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The Trashy Adventures of David and Christine 4: Christine's Party

by femboy in a dumpster

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© Copyright 2017 - femboy in a dumpster - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; D/s; reunion; party; tricked; strip; bond; gag; trashcan; messy; foodwaste; bagged; compactor; buried; tease; cons/reluct; X

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Book 4: Christine's Party

"David, can you take take out the trash for me before we go?"

I look up from my spot on the couch, instantly setting my newspaper down. Within moments, the rather heavy cans of garbage are on the curb. I stand there a moment, reminiscening about the time I was amongst those cans.

Oh what an experience.

I head back inside, and Christine stands in the kitchen, an amused smile on her face. "Well that was fast."

I smirk slightly. "Let's just say I've learned my lesson."

Christine giggles, approaching me. I place my hands on her waist as she draws near and kiss her lips. "So when is the reunion?"

"In... about an hour. Go take a shower." She kisses my lips and I grin, turning to head to the bathroom. "And don't take too long sweetie. I wanna be out of here in 30."

Ever since Christine had taken to trashing me she'd become slightly more dominant, taking charge of the house hold. We are still equals, but every now and then she'll chain me up and suddenly she's no longer "Christine" but "mistress".

I love it.

Though it does get a little serious at times. I still remember watching as Christine and her friend, Jennifer, tossed Rebecca, handcuffed, into a dumpster and tasked her with escaping before pickup. When I asked what had happened to her Christine refused to answer, saying it wasn't of any concern to me.

I can only hope she managed to escape.

I finish my shower, coming back out to find Christine doing some finishing touches on her makeup. I smile, admiring this beautiful woman for a moment before approaching her from behind, wrapping my arms around her waist. "You are so lovely."

She giggles, turning in my arms to kiss my cheek, her still wet lipstick leaving a clear mark. I laugh, trying to wipe it away, and she giggles. "Oh stop. It's not like anyone is going to notice."

I stiffen up slightly. Every time she says something like that I get a little paranoid. She hasn't trashed me in months. Could she be planning something today?

I wave the idea aside as she wipes off the lipstick stain with a playful giggle. "Now come on. Let's get to the reunion." I smile, nodding as she leads me out to her truck. I climb into the passenger seat, she starts the car, and within moments we're on the road. Christine's phone rings, and she picks it up, answering it. "Hey jenn......yup, he'll be there...... yeah, everything is set up."

I look up at her, eyes widening slightly. She's talking to Jennifer? Everything's "ready"? What could she possibly have in mind???

I relax again as I remember that this entire reunion was her idea to begin with. By "everything" she's probably talking about the location at the reunion.

We arrive at the place, a large meeting hall that looks like it cost more than either of us make. Good thing everyone pooled their money to rent this location. We park and make our way to the front door. Jennifer meets us at the entrance, accompanied by a young man in a suit.

"This is Keith. He's going to show us where to go." Jennifer says, as the man nods.

"Right this way." He motions for us to follow and we fall in line, Jennifer behind me, Christine in front.

We approach a large set of double doors that lead into a large room, already full of people. I expect him to lead us inside there, but instead he turns, guiding us down a hallway. Several twists and turns later and I find myself following Keith and Christine down a dimly lit corridor and it hits me.

We're not going to the meeting hall.

"I, um... I need to use the bathroom..." I turn to try and get away but Jennifer blocks me, giggling.

"Oh c'mon, you can wait, can't you?"

Up ahead, Keith smirks. "After we drop the trash off I'll show you two where the reunion is."

I blush slightly, knowing for sure what is about to happen. I try once again to escape, but Jennifer is in the way again.

It's not like I'm trying all that hard, either.

"Christine, I think we need to tie him up." Jennifer says, giggling.

Christine laughs. "Oh we will. But unless you wanna carry him, he walks..."

Suddenly I'm off my feet and in Jennifer's arms, her breasts pressing up against my chest. Christine laughs, shaking her head and we arrive at a loading dock. Protruding from the walls are a bunch of chutes that lead down into several large garbage cans. I instantly become hard knowing where my party will be.

"Well, let's dump the trash and get on back to the party." Christine orders me to strip and instantly I obey. I had learned long ago when she was in girlfriend mode, and when she was in mistress mode. Soon I'm undressed and Christine bags my very expensive suit, handing it to Jennifer. She then orders me to hold out my hands and I obey, watching as she ties my hands together. Moments later, I'm tied up in the fetal position, gagged, and, with Keith's help, I'm tossed into a can. There's already a bunch of garbage in here, from broken plastic cups, to dirty, wet napkins. I look up at Christine who quickly leaves, speaking to Keith. "So what happens to the cans when they get full?"

He shrugs. "They get taken to the large compactor to be crushed."

He says no more, leaving the dock with Christine and Jennifer in tow. And with that, I sigh, resigned to spend the next several hours in the trash as people unknowingly dump their trash on top of me.

Why should they bother considering what's in here anyway? After all, the only thing in here is trash.

With that thought in mind, I quietly pray that they don't let me get taken to the compactor, and I close my eyes, settling in for a long long party.

* * *

I don't know how long I've been in this bin for. Maybe an hour, maybe two. All I know is that the trash has been piling up all around me. It's officially up to my chest. My legs ache from being balled up like this for so long, but I don't care. I'm in heaven.

I hear some giggling up above, a far away echoey sound that tells me the party is still going strong.

Without me.

I pout a little, or try to with the gag, as I think about Christine up there, having fun and interacting with all our friends, completely ignoring me.

Of course she's ignoring me. Who would pay attention to trash?

The voices grow louder over head, and I hear the now familiar sound of the chute opening as several pizza crusts fall through, bouncing on my head and onto the trash around me. Moments later, a half full styrofoam cup falls through, bouncing off my head, soaking my hair. I sigh, relaxing as I wiggle around in the trash, enjoying the feeling of having been thrown away, discarded like trash. I close my eyes, drifting off to sleep.


This is the best party I have ever thrown. All day I meet up with old friends, all of whom ask where David is.

"He's on a business trip." That's always my answer, and when I flash my winning, flirty smile, no one questions me.

"Christine?" I hear a familiar voice and turn, giggling as I spot David's sister, Alissa, approaching. "Heeeey girl!" She smiles, hugging me tight. "So where's David?"

I smirk. Alissa knows all about David's little fetish. In fact, she's the one who discovered it, told me all about his dirty little secret.

"Oh, he's, um... tied up at the moment." I giggle, knowing that she'll get the hint.

She does. Her eyes widen slightly and she smirks. "You didn't."

"Yup." I laugh, going to the food table to grab some pasta. More than I intend to eat. Alissa follows suit with a large bowl of mashed potatoes, giggling. "No need to worry about him. He's where he belongs." Glancing over at the chute, I smirk, knowing that he heard me. Teasing him is just half the fun.

Alissa grins. "You are bad, you know that?"

"Yeah, I know." I take a few bites of the pasta, and proceed to toss it down the chute, alissa doing the same.

"So, wanna hit the bar?"


I'm awoken to the sound of the chute opening again and gasp as a plate full of pasta plops down on my head, the noodles hanging down my face, sauce coating my hair. I moan, before what feels like hot mashed potatoes joins my trashy prison. Unlike my first bagging session, this doesn't smell all that bad, unfortunately. In fact, it smells kinda good, all this fresh food and drink mixed together. Not the best smell, but better than the rotten stuff.

Although I think I prefer the rotten smell. Much more erotic.

I freeze, shaken out of my musings as the back door opens and a man comes out, approaching the cans. I'm nowhere near covered enough to hide. I pray that he doesn't peek inside my can...

He doesn't. Instead he pulls one of the cans away, quickly replacing it and taking it away. Moments later, I hear the compactor starting up and I moan in pleasure, my thoughts going to what could be happening to that trash, being crushed up with the rest of the refuse, thrown away without a second thought. I lay my head back, wondering if my fate lies with the rest of the trash in the compactor.

God I hope not.

God I hope so.

* * *

The next time I wake up I'm completely buried, my can full to the brim. Any minute now Christine will come back, let me out.


The loading dock door opens up and two men walk in, talking to each other as if they were the only people in the room.

Which they are, of course. Just them and the trash.

They approach the cans and I tense up in apprehension, knowing they're about to take one of the cans away. I close my eyes, silently praying... what? That they don't choose mine? That they do?

I hear the can to my right get tilted and moved, quickly replaced by another, and relax. Thank God. They're not taking mine away.

"Hey Keith, this one's pretty full too. Want me to take it?"

I inhale sharply as my can is kicked, and clench my eyes. Keith is here? He's in on this. Surely he won't let me get taken away. Right?

Wrong. "Yeah, take that one too. We'll crush both cans then head back to the party."

My heart leaps in my chest as my can is tilted and pulled away. I whimper in my gag.

I'm about to be compacted.

Not like I've never been compacted before, but this time it's in a compactor I've never seen before. I don't know how powerful it is.

My only hope is that Christine had planned ahead.

I feel my bag shift slightly, a rustling sound indicating that it's being tied shut above me, sealing me in with the rest of the trash. I sigh as I'm carted toward the compactor. The first can is dumped into the machine, and it's soon my turn. My can is lifted and weightlessness over takes me as I fall into the compactor, hitting my head painfully against the side. I barely have time to recover my senses when, suddenly, the compactor is activated, the ram moving toward the back, pressing me up against the trash. I relax as the ram retracts, prepared to spend the next few hours in the compactor.

Hopefully Christine will let me out.

Hopefully she's thrown me away for good.

God I can't even tell which is worse.

* * *

"How full is the compactor?"

"Not very. It'll last through the next two parties."

"Perfect. How long until Miss Christine's party gets out?"

"Oh they left already. Everyone from the party went home."

My eyes shoot open at that last comment and my breath hitches. Christine went home? You mean she's NOT going to get me out of here? I sigh, shaking my head. Of course she is. She just wants me to feel like I've been abandoned, tossed out to be forgotten.

Well it worked. I truly feel as if I've been discarded, left to be disposed of with the rest of the trash.

The mere thought of that makes me rock hard.

I'm not sure how long I've been waiting in here. Every now and then I can hear trash falling into the cans nearby. But no more bags are added.

Not for a while at least. After what seems like an eternity, the loading dock door opens up and Keith comes out. I hear a can being pulled away, hear the loud, distinct rolling sound of the can, drawing closer and closer until, finally, the compactor door slides open and the bag is tossed in. The door is closed and, once again, quiet resumes. I sigh, relaxing as I wait for the next compaction. This is going to be a long night.

* * *

I'm startled awake by the sound of bags being tossed in, one after another. It sounds like there are quite a few.

"That last one was a pretty crazy party."

"Yeah it was." I hear another bag tossed in, and the rest of the conversation is drowned out by the roar of the compactor. My heart pounds in excitement as the ram makes its slow, fateful trip towards me, shoving the bags closer and closer towards me. I moan loudly as the bags press against me with very little pressure added.


The ram retracts and I hear the distinctive sound of more bags being tossed in with me. I moan softly as the two men talk about the party, and how they're getting ready to close up, how first they'll have to call the dump to take the trash away.

To take ME away.

They run the compactor several more times, adding more and more bags each time. Soon the pressure becomes considerable and I realize that the compactor is officially full. I can barely even breathe.

When the men speak, their voices are muffled by all the trash. "Well, let's get home. I've got an early day today."

And with that they're gone, leaving the trash all alone and forgotten.

Just like trash should be.

* * *

I'm awoken for the second time, this time by the sound of a familiar voice.

It's Jennifer.

"I just need to pick him up and take him home. How long until the truck takes the compactor?"

Next I hear Keith. "In about 30 minutes. So you better find him quick."

"You heard the man, girly." Jennifer says to... someone. "30 minutes to find him or you both get taken to the dump."

The mysterious other responds. "Yes mistress." and I hear the hatch to the compactor open up above me. Someone jumps down and begins digging around, searching frantically for me. I try to shift as best as I can to alert her, but I'm not sure how much good it's doing.

"10 minutes. You better hurry up. Christine isn't going to be happy if you get her boyfriend dumped."

The stranger begins searching more frantically, the clock ticking down... until I feel her grab my hair. "I got him!" She reaches around me until she finds my arm, tugging and pulling none too gently until, finally, I'm pulled free of the trash. I turn to see who my savior is and I'm shocked to see none other than Rebecca.

She grins happily, giggling as she hugs my trash and slime covered body. "Yay! You're okay! Did you have fun?"

Jennifer cuts in before I can make any kind of response. "Okay you two, get on down here before the truck comes. Let's go."

Rebecca gently lowers me to the ground and I look up at Jennifer, who giggles, putting a finger to her lips with a scandalous grin. She removes my gag as Rebecca jumps down.

"All done mistress." She giggles, her body covered in trash.

Mistress? Why is she calling Jennifer mistress? That wasn't part of the deal, was it?

Jennifer giggles at my confused expression. "Rebecca failed her test, she got dumped. Buuut..." She looks at Rebecca fondly. "When it came time to crush her I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I intend on disposing of her eventually, but for now... she's just far too much fun to play with. After all, who would throw away a perfectly good toy?" She giggles, bouncing slightly. "Christine doesn't know that she failed. Otherwise she'd insist that Rebecca get trashed immediately. So you keep your mouth shut, David, you hear? Or I'll have to dump you with her."

I nod, panting lightly.

"Good! Let's get you two home. You smell like garbage."

The end.

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