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Rachel was an ordinary looking 21 year old single student. She shared a ground floor flat with four other girls for a year now and it was sad for her to see them go home for the summer.

Rachel herself was staying on, her parents owned the flat, she was going to get a summer job somewhere and keep the flat occupied for the insurance policy.

Although great friends with the girls she had never told them of any of her fetishes. She never had the guts to do it but loved the idea of indulging in her fantasies without them knowing, and the risk of being caught made it even better!

She walked over to the chalk notice board in the kitchen and left the girls a short message:

“Hi guys, could you tidy up your rooms and empty out your trash before you go please, have a great summer. Love, Rachel.”

Rachel then walked to the back door and checked outside. Her flat was overlooked by a dozen properties but it was dark already and there was no sign of anyone about.

She went outside, shutting the door behind her and putting her key under a brick in case she got locked out. Then she walked down to the communal bin hut. It wasn’t very much, basically a wooden shack with the big wheelie bins kept inside. She had a look around to see if everything was okay and that no-one had followed her out. Satisfied, she knelt beside one of the bins and pulled out a small bag. Inside were some lengths of rope and a ball gag.

Rachel stripped off her jogging pants, sweat-shirt and underwear revealing what few people had the chance to see; Rachel with absolutely nothing on. Her body was not overly athletic, tall or tanned. But her outline ran straight up her legs and thighs until her hips where they curved out smoothly before gracefully curving back in. Her stomach was flat without being too defined; her chest was natural and even 34CC. Her face was pretty and young, no lines or bags anywhere. The most remarkable thing about her appearance was emerald green eyes and long blonde flowing hair, which she had tied up into a bun. 

Rachel checked the bins; they were all full except the empty middle one, she had arranged this earlier so there would only be the one bin left to use. With her ropes and gag held in her teeth she pulled herself up by grabbing a roof beam with both hands and then lowering herself into the bin.

Inside she spat out the rope and the gag, she knelt down so that her legs were folded underneath her and she sat on the bottom of the bin. She set about tying her ankles to her thighs and her knees together, then put on the ball gag and tied it securely behind her head. She stretched up and pulled the lid down; the rest would have to be done by touch alone.

She tied a cinch rope to the rope securing her ankles together and then onto another section of rope that had been arranged in a figure of eight. This figure of eight rope was the handcuffs for her wrists which she fed into the loops then twisted a few times to tighten them. Then she cinched up the rope making it shorter between her ankles and wrists.

Now she was tied up all she could do was wait and hope the bin shelter was dark enough so that she wouldn’t be seen…. and that there was lots of rubbish to come!!

She wasn’t to be disappointed, or have long to wait. Her heart was racing; was it dark enough and was she far enough from the top for her not to be seen, what would they throw in the bin?

The lid opened and quickly it rained down, a mixture of normal paper trash, nothing too smelly and the lid closed. Afterwards her excitement faded, she had hoped for more than that, though she didn’t have long to wait for the next lot.

Again the lid opened, this time she heard voices…

“Well Sue, you know Rach’ wants the place cleaned out and we can’t take it all with us”

“Yeah I know Tiff’ but it seems a waste to throw out all this food and clothes.”

“True, but now we’ve got an excuse to go shopping for new stuff when we get home!”

“Ha ha ha, I like your thinking Tiff! Let’s get it in.”

Rachel sat there, her heart racing thinking of what they were going to throw in and how much stuff they had. At first it was only clothes, light stuff like old pants, tights, blouses etc. The clothes fell all around her and a few draped over her naked body. Next was the contents of some waste baskets; tissues, cans, bottles and sweetie wrappers. The garbage was up to her stomach now, but still fairly loose.

Then came the kitchen trash, that bin was heavy and took both girls to lift it. They tipped it over and Rachel could only watch it pour down onto her; empty wrappers, open cartons of juice and milk, cakes, yoghurts, a quiche, and some sauces. Everything you could think of from a kitchen was pouring down on her. Some of it was soft, some definitely not, by the time it stopped her naked flesh was covered in old sticky food. Her hair was plastered down and the slimy substances oozed all over her body.

The trash now reached up to just under her trembling breasts and it was now thick and heavy all around her. She watched as some of the slime ran off her now very erect nipples as the lid closed above her, then listened as her flatmates walked away back to the flat, oblivious to what had really happened inside the bin.

It was a few more hours until anyone came back out, this time it was her other two flatmates; Susan and Jane. They opened the lid and started dumping more trash in; smelly trainers, torn pants, jeans that didn’t fit, the usual stuff girls like to clear out every so often. Before Rachel realised it the pile had reached up to her face! It kept piling down on her and her head was smothered below it before it stopped.

 Next the girls threw in all the trash from their cupboards from the kitchen; tins, cans, bottles. The clothes on top of her softened the impacts but they were gradually being pushed down on her. Finished, the girls left Rachel on her own again.

Hours later the bin opened again, Rachel couldn’t hear who it was or see anything now, just feel the movement. It wasn’t her flatmates but two of her neighbours this time.

“Well, our stuff will have to go in their bin, all the others are full”

Rachel felt the bags being tossed in, one, two, and then three. There was nothing she could do but sit and wait.

“Give me a hand pushing it down, we need to get it all in or the foxes get at them” one neighbour said to the other. Between them they pressed and pushed using their bodyweight and compressed the garbage down.

Rachel could feel the trash being compressed by unknown hands. This was beyond her wildest dreams! Bound, gagged and being covered in trash, it pressed her from all around. She could feel her pussy running with a mixture of her juices and trash juice, she could barely contain herself.

There were four more impacts from above and then an increase in pressure. The neighbours had over-filled the bin and were now trying to shut it. They took a hold of the lid and bounced up and down using their combined weight to get it shut. Inside Rachel felt each time they came down from a jump as a surge of pressure, trash and juices squeezed down on her.


She gave it five minutes until she was happy they were finished and away before she gave in to her excitement, letting her senses go wild; smelling the trash, feeling the slimy juices and trash all over her naked bound body. Even in the confines of her bounds and in the trash her body managed to writhe with pleasure as orgasm after orgasm rocked her body.

Part 2

Rachel woke hours later still completely covered in trash and bound tightly. She slowly and reluctantly started to think to herself:  “I probably should get out of here now and go back inside”

She tried to push herself up, but she would only make the smallest of movements before the weight of the trash would force her back down. She tried to move around but could only manage the smallest of squirms, she had no chance of getting free…the thought of being stuck and her predicament was enough  to send her over the edge yet again and was rocked by yet more orgasms…

Suddenly she felt her centre of gravity shift; her wheelie bin was on the move! She didn’t realise it was collection time already; her heart was pounding with adrenaline but she was totally helpless. The bin was attached onto the back of the truck and it tipped all of its contents backwards into the monstrous machine.

Rachel came out with all the trash in one go, landing inside it was the first daylight she had seen and her eyes had difficulty adjusting. She looked back into the insides of the truck, it had obviously done quite a few trips already as there seemed to be a mountain of trash piled up. She looked round to the back of the truck and as her eyes adjusted to the light she could see another bin being emptied in.

Her heart pounded and her mind racing, “what should she do?” she thought to herself. She couldn’t call out or let herself be found but she couldn’t be taken away either! Lost for any ideas of how to escape she crawled onto the pile of trash, turned around and watched the bins being emptied in.

It almost seemed surreal to her, she had often watched the trucks collecting the trash but never had she thought of being in one, watching from the inside! Bin after bin was emptied; the pile in front of her grew and grew. Then the pile started to move towards her and the sounds of hydraulic pistons thundered inside the metal cavern.

 She turned her back to it as much as she could but from the corner of her eye she watched the pile getting closer and closer, higher and higher, before engulfing her. The trash was burying her, quickly she was under 10 feet of trash, she could feel the pressure increasing and she tried to push against it, then it stopped.

She could feel the truck driving away, after several minutes it stopped. This time she could only hear bins being emptied in and then the rams as they compacted it. The trash was pushing into her body from all sides now, bottles and bags were popping and bursting all around her. Fluids and slime were pouring onto her from all angles. She tried to move, to fight against it but she had no control over it and the trash pushed itself all over her. To her relief it stopped and the truck drove off again. She tried to move, to free herself but the trash held her tight from all sides.

Her mind tried to think what to do but she couldn’t think of anything. She was tied up in her own bondage, gagged and in the middle of a garbage truck. Even if she somehow got free and got out how would she get away? Wearing nothing but her birthday suit and miles from home, she would be caught for sure.

She felt the truck bouncing over rough ground, moving from side to side and then stopping.

She was at the trash site…

The back of the truck opened up and she could feel it tipping out the trash, the hydraulic rams lifting it up. She knew she could not stop it, she just hoped that she’d be okay. At first the trash slid out slowly, a few bits falling out, then in a rush the main body collapsed out. Rachel felt the pressure suddenly ease as she toppled through the air with the trash. She landed with a thump and rolled down the slope into the pit followed closely by the rest of the trash.

Her freedom from being buried in trash was short lived as she watched the trash rolling down on top of her. Quickly she was under several feet of garbage and unable to move again.

For the next few hours trucks arrived and deposited their load, six in all, each time burying Rachel under several more metres of trash. By the end of the day she was buried under several tonnes of trash.

It took a long time to free herself, gradually pushing her body up through the layers. She didn’t even really know she was going upwards but figured she’d just follow the path of least resistance until she’d eventually reach the top.

On the way she managed to free the rope from her ankles to her thighs but the knots binding her ankles and knees were too tight and her arms and elbows were still bound behind her. Her only means of eating was to find any food that was liquid enough and to try and suck it into her mouth past the ball gag.

When she finally reached the top her eyes had trouble adjusting to the light, it had been so long since they had been exposed to it they were not accustomed to it. She looked around, no sign of anyone. The weather had changed, it wasn’t summer anymore. No leaves on the trees and it was a lot colder now, she realised she had been here a long, long time.

She looked around some more, trying to think what she was going to do next, there was no-one around to help and she didn’t want to be found like this anyway. She was feeling cold and hungry, without thinking she crawled over to another pile of garbage and pushed her way into the warmth and comfort of the trash. That was the last she saw of daylight and the last it saw of her.


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