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Trashed Interloper

by ElectroPainLover

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© Copyright 2017 - ElectroPainLover - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; college; capture; bond; gag; rope; tied; crotch-rope; dumpster; diapers; messy; truck; collected; landfill; rescue; cons/nc; XX

Carla knew transferring to a new school midway through the semester would be difficult to say the least. Friends have been made, relationships formed and she would be the outsider invading the sanctity of the foundations these bonds had been built. Not because it was her nature to subvert friendships and couplings; she preferred to remain at arm’s length from others and avoid the drama so many people her age seemed so eager to engage. It was her sheer attractiveness which always seemed to foster upheaval.

At the university she had previously been attending and subsequently transferred from; Carla had been accepted, if not entirely liked. Her ‘stand-offish’ disposition was often confused with snobbery and mightier-than-thou beliefs and misgivings. Carla was the furthest thing from being self-centered and conceited however. She simply believed that college was a place to gain an education and not for one big social gathering. It had been one of these latter which made her take her transcripts to a new school. She had invested too much and came too far to simply drop out.

As with almost every misfortunate situation, a number of seemingly unrelated commons converge to make an uncommon. An airplane doesn’t crash because it ran out of fuel; it crashes due to fuel no longer burning. Either a mechanical problem or a human factor or a mixture of the two would be the cause, not a matter of the tanks instantly becoming dry. A leak in the fuel lines, a miscalculation of refueling, frozen ice crystals trapping the fuel behind them at some bottle-neck; but not because the fuel simply decided to go on Hyades.

As the aircraft gets starved of fuel due to progression of failures, Carla’s rape was a coalescence of unrelated events with vector lines placing her at the point of intersection. The fact that there was a party going on in the dorm was not the cause. The fact that Vic was drunk wasn’t either. Nor was her room’s door not being fully latched or her lying in her bed studying wearing only her panties to blame. Carla was violated because Vic went to the party, got shit-faced and stumbled down the hall, bumping into her unlatched door, falling into her room causing her to jump and gasp, gaining his attention and noticed her scantily clad body in front of a soft mattress; putting the idea that he was horny in his mind. Had any one of the events in the progression not happened Carla would still be still be a virgin, her sanctity intact, and enrolled in the university she wished to attend.

To top it off and seal her decision to transfer, Carla was blamed for the football team losing its star quarterback… be-damned that he had violated her. “Shit happens!” Vic’s girlfriend told Carla, blaming her for her boyfriend’s arrest.

“New school… same bullshit.” Carla muddled to herself when her latest single-sided foe flipped her off and yelled; “Fuck you slut! Leave my guy alone cunt!” ‘Single-sided’ because Carla neither liked nor dislike Cheryl; and, as for her guy, Carla had never even said ‘Hi’ to him. Zach, had however, spoke to Carla—in the form of a cat-called “Hey baby!” as Cheryl scowled at her as if she made him or provoked him into doing it. The seeds of providence had been sown, fertilized, and watered thoroughly; merely awaiting to take root and breach the soil.

The final evolutionary alignment came as Carla walk from work towards her dorm across a dark, unlit lawn; she being alone, Cheryl not.

The attack was sudden, quick, and brutal. One of the girls shoved a rag into Carla’s mouth and wrapped several turns of duct tape around her head to hold it in place. At the same time, another was looping her wrists behind her back with rough, abrasive rope. Yet a third attacked her legs and bound her ankles tightly.

Carla was forced into a sitting position and more rope was used around her arms and chest, pinning her arms to her sides and bracketing her breasts above and below; the ends tied between her tits. Another strand cinched tightly around her lower belly and between her legs and around the hemp-rope belt at the small of her back. The loose ends of the crotch-rope knotted around her wrist bindings holding her hands pinned at the top of her ass. Carla’s legs were lashed above and below her knees; her legs pulled high behind her and tied by the ends of rope from between her breasts, over her shoulders and under the breast ropes just under her scapulas.

Carla had been trussed into a tight hogtie complete with an equally tight crotchrope forcing the denim crotch of her jeans deep into her cleave and a rope binding around her chest tight enough to make breathing difficult and her tits hurt.

“Don’t litter… put trash in its place.” One of her attackers said as they heft her and swept Carla away.

The large blue-painted steel dumpster they chose to put Carla in served a day-care facility which catered to college-enrolled mothers.

“Baby’s should smell like babies.” Cheryl said as Carla was rolled from the metal lip and into a soft, but smelly, bed of shit and piss soiled diapers. Her fall broke several liners open, exposing her to the liberated and foul disposables. Struggling for her freedom only sunk Carla deeper into them.

Sometime later; being no closer to gaining her freedom than she had only minutes after being bound; Carla heard the engine of the disposal truck close in on her, the dumpster bumped and lifted; spilling her and the shit-encrusted, piss-soaked discards in with bags of household waste.

Just before the huge Caterpillar D-9 covered her limp and seemingly lifeless body, the operator seen her and checked Carla for signs of life. Carla was rushed to the Hospital and not the County Morgue.


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