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We Found Love In A Hopeless Place

by DumpsterLife

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I’m inside a dumpster right now.

Yes, you read that right.

A garbage dumpster. It’s about three quarters of the way full with black binbags. Plus myself. It’s one of the dumpsters around my university campus.

Why am I in here? Your question is valid.

I’m awaiting collection from the garbage truck. Just like the rest of the trash inside here.

Yes, you read that right as well.

You must be thinking I’ve lost the plot. Or just plain stupid. But then again a part of you probably wants to know the reason for this.

Alright, I’ll get to the point. I’ve been dumped again. Not in a literal sense, I wasn’t tossed inside this dumpster like the rest of the garbage in here. What I mean is, for the third time within the space of a year I’ve been dumped by a girlfriend. Every time I meet a girl, I start to think she’s the one. I guess it’s a weakness of mine. I trust, I love too easily. Things go really well, then I make the mistake of trying to spice up our sex life. Well, in my eyes anyway - in their eyes I’m just weird, or I’m wrong in the head. I’m a freak as far as they’re concerned.

The first girl, she was great. Outgoing, a great laugh, bubbly. I thought I could trust her. I thought she’d understand. She’d been asking me for a couple of weeks if I had any kinks or fetishes she could, well you know, get involved in. Unfortunately, playing with black trash bags was not an acceptable answer. We haven’t spoken since.

The second girl, we had a good run. She was shy, kept to herself a lot, you only found the real version of her when you were alone. And I loved that version of her, she had so much more to show and to give than she’d ever let on in public. And in the bedroom? She was fucking wild. It’s amazing what the quiet ones can be capable of. My birthday was coming up, and she wanted to “treat me” if you catch my drift. “Anything you want, anything at all and I’ll make it happen” she said. I’d hit the jackpot here! Surely a wild girl like her would be destined to say yes to anything! Or so I thought. Asking her to get a wheelie bin, climb inside it, wear a trash bag...yeah, you see where I’m going here. It was a complete game killer. In my defence I was drunk when I suggested it, but she did say “anything at all” and having actually dreamed the scenario three nights before (and when I say dream, I mean a wet one) I thought it was fate. Like déjà vu, you’re sure you’ve seen it happen before and then it does actually happen... that came into my intoxicated mind. But no, it was a goodbye instead, and my birthday did not involve a sexy babe wearing a trash bag inside a wheelie bin.

As for girl number three, well, I had no intention of telling her my fetish. From now on this was a secret I was taking to the grave. And things were good for a while. Unfortunately, after one particular masturbation session ogling at pictures of girls wearing trash bags, plus watching a video of two lesbians having sex in a dumpster, I didn’t delete my browser history. I had to leave the student accommodation very quickly to attend a crappy Student’s Association Meeting the current girlfriend wanted to drag me to. The next day she logged onto the laptop we had been sharing for coursework, and she seen it all. I know, rookie error. Shared laptop, first rule is always to delete what you’ve done. Especially if it involves pornography. I fucked up big time.

The“next day” I refer to above was in fact today. Well, that was five hours ago now. Yet again I was called weird, freaky, disgusting. Apparently my fetish is fucking wrong, but all the common kinks are acceptable and normal? Fuck that shit. Five hours ago she told me to go fuck trash if I loved it so much, and she also told me I belonged in a dumpster. And you know what? She’s right. I’ve had enough of being the weird freak just because my preferences are “different.” I know, from a “normal” perspective, it probably dragged her confidence right down - like I’m choosing to pleasure myself over a combination of other females and garbage. Naturally she compares herself to other females because many of them do, but comparing herself against garbage, that probably hurt her more. The thing is, I loved having sex with her, but when your kinks are never met in a real situation, sometimes you just want that time to yourself to appreciate your favourite turn on.

So this is it. I’m inside here now, awaiting collection. Unfortunately today is Friday, and the pickup days are Monday and Thursday, so I have a bit of a wait. Which is fine as it means I can have some fun inside here. Once collected, I will eventually end up in landfill. And I won’t bother escaping. I belong there. I’ll die there, and thank fuck for that because I’m sick of this shit I continually fucking deal with. This is my life now. I know I’ll be in landfill because I contacted all the local waste companies to find out where their garbage went. Contacting them was actually for a valid reason, we had an environmental study assignment on my university course, so I used it to my advantage. Anyway, I don’t really fancy being burned alive in an incinerator, or being “processed”. Just bury me and leave me to it.

It is now Sunday afternoon. I’ve been in this garbage dumpster just short of two days now. I’m still committed to my landfill destiny. By tomorrow, the garbage truck will have picked me up, never to be seen again.

The lid to this dumpster hasn’t opened once, but that is no surprise as I entered the container on Friday evening, after all the cleaners and caterers had finished for the weekend. I’m used to the smell now, it doesn’t bother me. What have I been up to? Nothing much. Just masturbating regularly. This big metal container of pure garbage is heaven, what do you expect? I’ve even had sex with three of the beautiful black garbage bags inside here. After all, my latest ex did tell me to “go fuck trash.” I might as well make the most of the life I have left. All sorts of fantasies have come to mind during my time inside the dumpster. I’ve had thoughts of a sexy dumpster diver finding me and deciding whether to “recycle” me by testing me out first. I’ve imagined the two lesbians from the porn video entering this dumpster, having sex, just for me to interrupt them. Of course, I’d pleasure them... one of the binbags I had sex with was due to me pretending I was fucking one of the lesbians. Most recently, I envisaged myself finding a helpless female in here, wrapped up in trash bags. She would be at my mercy, ready to be fucked and unable to stop me. Fuck the rest of the world, this is my place, I love it in here.

I was buried nicely under some trash bags, ready for another session. I’m surrounded by garbage, and my body is loving it. The slick, thin feel of the black plastic sacks against my skin was paradise. I pressed one of the black bags into my already erect penis. The smoothness of the black plastic around my cock was exhilarating, like-

I stopped mid-thrust. The sound of an engine was outside the dumpster. Surely that can’t be the garbage truck, on a Sunday?

The dumpster lid flew open. I immediately heard the voice of a male shouting.

“Time to dispose of the garbage!” he shouted gleefully.

“Good riddance! This is where it belongs!” said the voice of a female. I stayed completely still. I was just about covered by the black trash bags surrounding me, but any movement would give me away. 

“On three babe?” said the male.

“Yes!” replied the female.

In unison, they chanted “One, Two, Three!” and a rather large black trash bag flew into the dumpster. The trash bag landed with a thud, and began to writhe uncontrollably. I stayed perfectly still, not only concerned at the possibility of being found, but also the fear of not knowing what they just had disposed of.

“Goodbye trash!” they said together, slamming the lids shut and plunging me back into darkness. I’m breathing heavy, body sweating, heart racing, wondering what that was all about.

First thoughts, well, that was close. I know I’m saying I belong in here, but being found naked with my erect member in a trash bag would still be a total humiliation. Second thoughts, I want the garbage truck to do it’s duty, but I wasn’t ready for that, thinking it had arrived. I had planned for an enjoyable final weekend before being dumped, compacted and buried.

Anyway. This is suspicious. Why have these people chosen to dispose of something in this particular dumpster? Why is the garbage moving? It’s almost like they don’t want to be seen, or they didn’t want the trash to be found. I know the local council facilities are closed on Sundays, but they’ve gone out of their way to use this dumpster. A dumpster which is collected early on a Monday morning, before most of the students start to arrive on campus. This is dodgy as fuck. I refocus on the disposed item - it was frantically throwing itself around, moaning in desperation, almost crying.

I waited for a couple of minutes, just to make sure the disposers had gone. Once I believed it was clear, I moved myself across the dumpster and pushed one of the lids open to let in some daylight. There was no one in sight, so I opened the lid fully, allowing it to slam on the back of the waste container. I turned around to see what this piece of garbage was.

Whatever it was, it had been wrapped up in black trash bags and bound together with black tape, presumably to blend in. I moved upwards, towards the middle of this decent sized piece of trash. Then, wait, are my eyes deceiving me? I swear those are the outlines of breasts in the trash bag... I’ve been in here too long, thinking too much about sexy trash girls. The trash bag didn’t stop there, but the top end was hidden behind a separate black bin bag. I tossed the bin bag across the dumpster. The top part of this garbage was also wrapped up in a black binbag. I ripped open the top section of this trash bag with ease, and...

Shock struck me. It was the head of a female. Well, the back of her head. All I could see was her long, silky, shiny, straightened hair, dyed neon red. 

I turned the garbage around to face me. Her eyes, beautiful, green eyes, were wide in fear. Even though it was obvious those eyes had contained tears recently, they were still a thing of beauty. Her cheeks a little chubby, helped in part by the tape covering her mouth. A piercing on the left hand side of her nose, kind of sexy, even recognisable... wait...

“JADE?” I bellowed out, accidentally scaring the already fragile girl. After getting over the initial shock of my random shout, the helpless female nodded. This piece of garbage was a fellow student in my lectures. I ain’t gonna lie, I fancy the absolute fuck out of her. I have done for ages. I then realise I’m still naked, and my still erect cock is nearly in her face. Well, that ain’t fucking awkward.

Then I realise my dilemma. 

This was the package I’ve always dreamed of, a helpless female stuck in the trash. At my mercy. My most recent masturbation session was imagined specifically along these lines! Only three people know she’s in here, her captors, plus me. She’s destined for the garbage truck. Destined for the landfill. She’s just garbage now. That was the plan for her, right? I could make her do anything, and “promise” to free her afterwards. She’d have to do anything I asked! After all, she’s stunning, I fancy the fuck out of her as I’ve already said. This is my one and only chance, because she certainly ain’t going to want to have sex with a guy who ends up naked (with erections) in a dumpster. I am her last remaining hope of being saved before the garbage truck comes. If she wants out she would have to do anything at my command, as I’d be her only hope. I’ve been fucking the trash in here anyway, and she’s been disposed of, as trash. What’s the difference?

No. How can you even think like this? Stop being a cunt. Seriously, free her. Now. She’s terrified.

Shut up... this is Jade we are talking about. The hottest girl in my lectures. In the garbage. I’ve literally been presented with the best opportunity ever! I am fucking that piece of trash right now!

Stop being a fucking arsehole. What’s happened to you?

Everyone fucks me over. Time to return the favour, no?

When has Jade fucked you over? She shouldn’t suffer for the selfishness of others. She’s never done anything to harm you. What would she do if she found you in here in a helpless situation? You fine well know she’d help you.

I looked down at Jade. If I wanted to, I could fuck her brains out. Play with her. Abuse her. Have my way, then leave her for the garbage truck. The ultimate fetish desire was literally handed to me. To have sex with a piece of trash that was female, and then leave her for collection, it was always a massive fantasy of mine. Not only was this opportunity now presented to me, but it was an opportunity with a girl who was gorgeous, sexy, and technically garbage now.

But Jade deserved better. Not once had she ever been nasty or horrible towards me. We had barely ever spoke, but she was always pleasant enough to smile at me in passing. She’s a nice, honest, sweet, decent girl.

Come on... the ultimate sexual experience. She’s just trash now. She isn’t a girl any more, she’s just garbage.

No. No. Absolutely not. She’s already terrified enough, how can you even question this?

As I battle with myself mentally, I only just realise Jade has been looking at me the whole time, probably wondering what the hell was going through my head. Shit, act now. Do something.

I remove the tape from Jade’s mouth. She gasped for air. “Thanks, took long enough!” she said with a mixture of relief and sarcasm.

Cheeky bitch. Fuck her now while she’s still helpless, teach her some manners.

“Umm, sorry, I was in shock,” I muttered unconvincingly.

“Erm, why are you naked?” asked Jade looking surprised. “Also, why are you in a garbage dumpster, and, umm, that’s lovely, but... why’s it hard?” she finished, looking at my cock.

Ram it in her mouth, shut her up. Tell her to suck or she’s being left in here for the garbage truck.

“Erm... dumpster diving?” I said, sounding more like I was asking Jade than telling her.

“Naked?” she replied, clearly knowing I was bullshitting.

Awkward questions. Just fuck the useless, albeit attractive trash and get out of here.

At long last I snapped to my senses.

“Right, look, fuck it. Here’s the truth. I’m in here because I want to be collected by the garbage truck.”

“Umm, what?” Jade asked in bewilderment.

“I like garbage. It turns me on, alright? I keep getting dumped by my stupid girlfriends so I figured I’d dump myself literally. Be fucking thankful I did, because if I wasn’t in here shagging trash bags and waiting on my date with the garbage truck, it be you awaiting collection for tomorrow, never to be seen again.”

“You, were shagging... trash bags?”

“Yes, alright? Shut up with the questions and I’ll get you out of these black binbags before I change my fucking mind on you.”

“No, wait, don’t untie me yet,” she said. I looked at her in surprise. What girl would want to spend any longer tied up in a smelly dumpster? “Do you know why I’m in here?” she asked me.

My first instinct was to blurt out “Because you’re garbage!” Thankfully I stopped myself from sounding like a prick. “Umm, no. Why were you tossed in the trash?”

“Well, that was my ex and his... bit on the side. Or I guess she used to be the side but now she’s the main. I, erm... had been watching a porn movie on my laptop last night when he was out. Shagging her as I now know, but at the time I didn’t know that. The porn movie was, umm... a bloke fucking some random girl in the trash.”

“Okay?” I said unhelpfully.

“My boyfriend, umm, ex, whatever, found out the next morning, and obviously told the side chick. They obviously made their plans and here I am.”

“So because you were watching a video of... wait, did you say trash?” I said, shocked upon finally realising what Jade had said.

“Yep,” replied Jade.

“Like, garbage trash?” I asked stupidly.

Jade looked at me like I was missing the obvious. “Yesssssssss?” she said very slowly.

“So...” I paused, unsure how to follow through with this.

“So...?” queried Jade, still looking at me like I was thick.

“They threw you in here?” 


I really need a guide on how not to embarrass myself, I was feeling mightily stupid right now.

“So, the video... was it just random or are you actually into that sort of thing?” I asked.

“What, the sex? Or the trash? Or both?” she said with a very cheeky grin.

“What do you think?” I questioned her with a wink.

“Why don’t you... find out for yourself?” Jade said, grinning more and more.

I moved closer towards her. I smiled back, knowing where this was going.

“Alright, here’s the deal trash girl. Someone obviously thinks you’ve been used up, and like with any other garbage, they’ve disposed of you. I happen to like fucking trash, so I’m going to test you out, see if you can be... recycled. Disappoint me, and the only way you’re escaping here is through the garbage truck.”

Jade was loving it, referring to her as garbage was definitely turning her on. “Oh no, please don’t leave me in here for the garbage truck! Please, I’ll do anything!” she begged, easily slotting into character.

Jade was at my mercy. The girl I had fancied for ages, wrapped up in trash bags, in a dumpster... this is actually happening.

I pulled the helpless female towards me so my body was pressed right into hers. The outline of her trash bag prison felt fantastic against my bare naked torso. I began to grind against her for a few seconds, loving the feel of the black plastic against our bodies. We began to kiss as I continued to hold her into me. The kissing became more passionate, and I rubbed my lower half against Jade more and more. Then I pulled my head away from hers, and looked at the sexy piece of garbage. Suddenly I picked up one of the binbags around us, and pressed it into her head without warning. I held it for a few seconds, then pulled it away.

“How did that feel, garbage girl?” I asked Jade.

“I’m not sure how to answer that... maybe you need to try it again?” asked Jade with a wink.

So I did it again, grabbing another trash bag and pressed it all over Jade’s face. Her soft moaning gave me the answer I needed.

No sooner had I removed the trash bag from her face, I was towering over her head, cock in hand. “Open wide now trash slut!” I commanded. She obeyed, and I placed my rock solid cock into her mouth. Jade began to suck, and she was a natural. Before long I pulled out as I didn’t want to peak to soon (ultimate fantasy remember, horny as fuck here) but it was definitely highly pleasurable.

“Good, good,” I said, allowing Jade to know I approved of her blowjob. “Now what have we got down here?” I queried, pointing to her lower half. “I better investigate,” I said. I started to rip the trash bags near her vaginal area, and my hand was met by her very moist fanny. “Oh, does someone like being trash? Does the filthy female actually enjoy being garbage?” Jade nodded. “What are you?” I asked her.

“Garbage!” she replied.

“Correct.” I looked at Jade. She was horny as fuck too. I’d teased her long enough. “Have a little something in return” I said. I moved my head towards her vagina, and began to lick her pussy. Her moans encouraged me to lick her harder and harder. “More, more! Don’t stop!” she demanded. I obeyed, and continued to pleasure her orally. This continued on for another few minutes, until she abruptly told me to stop.

“Come here” she asked me. I came up to look her in the face. “You like to fuck trash, yes?”

“I love to fuck trash.”

“Am I just another bag of trash to you?”

“Yep. Just another piece of garbage waiting to be collected and compacted by the garbage truck, that sums you right up.”

“Then I want to see you fuck trash harder than you ever have before. Like it was almost a person. Fuck me now, I’m all yours and there’s nothing I can do to stop you.”

And she was right. She was still wrapped up in the trash bag, save for her head and the hole near her vagina. This was an open goal.

I mounted the female trash, and plunged my penis into her dripping fanny. This was it, the moment I had waited for my whole life. I looked down at the beautiful woman under me. Bonded tightly by trash bags. Lying on piles of black binbags. Her sexy neon red hair strewn across a couple of binbags underneath her. She looked at me and smiled. This was something we had both always wanted, but never expected. I began to thrust, and it was heavenly. Her vagina was a perfect fit, nice and tight. The rustling of the garbage bags underneath us added to the excitement. I loved fucking trash, but this trash was definitely the best yet. I continued, in, out, in, out. Jade’s soft moans were becoming more and more frequent. She loved the helplessness of her situation. I’d later find out just this was exactly her own dream scenario too - to be wrapped up in trash bags, tossed away in a dumpster, just for a male to find her and take advantage.

“Ahhhhh! Ohhhhh! Harder, harder binboy!”

“Whatever you want garbage girl!” I said, and began to pound her on maximum thrust. This was it, the moment we had always wanted, but never expected. As I began to reach the point of no return, Jade exclaimed out in delight as she hit peak mountain. Within seconds it was my turn, and my cock shot it’s load. It was the best orgasm I’d ever had, truly wonderful, truly magnificent.

Once the deed was done, I lay myself next to the trashy female, and pulled her tight towards me. She rested her head on my torso. We cuddled for ages, both in deep thought about our perfect moment. After what felt like forever, Jade finally spoke up.

“So now what?” she asked me quietly.

“Well, I think you’ve given me a reason to delay my burial” I responded. “I’m that impressed with you I’m even tempted to recycle you!” 

“When is garbage collection?” queried Jade.

“Tomorrow morning, early” I replied. “But you knew that, didn’t you?”

Jade grinned. “Of course I did. So, it’sonly hitting nightfall here now. Perhaps you should keep testing me through the night, just to make sure I am definitely worth removing from the dumpster?” 

My penis was already toughening up once again. I had found the perfect girl in the most unlikely of places.


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