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Trash Doesn't Have a Name

by Doctor Vader

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© Copyright 2011 - Doctor Vader - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bagged; bond; tape; gagged; trash; messy; climax; dumped; truck; compactor; disposal; cons/nc; XX

She had been nervously walking up and down the street, unsure as to actually knock the door or not. She had to she thought to herself. She knocked the door. A man quickly opened the door.

“Yes?” He asked gruffly.

“Are you Doctor Vader?” She shuffled and asked nervously.

“I am, and you are?” He abruptly asked.

“My name is Georgia” She had barely said her name and the man was already swinging the door shut on her.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry” She pleaded. The man stopped closing the door, opened it slowly again and just looked at her waiting for something else to be said.

“I’m…” She paused uncomfortably.

“I’m worthless trash” She almost whispered looking down at her feet submissively.

“And how do you know of me?” He inquired with a smile.

“My friend, Anne told me what you do to her” She replied lifting her gaze just slightly. She was desperate for him to do it to her too.

“Very well, come in” He said moving to allow her inside. He led her to the kitchen he sat down. She put her handbag on the kitchen side. There was no other chair so she just stood in the middle of the kitchen, apprehensive, nervous and uncomfortable. He just looked at her a moment.

“Describe your friend” He practically ordered. She quickly replied, describing her size, build and features.

“Ah I know that piece of trash” He smiled wryly as he glanced for a moment at the three bags of trash in the corner of the kitchen. He stood up suddenly and made her jump slightly.

“Ok, yes or no answers, do you understand?” He barked.

“Yes” She answered lowering her eyes to the floor again.

“You are here to be degraded and humiliated?” He asked gruffly.

“Yes” She replied without hesitation already feeling a little turned on. This is going to happen she thought to herself.

“You will do exactly as I tell you?” He questioned.

“Yes” She said feeling excitement build in her.

“You will give up any sense of being human and be my trash” He said. Much less like a question and more like a statement she thought but answered again without hesitation.

“Yes” She could barely contain her excitement now. He smiled again and fetched some heavy duty bin liners. He laid three on the floor next to her feet, opening each and placing them one inside the other.

“Heels off” He ordered. She quickly slipped her shoes off and slid them away.

“Knickers off” He commanded. She moved to unzip her skirt.

“No, I said Knickers not strip” He barked. She stopped immediately and began to hoist her skirt up and lower her knickers from under her skirt. In a moment her Knickers were at her feet. She could feel her arousal burning inside her.

“Put them in your mouth” He ordered and she did exactly as she was told, quickly balling her underwear and pushing it into her own mouth. She knew he was about to gag her. He quickly wound tape around her head, winding it over her mouth again and again.

“Step into the bags and sit” He said and she did so quickly, almost automatically obeying. He pulled her arms behind her back and wound tape securely from her wrists to her elbows. He wound more tape from her ankles to her knees. She was quite secure now, helpless, hot and wet with excitement. As he brought her knees to her chest and began locking her into her balled up position with more tape, she thought for a moment. She realised she was still dressed, she was going to get messy and covered in trash and have to go home later in these clothes. She’d worry about that later she thought.

He’d finished taping her up, expertly bound and gagged she could hardly manage a wiggle or a sound. Her restriction was amazing and she felt like she might orgasm right now, dressed or not. The bin liners were gathered up around her and she became the first piece of trash inside ready for more to join her. He’d only just dumped left over food on her, when she had a fierce orgasm.

“Oh it liked that!” He smiled into the bag as she groaned into her gag with her obvious climax.

'It, I’m not a person just a thing just trash' she thought and almost came again immediately. But more trash simply tumbled in, on and around her relentlessly. Cartons half full of spoiled milk, plates of food waste that splattered and clung to her, all manner of household waste joined her in the bag. A used condom in her hair. Another orgasm. The bag was quickly becoming full around her. She hardly noticed when one of her shoes came tumbling into the bag, she noticed the other shoe as it dropped right in front of her face. She looked at it confused for a moment, then the contents of her handbag fell into the bag quickly followed by her handbag itself. The bag was closed off above her plunging her into darkness. She was in the bag of trash, she was the trash and everything she’d brought with her was trash too. Her next orgasm rocked her hard. She could hardly think let alone worry about her shoes and handbag. She was exhausted.

He slid her bag across the kitchen floor and rested it against the other three in the corner. She wondered what she must look like. No different to the other bags she guessed. She calmly rested in her trash, tired and spent she feel asleep. The motion of her bag being lifted and moved woke her suddenly. How long had she slept in the trash. Where was her trash bag being taken. The answer dawned on her quickly. A sudden change in temperate, she was outside. She felt a gentle thump as her bag dropped to the pavement. 'What’s going on?' her mind raced. The answer to that came all too quickly too. A garbage truck. She could hear a garbage truck coming. It must be bin day and he was putting out the trash. The air brakes on the truck, maybe a house or two away. She struggled franticly but her bondage held her firm. She tried to call out but her knickers were still in her mouth and reduced her attempt to a weak groan. She began to sob. Air brakes right next to her.

“Doctor Vader” A woman’s voice greeted him.

“My favourite garbage woman” He replied happily.

“Any special trash for me this week?” The woman asked with hope in her voice.

“Actually two” He answered.

“This one told it’s friend” He added

“And this one thought it had a name, called itself Georgia when it arrived” He chuckled.

“Fantastic, it’s been weeks and I just love crushing your special trash” She said joyfully.

“Can I have a peek” The woman asked bashfully.

“A quick peek sure” He replied.

“Oh quite cute” the woman said. Then the top of her bag rustled and opened slightly, she could see the garbage woman peer in for a moment, sneer and look away again.

“Yeah it’s a bit rough, not worth keeping at all!” The woman smirked as her bag closed around her again.

“Give it a peek hole and let it watch” The woman said as she was obviously hauling bags into the back of the lorry. She felt her bag lifted and placed, then a small rip opened in her bag and become wider for her to look through. She was perched on the back of the garbage truck with a view of the trash inside.

“It should watch this so it knows what’s going to happen when it goes in for it‘s turn” He smirked holding her bag steady. The woman operated the controls and hydraulics groaned and whined into action. She watched as the compactor blade moved into position and then relentlessly pressed and squeezed the trash. She heard the bags inside pop and wheeze as they were crushed. Then she heard the grinding and snapping sound.

“That’s it’s friend gone” The woman laughed as the machine returned to is default position ready for more trash. Her bag was immediately launched inside, landing with a thump. More bags followed quickly landing on and around her. She was in the back of the bin lorry. She was a bag of trash waiting to be crushed.

“Trash called Georgia huh, ridiculous! Trash doesn‘t have a name” The woman smirked as she pressed the button. She heard the machine groan and whine again. This time with her on the inside. It was only moments before she felt the compaction begin. Pressure on and around her body increasing rapidly. That grinding snapping sound. And the trash that thought it was called Georgia was gone. Crushed.

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