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Vanessa's Garbage

by Frizzle | Forum Feedback

© Copyright 2019 - Frizzle - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; fantasy; desire; trashcan; hide; Solo-F; F/m; trashbags; disposal; foodwaste; messy; compacted; force; stuck; blackout; death; cons; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

*The following story is a based on a true experience when I was 19 years old and starting college. Do not attempt anything depicted in this story in real life, as it is dangerous and can have unintended consequences! Many parts of this story are FICTION, most of all the ending, simply for the case of storytelling.*

My heart was already beating, my fingers tapping away at the windowsill as I looked down at the driveway in anticipation. I had heard the sound of my mothers engine rev, as she started the car and had prepared to leave the house so that she could go on a date with her newly wed husband. I didn’t like the man very much, but I didn’t care enough to make it an issue amongst the family.

Her car pulled out of the garage, and the sound of the garage door closing could be heard as she used her garage opener from inside the car. Then she backed into the street and drove off, and just like that she was gone. I was still immensely nervous, wondering if I was truly going to go through with what I had planned. I think the biggest thing above all was not wanting to get caught, the fear of what she would think of me as a person if she had found me afterwards. This interest had been something I’d desired for a long time though, and I knew if I didn’t take my shot now I would never get another chance.

Why must my mother be gone you may ask? Simply put, she is as overbearing as they come. I was responsible for everything, chores to taking care of my younger siblings. I never had an ounce of breathing room, and the little free time she allowed me to have was spent doing homework so I could attempt to pass my classes. I hated my life, I felt under appreciated. Perhaps that under appreciation is what led me to have this interest, only it was not my mother whom I wanted to live out this curiosity with but another.

I left my room, first grabbing my cell phone and shoving it into my pocket. I closed my bedroom door as my heart began to race even more, my eyes looking across the hall, past the stairwell, and directly onto the closed door of the young woman who was living in my home. My mother was a terrible person, though like all terrible people they try to pretend that they are good. Vanessa had a younger son, and since she was poor and desperate for help, my mother had lent her a hand.

Vanessa was a bit taller than me, I’d say she was about five feet and eleven inches. She was rather slim, but not as much as you might think. She had a gorgeous figure, long chocolate hair that rested below her shoulders. She had luscious hazel eyes, and a perfect white smile that would sweep any man off his feet. She was only three years older than me, and she would often tease me about my other fetishes. She had walked in on me one day as I was browsing a website called Giantessbooru, and needless to say I had never felt so embarrassed in my life.

Vanessa was a curious type, always asking questions. She had basically closed the door and trapped me in my own room, asking me what a ‘giantess’ was and whatnot. I ultimately caved and told her some of my fantasies, and all she did was smile innocently with that sparkle in her eye. She never degraded me, she never mocked or made fun of me… And perhaps that is what led me to this very day. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted her to degrade me. I couldn’t explain it, only that I felt unfulfilled that she had learned my deepest secrets and not inflicted a single word of scrutiny.

She was perfect, both body and mind. She found my fetishes interesting more than repulsive, and while I appreciated the kindness behind it I couldn’t help but crave her degrading words, words of the kind of which she was not capable. If anything, it’s the lack of degradation from that night, when she discovered me in my room, that led me to develop a new fetish altogether.

I couldn’t stop fantasizing about her, about her humiliating me or degrading me. I started imagining that she would call me trash, less than garbage for the sick fetishes I had. After several weeks, I realized that is exactly what I wanted. I wanted to be Vanessa’s trash, but how could one possibly make such a fantasy come true? I was petrified at the thought of asking her, asking her to say anything that I knew she was incapable of. But once the sun rose into the sky yesterday morning, a comment from my mother had given me an incredible idea.

“I wish Vanessa would take out her damn trash for once in her life!” My mother hissed, venting towards her husband who was approaching her from behind.

“Well the garbage bins are full,” her husband responded, “I already packed them good the other day. I just told her to pile her bags in the garage until waste management comes this week.”

“She has over ten bags filled to the brim,” my mother retorted, “and two laundry baskets full of food waste! It’s disgusting!”

“Well…” Her husband was trying to find a way to defend Vanessa’s apparently excessive wasting habits.

“Well what?” My mother interrupted, “I have five children and they don’t even pile up that much trash! I swear I’ll have to have a solid talking to with her when this is all said and done!”

That was basically all I could hear from her, as she continued on about her day downstairs. That is when the thought had finally occurred to me, the thought of how I could finally fulfill this new fantasy I had crafted inside my head. It was then that I headed downstairs, being careful to avoid my mother so that she couldn’t pull me from what I was doing. She had a habit of consuming my time, and I simply didn’t want such a thing to happen.

I headed outside and traveled around to the side of the house where our two garbage bins and blue recycling bin were located. The two grey garbage bins were nothing special, about three or four feet in height. I opened the lids to the both of them to see that my mothers husband had indeed packed them full, and there was no way they could fit even a single can more. I sighed in disappointment, but as I looked over at the recycling bin I had another bright idea.

The recycle bin had two large plastic wheels at the bottom, and a handle that also served as the piece for the lid to lift open and close shut. I opened the bin and saw that it was practically empty, minus a few miscellaneous cardboard boxes at the bottom. It had to be at least five feet tall, maybe five and a half. I wasn’t good with measuring the length of things with just my eyes, but considering it came up to my chest I knew it was at least five feet.

I figured this would be the best course of action, but unless I was able to steer Vanessa towards dumping her garbage in a recycling bin none of this would even matter. I would have to bide my time, and I knew that my mother and her husband would be going out on a date the next day so I had decided to wait until they were gone in order to assure that my mother couldn’t intervene in any fashion and ruin my chance at fulfilling my fantasy.

“Hey Nick!” Vanessa greeted, snapping me out of my trance as I realized I was still standing in the hall staring at her bedroom door, which was actually now open and Vanessa herself was standing under the doorway smiling over at me.

She was wearing her usual camo jacket, which hung over her red t shirt. She was wearing blue denim jeans, and on her feet were her favorite pair of black timberlands, despite my mother having repeatedly asked her not to wear them in the house. I was a bit nervous, to enraptured by her beauty to really formulate a response, and considering how nervous I already was I couldn’t really mutter a word.

“You going somewhere?” I finally spoke, trying to act as normal as possible.

“I’m about to be,” Vanessa answered, “but my friend won’t be here to pick me up for another twenty minutes or so.”

“Oh…” I murmured, realizing my shot at this fantasy was at a loss.

“Anyways I’m going to be downstairs watching television, wanna join me?” Vanessa asked, turning and heading towards the stairwell.

I was lost in my own thoughts, thinking if twenty minutes was long enough to devise a plan of some kind. I was going to come up with some half arsed comment about her garbage, maybe try and get her to think about taking it out to the recycling bin, but then I realized there was a much easier solution. I had my phone, and I remembered how much Vanessa had grown to fear my mother. I hated doing such a thing, but I figured I could sort of give her a push into disposing all of her garbage into the recycle bin.

“Actually I’m going to uhh… Go for a jog!” I completely made it up, not really sure what else to say as an excuse for me to be ‘gone’ and whatnot.

“Jog huh?” Vanessa giggled as she reached the bottom of the stairs, “alright well, see you later then!” She waved me off as she disappeared around the corner on her way towards the living room.

My plan was a solid one, she seemed to believe me when I said I was going for a simple jog. I headed down the stairs myself, but instead of turning into the living room I headed down the hallway and out the front door. I closed the door behind me, my heart pounding out of my chest. I was incredibly anxious, and afraid of someone possibly seeing me even though the bins were all on the side of the house. It was dark out too, which helped obscure things so I figured I had nothing to worry about.

I reached the side of the house where the bins were all located, and I opened the recycling bin once again to see that a few more boxes had been tossed in since the day before. I stepped onto the shorter garbage bin for support, hoisting myself up as I lowered my legs into the large blue bin. I felt the cardboard break down under my weight, and I began to kick it out from under my feet as I slowly buried myself beneath it all. I then took the cardboard and began break it into sections, which I could use to cover myself as an added measure to prevent her from seeing me inside. It was dark, but I didn’t want to take any chances.

I then closed the lid behind me, as I wedged my knees up against my chest and allowed my body to fall to the bottom as the cardboard washed up on my sides. My ass hit the bottom of the bin, and then I realized I had wedged myself pretty good. I moved around a bit to ensure I’d still be able to get out if needed, and it seemed as if that was the case so I proceeded to create a shroud above my head to obscure me from view entirely. There was only one step left in my plan now, as I moved my arm with minor difficulty to reach into my pocket and retrieve my phone.

I opened up her contact, and proceeded into our private messages. I then sent her a text, my heart still pounding as I realized the moment of truth had arrived.

Me: “Hey, I totally forgot to tell you! My mother asked me to let you know she wanted you to take out your trash from the garage!”

I clicked send, hoping the message didn’t sound to suspicious. Of course I was likely being absurd, as if Vanessa would even come close to predicting what I was up to. The message was actually more than believable, but I couldn’t help but be anxious regardless as I awaited a response. Finally after a few minutes, I got a text back.

Vanessa: “The garbage bins are full, what does she expect me to do? Toss it in the recycling?”

I felt my cock get hard, simply from the fact that Vanessa had no clue that I was inside the recycling bin already, the very place she had sarcastically mentioned in her message. This was too good, and I was so close, I wasn’t about to back out now.

Me: “I say just toss it in the recycling, she never checks the bin anyways so what she doesn’t know couldn’t hurt her right?”

Vanessa: “Aight, there’s a fucking shit load of it though so I’ll try and make sure I fit it all in there.”

That was the end of our conversation, as I shoved my phone back into my pocket and waited patiently. The wait was horrid, and it felt like an eternity as I anticipated the fulfillment of this fantasy I had conjured not that long ago. I was going to be Vanessa’s garbage, I was going to be her trash just like I had always fantasized. Vanessa was too kind, and my fantasy of her evil faux alter ego had always sent a chill down my spine. This was the only way, and if all went according to plan she would never even know it.

I then heard the garage door open, and my heart froze and my breathing slowed to a near halt. I heard the rustling of garbage bags, assorted pieces of trash tumbling over one another inside the zip enclosed polythene bags. I also heard the sound of her picking up her laundry baskets filled with food waste, and I tried to imagine just how much trash she actually had in the garage. I had realized I never actually checked, and I only knew what my mother had commented on the previous day. I figured she was being melodramatic however, as no one could amount such an enormous pile in only a week, right?

I heard her footsteps come around the side of the house, and I grew even more silent than I already was as I remained absolutely still. The lid to the recycling bin finally opened, and I awaited for my fantasy to begin. Nothing happened however, the lid was simply held open and nothing more. I grew concerned, wondering if Vanessa had seen me. I almost felt her eyes piercing through the cardboard that was obscuring me from view, but after a few moments more the lid closed shut.

I was greatly confused, and I quietly moved the cardboard aside so I could look up towards the top of the bin. The lid had indeed been closed, and all was silent. I wasn’t sure what had happened, and began to wonder what Vanessa was doing. I hadn’t heard her leave, so she had to be standing just outside the bin. I wondered if I should obscure myself again, but I suddenly grew afraid that she’d hear me moving the cardboard. I wasn’t sure what to do, but I didn’t wonder too long as I watched the lid open up once more.

I had no time to react, and in an instant I watched as Vanessa absentmindedly tilted her laundry basket to dump all of its contents. She didn’t even look into the bin, and if she had she would have seen me for sure. Next thing I knew I was being engulfed by her food waste, several banana peels hitting me in the face along with cups of pudding, several apple cores, half eaten and tossed burritos along with a few bowls of chili from the week and even some random nuts from a bag of trail mix she had apparently eaten at some point. I was completely coated in her waste, one of the banana peels stuck to the side of my face and the chili splattered all over my body.

Vanessa then shook the basket, making sure it was all emptied before tossing it aside and reaching for the next. She lifted it up and tilted that one too, dumping even more food waste into the bin. I was now being assaulted with half eaten candy bars, several cups of half eaten yogurt as it hit me in the face and a lot of it getting into my mouth. Several safeway bags that had been tied shut also piled up on my body, which seemed to be filled with half eaten lunches from her days at work. There was so much waste, that my head was barely above the surface of it all. I was so incredibly hard, my dick throbbing as I was becoming one with her garbage.

Vanessa was none the wiser, completely oblivious that she was tossing her garbage on me like the trash I wanted to be. For her, it was simply the act of throwing her unwanted garbage out, and she didn’t have any reason to care otherwise. It was just a normal daily routine, though in her case maybe not so daily since she was really bad at staying on top of it.

“Smells gross,” Vanessa commented to herself, reaching down as she began grabbing bags of trash and hoisting them into the bin. I was met with the view of the trash bags, as they fell on top of me unceremoniously and ruthlessly. She had no reason to be gentle about it, she was simply discarding her waste. The bags quickly engulfed the rest of me, and I was now entirely buried beneath her garbage. She wasn’t done however, piling bag after bag after bag of her garbage into the recycling bin.

The weight really began to bear down on me, and I had guessed she had tossed about six or seven bags at this point. I was baffled that the bin hadn’t been filled yet, and I was even wondering how much trash she could possibly have that needed to be discarded. Vanessa piled two more bags into the bin, when she realized it was getting really full. She sighed in disappointment, not wanting to piss off my mother by not getting rid of it all. She looked down at her pile, and still had about five bags left to toss.

Once again things went silent, my cock throbbing as I savored this moment. It was better than I could have ever imagined, being buried alive under Vanessa’s garbage. I was covered in her discarded food waste, and her other trash was piled on top of me. I hadn’t realized that she was not done yet however, and as I heard her stepping up onto the grey garbage bin I started to grow a bit curious. The recycling bin began to shake a little, and I wasn’t entirely sure why. In an instant I felt an immense amount of weight bear down on me, as all of the trash bags suddenly compacted into my body without warning.

“This oughta do it…” Vanessa spoke to herself, stepping into the recycling bin on top of the garbage bags. She began to step down on it with her timberlands, pressing the garbage down to make more room. Suddenly my fantasy turned into a nightmare, as the bags pressed into my face and suffocated me. I was suddenly squirming frantically in her garbage waste, all of the bags sinking lower and lower as they pressed into my. My body began to compress as well, the weight of Vanessa bearing down painfully as she naturally made more room for the rest of her garbage.

“This should work,” Vanessa spoke to herself, making a bit more room as she hopped out of the bin and grabbed more bags. She tossed them all inside, but they were now sticking above the edge of the inside of the bin, “fuck… I guess I’ll have to press it down a bit harder then.”

I heard what she said, and my heart was stricken with fear. I struggled violently, but with how compacted into the trash I was I found it extremely difficult to move at all. I finally managed to wedge my face free, turning it to the side as I opened my mouth to scream for help. Unfortunately I was too late, as Vanessa jumped back into the bin on top of her trash and immediately began jumping on it.

She jumped with extreme force, using all of her weight to compact the trash as much as she could. Immediately the trash bag that was directly above me tore open from the force, all of the trash pouring out of it and into my face. Several used tampons smacked me in the face, two even making their way into my mouth as I was about to scream for her to stop. Several used tissues also poured out, tissues that she had either used to blow her nose, or wipe her pussy after she had finished masturbating in private. I could smell her musk on the tissues, and I could even see boogers and other disgusting things on several more, so I knew for certain what she had used them for.

They piled onto my face, the tampons being crammed into my throat as the trash bags continued to compact into my body even more. My face was entirely swallowed by trash bags and garbage now, and once again I was prevented from shouting for her attention. Tears began to stream from my eyes, my body unable to breathe as I was being suffocated to death by Vanessa who was completely unaware of what she was doing to me.

Vanessa saw that she was close to compacting the trash enough to close the lid, and gave a few more powerful jumps to press the garbage down a bit further. Another bag blew open, plastic spoons and forks being pressed into my arms and knees. Several opened letters, a discarded vibrator that also reeked of her scent, and a few used condoms that had likely been used when she had men over in her room at night.

With a final jump, Vanessa realized the trash had finally been compacted enough. She smiled with satisfaction, wiping her hands together as she jumped out and checked to make sure it was the last of her garbage. I was stuck inside, my lungs nearing a collapse as I was being suffocated by her used tampons and the rest of the garbage smothering my face and body. I tried an attempt at rocking the bin back and forth, maybe to tip it over or something… But by the time I even conjured the idea my vision was already fading.

My fantasy had become a reality, I had become Vanessa’s garbage. She discarded her waste all over me, compacted it into me and discarded it all. It was everything I ever wanted, and yet at the same time I wasn’t ready to pay the price. My eyes slowly closed shut, as I ran out of oxygen. I would be discarded with Vanessa’s garbage, and she would never know.

“Hey Vanessa,” Stephanie greeted, peeking around the side of the house.

“Hey, what’s up Steph,” Vanessa greeted.

“You ready to go?” Stephanie asked, “what are you doing?”

“Just getting rid of the trash,” Vanessa answered, shutting the lid to the recycling bin as she turned back to smile at her friend, “now let’s get out of here!”

As Vanessa and Stephanie headed back around the house, they left the recycling bin by its lonesome. Had they stayed for but a second more, they would have noticed the slightest tilt of the bin before it became still once more.

*For those who are interested, what really happened is I managed to grab my phone and call Vanessa. Ultimately I got caught, and she laughed and teased me about it for weeks. I was not critically injured and escaped unscathed, thankfully. Do not try this, as it is dangerous and can lead to unintended consequences!*


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