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Trick Or Trash

by Stoo

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© Copyright 2008 - Stoo - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; captive; bond; gag; tape; cupboard; bagged; trash; carried; dumpster; stuck; nc; X

A Halloween Special 2008 Tale


"Trick Or Treat!!"

Sarah opened the door of her apartment and saw 2 children standing there with open bags awaiting a treat from her, One was dressed as a witch and the other was dressed as a pirate.

"How cute!! Here's some extra candy since your costumes are so awsome!"

She half fills each bag up with sweets and smiles to kids as they thank her and leave. Sarah loves halloween but this year she'd be spending it alone as her husband was working the night shift, and her friends all had plans. It was the first halloween she'd spent alone in years, but she was enjoying it, snuggling up on the couch with a blanket and some popcorn watching scary movies. There was a George Romero zombie movie marathon on that night, and by the second movie she'd already had around 10 trick or treaters. Sarah didn't mind though, it was all part of the fun, even if it did interupt her movies from time to time.

By 10pm the stream of halloweeners had trickled down vastly, in fact no one had been to the door in over half an hour, and it was only one kid. It was a good thing as she was almost out of candy, maybe enough for one more person. Sarah finished watching her last movie just after half past and was getting ready to head for bed when she heard a knock at the door.

"I hope thats the last person" she says as she gets up and head towards the door with the bowl of sweets in hand.

She opens the door but is surprised to find a man standing there, wearing a Rchard Nixon mask and a suit. She's a little startled at first but then she laughs and asks, "Arn't you a little too old for trick or treating?".

He stares at her through the tiny eye holes and says nothing.

"Do you want this candy or not? You may as well I'm not going to eat it." Sarah holds out the bowl towards the strange man but again he does nothing. "Ok, well if you not going to take it you better leave". She tries to close the door but finds that it won't close all the way. Looking down she noticed the man has his foot jammed in the entrance. "What are you..", Suddenly he forces the door open with great force and hits Sarah in the head with it, knocking her out and to the floor.

* * *

Sarah wakes up to a throbbing head and is still a little dizzy. She's lying on the floor on her stomach and tries to get up, only to find she can't move. Her hands are tied behind her back and she is bound at her ankles with rope. She tries to scream but she can only make muffled sounds that she can barely hear herself, thats when she realises that shes not only tied up, shes gagged, as she can feel something soft filling her mouth.

"Ah, I see you're finally awake." a voice says from behind her

Rolling over half onto her side she manages to see the man she saw earlier standing over, only this time without the mask. He's a rather good looking man, clean cut and nicely presented, although its not as comforting as it normally would be.

"I need a place to throw a party" he says to her as he looks down into her watery eyes. "I promised my friends a big party tonight but unfortunatly I can't use my own place, I won't tell you why since thats none of your business!" he chuckles to himself and then walks away into another room.

Sarah tried desperatly to break her bonds but is unsuccessful, she's tied tight. The man returns with a roll of duct tape which he places in his blazer pocket.

"Oh there's no use tryin to get free, I've got you tied extremely well, not even houdini could get out of those ropes!"

Picking her up and placing her over his shoulder he takes her through to the room he had just been in, Sarah's bedroom.

"Obviously I can't have you lying around when my friends show up, so I'm going to hide you for now".

He opens a big wardrobe in the corner of the room and gently places her inside.

"I also know your husband won't be back untill half way through tomorrow, I heard you two talking about it yesterday outside your apartment and I knew you'd be alone. I also followed you to see what door you lived at, I really needed a place to party you see".

He then slams the doors closed and pulls the tape out of his pocket, wrapping it around the handles several times untill they are hidden under the many layers. He throws the tape onto her bed and tests to see if the doors will open, but they remain shut, "Perfect, now to get the party ready". The man then exits the room leaving Sarah in the darkness.

* * *

Sarah is terrified and is now sobbing to herself, wondering what he's going to do with her after the party, if that's really what he's up to. She lies on her side using a coat that she left on the wardrobe floor as a pillow, it was comfortable but not enough to make her relax, I mean how could she?

Thoughts were racing through her head, occasionally about what the stranger's party would do to her clean apartment, but mostly about what he would do to her afterwards, eventually that's all she could think about. After a while she wondered if there was any chance of escape, she'd heard the tape being wound round the handles and she'd figured thats what he was doing but she tried to open the doors anyway, pushing them with her feet. She pushed hard for several minutes and at one point she nearly tipped the wardrobe over! She then tried to free her arms again, not giving up for a full 15 mintes, but it was starting to really hurt. Giving it a rest she settled back down onto her nest and closed her eyes, she couldn't stand waiting anymore she wanted this to be over but she couldn't control any of it. Eventually she dosed off, exhausted from her efforts to free herself.

* * *

Sarah was woken up by loud rock music coming from her livingroom, and she heard several voices along with it, laughter and shouting. No use in screaming she figured, there's no way anyone would hear me, and judging by how things have gone tonight I don't think any of the guests would care if I was in here. In fact in her still frightened mind she'd prefer that a bunch of probably drunk people didn't know there was a woman tied up and gagged, waiting, vulnerable. Sarah spent the next several hours listening to the music, trying to enjoy it, as it may probably be the last time she'd hear any music. She dozed in and out of sleep again, she had no idea what time it was or how much time had passed, she couldnt even guess.

Eventually when she wakes up one time she can't hear any music, and wonders if they are maybe just changing the cd, but she realises she can't hear any voices either. "Oh no!" she thinks, "if the party is over then he'll probably come back for me, I know his face, there's no way he'd just leave me!" she was panicking now, sweating and crying. Then she heard the noise of the tape being removed from the doors and then she was met by light, it blinded her momenterly until a figure came into focus. Hoping desperatly that she'd slept through the night and her husband had returned home and found her, unfortunatly she was wrong as she saw her captor staring in at her with a grin on his face.

"What a party!" he exclaimed, "it's a shame you couldn't of been there, although i'm sure you heard most of it, am I right?"

Sarah looked down to the floor, she couldn't look him in the eye, she was too scared. She was sore from being so cramped in the cupboard and her arms were aching and red from the rope. The man reached in and picked her up, putting her over his shoulder again and taking her back out of the room. As he walked into the livingroom she saw what a mess he had made of her apartment, nothing was broken, but there was a lot of empty cans, bottles, paper plates, scraps of food and decorations made from paper on the walls and some ripped off and left on the floor. He lay her down on the couch and he sat down next to her. "This place is a mess... I told you we had a good party, but I guess now its time to tidy up and throw away the trash!"

Sarah was confused, he was going to clean her apartment?

The stranger got up and walked into the kitchen and grabbed a roll of trashbags from off the counter. "I brought these bags along, they are huge and will be usefull for the cleanup".

He took a bag from the roll and after working it a little to find the opening he snapped it open. Sarah noticed that they really were big, and thick, and thought to herself that she should start buying bags like that. He hung the end of the bag over a chair, letting it rest on the ground but remain open, and then started throwing garbage from the kitchen into the bag. After a short while he stopped, "I should put the bigger things in here first...".

What bigger things?

Looking around most of the trash was smaller things, thats when she noticed he was looking directly at her. He can't be serious... I'm not garbage!

He walked over to Sarah and her eyes started to well up again, she was so frightened, but then she noticed that he walked right past her. "Phew! I knew there was no way he was talking about me".

She had felt almost stupid for thinking that, that was untill she heard the noise of tape being stretched and then suddenly felt herself being grabbed from behind the sofa. He quickly pulled her legs up to her chest and started to wrap the tape around before she even had time to react, he taped her knees to her chest, wrapping the tape round several times to make sure she would stay. Throwing the tape on the floor he walked round to the other side of the couch and then picked up Sarah for the last time. She wriggled and thrashed as hard as she could, knowing it was useless but thinking at least she put up a fight. He took her into the kitchen and placed her in the large bag ontop of the rubbish already in there, he grabbed the edges and pulled them a little, making sure she was fully in the bag. "There, now to get the rest of this trash cleaned up".

The way Sarah was lying all she could see was the dark wall of the bag... her bag, and it wasn't too comfortable whatever she was lying on, but I guess that was the least of her worries. She noticed how much room there actually was in the bag, and how she'd never really thought about some garbage bags being big enough to fit people plus trash.

Her thoughts were interupted as more was thrown on top of her, left over food spilled over her face and lay around her, next came some paper plates, one covered her face obscuring her view, so she shook her head to move, she wasn't sure why she would need to see, but she did it anyway. A few empty cans and big plastic bottles landed on top of her and rolled off to fill the sides of the bag. More rubbish followed and after a short while she was half covered, only her head and shoulders were visable, and her apartment was still a mess. Eventually the bag was full and she was completely covered, with about a 2 and a half feet of garbage on top of her, weighing her down slightly and it was almost spilling out of the bag.

"Looks like this bag is full!" Said the stranger loud enough so that Sarah could hear.

He gathered the edges and pulled them tight into a ponytail, and then tied it shut, he then pulled a zip tie out of his pocket and clipped it onto the pony tail making sure it definitely wouldn't open. he reached down and poked a small hole near to where her head was, "There we go" he said as he laughed to himself, "time to fill the other bag".

He got to work filling the other bag and cleaned the rest of her apartment, erasing all trace of his presence. Eventually there were 3 large bags lying on the kitchen floor, all looking identical, except one had a small hole hidden from view. "Hmmm, might not be strong enough, better safe than sorry!"

The man picked up the roll again and opened up a fresh shiny black trash bag, wafting it full of air, getting a wiff of the plastic as he did so, he started to double bag Sarah, and she felt herself rock around and rotate as he struggled to get the bag round her, he then opened another and proseeded to triple bag her. He poked a couple of holes through all 3 bags near the bottom for air. He pulled out another zip tie and grabbed the 2 new bag's openings and closed them for good. Standing back he admired his work. "Thats my work done, I have my own home to go to, bye!". He gave Sarah's bag a gentle kick and then left her apartment, turning off the lights on his way out.

Sarah was in complete darkness and was surrounded by a foul stench that welcomed her with every breath. She was crying heavily and had been the whole time he was throwing her out, she didn't know what would happen next, she wasn't sure if he'd really left or was just playing games with her, but if he had, would her husband find her? He's not likely to open garbage bags just to see whats inside, although there wasn't much reason for 3 large black bags to be in his kitchen either. It was starting to get really warm now and she had to slow her breathing down and try and relax becuase she was getting too worked up. She decided she would try and get some sleep, she figured it must be early hours of the morning, and her husband would return around 12am, then she'd try and let him know she was in the bag and he'd free her, then they'd go to the police and they would catch the man who did this to her. After all she knew his face, and there was no way that she'd forget it either.

* * *

Sarah's husband came home from his work and placed his keys on the unit next to the front door. "I'm home honey!" he shouted out to Sarah but there was no reply. "Hmmm must still be sleeping". He walked into his bedroom hoping to find his beautiful wife lying in bed, but as he peeked in he was met only with a well made bed.

"Ah, away out I see", he closed the door and headed towards the kitchen, that's when he noticed the 3 large bags lying against the wall. He walked over and examined them. "I guess she had a party after all!" He picked one of the bags up to test its weight, it was fairly heavy, "I guess she left these for me since they're too heavy for her!"

He grabbed the first bag on the end and took it outside and downstairs to the dumpster out back, throwing it in. The dumpster was nearly full and was scheduled for pickup the next day. He returned and grabbed another bag, leaving one... a special bag, containing his wife, who was very much fast asleep. She hadn't heard her husband return or call for her, as she was well packed in the bag, and the layers of plastic helped dim his sounds, she was also a really heavy sleeper, often he would shake her a few times to get her up in the morning to wake her up when she was late.

Her husband returned for the final bag and as he lifted it he realised just how heavy it was, "Jesus! this must of been some wild party!"

He really struggled to lift this bag but managed to eventually get it down the stairs and round to the back. Luckily the dumpster was lower down as there was a loading dock next to it which meant heavy garbage could be thrown is easier, and with one hefty swing he launched her bag down into the dumpster. Sarah suddenly woke up when she landed on the other garbage bags, she'd wondered what had happened, then she realised when she heard the lid close and had noticed the surface had changed beneath her.

"HHMMMPPHHH" she tried to scream but her gag and the surrounded garbage softened her sounds to a tiny noise, her husband heard nothing as he returned back into his apartment to wait for his wife to return home.

The End


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