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A Wedding Gone Wrong

by Disposee and PolytheneWrappedMe

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© Copyright 2018 - Disposee and PolytheneWrappedMe - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; wedding; potion; drink; shrink; naked; handbag; carried; trash; waste; buried; bagged; bin; transport; discovery; mistake; search; stuck; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

Hi everybody! If you haven't guessed, PolytheneWrappedMe and I have been having a bit of fun writing stories together. This is the first of what I expect to be many stories I write for him, and believe it or not, it is actually inspired by true events! But of course, it is a work of fiction (sorry, no magic potions in real life), and nothing in it should be attempted for real.

The David and Hannah in this story are not quite the same David and Hannah who were in "Pink is for Girls". The two of them often find each other in many stories and in many situations. But always, they share a love for trash and other kinky things.

I hope everyone enjoys this story. Please let PolytheneWrappedMe and I know what you think of it in the comments. :)

* * *

Hannah seemed very distracted while they were driving to the wedding. David asked her if something was the matter, but she shrugged, saying she was just thinking. Little did he know quite what she was thinking about.

The wedding was crowded, entirely too much so. Hannah didn't know anybody there other than David, and even David knew only a few people. They wound up mostly sticking together, all through the morning until people were gathering for lunch.

Hannah and David took the opportunity to slip into a small side room together to make love. They hoped they wouldn't be found. After all, what would the bride and groom think, to have some of their guests doing such a thing at a wedding? Fortunately, everyone else was eating, so they were not discovered.

Still, they couldn't linger there for long, so eventually they had to get up, and Hannah decided it was time to reveal her plan. She had brought, in her handbag, a shrinking potion. She told David that it was time for an impromptu play session (as if they hadn't just finished one), and he eagerly agreed. He drank the sweet yellowish potion, and the moment he did so he started to shrink. In less than a minute, he was reduced to only six inches tall, at which point he stopped shrinking.

Hannah picked him up with ease. He sat in the palm of her hand, his legs dangling off the side as she lifted him up into the air. It felt like he was flying as she brought him up to face level.

"Wow, I wasn't certain if this one would work," Hannah said. "It's supposed to be longer lasting than most shrinking potions."

"How long?" David asked, his voice very quiet due to his small stature.

"Oh, a few days," she said, as if it was no big deal. David was shocked. They'd never gone more than a few hours before! Wouldn't he be missed at the wedding if he was gone the whole rest of the day?

She assured him that she had it all figured out, and then commented. "You know. You're just the right size, once I fish you out of the trash and rinse you off in a sink, I may just have to give you a try as my new toy. After all, now your whole body will fit in me, rather than just your cock."

David wasn't certain whether to be turned on or apprehensive about that, but the more he thought about it the more excited he became.

But that would come later. For now, she set him down gently inside a handbag she'd brought along. She'd chosen this particular bag specifically because it would be large enough to fit him, along with his things like his phone and wallet since she'd have to carry them while he was shrunken. She zipped it up, leaving him in almost total darkness alongside her things... keys, wallet, phone, a bit of emergency makeup, a pack of tissues, and her pads. He snuggled up against the last of these as she got dressed, picked up the bag, and returned to the wedding. At the last moment, she remembered that David's clothes were still on the ground where he'd thrown them before they made love. She couldn't fit them all in her handbag, so instead, she stuffed them all in a nearby trash can. She figured it was probably what he would have wanted.

David could feel the bag swinging back and forth and occasionally knocking into things. Hannah wasn't walking any differently from usual. She carried the handbag just like she would have on any other day, as if her little lover wasn't hidden inside.

She went and got a heaping large plate of food, far too much for one girl to comfortably eat in a single sitting, and she set the handbag down next to her just like she always did during meals. Inside, David was playing with himself, and before the meal was out he had spurted his cummy juices right into the bag. But at his size, it hardly left a stain on anything!

With her plate only half finished, Hannah stood, gathered up her handbag, and took the plate of food as well. She walked over to a long counter, by the side of which was a small trash bin. It was already half full with scraps from other guests' meals.

Hannah set her bag and plate down on the counter and, when she was sure nobody was looking, unzipped the bag, reached in, and wrapped her hand around the miniature David. He stiffened, knowing that her hand alone was strong enough to crush him given his small size, but she was gentle as she quickly lifted him out.

She was not so gentle when she put him in the trash bin. No sooner was he outside of the bag than she dropped him, tumbling down two feet into the can. To him though, it felt more like twenty-five feet! Fortunately, the landing of food scraps was soft, and being small made it much harder to get injured from such things.

He didn't try to, but he did scream as he fell. He couldn't help it. Fortunately, he was too quiet for anyone to make out what the sound was. Just to be safe, though, Hannah checked her phone, making anyone who might have heard the sound think it had just been a buzz from her receiving a text.

She glanced briefly down into the bin and saw David laying there, his arms and legs spread as he sank slightly into the pile of food waste. She gave him a slight smile as she picked up her plate, brought it over the bin, and turned it over. All the extra food she had on the plate fell off of it, tumbling down right on top of David. The weight on him was sudden, but manageable, and when Hannah looked into the bin again she saw that he was completely covered. The bin looked no different from any other.

She set the plate on a stack of other dirty plates, zipped up her handbag, and walked off. She would have to find some way to keep herself busy for a few hours at a wedding where she didn't know anybody, but to give David the time of his life, she was willing to bear that little burden.

David kept motionless in the small bin of food waste, not wanting to accidentally be discovered naked in such a position! Slowly, more and more plates of food were emptied out on top of him, burying him further and further in the bin. Eventually, he was buried enough that he could move without worrying that people might see trash shifting about at the top of the bin, so he slowly worked his arm down to his crotch to play with himself. It was like any other time he'd been in such a bin, except this time he was tiny and the bin was actually being used! Nobody but Hannah knew that he was there. All the guests, even the people who David knew, used the bin like it was any other.

Eventually, the bin got full. One of the catering staff hefted up the edges of the bag which lined the bin and pulled up on them several times, jostling the trash about to get it to settle as much as possible. Poor David felt like a ragdoll in there as he got bounced around along with all the food waste!

When that was done, the worker tied off the top of the liner, and pulled the now-full trash bag out of the bin. He set it on the ground, rolled out a new liner, and put it in the bin. Then, he picked up the full bag, and started walking with it. David felt his world gently swaying as the bag moved, and he loved every moment of it.

At one point, Hannah went to check on the trash bin, and seeing that it was empty, she smiled. She knew David was probably having the time of his life.

And he was. He and Hannah had done some trash play in the past, but it hadn't been anything to extensive and exciting as this!

The worker took the bag outside and tossed it into a larger bin behind the building before walking off to check for trash elsewhere inside.

Hannah had done her research. She knew that the three big trash bins outside got emptied on Monday mornings, and since it was the weekend, that meant that David would be safe in there until later when she could come and rescue him.

Unfortunately, she hadn't been quite thorough in her research. She didn't know that the catering company brought their own trash bin along, and took it with them when they left. This was the bin in which poor David had wound up. He had no idea that things weren't going according to Hannah's plan and neither, unfortunately, did she.

More trash bags piled up in the bin on top of him. Each time a bag got thrown in, the weight pressing down on him grew ever more intense, and he revelled in his tight and messy situation. She had done an amazing job this time, he thought. She had really managed to make him feel like a part of the trash.

He sat there for almost two hours, getting buried ever deeper and deeper. But eventually, lunch was finished, and the catering crew was able to start packing up. They packed away all their leftover food supplies and such first, then hooked up the bin to the back their truck and drove off.

Hannah never saw them leave.

After the wedding, she went to a nearby hotel and checked in for the night. At around 10PM, well after everyone would have left the wedding, she took a flashlight and returned, sneaking around the building to the big trash bins behind it.

It did not take long for her to realize that something was wrong. She looked in bag after bag of trash, tearing them open and getting rather messy herself in the process, but to her shock none of them contained the sort of food waste that she had left David in! She found his clothes, dirty and ragged from being in the trash, but that was all.

She panicked, not knowing what to do. She walked around the whole building, looking for any bins she might not have known about, but she found none. Eventually, she realized she needed help if she was going to find him. She didn't know anyone who was at the wedding, but she did have his phone in her handbag, so she got it out and decided to make a few calls.

After a half hour of calling people from his contacts list with little success, she finally found someone who had been involved in organizing the wedding and who was still awake. She asked what had happened to all the food waste. The person she called was confused, but gave Hannah the information anyway, not wanting Hannah to call back incessantly until she got what she wanted. This person knew that the catering company managed their own food waste, and gave Hannah the number to call.

She called the catering company, but there was no answer. She called again and again, and again, and finally someone answered. It was clear that she had woken him up with all the ringing.

"What's the matter?" he asked her.

"What happens to all the food waste you take with you?"

"What?" he asked, still half asleep and thinking this was some sort of prank.

"Your food waste. At the wedding today I think I dropped something important in it and I need to get it back."

It wasn't the first time he'd heard that story, and he gave the same response he always did. "Look, lady, we collect our own waste not just as a service to our clientele, but also because it makes excellent compost for my brother's farm. We dropped the bin off there as usual."

"Your brother's farm? Where is that?" she asked, panicked. She had never meant for any of this to happen.

"Lady, look. Whatever it is you lost, just forget about it. Kyle always takes quick care of the bin, he sends it right through a ripper that sorts out the polythene bagging and then the rest all gets dumped into one of his composters. It's a mixed-together mess, and the one time we did try to help someone recover something from it, it was not worth the time  and we didn't find it anyway. Now, is there anything else you need?"

"Well, this item is really important, you see, surely we can go look... I'll do it myself even, no bother to you or your brother."

"Lady, I don't have time for this," he said. Then he hung up the phone.

Hannah realized there was nothing more she could do. Without knowing where the farm was, and without the help of the catering company, there was no way she could find where they had taken the bin and her little lover trapped inside.

She walked back to her car in silence, imagining what David must be going through. If he had even survived the "ripper" which removed the bags from the trash, he was probably lost in darkness, tumbling about inside one of those rotating composters, right alongside a mix of new food waste and old waste which was no longer even recognizable as having once been food. In a couple days, he'd grow back to normal size, if he even made it that long in there as the machine bruised and battered him and tried to turn him into compost.

She supposed that, at some point, it would even succeed in doing so.

At least David had gone out in the trash, just like he'd always fantasized. Heck, he was probably having the time of his life.

As she started up her car, she had a sudden realization. Somehow, this made her more sad than anything else about the situation.

She hadn't just lost David. She'd also lost her dildo for the evening.

The end.


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