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University Food Waste

by PolytheneWrappedMe

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Every lunchtime, the university canteen would fed five hundred postgraduate female students (aged 25 to 30), a selection of home-style cooked, hot meals. These were served by four dinner ladies, employed to portion out the dishes and serve the hungry ladies from their exercises and studies.

The university was one of the last all female centres of education left in the country, and most of the staff were female too, from lecturers to cleaning staff.

It was deemed that male company would detract the ladies from their studies and the university rules forbade boyfriends from entering the campus grounds. It seems somewhat archaic, but the university saw no reason to change the policies for entrance, as they had remained at the top of the university performance leader board for centuries, having been founded in the 1800s.

Each day, was the same routine. 

The tables and chairs would be arranged in the Great Hall, which doubled as an assembly hall as well as dining hall in time for the noon day meal. The four dinner ladies would serve the students, trays of food, from shepherd's pie, to vegetarian curry, to beef casserole and chips, to apple pie and custard. The food was prepared in the university kitchens, and the four dinner ladies would wheel the hot food to a serving counter, from where it could be dispensed to the students.

The Great Hall was large enough to accommodate all five hundred ladies at morning assembly, as the students had to stand. But lunchtime was different. As the students were seated, extra room was required and so the students were made to go to lunch in relays, so that no more than two hundred and fifty were sat at any one time. 

The students were not encouraged to linger too long, as the second seating had to take place for those students than still needed to be fed.

After the final batch of students had left, the four dinner ladies would stack the tables and chairs in an annex storeroom, sweep the floor, and clear everything away, returning the Great Hall back to an empty place where the next morning's assembly could be held.

Apart from its functions as a place to hold assembly and to have lunch, the Great Hall was not used, and locked off when not in use.

All students eating lunch were required to clear away their own stuff. So at the end of each sitting for lunch, it was common to see a line of students waiting to scrape their food leftovers into the rubbish bin, put their knifes, forks and spoons in the trays which the dinner ladies would take back and load into the industrial sized dishwasher in the university kitchen, and stack the plates and bowls on the counter so the dinner ladies could wheel these back to kitchen also to be washed.

The rubbish bin, which was at the end of serving counter, was no more than a large black polythene sack, of industrial thickness, hung from a circular bag holder on wheels.

The food leftovers scraped into the rubbish bin, were almost equal parts liquid and solid from the various different juices, sauces, gravy, and wet puddings, that swilled around in the bag, until it looked more like a food slurry with floating debris, than a solid mass of waste. 

The students were strictly supervised to ensure all plastic and paper cartons, and the like, were put in a different unlined trash bin, so the food waste was always kept separate from more general waste.

Each large black polythene sack was over 4ft tall and 2ft in diameter when heavily laden and bulging to its full extend.  At the end of service, it took two dinner ladies to wheel the bag and its holder from the Great Hall to kitchen. Once inside the kitchen, few students who may have seen it wheeled there, knew not of what became of it. It was disposed of, why should anyone care ?

In fact, the dinner ladies would wheel it to the dumpsters next to the kitchen. There the polythene bag would be sealed. Each bag had been manufactured so that there was a large polythene flap at the opening of the bag. When a plastic strip was torn off, it revealed a sticky chemical layer, and once pressed against the polythene, formed a seal like it had been stuck with superglue. This flap was folded over, so it would form a seal trapping the food slurry and smells inside.  The two ladies would then hoist the sealed bag into the dumpster manually.  The dumpsters were collected weekly.

Being only 2ft tall, I had thought my chances of romance were slim, until I met Tanya, and Tanya worked as one of the dinner ladies at the university.

She thought it sexy to have a small sex slave to do her bidding night or day. Indeed, she used to joke that being so small, if I failed to obey her or please her in the bedroom department, so to speak, she could simply get rid of me and no one would know, Tanya only meant it in jest, but the more she taunted me with the prospect, the more I became intrigued with the prospect. For it was true, a small guy would be at her mercy.

One day, I sneaked into the university, and hid in the disused stage, in the Great Hall. The stage had been used in decades gone past, to do performances of plays and drama classes, but now had been disused, and left behind drawn velvet curtains, that made an excellent place for me to hid.

At the end of lunch, I had meant to come out and shock her, but the stunt had backfired, as I found Tanya was hardly alone, and the dinner ladies had ended up locking up the Great Hall for the night, before I had a chance to spring my surprise.

I sat there, in the dark all night, pondering a better way to do it. 

I remained hidden during the boring morning assembly, still hidden behind the curtains on the stage.

Soon enough, it was lunch time again, and the tables and chairs were set out once more. 

The dinner ladies set up the serving counter, and the food was brought in from the kitchen. It smelled good. My tummy rumbled as I had not eaten for several hours, having been locked in the Great Hall overnight.

One by one, the first sitting filed in, and selected their food for lunch, before taking their trays to their tables and sitting down to eat.  Half an hour later, some of the diners had finished their lunches and were now lining up to clear their plates, and stack the plates and cutlery ready to be taken out to be washed.

I saw the large polythene sack start to bulge as it was being gradually filled half-full.

I thought of all the waste food in the world, and how I was still hungry myself.

Then it dawned on me. After the second sitting, I could climb down from the stage and onto the serving counter, and jump into the polythene food waste bag and hide. Then when Tanya and her colleague wheeled it away, I could frighten them, just as Tanya had tried to frighten me with stories of what she could do to me. It would be a great laugh. 

I knew there was a window of opportunity, for she always took the trash out last, after the four dinner ladies had packed all the tables and chairs away in the annex storeroom. Whilst they were stacking furniture in the annex storeroom, the Great Hall would be empty and no one would see me get into the food waste.

The second sitting started arriving for their lunch, and then not longer after the Great Hall started to empty. 

I spied from behind the stage curtain when the coast was clear, and having got naked, so I could keep my clothes clean to after Tanya's surprise, I raced across the serving counter and jumped into the large polythene bag containing the food slurry that was the students' left over food.

Immediately, I started to sink, like being caught in quicksand. I started to panic, but that only made my decent even more rapid.  My legs had sunk into the food slops up to my waist, upon landing, and now the waste was up to my chest. Then my shoulders, until it passed my neck, and only my head remained.

I thought I would drown. But the buoyancy of my body reached equilibrium, like a swimmer, my head remained above the liquid.

Then I heard the university principal call out "Tanya, can you come here a moment ?  It seems that the university bus bringing back the athletics team has been delayed, can you stop clearing things away until they have eaten."

Tanya agreed.

Oh no !  They are still serving the students, and I realised that I would end up being either found and humiliated naked in the food waste, or buried alive under their leftovers.

I cannot be found I thought, so I submerged my head under the surface of the food slurry, like a swimming diver in a pool.

When I bobbed back up, floating to surface, my hair and face was matted and covered in food slime and debris.

Now, to anyone looking in, I was camouflaged as just part of the food waste.  I just had to remain still.  I could do this, I said to myself.  Indeed, I had to, or I faced being discovered !

The athletics team consisted of the university's forty best sleek and well-toned ladies, still sweaty from their cross-country run, and dressed in their tight gym wear.

Moments later they arrived, and promptly ordered their lunch. Sat down and ate it. Well some of it. The rest was destined for the waste bin and me.

I lay still, as one by one the forty ladies brought their plates and bowls to me, and promptly scraped the waste right on top of me.

A face full of yoghurt, followed a face full of pie and custard, followed a face full of gravy and chips. Then the next lady dropped the remains of her curry all over me, and then I was greeted by someone else's shepherds pie. 

Splat ! Splat ! Splat !  The aerial bombardment continued without mercy.  Not that any of the women knew of my predicament. To them, they were just getting rid of their unwanted food.

In a way, this was humiliation beyond compare. To have forty unknown ladies treat me as part of their waste.

For reasons I could not fathom, this had been an arousing experience, I had enjoyed the spectacle and sensations of being part of the trash.

By the time they finished, the bag was pretty nearly full.

Next I could hear the dinner ladies stack the rest of the chairs and tables away, and sweep the floor. The serving counter was removed, along with the dirty plates and dishes, everything heading for the kitchen and the dishwasher.

"Its late" I heard Tanya say "Why don't you two, get off home, and Christine and I will dispose of the trash."

The other two ladies said their 'goodbyes' for it only needed two women to perform the last task.

I wondered when I should spring my surprise on Tanya. It risked at least one other woman seeing me naked. So I waited.

Tanya and Christine wheeled the frame holding the polythene sack out of the Great Hall.

The food slurry sloshed about as they wheeled me suspended in the food slurry, inside the large shiny black polythene bag, as it swung as it was held on its metal frame..

I found myself aroused again. 

Tanya was right. She was indeed disposing of me, and easily.

I gently rubbed my cock. My mind enjoying the sensation of being trashed.

I knew I had to escape, but when to chose the best moment ?

Perhaps if I was sealed, I could still tear the bag open, and that way stay to experienced being thrown in a dumpster also !

I looked up to see Tanya and Christine remove the bag from the metal frame, and whilst Christine held the bag upright, so Tanya tore the plastic strip off, and sealed the lip of the bag closed.

Inside I could see the women pull the two walls of black shiny polythene together over my head, and I was plunged into total darkness.

I held my breath and remained still, as the two ladies manhandled me and the bag I was in, up and into the dumpster.

The bag landed on all the other black sacks already inside the dumpster, and looked exactly like all the rest.

Then Tanya closed the lid of the dumpster.

Wow, I had made it.

I was sealed in a plastic bag, and thrown in a dumpster along with the food waste from five hundred women.

I clawed at the inside of the bag, hoping to tear it open. My fingers just slid, and gained no purchase.

I was now getting faint.

I tried to gnaw my way out, by biting the plastic that surrounded me.

I swam towards the edge of the inside of the bag, and put my face to it. The slimy inside of the smooth polythene caressing my face.

I opened my mouth, but only food slurry entered.

I panicked some more, and exhaled, causing bubbles in the food slurry.

I wriggled and tried to call out, it was then I inhaled a lung of liquid food.

I coughed, and inhaled some more.

I blacked out shortly afterwards.

"I wonder what happens to the food waste ?" Tanya asked Christine

"Who cares !" replied Christine.

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