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The Unexplored Fantasy

by Desolate Mistral

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© Copyright 2015 - Desolate Mistral - Used by permission

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My wife, Jen and I had been married for 6 wonderful years. We had a very adventurous intimate life that took us to many fantasy places and included all manner of adventure.

We had enjoyed all sorts of fantasy play and fetish exploration. Bondage, S&M, Latex fetish, Domination, you name it, we gave it all a shot. But despite the incredible life behind closed doors there was one secret fetish I had never told her about. My deep rooted love of black trash bags. I don't know why I had never told her about it, we had shared our darkest most depraved fantasies with each other. But for some reason this one seemed too dark, too strange to let out in the open.

I regularly practiced my enjoyment of black bags in private, when she wasn't home. In public by hiding in dumpsters full of garbage, enclosed in my own black bag, waiting for the surge of energy when a stranger disposed of their own garbage on top of me. The rush of being caught was incredible, and I had many, many fulfilling orgasms in many many dumpsters. I couldn't explain the fetish, I've just always had it. I had done such a good job of keeping it secret for all these years that I had started to get careless with my pursuit of personal pleasure.

I had devised a way to vacuum seal myself into a trash bag with nothing more than a straw to breath out of to keep myself from blacking out, I would seal 2 55 gallon trash bags together, then attach a valve that I could open and close from the inside to a vacuum, climb inside, turn on the vacuum, tie the bag shut, seal my lips on the breathing apparatus, then stick the valve to the vacuum, the suction would rapidly pull all of the air out of the bag and it would clamp down on my bare flesh. The feeling of the bag sealed tightly to my skin was the ultimate rush. I was helpless to move, except to roll over, and grind my cock against the bag until I exploded in a writhing orgasm. When spent, I could pull away from the vacuum and let the air flow back into the bag. When it was less vice like, I could untie the bag, climb out  and continue on my day with nobody being any the wiser.

I had been performing this act randomly for years with no issues. I knew my wife's schedule very well, I knew when I could engage this fantasy, and when I couldn't. Jen had headed off to work for the day. She was looking very sexy wearing a mini dress, and a pair of heels that accentuated her long toned legs. Her ass looked amazing, as did her tight body. She was a sight to behold. I asked her where she was heading dressed up so sexily, and she responded that she had a meeting with a client that could potentially secure her company a significant financial backer. She needed to nail the meeting, so she was dressed to impress. She headed out the door and all I could do was watch as my little man grew hard watching her walk down the walkway to her car. I knew she was going to be gone all day, and probably into the night, I had a raging hard on, and determined that this would be the perfect time to take advantage of my little trash bag prison.

I went downstairs to the basement and gathered all of the materials I needed to seal myself in ecstasy and release my pent up pressure. After I got everything I needed I set myself up as I had done many times before, I attached the vacuum to the valve, climbed into the bag, wrapped my mouth around the breathing tube, tied the bag over my head, laid back and switched on the vacuum. The air was quickly sucked out of the bag and I was perfectly encased in the shiny black plastic. It felt so cool against my skin. I started to writhe and buck. I had found a way to shut the vacuum off and close the valve so the bag would stay sealed to my body without the noise of the vacuum ruining the sensations I felt. So I switched off the vacuum and just laid there enjoying the closeness of the plastic to my skin. I could feel the pressure around my swollen member, and hear the crinkle of the bag as I thrust around.

Suddenly my taboo fetish world was shattered when I heard Jen say in an alarmed tone, "What the fuck is going on here?"

She had used the meeting as a ploy to tease me, she knew that her outfit was going to get my blood flowing and her intention was to come back and use her physical appearance to tease me, then please me.

She had caught me in the act of something she had never seen before. She looked upon me sealed tightly inside a trash bag, It conforming to every curve of my body, My  rock hard cock straining against the shiny black plastic. I was on the verge of orgasm when she spoke. I was twitching inside the bag, ready to cum. Her voice instantly stopped my action.

I couldn't speak so I just laid there. She walked over to me and said again, "What the fuck are you doing? is this how you behave when I'm not around?"

I shook my head shamefully agreeing with her question. she continued, "I suppose you didn't think I knew about this little thing you have here did you? I know what makes you tick my dear husband. I see the clues, I've found the bags. I didn't however think this is what was going on. Do you like to be treated like garbage?"

She put her foot on my chest and yelled, "Answer me!"

I shook my head again. It was all I could do other than groan, the tube in my mouth made it impossible for me to talk.

I felt her kneel down beside me, she ran her hand over my chest. I writhed. She watched my cock swell inside the bag.

"I can see how hard you are. You really enjoy being vacuum sealed inside a trash bag don't you?" she said as she traced her fingernails down my chest, over my stomach and down across the underside of my throbbing cock.

I groaned as she traced the line.

She responded to my groaning and bucking by rubbing my dick through the plastic. She stated, "I'm going to make you cum, it's going to be slow, and I'm going to enjoy this more than you are, but when you are done we are going to have a conversation about this as I'm not exactly pleased that you have been engaging in this kind of play without my knowledge." She started to rub my member slowly.

The flash of heat from her hand and the contrast with the cold black bag clinging to my body made me shiver. She spit onto my groin and rubbed carefully, listening to my breathing and moaning. Sensing that I was going to explode she stopped, bringing me to the raw, bitter edge. She let me cool down then continued. She kept edging me like this for an hour, every time getting me closer to orgasm. It was torture. I thought I was going to black out when she finally brought me to completion. I erupted, bucking wildly as she rubbed my cock and balls furiously. She was very turned on watching me throb and empty my balls in the bag, She could see every vein of my manhood as it strained against the shiny black plastic. She could see every pulse as the cum dumped out of my balls. She would never admit it, but she was on the ragged edge herself.

Jen instructed me to get out and get cleaned up then to meet her in the kitchen for a conversation regarding my depraved behavior. I did as she instructed.

I sat down beside her in the kitchen. I couldn't even look her in the eyes as I was so ashamed of what she had caught me doing, I didn't know what to say. She was still dressed in her mini dress and heels, looking sexy as ever. I didn't notice the flush of her skin as she was immensely aroused by what had just transpired. She took it upon herself to trigger a massive orgasm as she waited for me to clean up.

She asked me how I got involved in such an odd fetish and I told her that I didn't know, It had been there since I was a child. She asked why I hadn't told her about it before. I sheepishly shrugged, I didn't know how to answer. She asked me how far it had gone. I danced around some of the details. She eventually got me to admit that I had been spending time inside dumpsters letting people throw their trash on me. She asked if I had ever been in a compactor. I looked at her wide eyed and responded with a resounding, "NO!" She got a little smirk on her face and asked, "Do you want to be?"

I stammered, unable to think how to answer this question.

She replied with, "I can make your ultimate fantasy come true. I will make you trash, and dispose of you in the compactor in the parking lot. I know what you have been doing and have researched this for months. It's safe, they empty the compactor on Monday every week, If I throw you in there on Tuesday, you can stay in it until Saturday being nothing but trash, then I'll pop the lid and get you out!"

I just sat there dumbfounded that she would even make such a suggestion. "Wouldn't I get killed in there?" I stated.

"No!" she responded, "I've been doing a lot of research and I've seen it when it gets emptied into the big garbage truck. It usually isn't packed too tight. I think you  would be fine!"

She smiled at me with her big bright smile and said, "Let me help you live out this fantasy." She looked into my eyes, "I know you want this, I've see the videos you watch online of people in dumpsters. I can make this very much worth it to you, let's do it!"

I looked at her for a long time trying to wrap my head around the fact that she wasn't mad, she wasn't going to leave me for keeping this crazy fetish to myself. On the contrary, she was actually encouraging me to live out the ultimate fantasy. I agreed.

She looked at me and said, "Great, on Tuesday night we are going to have us a little fantasy. Now get the fuck over here and fuck me. You have no idea how much that turned me on you piece of filth!"

I obliged her instruction and fucked her hard. I didn't even take the dress off, I just bent her over the counter and fucked her until she came, again and again then I dumped my load inside her tight pussy.

Four days later I arrived home from work just after midnight, officially on vacation for 10 days. I had sort of forgot about the arrangement Jen and I had until I walked through the door to our apartment and saw what she had been up too all day, there were 30-40 black plastic garbage bags stuffed and tied tight in the living room. Jen was standing there wearing a pair of leggings and a short sweatshirt. She smiled at me and pointed at all the trash bags. I asked her what she was doing and she told me that she had been stuffing 39 gallon bags with cotton batting all day so there would be plenty of shiny, soft black plastic bags in the compactor with me. She flashed me a devilish grin and said, "Lets get this going."

Who am I to say no to a woman who looks like her, about to treat me like trash? She pulled out a 55 gallon bag and unfolded it, then billowed it so it was full of air and placed it inside of a giant grey wheel cart. She instructed me to strip naked and kneel inside the bag. She put the bag in the cart and bunched it up so I could step into it. She then produced a silk tie of mine and proceeded to bind my ankles, then hands in front of me. She said I had to sit in the bag, she would poke a couple holes in it so I had plenty of air, and she would tie it with a blue rope so she could find me in a couple days. I sat, and she drew the bag up over my head, then she leaned in and gave me a passionate kiss and told me how excited she was that she could help me live out a lifelong fantasy. She then tied the bag over my head.

The compactor in our development is centrally located to the 10 buildings, surrounded by a high fence. It is a self contained unit, that is large enough to handle all of the waste from the complex for a week, yet still be emptied into a front end load garbage truck once a week. It has a platform in front of the feed chute so you can just drop the bags in. The building provided giant wheeled bins that you can tip to empty heavy loads right into the mouth of the compactor. The compactor is manually activated with a button and it cycles 3 times to clear the hopper. There is a safety interlock that makes it necessary to have the door closed for the ram to cycle, but I had figured out how to override the safety, and truth be told I spent much time with the door open watching the bags get squeezed into the container. No bulky waste is allowed so it is always full of only trash, and it's only black bags that go into it. I had fantasied about this for a long, long time, and it was now about to become fantasy.

Once Jen had me bagged up with breathing holes, she loaded 10 other bags into the cart and proceeded down the hall. The sensation as the bags settled around me and the fact that I was nothing more than trash being taken to the dumpster was overwhelming. I swelled uncontrollably as the thought of what was about to happen took hold. She then wheeled me across the parking lot and into the waste enclosure. I heard her say she would be right back as she had to take the other cart to get the rest of the bags she had filled. I heard the other cart roll away. It must have been about 2am now and all was quiet. I heard her return about 10 minutes later with the other cart. I could hear the rusty wheels squeak as she moved it across the parking lot. I heard the gate to the enclosure open, then close and latch. I heard Jen say she was back. She tipped my cart over the chute to the compactor, myself and all of the surrounding bags easily slid out of the cart and into the hopper. I hit the floor pretty hard and felt the rest of the bags fall on top of me. This was actually going to happen.

I started to swell even more as I laid there waiting to hear the hydraulics come to life! Suddenly it happened. The ram retracted a small amount as Jen pressed the green "go" button, then the plate started to slide forward. I immediately felt the pressure around me increase. My bag expanded as the pressure began to increase. I could now feel the floor of the hopper start to slide below me as I was moved towards the body of the compactor. My bag started to deflate around me as the surrounding bags were pressed tightly, I couldn't move as I was bound inside the bag.

I tried to get my hands up towards my face to keep the plastic off my face as the bag was pressed tightly to my skin, but I was unsuccessful. I started to panic. I could now hear the surrounding bags start to pop and scream as the ram continued its forward motion compressing all of the bags. The pressure built and I could feel myself getting squeezed. I was struggling to breath as the bag was tight over my face, and the pressure was compressing my chest. This wasn't what I was expecting. The machine didn't care that I was alive. It's only job is to compact waste into the smallest space possible. It will break and compress with unyielding, merciless efficiency.

Then suddenly the pressure released. The ram started to cycle back to open the hopper and crush the next load of bags rearward. I was panicked and was trying to move myself in my bag to get out of the pressure zone. I was sweating profusely so the bag was slick and I couldn't move inside it. I did manage to get my hands up in front of my face so the bag wouldn't get so tight to my face. I braced for the second cycle to bear down on me but it did not. All of the sound was now muffled as I was pressed pretty tightly and I could hear the rustling of bags as they fell into the hopper of the compactor. I then heard the door of the machine slam shut and there was silence. I could vaguely make out the sounds of footsteps moving away, then the gate open, and close. I was now alone inside a garbage compactor. Nobody knew I was there but my wife. I didn't even know when she was going to come back to save me.

As I had nothing but time now I began to stroke my now engorged cock and bring myself to a massive orgasm. I was thrusting uncontrollably as my orgasm ripped through my body. Now that I was spent I decided that it was time to sleep. I was instantly aware of not only how alone I was, but how warm and inviting the garbage tomb was around me. There was nothing but absolute blackness. and the soft sounds of the bagged garbage settling around me. I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to the sound of the compactor door being opened and the sound of several bags of trash being thrown into the hopper. The sound started and the pressure began to increase as the ram began it's cruel forward movement. The pressure began to increase as the loaded hopper began to compact and slide into the body. I could hear bags squealing and popping as the ram started to feed everything rearward. The pressure around me started to increase again. Fortunately I had managed to move over the course of the night so I wasn't directly in the path of the incoming waste, but I was still able to feel the pressure build around me.

It greatly aroused me as the bags screamed and compressed with the rams movement. The pressure released as the packer plate retreated, but the rest was short. When the ram reached the home position it started forward again. I could immediately hear the bags start to pop and whistle as the air was squeezed out. The pressure built again, this time it was a fraction greater as the volume of waste in the body increased with each inch the plate moved forward. The process repeated a third time as the packer completed it's third cycle. Then all was quiet again.

As I laid there in the tomb of darkness I just listened for the next person to come and fill the hopper. There were many visitors as the early morning workers headed out to their jobs. Each one opened the door, threw their bags in and walked away, the button never got pressed. As I was laying slowly rubbing my cock waiting for the next cycle to start I heard some rustling inside the body of the compactor. I stopped and tried to focus on the sound and where it was coming from. It was in the mass below me.

I whispered, "Hello!"

I heard a muffled response, "Help me!"

I wasn't sure if what I was hearing was a figment of my imagination so I repeated my question, "Hello"

The response was clear, "Help me, I can't move!"

I started to struggle against my binding and successfully managed to get myself out of my bag. My hands were still bound with no hope of getting untied, but I began to move some of the bags, fumbling in the dark trying to find where the noise was coming from.

I finally hit a bag that moved and twitched and I heard, "Get me up out of this area."

"Jen?" I said.

"Yes honey" she responded.

Her body went rigid as the sound of the door opening startled us both. Hopefully they hadn't heard us moving around. There was the sound of several bags hitting the other waste in the hopper, then the sound of the door closing firmly.

We both tensed that the packer would begin to move, but to our relief it did not.

I helped get her out of the hole she was in and asked her, "What the fuck are you doing? you could have been killed."

She produced a very small, dim flashlight and turned it on, we could see each other and the situation that we were in. We were surrounded by nothing but shiny black bags of trash. There was a substantial area of space above us so we would have plenty of space for more garbage to join us.

She replied, "I wanted to give you the ultimate fantasy."

She smiled at me and continued, "I have my girlfriend Alyssa in on this little game. She knows all about the fantasy you have, and I asked her to help me take your fantasy to the very next level. She helped me get everything ready, and it was her that took you out to the trash. She went back to the apartment to pick me up and bring me down to the compactor. After she dumped and compacted you, she dumped me and the rest of the garbage I had made into the dumpster and left."

Jen brushed her hair out of her face and smiled at me, bit her lip and said, "You and I are going to have some fun for the next 48 hours my love."

She then climbed out of the hole I had dug her out of, and pressed down on me so I slid into the spot she was occupying, she ripped the bag that was surrounding my swollen cock and locked her lips around me. I let out a groan as I felt her mouth side down over the head of my dick. She giggled as she felt me swell in her mouth and continued sliding down until she was balls deep and I was lodged in her throat.

Suddenly the door opened, I froze as did she. There was the sound of bags hitting the pile, then the door slammed shut, and the whirring of hydraulics spinning to life.

She quickly pulled up off my throbbing cock as the plate started forward. Immediately the hole I was in started to close as the packer moved forward. Jen grabbed my arms trying to pull me out of the void which was quickly closing around me, but she wasn't strong enough, I was slowly enclosed in bags as the bags from the hopper were compressed into the bags around me. I lost sight of her as my face was covered and the pressure increased. I was pushed into the bags further into the body of the compactor.

Jen sitting above me watched as I was enclosed in the garbage bags, she was suddenly over run with excitement. She was watching me live my fantasy. Her hands moved down to her love button and started to furiously rub, she tipped off a massive orgasm that caused her whole body to tremor. She struggled to stay silent as the waves of orgasm coursed through her body.

As the second and third cycles of the compactor pushed me further into the garbage pile I was less concerned for my safety as I knew I had someone to assist me if needed, I found myself growing somehow even harder. When the compactor stopped I was firmly enclosed, unable to move, or speak as I had a bag pretty tightly pressed into my mouth.

I suddenly felt Jen's hand on my stomach. She had dug out a hole and found me enclosed in the garbage. She moved some compacted bags to gain access to my groin, then lowered her mouth onto me again. I lost control immediately and began to spasm and fire a massive load into her mouth. She greedily swallowed every drop down.

Throughout the majority of the afternoon all was quiet. Jen moved the bags away from my face so I could breath, but she left my body tightly packed so I could not move. She did dig out a small space around my hips from what I could feel.

As the evening started to wear on the number of visits to the garbage enclosure were more frequent. There must have been 20 or so times the door opened and closed, but the button was never pushed. The load in the hopper must be getting pretty big.

I couldn't see my wife from my spot unless she was directly above the hole she had made for my face and she had the light on. If she wasn't right there I couldn't see her at all. I could feel her hands on me occasionally as she teased me stiff again. I could hear the whimpers as she brought herself to orgasm again and again. She would occasionally place her wet fingers in my mouth to keep me aroused.

I heard the door open again, and what sounded like a knock on the container. I heard quite a few bags being thrown on the pile, simultaneously I felt Jen's body come down on my groin. She dropped with her knees on either side of my hips and slowly guided me inside her tight dripping wet pussy, then just stopped.
The door slammed shut, and the compactor fired to life. As the ram started moving she started to grind on me. I could feel the bags press around me. I was inside a garbage compactor, inside my beautiful wife as I was getting compacted. This was more than I could have ever imagined. As the packer plate slid forward both Jen And I were compressed as the load got tighter, she couldn't' move any more. The hole over my face closed up again. All that could be heard was the whistling and popping of bags as they burst under the pressure. All I could feel was the pressure of the black bags against my sweat slicked skin, and the rhythmic pulsing of Jen's Pussy as she reached orgasm again and again on me.

After the first cycle, the door opened and the sound of what seemed like dozens of bags falling into the compactor caught my attention. The door closed again but this time it didn't slam, I could hear the door pressing bags into the hopper. Someone had loaded the entire thing. It would probably take the button being pressed ten times to clear all of those bags. It was already tight and neither Jen or I could move as it was. This was going to be intense I thought to myself.

The button was pushed. Eight times the button was pushed. Twenty four cycles had pushed me tighter than I had ever been squeezed. Jen couldn't move, She came countless times. I could feel her juices flowing all over me. I somehow managed to cum multiple times inside her without even the slightest movement. She had managed to wrap her legs around my hips to ensure we didn't get pushed apart. I had just lived the most intense experience of my entire life and I was completely drained.

Suddenly there was a loud bang from above me and I heard an exchange of words. I heard a girl in muffled tones. I was so tight that my ears were completely blocked by the bags around my head. I had managed to keep my face clear so I could breath although it was becoming more difficult.

I felt Jen's legs untwist from below me and she lifted off me. I could feel the stirring above me as she moved, then my eyes were flooded with light as the bag over my face was moved. I could see Jen's face above me, She moved the bags around my head and I could hear clearly again. I heard her friend Alyssa say, "Jen, Look at the mess you made on him. That is a lot of pussy juice. You are so sexy!"

Jen responded with, "Thank you. And thank you for helping us with this fantasy."

Alyssa giggled and said, "My Pleasure sexy. You owe me now!"

Jen sighed and responded with a bright tone, "I can't wait to find out how I can repay you"

I just laid there watching from what I could see from my tiny hole through my garbage prison. I saw the girls lock lips in a passionate kiss. The stirring in my body began, but I was completely spent from the last hours of intensity. I had nothing left to give.

The girls helped dig me out of my tomb, pulled me to freedom and handed me some clothes. As I got dressed they asked if I liked my fantasy.

I responded with a big smile and said, "Thank you both. That was the most intense thing I have ever experienced. I'll have to find a way to repay you both."

They both giggled and smiled.

Jen gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, "No need to pay me back. That was also the most intense thing I've ever done too. You have opened my eyes to a very intense fetish, and for that I am grateful!"

We climbed out of the compactor. Closed the cover, and walked back to the apartment to shower and see what happens next!

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