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Trashy Jo

by Bensel

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© Copyright 2008 - Bensel - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; bond; bagged; dumped; messy; compactor; nc; X

Jo is a student, living in a small flat with several roommates. Her appearance, is stunning, at least to guys. Not too tall, long blonde hair, a very nice face and some great curves.  But she isn't a very tidy girl, her school work is slacking, and she loves to party. 

Well, besides from typical student behavior, she also invites her friends over regularly to party. All roommates do the same but the parties Jo throws almost always getting out of hand. Usually it ends with several drunk girls and guys, shouting and breaking stuff, generally causing a nuisance all over the flat. By then, Jo is usually nowhere to be seen, often diving in bed with one or two of the hunks she invites. Of course, this causes lot of trouble for the other roommates, who end up cleaning up after her, because after a party, she sleeps till midday. And we all know how much mess a party can give.

In spring, there is another party just before some important exams. The other girls in the flat won't stand for it anymore, and decide to teach her a lesson.

"Man, that was a nice party," says a drunk student stumbling on his way out, "though I wish Jo didn't run off like that to get laid *hic*".

"Oh shut up", says another, "thats only because you wanted to bang her".

"Guess you're right" and they both stumble down the stairway.

The room of Jo, which they came out of, looks like a warzone. Glasses everywhere, chips, candy, salad, cake, chinese food and other party food lay all over the tables (and floor). Jo was sleeping off the booze, when several girls entered her room, looking very angry.

"You think its okay to do this?" Petra asked.

"You're not backing down now, with all the planning we did? Besides, she deserves it, the little whore. Now do you're job and tie her up!"

"Ok, Ann," and Petra pulled out some cord, and began stripping Jo (which meant just her bra and panties, since the rest she already lost somewhere else). Because Jo was so drunk, you could fire a cannon next to her bed, and she wouldn't wake.  She then bound her feet, and her hands behind her back. She then pulled out a ring gag, and put it into Jo's mouth. "Okay, that should secure her for now, first we gotta go clear this room".

By morning most of the stuff was cleaned out. Jo however, was still fast asleep.

"Time to wake her, I think," said Ann, and filled a glass with cold water. She poured it on Jo's face, who was instantly awake, only to realize she was quite securely bound, and unable to speak properly.

"MMNNHHhh!!' she shouted, and soon saw her captors.

"Ah, you're awake", said Ann, "now stay still and we will explain. You have plagued us for the last time with your excessive behavior, and we are going to punish you for it!" Jo's eyes got big with fear, because she knew Ann wasn't kidding.

"Since you're so trashy, you are going to become trash!! Now stand up!"

Jo complied, because she knew by testing her bonds escape was not possible at this time. She stood up, looking frightened at her two captors. Ann pulled out a big roll of saran wrap, and began wrapping one leg. She slowly moved up to her crotch, and covered her ass, before going down the other leg. Though the bonds bound her feet together, there was just enough room for the roll to go between her legs. After that, she bound the legs together with saran wrap, and she stopped.

She nodded at Petra, who got some ducttape, and put it at the vulnerable spots, like ankles and knees. Meanwhile, Ann took a vibrator, which was programmable. She shoved it right in Jo's vagina, and Jo whimpered. She then began wrapping her again, firmly securing the vibrator in Jo's pussy, and moving up to the breasts. She decided to leave the breasts uncovered, so she could torture them later. All the while, both Petra and Ann were getting quite turned on from this. After wrapping her up, and securely taping the saran wrap on strategic places.

"Lets have some fun", said Petra, obviously getting hot. "Lets put her down".

They put her down on the bed and Petra undressed. Ann quickly followed her example. Petra squatted down near Jo's face, and  pushed her already dripping wet pussy right in Jo's face. Jo tried to turn away, but her head was held firmly by Petra. "Drink my juice!" Petra said, and she let some of her juice drip into the ring gag. Jo protested, but couldn't do anything. She tried to spit it out, but was unable to. "Drink it!" Petra shouted, and Jo swallowed.

Meanwhile, Ann was caressing her and Jo's breast, but was quickly bored. "Lets throw her away, shall we?"

Jo whimpered again, but was ignored. Tthey stood up, naked, and pulled a garbage bag off a roll. It was a thick blue one, designed for small containers, and just large enough to fit one person. They pushed her into the bag and pulled it all the way up to her neck, they left her in a sitting position inside the bag. They then went to the small kitchen, in which they had stored some remains of the food from the party and threw it in the bag. Jo struggled to get free, and felt the sticky remains clinging on to the saran wrap. It was cold, wet, and smelled. 

Somehow, she began to feel aroused by the prospect. She always had been somewhat into bondage, and this was as tight as it would get.. The slimy garbage felt totally unlike anything she would get from normal sex, but it felt great.

Meanwhile, the girls were putting more and more in. Napkins, candy wrappers, coffee filters, yoghurt, the leftovers from the chinese food, though quite a lot, not enough to fill the bag. "Go back to my room, I have a garbage bag that is full, bring it here."

Petra soon returned with a black bin bag, full of old leftovers. They held the bag above her, and sliced it open. It smelled horrible, because it was a week worth of leftovers. Some of it entered the ring gag, and Jo's nearly wretched.

"Don't like that? Too bad, because it'll be your food for the next week or so".

The bag was nearly full, and they tightened it around the neck of Jo, sealing the contents inside.

"Look at it, a perfect bag full of garbage"

They both lifted her on a small cart, and went to the compacter. At the sight of the compacter, Jo screamed furiously.

"Don't worry, it hasn't been through a lot of cycles yet, so it should be easy for you to fit in."

They lifted her in, and with a bang she hit the floor. The stuff in the bag shifted all around her.

"Oh, nearly forgot", and she pressed a button on the vibrator remote control, "I programmed it to work for 15 minutes, then stop for an hour."

The prospect of getting off inside a garbage compacter didn't allure to Jo, but the vibrator sprung to life.

"From now on, you're just trash!" and they closed the lit.

A few seconds later, and the machine started to spring into action. Jo was slowly being pushed into several bags of trash, but they shifted easily, when she was nearly inside, the machine retracted, the lid opened, and some more bags were thrown in, probably saved next to the compactor for the occasion. The compactor then went into action once more, crushing the new bags into Jo, and Jo into the old bags.

Some of the fluids entered her gag, and she tried desperately to get it out, but couldn't. She swallowed some of it by accident, and nearly hurled. She wriggled to get free but it was useless. The smell was horrendous, but she didn't really care.

Meanwhile, the machine retracted again, and began a new cycle. Each cycle was pushing her further into the large container, out of sight, and mind. Luckily, the container rarely ever got full, so she wouldn't get compacted too much. she could hear her captors shouting from outside, "Have a good trip, enjoy yourself!" and then heard them walking away, leaving her alone inside the compactor.

She lost all track of time except for the vibrator, who kicked in at precise intervals, giving her orgasms like she never had before.

After what seemed like several days, she had become used to living in the container, and lived off some of the scraps contained in the trash. Trash fluids crept through the saran wrap, and she couldn't do anything about it. Her friends continued to put more trash in the compactor, each time pausing to taunt her and comment about how trashy she'd become.

Later she suddenly felt the container shift. SHIT, she is going to get hauled away!

With a thud the container was lifted on the back of the truck, causing the trash to shift and fall on her. The truck drove away with her inside the container, and she could feel every bump in the road, the trash rearranging around her. Finally, it arrived at the landfill, where she was dumped.

She had accepted her punishment, but would she be buried with the other trash...

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