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Was it What She Wanted?

by Doctor Vader

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© Copyright 2012 - Doctor Vader - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; FM/f; naked; bagged; bond; gag; trash; messy; dumpster; hum; truck; disposal; sex; climax; cons; X

Christ, it must be Tuesday. I thought to myself as I felt Charmaine slide out of bed. She always thought that she was being so discreet, but I always noticed. I lifted myself onto my elbows and blinked a few times to clear my groggy vision. I looked at the clock, Six fifteen, bang on time as usual. The bin men had woken her up and I looked to the bedroom window to see her, as I expected gazing out of the window.

“For Christ’s sake get back into bed” I said and she turned with a start, a blush of shame that I’d caught her out again in her cheeks. She bit her lip, glanced out of the window as the bin truck pulled away and then. She scampered back to the bed and slid herself back in and snuggled close to me under the covers, her head nuzzled to my neck and her arm draped across my chest. She was horny. I was getting a bit sick of this, every Tuesday morning eyeing up the bin men and then wanting to fuck. Ok I wasn’t that sick of it, it was always good sex on a Tuesday morning. I had to know what this was all about. Charmaine looked at me with a flash of hurt in her eyes as I gave her a gentle push off of me and sat upright next to her in our bed.

“Look sweet heart, we’ve been together for almost two and a half years now, but I just don’t get what this is all about” I told her. She looked down and fiddled with her hands in her lap. I couldn’t quite get the look on her face this time, guilt, shame, nervous maybe. She almost looked like she was going to cry. She looked at me her mouth moving, almost about to answer then like she couldn’t find the right words.

“Is it one of the bin men” I asked softly as I tried to tease an answer out of her.

“No, of course not” She replied without hesitation, that flash of hurt in her eyes again. I believed her, she was a terrible liar anyway, she just couldn’t do it. It was sweet.

“Ok so what, you can tell me anything sweetheart, you know you can” I assured her. There was a clear look of apprehension on her face this time, as she was desperate for the right words to actually say to me.

“Ok” She almost inaudibly whispered. She looked down, fiddled with her hands in her lap, then looked back at me her eyes meeting mine. She took a deep breath, like she was steeling her self.

“I want to be bound and gagged and…” She paused for another breath. I smiled, but I tie her up all the time anyway I thought.

“ And thrown away with the trash” She blurted out and immediately looked away not wanting to see my reaction. I was stunned. My mind raced to put together what she meant. I’d obviously taken too long. She was looking at me, her face hot with shame and almost ready to cry, waiting for me to say something.

“So… You want me to… Throw you away” I stammered, still trying to put together what she’d said to me. She nodded slowly, trying hard to make a small smile.

“What do you mean, throw you away and wouldn’t it be dangerous and I can’t just throw you away and…” I blurted as I just said everything I was trying to think. I moved closer to hug her and she embraced me back resting her head on my chest.

“I’ve thought about it a lot and I have a plan, it’ll be safe” She said hopefully as she talked into my chest. She had worked something out, I thought. She probably thought about it every Tuesday morning I chuckled to myself. She looked up at me.

“Ok, lets hear it” I smiled. Was I actually considering this. She sat back up, a spark of hope in her. She cleared her throat.

“I want you to tie me up, tighter than ever before and gag me hard” She paused obviously excited at just that. I smiled. I was excited about this bit too, so far so good I thought.

“And then you put me in a bin liner and pile trash in with me, and I mean really cover me with it” She looked a little more sheepish and unsure of my reaction. I surprised myself a little. I was excited about this bit too and she noticed my excitement. She rubbed my crotch as my hard member had betrayed my thoughts.

“And then?” I urged her to continue as her hand gently stroked me.

“And then you tie off my bag, put a little hose in the top for air and take me down to the bin shed and…” She paused again looking coy. Ok at this point not sure if it was the pleasure of her stroking me or the prospect of treating Charmaine like a piece of trash, but I was getting really excited now.

“You come and get me in the morning” She bit her lip, her own arousal of just explaining what she wanted was obvious. I was ready to just say yes and was just opening my mouth to do so when she carried on. There was more to her fantasy.

“I want to do it on a Monday night and…” She was getting very excited. She flung the sheets away from my body and climbed into my lap and gently lowered herself onto my rock hard member. She was hot and wet as I entered her.

“I want to hear the lorry coming before you get me and…” She was becoming breathless as she rode up and down on me. Her fantasy stimulating us both fiercely.

“And I want Kim to help you, to utterly humiliate me, you and another girl” She panted, her hands on my chest pounding herself up and down hard. I exploded inside her. The thought of her humiliation sending us both to climax together. She flopped forward, hot and sticky onto my chest. I liked Kim. Kim was her best friend, she knew Charmaine better than anyone and knew all about her sexual deviance. Had Charmaine told Kim about this I wondered. No, I was sure she hadn’t.

“Well?” She whispered. She wanted an answer, she was serious. I thought about it for a moment. Kim would say no I thought to myself, so what can it hurt.

“Ok” I smiled and kissed her head. She immediately sat up on me and hugged and kissed me furiously.

“I’ll tell Kim we’re on, she’s going to love having you to herself for a night” Charmaine gleefully exclaimed. Kim knew, had already said yes, was going to have me to herself for a night. She really had planned this.

“Kim knows!” I exclaimed, I was sure she wouldn’t have told her and that her friend would at least have said no.

“Of course, she knows what I like, she even helped me work out how to do it with the air hose and stuff” She smiled as she rolled off me and lay close.

“But I just don’t want to hear about what you two get up to afterwards” She looked up into my eyes and smiled broadly. I had a look of amusement on my face and she knew why. Kim was very attractive. A very hot body and nice tit’s, better than Charmaine’s, but I’d never tell her that. Charmaine had given me a free reign to do what I wanted with her for a night, as long as I humiliate her and treat her like trash first. Christ this is what I call a win, win situation.

“Still up for it?” She asked cheekily aware of the way I felt about Kim, I had told her before that I fancied her. I never hid anything like that, and Charmaine knew I’d never do anything about it. I tried to curb my enthusiasm for a reply.

“Sure” I answered casually. She chuckled and snuggled closer to me. She held me tight happy that I’d agreed.

Over the next week Charmaine was very particular about the trash we threw out, saving certain trash for her own bag on Monday. On Saturday I snuck a look at what she’d been saving. Some of the stuff I’d found looked quite rancid and stank. She’d thrown out half full cartons of milk, which had now turned and spoiled, egg cartons still with half their eggs in, it was mostly kitchen waste and leftover food. I wondered why we’d had spaghetti three times this week, she’d been making huge portions and saving the leftovers for her special bin liner. She really wanted to be covered in this I smirked. She continued to collect her trash over the weekend and we discussed her plan a few more times before Monday came.

It was Monday and we were expecting Kim to arrive in the ten minutes or so. I was apprehensive but excited and Charmaine was positively ecstatic at this point, she’d been buzzing around all day to make sure everything was just right for her fantasy made real.

“Did you set your alarm?” She quizzed me again. I wasn’t going to oversleep tomorrow and she’d checked the alarm herself, but still she asked again.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, it’s done” I reassured her.

“Crap, she’ll be here in a minute, I’ve got to go change” She exclaimed as her friends expected arrival time loomed.

“When she walk’s in that door, she’s your girlfriend and I’m just trash” She said giving me a kiss then practically skipped off to the kitchen. Charmaine had only been gone a moment when the doorbell rang. This was it. I opened the door and found Kim stood there with a big grin. Looking very sexy, a tight pencil skirt hugged her curves and her tight white blouse strained against her ample bust.

“Hello lover” She chirped as she bounced in though the front door and surprised me, flinging her arms around me and landing a very passionate kiss. I kissed her back. As if this was all quite normal she headed off the kitchen, I paused a moment taking in her openly passionate greeting then hurried into the kitchen too. I found Charmaine stood in the middle of the kitchen, she’d stripped herself naked and Kim stood looking at her with clear disgust.

“Looks like you’ve got some trash to throw away” Kim smirked turning to look at me then looking back to Charmaine. Their eyes met.

“Trash doesn’t look at me” Kim barked immediately and Charmaine lower her gaze quickly. Kim circled Charmaine and slapped her arse, then grabbed her breast as she came back in front of her. She held Charmaine’s tit in one hand, looked down at her own and gave herself a quick squeeze as if in comparison.

“I can see why you’re throwing this away” She smirked as she nodded her head towards Charmaine. Wow, Kim’s really embracing this I thought as I looked at her, then Charmaine, her head lowered submissively. Kim quickly fetched some rope and the bin liners from the kitchen table, where me and Charmaine had put everything we would need her adventure. Kim handed me the rope and busied herself opening and laying out the bags. I quickly pulled Charmaine’s arms behind her back and secured her wrists tightly together, as I cinched her elbows together I leant close to her.

“You ok?” I whispered.

“Perfect” She purred back to me.

“Trash doesn’t talk” Kim said coldly as she wiggled herself out of her knickers from under her skirt. Her knickers now on the floor, Kim quickly scooped them up and began to force them into Charmaine’s mouth. Charmaine groaned in pleasure as her friend plastered layers of duct tape over her mouth insuring no sound, or her knickers would come out. I continued to bind her, as I pulled her crotch rope between the lips of her pussy, she shuddered.

“Christ” I murmured as I discovered how wet with arousal she had already become.

“Don’t play with the trash lover, now lets get it bagged” Kim chuckled as we guided Charmaine to sit in the open bin liner’s Kim had laid out ready for her. I hurried to finish Charmaine’s bondage, tying her ankles, knees and finally securing her wrists to her ankles to ensure she wouldn’t be able to pull herself out of the ball tie I’d fixed her in. She was utterly helpless, at mine and Kim’s mercy now. Kim raised the side’s of the bin liners, leaving Charmaine in the bottom of the open mouthed bags and ready for the trash to join her.

“Me first” Kim clapped as she picked up one of the containers of left over food Charmaine had put aside. With out hesitating she dumped the contents directly on her. I looked into the bag seeing Charmaine inside, spaghetti strands hanging in her hair and down her face and sauce splattered all over her. I felt a hand on my crotch, Kim’s hand massaged me for a moment. She’d seen I had gotten hard and felt how hard too. She winked at me before handing me the next container of leftover food. I shook the container into the bag, half eaten pizza slices, burgers and sandwiches tumbled into the bag. Me and Kim took our time filling the bag with the trash and every time I peered into the bag I could see the excitement and pleasure in Charmaine’s eyes, she was clearly loving it, splattered and smeared with the trash. The bag was pretty full. I peered into the bag.

“You ok” I asked quietly to the utterly dishevelled Charmaine sat inside the bag, it looked like I’d woken her from a dream, but she began to nod quickly, her eyes twinkling. Kim scowled at me a moment and rolled her eyes.

“Lets get this bag tied off and get it down to bin shed” She smiled grabbing my crotch again. Yes, I’m still hard I thought to myself with a wry grin. Kim peered into the bag put on a mock sad face and waved to Charmaine. Then we pulled the bag closed over her head and I tied it off as Kim fixed the discreet air tube in place through the middle of the knot in the top of the bag. I stood there for a moment just looking, Charmaine was in this bag and yet it looked just like any other bag of trash. Kim wrapped her arms gently around me pulled me tight. I felt her bust pressed hard to my chest and we kissed again, perhaps even more passionately than the first.

“Let’s take out the trash so we can get on with other things” She cooed at me. I picked up the bag and felt a little shocked, it wasn’t as heavy as I thought it’d be. My girlfriend and a lot of trash was in this bag, but I managed to haul it off the floor with ease.

“Oh my big strong lover” Kim clapped and proceeded to lead the way to the bin shed. As I placed Charmaine’s bag on the floor of the bin shed, I was almost certain I’d heard her moaning softly and the bag quiver slightly. Had she just had an orgasm in there I wondered. I remembered how she’d enjoyed telling me about this, her plan for doing this to her and I was sure she loving every moment. Kim had already lifted the lid on the dumpster in the bin shed and was unloading quite a few bags from inside.

“Just making room for your trash” She winked and gestured for me to haul Charmaine’s bag in. I hoisted her bag up to the dumpster’s edge, held it there for a moment and then simply let it tumble in. Charmaine’s bag of trash landed with a gentle bump and settled with the other bags around it. I peered inside. Her bag was identical to the many others in there with it. Kim had begun to replace the bags she’d taken out and I watched as the bags thumped and bumped, settling on and around Charmaine’s until it was gone. Kim had buried her bag with the other bags of trash and now she lay somewhere in the middle of the dumpster. I wondered how she felt in there for a moment and lowered the lid slowly to a close. I had just thrown away my girlfriend I thought to myself, my thoughts only interpreted by Kim having drawn herself close to me, pressing against me, reaching inside my pants.

“Come on, let’s go make good use of this” Kim lustfully purred, her fingertips teasing my hard cock. She took my hand and skipped like a giddy child as she headed back to the house, pulling me along behind her. I wasn’t putting up any resistance. We hurried up to the bedroom and within moments she was gently swaying on her hips, unbuttoning her blouse and letting it slip from her shoulders. Her bra fell away swiftly releasing her full breast’s. Her skirt seemed to just slide down her thighs and disappear at her feet. Wow, was pretty much the only thought I could manage as I gazed at her naked form in front of me. She had a fantastic body. She looked like a goddess as she took a step towards me, franticly we kissed as she grabbed and pulled my clothes away. We were both naked, pressing against each other, our hot passions rising together.

“That maybe her fantasy down there, but this is mine” She breathed the words to me as she pulled one of Charmaine’s leather collars around her neck and buckled it in place. I wondered for a moment where did she get it, when did she get it, but didn’t really care enough as she pulled me towards the bed. I thought of Charmaine in her trash, living out her fantasy, but with Kim taking me up inside her, it was hard to think of anything else but our animal desire.

The alarm went off. Ok get up, get dressed, get downstairs, watch for the bin truck. My mind raced. I hadn’t noticed Kim was already awake, propped up on one elbow. Her fingers idly walking down my chest, across my stomach and down to my groin. She began teasing my member. I moved to sit up and she shushed me, my cock getting hard with her finger tips gentle action. She swung one leg across me and sat up to straddle me.

“But” I began to say, immediately distracted for a moment as she lowered herself onto me, I felt her heat as I entered her. I was about to continue.

“Did you really think she wanted us to get her out” She softly whispered as she closed her eyes, her body rhythmically riding mine, my body matching hers.

“She wanted to live out her wildest fantasy, and she knew how we felt about each other” She purred. I could hear the bin lorry somewhere in the distance. Kim was beautiful, as our body’s continued to move together and I’d always thought if me and Kim had met first we would’ve got together.

“Her fantasy was your gift to her, and I’m her gift to you” She panted as our passion rose together. The bin truck was here, I could hear it outside. The bin men dragging the dumpster out to meet the truck. It was hard, my mind racing to put it together, was this what Charmaine wanted. With this goddess riding me I could almost see the logic in it. The sound of the dumpster being lifted, spilling it’s content’s into the truck. Almost believe it was what she wanted. I heard the truck’s hydraulics in action. Our passion peaked. The bin truck was pulling away. I thought about what Charmaine had said. When she walk’s in that door, she’s your girlfriend and I’m just trash. Now the dumpster was empty and the trash was gone. Kim hugged me tight.

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