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Useless Daughter

by Traitor

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© Copyright 2014 - Traitor - Used by permission

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Lily's parents had finally had enough. They had given their daughter plenty of time to get her life together and do something. Just after turning 18 and finishing highschool Lily had turned into a lazy bum. She 'tried' to get a job and wasn't able to get a boyfriend. It wasn't that she was unattractive, it was just that she was lazy. She had become useless so finally her parents had decided to draw a line. They told Lily when she turned 20 that if she didn't get a job, move out, or do something with her life then they would get rid of her, Of course Lily didn't take her parents seriously.

Lily's parents Vicki and Lonny were having a big party this weekend but before they could have the party they decided it was time to get rid of their now 21 year old daughter. Friday evening Lonny came home from work with a large garbage can in the back of his truck. He quietly moved it to the front door before entering the house to find the family gathered in front of the TV. Lonny tapped Lily on the shoulder and asked her to come to her room for a talk. 

When in the room her father solemnly informed her that he planned to throw her away tonight. Lily immediately ran to her bed and buried her face in her pillow in tears. Lonny wasn't good with words and never was, his attempts to get her up to follow him to the kitchen failed miserably. "We've given you chance after chance to do something with your life. You had a responsibility to yourself and your family to do something productive. Now your opportunity is gone and the only thing you can do to make up for your uselessness is to follow me to the kitchen so that we can get you in the garbage can!"

Lily Just cried harder. The crying went on for at least 10 minutes before Vicki came in. "Give me some time alone with her, I think that I can persuade her." Lonny left the room leaving mother and daughter alone.

"Honey it's alright". She said hugging her daughter on the bed. "What did you expect? We have been paying for you to live here, giving you money for gas, feeding you and providing much more." Vicki said with a tear starting to streak down her eye. "If you don't let us throw you away what will you do? Continue living like this? We love you that's why we don't want to see you live like this anymore".

Lily was able to stop crying long enough to croak out a few drawn out sentences. "I'm don't know what's going to happen and I'm scared and It's so messy and dirty in the garbage and I don't want to die". It was hard to hear what Lily said through the pillow but Vicky understood, she certainly didn't want to be thrown away in that smelly garbage can.

"I'm sorry that this has to happen, I wish it could have turned out different but it's your fault and you have to face the consequences! Now come on you can't keep this up forever".

Vicki took Lily by the hand and pulled her up. She didn't give much resistance. She was led out of her bedroom and into the kitchen where Lonny was waiting with a large trashbag spread out on the floor. The trashbag already had some stuff in in but not very much. Upon seeing the bag on the floor Lily began crying with greater intensity. Lonny was getting tired of this game and told her to get naked and into the bag. Lily just shook her head and looked at her mother and then her sisters for help. Her 2 sisters just sat at the table watching silently. Neither her sisters or her mother gave any indication that they would help her out of this predicament.

Lonny was angry now. Lily knew her father didn't get angry very often but when he did it wasn't good. With a face full of anger Lonny simply pointed at the trashbag on the floor and said, "In, NOW!"

With tears rolling down her face Lily quickly stripped naked and stepped into the trashbag. Lily couldn't believe that her parents were actually throwing her away in the garbage. The first thing she noticed upon stepping into the garbage was that she had stepped on an open yogurt cup and a piece of bread crust. The yogurt squirted the remains out onto her foot as her weight pushed it out.

"Now sit down" commanded Lonny. Lily complied, Her bottom lowering slowly and finally coming to a rest on top of something cold and gooey. At this point Vicki knelt down with some rope to tie Lily's legs to her chest. Both of Lily's sisters watched intently as they ate dinner. 

Lily was now in the garbage bag tied up into a ball and couldn't move. "We should gag her too, or sombody might find her during the party." Noted Vicki.

"I thought we could take her to the dumpster a few blocks down right now. Besides who cares if sombody finds her? If anybody asks we tell them the truth, which is that she acted like useless garbage so we threw her away like useless garbage!"

The discussion continued as Lily's crying slowed, she was starting to run out of tears. She looked up out of the bag she was in, Her father had pulled the sides of the bag up so now she had very little view distance to look around. She still heard her sisters eating and wondered why they hadn't tried to save her. Was she worth so little to them? Did they really think of her as garbage?

Her mother came into view from above to gag her. They had decided not to throw her bag into the dumpster quite yet because Vicki felt like it would be a waste of a good garbage bag to throw it out half filled. They didn't particularly want her to be noticed though but if she was it wasn't a big deal because she is just garbage now.

Lonny then came and lifted the bag by the edges and carried it over to the large garbage can. The bag of garbage was slid down into the can and the edges of the bag were pulled around the edge of the can.

Things continued like normal from then on for everybody except Lily, who was now garbage. Lonny and Vicki had their supper and dumped their leftovers into the garbage can with Lily. The family then retired into the living room to watch a newly released movie. Lily could hear the movie from her bag, It was one she had been looking forward to watching for months. Lily was tired and hungry and thirsty and she still didn't understand why her family had done this to her. She thought they loved her, now they were treating her like trash. Maybe this was just a lesson, maybe they would let her out later and should would be a good girl from then on. She hoped through her sobbing that they would let her out later. She told herself that she would get a job and a boyfriend, be productive if they would just let her out.

Just before heading to bed Vicki got a bowl of ice cream, as she was throwing away the empty ice cream bucket Lily tried to say through her gag, "Ok Mom! Lesson learned I'll be a good girl please let me out"! Vicki didn't even look in the trash can as she quickly threw the ice cream bucket away and hurried off to her bedroom. The bucket landed on Lily's head and some of the melting ice cream seeped through her gag throughout the night giving her a much needed drink.

Lily got a little sleep before she was awoken sometime in the morning to an eggshell, and then a several more eggshells. She couldn't see much but she figured her mother was cooking breakfast. It dawned on her that she hadn't been let out and she was still being treated like trash. Another wave of tears started rolling down her cheeks followed by muffled sobbing sounds. Her mother continued to ignore the sounds coming from the trash can.

At breakfast Lily could hear her parents and sisters talking and chatting and then they brought up the party. "Oh crap I forgot about the party," thought lily. She couldn't bear to think about her grandparents, her cousins or even some of her friends from around town throwing garbage on her. She wiggled around and struggled for a few minutes, then gave up.

Just after they all finished breakfast and scraped their leftovers into the large garbage can Lonny said, "Okay girls, go get your trashcans from your rooms we need to cleanup before the party."

One by one her sisters brought out their trash cans which her father dumped into the large trashcan, onto Lily. Lily was covered with every kind of disgusting, smelly, sticky trash that she could think of. Used napkins, toilet paper, and tampons from the bathrooms. Stale chips and crackers, candy wrappers, fingernail clippings, old magazines, and used condoms from her sisters rooms. The living room was similarly disgusting. Her mother vacuumed and then dumped everything out of the vacuum in the garbage can with her. This continued for several hours.

At one point her mother Vicki brought her large ashtray out carefully as it was very full and she didn't want to drop anything. Lily looked up just as her mother started dumping the ashtray. Hundreds of cigarette butts fell onto her face and ashes filled the air. Some of the cigarette butts got past her gag and ended up in her mouth, She had no choice but to swallow them which made her puke. Vicki didn't really see Lily as her daughter anymore, she was just a piece of trash. Lily also started to understand this. She completely felt like garbage. After several hours of cleaning Lily was invisible to anybody looking down into the trash can, Though the can was still far from full. Lily could see out in between a pizza box and a torn stuffed animal.

The guests started arriving later that evening. It wasn't long before the house was full of guests that were laughing and having fun. They all had dinner and then the party shifted to behind the house where the pool was. It wasn't long before people started to get drunk. During this entire event Lily was miserable, she had to keep quiet as she didn't think she could take the embarassment if anybody found her. She constantly had things thrown on her like half eaten food and beer cans. Nobody asked about Lily because nobody really cared.

At one point during the fun her grandpa was showing off by throwing some punches and kicks when suddenly he accidentally kicked the trashcan, which promptly fell over. Lily felt her world tip over as she was suddenly on her side. Her face was bright red because she thought she had been revealed but she didnt really fall out of the can like some other stuff did. The guests just laughed and set the can upright and put the garbage back in. Lily wasn't even noticed. Nobody had any reason to look at the garbage. Another event during the evening one of the children got sick and rushed to the trashcan to throw up all over Lily and the other garbage. She then threw up also. 

The party went on well into the night but it finally died down and everything was cleaned up and stuffed into her trashcan which was getting quite full now. Vicki tied off the bag and then put the lid on the trashcan, because at this point the garbage had started to stink. Everybody went to bed and had a peaceful sleep. 

The next morning Lily tried to plead with her parents once again. She cried and tried to talk through the gag. Her parents couldn't hear her though through the rest of the garbage around her. To Vicki and Lonny it was just a can full of garbage. Her family got ready and went to church that morning leaving Lily to ponder her fate. She was very hungry now but not that thirsty, several mystery fluids had been seeping through her gag. She didn't know whether she would die from starvation or if she would die from the trash truck or if she would even die at all. Lily knew that Trash day was Monday morning. She knew that she couldn't escape and she was very scared.

Later that evening Lily's parents and sisters arrived home and before everybody went to their rooms Vicki said, "Alright everybody lets put the garbage out it's really heavy today!" It was a joint effort, They all lifted the bag out of the can and then each got a hold of it from the bottom and carried it out the door to the curb. The bag was dropped on top of a few other bags that the neighbors had left. They all had a big family hug before returning inside to enjoy their lives.

Monday rolled around and fortunately Lonny and Vicki had the day off so they decided to go spend some money. They all piled into the car to go shopping and as they pulled out they all took notice of the pile of garbage that had gotten a little bigger since they dropped theirs off yesterday. 

The whole family had a great time. They ate out at an expensive resturant and they all bought something nice for themselves. As they pulled back into their driveway they all took notice that the pile of garbage was now gone, taken by the garbage truck. 

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