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Trash Bag Weekend

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2009 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; gag; bagged; dumped; oral; cons; X

I’d had a hard couple of weeks at work, a few contracts needed to be finalised in a hurry and the pressure had been on me. Finally getting the paperwork finished and signed off, I left for home and a long weekend, three days to unwind and relax.

I arrived home to find my husband sitting on the lounge with a big grin on his face, I knew that he had something planned when he looked like this, it always involved me bound and ending up having a great time. He spoke, “You’d best get undressed.”

I looked at him and began undressing without another thought; my hands working at removing my clothes seemed to be doing it themselves with no effort on my part. As I slipped my skirt down to my ankles, I saw my husband get up from his seat and move to the dining table. Following him my eyes spotted the plastic bags and rope laying there waiting to enclose me.

A huge grin enveloped my face when I spied these items and began to understand what he had in store for me. I removed my blouse and bra, my nipples standing up with the cooler air touching my naked flesh. Soon my panties and hose joined them on the floor and I stood there naked, a slight shiver went through me, either due to the coolness of the room or the thought of what may happen later.

Shortly after my husband picked up the rope and walked back over to me, the grin on his face now a mile wide, he bade me lay down on the lounge. I quickly sat down and then he pushed me down on to the fabric, then he started tying the rope around my left ankle, satisfied with his handiwork he pushed my leg up so my calf touched my thigh; he then bound my ankle to my thigh. He repeated the same to my other leg and I was soon tied, my legs now immobile.

He then pulled my legs to my chest and tied rope around me, as he pulled the rope it drew my legs tighter into my chest. He tied the rope off and I was now held immovably in this position. I wriggled in my bonds testing how tightly I was held I couldn’t move just lay there waiting for what he had planned.

Next he rolled me over so I lay face down and he pulled my wrists together behind my back, taking more rope he bound them, running the rope around my wrists several times then cinching them off making it impossible for me to move them far. He then tied my elbows and pulled the rope until my elbows touched, luckily I’m fairly flexible.

“There trussed up like a turkey, all you need now is stuffing!” he said.

With that he picked up a ring-gag and held it in front of my mouth waiting for me to open my mouth. I knew what he wanted, hell it was what I wanted, I opened wide and he pushed the gag into my mouth, seating the ring behind my teeth and then buckling the strap tightly behind my head. My mouth adjusting to the intrusion, I immediately began drooling and the fluid started running down my chin.

This was soon rectified when he slipped his member out of his trousers and pulled me into position, then placed his erect penis into my held open mouth, the saliva wetting him as he pushed deeper into my mouth. I could do nothing to stop him as he held my head and used my mouth as a receptacle for his pleasure, pushing his hard member into my mouth.  He continued this, holding my head and moving it back and forward, taking it harder with each thrust, his excitement building, I could feel him growing bigger in my mouth, my tongue exploring the underside of his penis. All too soon he was gushing his semen into my throat, pushing himself further back, all I could do was to relax my throat and allow him to do this.

Coming down from his excitement he remained in my mouth, his member twitching as the last remnants of his spending fell onto my tongue as it receded and shrank. Now satisfied that he had used me for his pleasure, he straightened himself up and drew up his zipper, the gleam still in his eye told me that things were not yet over. I swallowed what I could but the rest dribbled down my chin and fell onto my exposed breasts, a mixture of his semen and my saliva.

He brought over the plug that filled the hole in the ring gag, screwing it into place I was now sealed, the flow of saliva could only be swallowed.  I was left trussed up on the sofa, gagged and feeling extremely randy after his use of me, I wriggled my fingers to ease the feeling in them. He walked over to the table and returned carrying the plastic bin bags. Lifting my bound feet he slipped the bag over them enclosing them in their clingy grasp.

The bag was brought up over my body, easily slipping over my naked and bound form. Soon he had pulled the bag up to around my neck, gathering the bag around my neck he began tying it off enclosing me inside, with just my head left outside of the smooth plastic. I was picked up and moved to the floor, he placed me in the sitting position, my bottom slipped around against the plastic as the bag touched the floor.

Taking another bag he ruffled this up in his hands and placed it on to the floor, then picked me up and moved me into place, lowering me into the middle of the second bag, he then began pulling this bag up over the first one. Again he finished at my neck but this time he didn’t tie this off, just held it there as he smoothed the bag over my body.

He then picked me up and carried me downstairs to the basement, switching on the basement light he carried me down the stairs, I couldn’t move tied as I was and enclosed within the two plastic rubbish bags. I could only grunt through the gag as I felt his steps down the stairs, each one taking us closer to the basement level. I should explain that the basement is only used for storage, we don’t have a hidden dungeon or use the area as a general part of the home.

We do have an area in the corner near to the outside door and steps where we keep the rubbish before we take it to the tip or leave on the road for the garbage men to pick up, depending on what we have thrown away. I now knew that this is where we were heading for, I had been here before, I loved to be treated as rubbish, it’s one on my kinks. Hubby knows this and is willing to help me with my fetish.

He carried me over to the pile and I could see that he had moved some bags out of the way, this enabled him to place me into the middle of the garbage pile, that’s why he’d left my head exposed and I was able to see for myself just what he was going to do with me. I was put down on the ground, the plastic slipping around me as the two bags moved against each over. He pulled another bag out from near the edge of the pile and began rolling me around to place me into the bag, the bag was easily pulled up over the other two but he stopped at my neck again.

He reached in and pulled the second bag up and over my head, he gathered the end twisting it around he placed a zip-tie around the end and pulled it closed, sealing me inside the bag. He then did the same with the third outer bag, twisting and applying another zip-tie over the gathered end. Now sealed within two plastic bags, the heat started to build inside and the air was getting warmer. I tried to control my breathing, knowing that if I kept calm and breathed slowly I would be able to last longer.

I felt him moving the other bags around me, the ones containing the trash waiting to be taken outside on garbage day. I was pushed tightly against the bag directly against the wall, the bag cushioned me against the hard wall, more bags were then pushed up against me sealing me in and holding me tightly within their grasp. What little movement I had tied as I was was now taken away by the bags holding me against each other.

More bags began to be stacked but this time on top of the other, I felt a couple of bags fall on to the bags containing me. The bags were pushed down tightly, he was making sure that I had no movement whatsoever. Finishing the last bag by throwing it on to the pile that I was now under, he was satisfied that he had cleared up the mess he’d made getting things ready for me. He clambered on to the pile, moving the bag on top of me slightly, reaching in he made a couple of holes in the bags to enable air to reach me inside.

Putting the finishing touches, he made sure that I was buried in the pile, the bags now piled into the corner looked just as before, rubbish waiting for garbage day. I had become just another bag of trash waiting its turn to go curbside and be taken away. My husband making sure that things were in place, turned and walked back up the stairs. Before turning off the light, he stated, “It’s a long weekend, trash doesn’t get placed outside until Tuesday – enjoy!”


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