned for it the miserable girl in despatch had said it’d be at least twenty minutes before it arrived. She happily jumped in the back of the car.

“Where to love” The taxi driver smiled at her in the rear view mirror.

“Forty Two Devonshire please” She replied politely.

“No problem love” He chimed whilst pulling the taxi away from the curb. She hated being called love. She was a mature woman and he knew her name for Christ sake, he’d called it out from his window as he pulled up. She was pleased the taxi had arrived so promptly though and she couldn’t have everything could she, a quick taxi and someone who used her actual name instead of just labelling her love. She was deep in thought about, vacantly gazing out of the window. When she snapped back to the here and now, she shook herself slightly. This wasn’t the way home. She wasn’t entirely sure which road this was but she was almost certain it wasn’t on her way home, at least not on the route any other driver took.

“Excuse me” She leaned forward trying to get the drivers attention. No answer, perhaps he hadn’t heard her. She cleared her throat loudly.

“Excuse me” She said, a little louder this time.

“Shortcut love” He announced dismissively. Ok she thought, shrugging it off and relaxing back into her seat. She didn’t even give it a second thought, but how did he know she was going to mention it. How did he know that she doubted this was the way home.

“This isn’t the way to Devonshire avenue is it?” She asked from the back seat. Dawn immediately felt the car quickly slow and pull over to a complete stop. The taxi driver turned and leaned between the two front seats to look at her.

“No” He announced smiling. She was stunned for a moment as he just stared at her with a wry smile. She was about to reach for the door handle to open the car door, when she was surprised by the sudden opening of the door anyway. Before she could even comprehend the door being yanked open from the outside there was another man seated close beside her. The door slammed shut again, just as swiftly as it opened. She was about to fling herself towards the other door and attempt an escape from the other side.

“I wouldn’t” The new occupant said softly. Her eyes now caught by the object he waved just in front of her. Her gaze was locked to the gun.

“My phone, my purse has some cash in it, they’re in my hand bag, I’ve got some jewellery, but I’d like to keep my wedding ring” She nervously informed the man handing him the handbag. He took it and dropped it quickly into the black bag he had with him. Her hands shook and hurried to move to her necklace. She stopped. He was shaking his head. A wave of fear hit her as the car began to pull away again. What did they want. Were they going to rape her. It had always been a fantasy, to be taken and raped. She’d even played it out with her husband during one of their bondage games. It’d been the best sex they’d had. Get a grip Dawn, she shouted in her head. This is real.

“Please don’t rape me” She blurted out suddenly, not entirely sure she meant it. The man looked a little surprised by the sudden outburst, not entirely sure she meant it either.

“I don’t want your bag or your trinkets, and certainly have no intention of raping you” The man smiled warmly. Why not she thought feeling cut by the certainly no intention part of his statement. For fuck sake Dawn, she screamed in her head this time. Very real, man with a gun, being driven to who knows where she thought to herself. The man shifted slightly noticing the look of insult on her face far outmatched the look of fear beneath it.

“Look Dawn, were after some cash from your husband” He announced in a more matter-of-fact manner, obviously adding some professionalism to his tone. Dawn and her husband were quite wealthy. He ran a very successful business and she only worked as a receptionist at the casino for the social aspect of it, she hadn’t need to work for years but liked meeting the people. She was being kidnapped and held to ransom. Quite sexy she thought and immediately told herself off again.

“I’m going to have to tie you up” He said coldly as he passed the gun forward to the taxi driver who took the gun without taking his eyes off the road. The man in the back began to pull lengths of white rope from his black bag. Dawn was still struggling between fear and excitement as the thought of her immanent bondage loomed. She hadn’t played any games like this with her husband for an age, not a game, very real she thought.

She hadn’t realised that she’d twisted in her seat to turn her back to him and she had already put her hands behind her back, offering the man to tie her wrists. The man smirked to himself, a little amazed as he watched her close her eyes, bite her bottom lip and turn in her seat. She felt the rope biting into her wrists as he wound the rope tight and tied it secure. She felt herself slightly shudder as the next rope pinched her elbows firmly together. Her arms were expertly bound, welded together behind her back.

The excited feelings inside her had obviously over come her fear as she shifted in her seat again. She turned to face him, very aware of her ample bust now straining against her shirt and very aware that he was aware. She’d noticed his gaze lingering for a moment. She quite deliberately nudged him with her knees. He immediately responded, getting on with his job. Tying her knees together tightly.

No sooner had he finished roping her knees, Dawn had begun to lay herself across the back seat and lift her feet into his lap. She crossed her ankles, one heeled foot now in front of the other and waited. She knows what she likes the man thought as he wound the ropes under the heels of her shoes and around her ankles, tying them firmly. She realised he’d noticed her legs, she had good legs as he absently stroked her calf through her tights. He was only disturbed as Dawn moved her legs out of his lap and shifted back to a seated position.

He was obviously uncomfortable at being caught out, a chink in his professionalism she thought as he fumbled inside the bag again, dragging a few more items out. A ballgag and a blindfold now in his lap. She stared at the ballgag, it was huge, bigger than any she had at home. She was afraid she might orgasm there and then if he manhandled that into her mouth. She was definitely beyond the realms of excitement now and firmly into feelings of arousal now.

“Please, there’s no need to gag me” She almost whispered, but her gazed fixed on the gag and the way her body seemed to shift and almost shimmer, gave away her true feelings.

“I’ve got to” The man wryly smiled as he saw the anticipation in her eyes, he slowly lifted the gag to her mouth. She leaned in and opened as wide as she could to accept the ball. It was a big ball and he had to use some force to get it in her mouth, but within a moment it was buckled tightly in place. He was certain Dawn’s whimper as he buckled it tight wasn’t due to discomfort. She was desperate not to let her arousal betray her as he firmly fixed her blindfold into place. She slumped slightly into his lap helpless to resist her orgasm any more, her body quivered and shook as she climaxed, hard.

“Oh my god” He smirked as Dawn shook in his lap, quite unable to believe that she’d just had orgasm in his lap, but also unable to stop thinking how attractive she was. She was mature, ten years on him maybe, but she’d looked after herself. He almost felt bad about all of this. Knowing how this was going to end… Almost felt bad.

“We’re here” The driver announced, but Dawn was still lost in the after shock of her orgasm to have noticed the car come to a halt or even hear what the driver had said.

They had pulled into an industrial estate and stopped at the rear entrance to one of the units. She was beginning to regain her senses when the man in the back with her opened the door and slipped himself out from under her. Quickly he had reached back in and was hauling her out, he paused when she was half out and the driver grabbed her legs. She was being carried by these two men, no idea where they were taking her, but fuck her orgasm had been seriously fierce she thought.

She was actually being carried in through the back entrance of the industrial unit they had stopped at, past machinery and assembly lines towards a very large machine looming in the corner of the building. It was a trash compactor. Dawn was oblivious to this fact as she was offered over the edge of the machine. She landed amongst the bags already inside with a gentle thump as the two men let her drop inside.

She was confused by her new surroundings as she wiggled and squirmed, the bags responded to her with squeaks and squeals as they moved. It didn’t take her long to come to the assumption that she was now laying amongst bags of trash. She’d just cum like a dirty trash whore in a complete strangers lap whilst being bound and gagged and now she’d been dumped with a load of actual trash she thought. How hot, like a wild fantasy. Discarded like trash she thought. She felt her body quickly rushing, burning towards another orgasm. The two men watched her squirming and struggling change to writhing and moaning aware of her rising arousal amongst the trash.

“That’ll soon change, eh Paul” The driver said as they turned away from the machine and made their way back out of the unit.

“Her husband is a fucking shit, having his wife kidnapped, dumped in the trash compactor of his own unit, so he can watch on his CCTV system, I mean that’s just cruel Vince” Paul scowled as they locked up the back door and went back to the car.

“Sure whatever sick bastard, He’s paying well so I don’t really care” Vince dismissively replied.

“Besides any second now there‘ll be nothing to care about, that machine is on an automated system” He added with a chuckle. Paul and Vince pause for a moment. The faint sound of hydraulic machinery in action can be heard from inside the unit.

“Well, when that bastard’s given me my money, I’m knocking him the fuck out, I mean what a waste” Paul spat angrily. Vince just started to laugh. Paul looked at him indignantly.

“What, that was funny, what a waste and now she’s waste, oh come on that’s funny” Vince chuckled.

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