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by Lckdnrbbr

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© Copyright 2010 - Lckdnrbbr - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; bond; trashcan; bagged; messy; stuck; cons; X

She rang the bell and stood outside on the steps of the stoop, shivering a little in the cold fall air. Her double-ponytailed, jet black hair blew in the breeze, as did her light skirt, exposing the high platform, strappy goth boots she wore.

She was actually nervous, it occurred to her. She wasn't afraid of anything - her multiple piercings and tattoos, among other things, were a testament to that. Yet, here she was shivering, and she wasn't sure it was all the cold.

The door buzzed. She breathed deep, and smiled.

As she reached for the door, she thought to herself, "Here we go"

She arrived on the fourth floor, and let herself into his loft. She'd been here before, but only as a friend... Well mostly... That was before...

They'd started talking a few weeks ago, and she got the hint that maybe he wasn't vanilla. She was a confident girl, and knew she could have him if she wanted, but she didn't just want sex. She wanted to find someone to share something a bit stranger.

Talks turned to flirting. Flirting turned to late night IMs. She invited him out for drinks, and after they were sufficiently sauced, she came right out with it.

"So, can I tell you a secret?" She whispered, her breath hot in his ear with anticipation, and lust. And whiskey. But mostly anticipation.

He was so hard he could barely stand it. Here was the girl of his very twisted dreams, whispering into his ear, scared and tentative about telling him what she wanted. He'd do anything for her. Or to her. And here she was asking if she could share a secret with him. He'd kill to know her secrets.

"Before you do, I want you to know something" he said, pulling himself closer to her. This was it. One chance to make the point. Either he would freak her out, or he'd be making her very happy.

They were now pressed close together. He could feel her heat, her breath in her chest. He put his lips to her ear in the crowded bar.

"I just want you to know that, well, I'm not exactly normal, and anything... I mean anything you could possible tell me, anything you want, is okay." He breathed for a moment, before letting her speak. He pulled back a bit, and looked her in the eye, and she looked up into his as he continued, with a wry smile crossing his face. "You wouldn't believe the things I want to do to you, but most of all, anything you want, just tell me, I want to give it to you."

She pressed herself against him hard, feeling him bulge against her, and loving it. She slid up his chest and whispered once more in his ear.

As she spoke, his eyes flashed, and then a broad smile broke out across his face.

"Really?" he asked

"Is that okay?" she asked, tentative once more.

He laughed again, startled this time, that she didn't realize. She'd just pulled one of his deepest, darkest fetishes out and begged him for it. He pulled her to him again. "Are you kidding? I'd keep you like that forever if you wanted. Just the thought of having you like that is insane. I've got one thing to ask though..."

Feeling her animal self take hold, she looked up at him, and smiled. She was really going to get this - the thing she'd wanted, but never admitted for so long. She was already thinking of ways she could return the favor. She'd make this boy crazy. She ran her fingernails up his back, and smiled at him. "Shoot" she said.

"Once you've had your fun, I want a turn," He said, grinning.

She could help herself any more. She kissed him full on the lips, and wrapped her fingers into the hair on the back of his head. Her leg snaked around his, and she lost the world for a moment.

She smiled, as she kissed him, and pulled his head back by his hair. His head bent back, but he smiled and looked at her, his lust plain, and viscous, and gleeful on his face.

"You beter be careful what you wish for," she said as she tightened her grip on his hair. "You give yourself to me like that, I might never let you out." She kissed him again, and she felt him throbbing, straining to get closer to her.

She relaxed her grip, and slinked once more against him, breaking away from the kiss.

"But first..." she said.

"First," he said, smiling once again down at her. "First we do you!"


"Come on in - I'm just getting finished up," he called from the back room.

She let herself into his loft. It was an old warehouse, fixed up and renovated, but it still had an industrial feel to it. She put her things on the couch, and walked towards the back room.

She got to the doorway and leaned on the frame. He came out from the back room, looking sweaty and strong and... She might just have to take him right here. But... She'd waited so long for this. She could have him later...

He smiled at her, catching his breath. "Are you ready to do this? You're really sure?" He asked.

She walked towards him and entwined herself with him once more. He held her tightly, and she felt his heart beating fast. Her's was too. She looked up and said simply "I'm all yours."

"Okay then." He said, looking back at her and smiling mischievously. "You know the rules. Hell, you made the rules. But that doesn't change the fact that if you give yourself to me now, there is no turning back. You're mine, an object to do what I see fit with, for as long as I want."

"I know. This is what I want" She said, looking first at the floor, but then at him, expectantly.

"Good. Then strip" He said.

She didn't hesitate. She shrugged the loose dress from her shoulders, and it fell around her feet. She wriggled down her tights, and unzipped her boots, stepping out of them onto the floor. Now, she stood in front of him, wearing only her bra and panties. She looked at him, sitting now on the couch, drinking in the sight of her. She reveled in his gaze, and loved seeing herself through his eyes.

She continued undressing, dropping her bra, then her panties to the ground as well. She now stood naked before him, cold and warm at the same time.

"Put these on," he said, as he handed her a garment. It felt cool in her hand, and she recognized it as Latex, but it had something else. It was a pair of latex panties with an attached vibrator.

She was loving this now. She stepped into the smooth, slippery garment, and looked at him as she helped the intrusion find it's home. She shuddered as it sank into her, its ridges and shape nestling wonderfully into her.

"Perfect!" he said, standing up, and moving towards her. "Now these," he said, offering her two latex mitts.

She started to put her hand into one, and he moved behind her. He wrapped his arms around her, and grabbed the base of the mitt. She pushed back against him, feeling her naked back against his thin t-shirt, and felt her hand "plop" into the mitt. He wasted no time bucking it tight, rendering her hand into a useless black rubber ball. He pulled something out of his pocket, and she felt a "click" as he quickly snaked the lock through the eyehole buckle on the mitt.

She melted into him, almost unable to handle the scene that was playing out. Until now, it hadn't seemed fully real. With that lock, she was really in this. She was his to control. And she loved it.

In the haze of subspace, he reached for her other hand, and she offered it, watching as if detached as he turned that one too into a shiny, useless ball.

He held something up in front of her, and said something. She wasn't really listening anymore. There was something about "safeword" and "can't be said, once this was in." He waited a moment, as if waiting for her. Then, he was talking again. He might've said, "This is the point of no return."

As he slid the gag to her lips, she just slinked against him and opened her mouth. Of couse she should take it - she was his now. However he wanted her, she would be.

He pulled the breathe-through gag tight, and locked that as well.

Finally, he offered the hood in front of her. It was thick, anatomically moulded latex, with only a tube for the mouth, which matched the opening of her gag.

She bowed her head down into the hood, and he helped ease it over her head, lining up the tube.

She was awash in slick, soft darkness now. She was living her fantasy. She was a rubber toy. She was his.

She vaguely aware of him cinching something around her waist, and between her legs.

Next, she felt him draw her wrists down, and then more clicks. More mechanical promises that she was his for good. Each one sent new thrills through her, and she fell further down the rabbit hole.

She tested her bonds, and an electric shock of lust shot through her. Her wrists were bound to a tight crotch rope, which moved her latex intruder wonderfully as she struggled. She pulled on it rhythmically, moaning a little, and forgetting where she was.

He gathered the slim, naked girl, clad only in rubber undies, mitts and a hood, into his arms. He could carry her easily, and she eased into his chest.

He walked her to the back room - the place he'd prepared for her.

He couldn't believe she'd asked for this. Of all the girls in the world... Even of all the kinky girls, he managed to find the one girl into trash play - messy trash play at that, who wanted him to do her up and throw her away.

He was only too happy to oblige.

He walked her over to the giant trashcan he had prepared. It was already lined with a huge bin liner. He cradled her and spoke to the side of her hooded head.

"This is it. I'm about to throw you away, my beautiful trash. I've been a messy boy, so there's a lot of company for you in there. You've already agreed to this, so in you go!"

With that, he plopped her into the can gently.

Her feet met a warm goo, which they sank readily into, but she could feel herself sinking deeper. It swallowed her calves and then her knees.

Then she felt him pushing on her shoulders. "Sit" he simply said, and she did. She felt her butt plop into the messy, sticky goo. God it was so sticky. She didn't know if she could pull her feet out of it now. It crept up her sides, and he pushed down on her shoulders again.

She felt the goo clear her hips, pouring slowly over her crotch. It pushed insistently against her, and crawled up her naked thighs, up her back, up her stomach.

He kept pushing, and her mitted hands sank down in, then her elbows. She felt the goo rise up and embrace her chest, meeting her painfully erect nipples, bare and begging to be played with. They danced on the surface, and with one final push, sank deep in the mire that oozed up around her. Even free of her bonds, she wasn't sure if she could stand up now. She was captive in some sticky trap set for her.

She felt him lean down towards her, and kiss her hooded head.

"Welcome to your new home, trash. You begged me for this, and I couldn't be happier, but there's no turning back now. You're mine trash to dispose of. I'm going to seal your bag up now... I'm sure I'll have some more trash to throw away later though, so you'll have more company in there."

She could only moan in response. Her deepest fantasy was playing out more intensely than she ever could have imagined. He was hitting all her buttons, and this goo was a special surprise. It was really really sticky, and it seemed to throb and jiggle as she moved, moulding too her. What was more, it seemed to get harder and stickier as it cooled.

She felt plastic rusting, and something happening with her tube. After a few clicks, she felt cool air rushing into her breathing tube, and then the "zip!" of zip ties closing her black prison around her. She was totally enclosed in the big black bag.

The lid of her new home "thunked" home, and she knew she was stuck.

He wasn't done though. He had to be sure. She'd begged him to lock her in, and she still might be able to stand up if she wriggled out of the goo.

"Clunk clunk... snick... thunk" She heard outside her trashcan, and the trash knew that it was done. He'd padlocked her can shut. She was truly locked in, gagged, hooded, and bound and embedded like a spider's prey in his sticky mess, then sealed in a trashbag and locked in her new home, like the trash she was.

She pulled at her bonds, and tried to stand, but the goo was hardening, and her hands were securely locked in their mitts and to her crotchrope, which was quickly becoming her favorite thing. She pulled at it again, grinding and finding her way to an explosive climax.

She moaned loudly with the climax, then sagged, and felt her prison close around her, hot, and sticky and real. She mewed, and waited. Maybe he wouldn't have the guts to keep her. Would he let her out now that she'd peaked? Was this just a game to him? Part of her wanted to get out, to ride him for hours tonight, and thank him for giving her this much. Another part... A part the was growing stronger the further she got from the adrenaline of her climax, was wishing that he would ignore her mews, and keep her here. Minutes passed. Then more. She was wet again, and slipping into a deep, addictive subspace. She ground against her bonds again, languidly.

She was really stuck - really thrown away as trash, and he had explicit rules, which he was following. She'd ignored the 3 warnings she told him to give, and he was now under no circumstances to release her for at least 24 hours.

After that, it was up to him. She hoped he kept her longer. Maybe forever.

In his bedroom, the garbage man looked at his newest toy. He couldn't believe his luck - that he'd finally found her. He was deciding if he should ever let her go... And if he ever dared take his turn in there...

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