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The Unexpected, Expected Ride

by Desolate Mistral

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© Copyright 2015 - Desolate Mistral - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; fetish; bagged; encased; trash; wheeliebin; kerbside; truck; collection; disposal; compacted; stuck; mast; climax; cons; X

I had been dating this girl for over a year now. It was the perfect match for me. I have a deep seeded fetish for being encased in black garbage bags, She is a garbage truck driver.

We had been able to make my desire to be inside a garbage truck on a very safe level happen on several occasions, but the excitement was not there anymore. I needed less control of the situation.

She came to my home and told me that she had been on a new route for 2 weeks now and the route was almost exclusively black bag pick-ups. She had been driving an Automatic Side loader for over a year now and had been scoping her new routes every couple of months to keep an eye out for the perfect route to help me live out my most powerful fantasy. The opportunity had presented itself.

We worked out a safe plan for me to live the ultimate garbage fantasy. The plan was set to put me in a wheelie bin in a black 80 gallon drum liner, load other trash bags on top of me and wheel me out to the curb for a morning pick up. She would hit my street first emptying a couple bins in the truck first to give me a slight pressing as I fall into the truck, then run for 30 minutes on the new route to give me a real feeling for what it is like to be garbage. She determined that period of time with her efficiency would be enough to get me pressed pretty well into the body of the truck and bring me to a very acute climax having no control of the garbage fantasy. She would then divert the truck to an abandoned parking lot and open the tailgate so I could get out, give me clothes and let me ride the rest of the route with her. I was all in.

That night she put a liner in my wheelie bin in the garage, helped me climb in, tied the bag tight over my head, poked a hole for me to breath and then piled 4 black trash bags on top of me and wheeled me out to the street. Then she was gone. I was alone on the side of the street awaiting what would be undoubtedly the most intense day of my life. The excitement coursing through me was too much to handle, I grew hard quickly and tried to control myself, but it was almost impossible. I rubbed against the bag until I exploded. Drained, I slowly drifted off to sleep.

The next morning at 0400 she arrived to work to pick up her truck and head out on her route. She was very excited to assist me in living out this fantasy. She knew that at the end she would reap the rewards as I would be unable to fuck her hard enough for helping me live this.

As she reported to dispatch to take the keys for the truck, she was informed that she was randomly selected to take a new equipment training class that she had signed up for 3 weeks earlier. She tried hard to avoid taking the class but her supervisor would not hear her. He told her, "You are one of our best, brightest operators, you signed up for the class, and I'm telling you that you are going to go to it today. There is a van leaving to the manufactures facility in 20 minutes, be on the bus or start looking for a new job!"

She was horrified, she knew there was no way to communicate to me that the plan was blown. She broke down crying but couldn't tell anyone what was going on. Her supervisor told her to get herself together and get on the bus. A couple of the other operators gathered her up and helped her to the bus while she fought in vain to not go.

I awoke to the soft sound of a diesel engine in the distance. The sound was muffled as the trash in my bin had settled overnight and pressed most of the air out of my bag, I managed to keep my breathing hole next to my mouth so I was in good shape there, but I was very cramped at having been in a ball all night long. As I tried to focus on the engine I could hear it growing louder, My heart started to race and my manhood grew stiff, I knew this was it and I was ready for the ride of my life.

The truck passed without stopping... It rolled right passed. It must have not been my lover in her truck of fantasy. Hell, I didn't even know what time it was. I slowly drifted back into sleep.

Suddenly I was jolted awake as the container next to mine was slammed to the ground, I was surrounded by the sound of diesel power. I could hear the hydraulics operating as the bin beside me was pressed into the opening of the garbage truck. I knew my girl was about to feed me into the mouth of ultimate pleasure. I braced for the ride, unbeknownst to me that my girl was sitting on a bus 40 miles away sobbing knowing that I was doomed.

I felt the shock as the arm pushed into my container, then closed firmly around the bin. I could hear the strain of the engine as the feeling of vertigo took over as I was lifted off the ground, then the weightlessness as the container was overturned and the contents fell into the hopper of the truck. I landed on top of the other bags, so I didn't hit the steel floor. She planned that very well, the fall was hard, but not jarring as I had something to break the fall. The truck lurched forward and I settled into the garbage bags around me. I heard the brakes squeal and the engine rev up as the arm lifted another container into the hopper, the bags all crashed down on me, pressing me down with considerable weight. I was hard as steel knowing that in a moment I would be pushed into the back of the truck.

The hydraulics moved into action and the packing plate begins to rapidly slide towards the back of the truck. I feel a tremendous pressure as the plate presses the entire load in the hopper rearward into the bags that are already in the body. All I can hear is the whistling of the air being squeezed out of the bags around me. The pressure is intense, but the sound of the screaming bags is bringing me closer to orgasm. Suddenly the pressure releases, and the sound stops.

I am inside a garbage truck. I am nothing but garbage. Nobody knows I'm here except my girl, who I am blissfully unaware is not driving this truck. For the next few minutes my brain is reeling as I am continually put under pressure by each additional load of bags that is pressed into the body of the truck. The pressure around my body is firm, but manageable, the sound of the bags popping and screaming has me twitching with excitement. My hands are pinned to my side by the load around me so I buck wildly against the bags surrounding me in an effort to orgasm, and I do. Again, and again.

When I first got pressed into the body I could see some sunlight shining through into the body through my bag. As the time passes I'm surround by nothing but black. I'm starting to grow concerned as I have no concept of time, and each time the hydraulics rev up it's getting tighter around me, it feels like it's been more than 30 minutes and I'm starting to panic.

The mechanical arm is feeding garbage bags into the mouth of the hopper at a furious pace, and the compactor happily accepted every load with the same unyielding fury, every cycle presses me more firmly into the surrounding bags. There is a continual screaming of bags as they are compressed flat into the body, the cycles are starting to compress my chest making it difficult to breath, but I am still aroused at the loss of control. I continue to wriggle with what energy and space I have to explode one more time.

I'm tired now as the last orgasm has drained all of my energy, I start to doze off wondering at what point my girl is going to open the truck and pull me to safety. I close my eyes and start to drift off to sleep/unconsciousness as the load gets pressed ever tighter. I become aware of nothing but the sounds of the engine being muffled and the relentless screaming of bags meeting their final fate. Just like me.

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