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by Bryan

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Storycodes: FFF/f; bond; bagged; trashed; transported; dumped; nc; XX

Cathy opened the door and saw her runaway 16 year old daughter Brianna along with a police officer.

“Good morning Ms. Smith, I found your daughter.”

“Where was she this time?” asked Cathy.

“I saw her walking behind some warehouses and chased around back. I eventually found her hiding in a dumpster.”

“Well thank you very much officer. I’m sorry this keep happening, but I can promise you this will be the last time Brianna runs away from home.”

This was the 4th time Brianna had tried to run away from what she considered her dysfunctional family. Her mother Cathy had become a spiteful old crazy bitch since she divorced her father 4 years ago. Her 17 year old sister Kelly was just as bad. Kelly wasn’t as attractive as Brianna and had been in several bad, abusive relationships, and she had always been resentful of her beautiful sister Brianna. And her younger 13 year old sister Kristi just idolized Kelly and went along with whatever she did, including being mean to Brianna.

Brianna knew she had to get away from her crazy family before things got out of hand. Each time she had tried to run away, she planned out everything meticulously, but every time she was noticed missing soon after she left, and she was caught by the police before she could ever get out of town.

“OK, young lady, do you have anything to say for yourself this time?”

Brianna kept quiet. She knew it was futile to argue. She also knew that she was going to be punished big time for this. After the last runaway, her mother threatened her with some horrible punishments.

“Nothing to say? Well it’s clear now that you don’t want to be a member of this family,” her mother said as Kelly and Kristi walked into the room with big grins on their faces. “And since it now seems that you like climbing around in dumpsters, you have now been demoted from family member to our garbage. Yes, you heard me right. Your punishment is that you will now be our garbage. For the whole day today you will sit in the 30 gallon garbage can while we throw more garbage away on top of you. After the can is full at the end of the day, you’ll spend the night completely covered in garbage. After all that…well I just don’t know yet. You’ve obviously shown you don’t want to be a member of this family, so all I want to do right now is throw you away, and believe me, right now that is exactly what is happening, you are being thrown away.”

Brianna’s jaw dropped. She had expected something bad, but this was crazy. She looked around, perhaps for a way out of this, but she saw Kelly and Kristi coming at her with the rope she had been tied with many times before. She knew that she was going to have to submit to this. They came at her quickly and tied her hands behind her back. Her mother approached her with a pair of scissors.

“Garbage doesn’t wear clothes,” she said as she cut her clothes off of her. She shrieked as her clothes were torn and she realized she would have to go through with this naked.

“Garbage doesn’t talk,” Kelly said as she put a ball gag on her. Her mother finally got all her clothes off of her and laid her on the ground on her stomach. Each of them took turns giving Brianna a spanking on her butt. They then tied her ankles together and then tied her ankles and arms together in front of her and carried her to the kitchen.

Brianna watched as her mother opened up the tall 30 gallon can and put a new huge garbage bag in it.

“Well, here we are,” her mom said. “This is a big turning point in your pathetic life. You are now going to be thrown away, and once that happens, you will cease to be a person to us, and will just be garbage.”

Brianna started to weep. This was starting to be too much to handle. She thought she would just have to suffer for awhile in a garbage can, but now she started to actually feel like less of a person and more like she was actually being thrown away. She was lifted up and placed in the can. She felt the cool garbage bag on her naked butt. She looked up and saw the three of them grinning down on her. There was a good two feet of can above her head.

“Welcome to your new world sis…the world of garbage,” Kelly said.

Brianna’s younger sister Kristi took the gum out her mouth and mashed it into her hair. “You really look like you belong in there,” Kristi said.

Brianna’s mom dumped her bathroom’s small garbage pail into the can. It was mostly paper trash, but it had some used Kleenex in it that stuck to Brianna’s head. The rest of it gathered at the bottom of the can around her legs. Brianna started crying harder as her three torturers started laughing and walked away. She wondered how far they would take this punishment.

She heard the three of them cooking and then eating breakfast. After a time she heard them say things like “Wow, that was a big breakfast. I can’t possibly eat this all. It’s a shame we have to throw so much food away.” And then the all scraped their plates full of eggs, bacon, oatmeal, and pancakes into the trash can on top of Brianna. Next came some coffee grounds, eggs shells, pancake mix, and some more left over oatmeal. They didn’t even look at her in the can. It was truly like she wasn’t there and was really just a part of the trash. She squirmed around in the can, feeling the mush between her naked skin and the garbage bag. She heard the bag rustling and felt the garbage settling around her. It almost covered her folded legs.

Next she heard her mom ask Kelly to help her clean out the refrigerator. “Oh shit!” Brianna thought. She knew that the fridge hadn’t been cleaned out in months, and that there was some nasty stuff in it. For the next half hour or so, various food items were thrown in the trash can. Old peaches with mold on them, lettuce that was brown, old sliced lunch meat, and a whole bunch of other smelly things. Now the garbage was up past Brianna’s belly button. And the smell was starting to get to her.

They let her sit there in the squishy garbage for awhile without disturbance for a couple of hours. Brianna had no way of knowing how much time was passing though. As the garbage was settling around her, she started to really feel she was one with it. Next Brianna heard her mom tell her sisters that they should clean their rooms today. Brianna sighed, having a pretty good idea of what was to come. She knew how messy and nasty her sisters’ rooms were. After a few hours, Kristi was the first to empty her trash into the tall garbage can. Kristi walked up to the can and looked down inside and winked at Brianna before dumping her trash in. Hers was a mix of paper items, candy wrappers, not quite empty Coke cans, old food that had been sitting in her room, and old clothes, which included smelly socks and unwashed panties. After the garbage had settled, it was now up just below her breasts.

Kelly came about an hour later and dumped her trash in. She glanced at Brianna’s now quite dirty face before dumping her garbage. Her’s was about the same as Kristi’s. And now the garbage came right up to her neck. And she knew her mom was busy cleaning out her room. As she waited for her mom to come and cover her completely with garbage, she saw it was starting to get dark, so she knew it was about 7PM . Her mom showed up with a big bag of garbage from cleaning her room. She walked over to Brianna’s can and looked down at the pathetic sight inside it. Brianna, with yucky garbage up to her neck, stared up at her with tears streaming down her garbage stained face. She looked up pleadingly at her mother.

Brianna’s mom lifted up her garbage, but before dumping it said, “Good bye my former daughter. You’re about to leave our world and enter the world of garbage.” And with that, she dumped her trash in Brianna’s can. The garbage completely filled up the trash can, with two feet of trash above Brianna’s head.

Brianna now really felt at one with the garbage. She was garbage. She was sitting helpless in a trash can completely filled with smelly slimy garbage, and she was naked, right in the middle of it. She was no longer a part of the outside world. Her world was in the garbage bag, with the garbage.

She could hear her mother and her sisters talking about what they were going to do next. She could only make out words, like Brianna, garbage, and thrown away. She finally heard her mom come over to the can and speak to her.

“Garbage, I don’t know if you can hear me in there, but I told you I was throwing you away and I meant it. So we’re going to throw you in the dumpster across the street. So what happens after that? I don’t know and I don’t care. You’re garbage now. They come around 8AM to pick up that dumpster. If I’m awake by then, then I might come and get you out. But if not, oh well. I’ll just report you run away again.”

Brianna couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She knew her family was crazy, and she fully expected them to do something extreme like treat her like garbage for a week or even a month, but this was insane. They really were going to throw her away. Brianna struggled with the ropes she was tied up in, but she knew it was useless. She had been tied up before, and she knew she couldn’t get out. She felt the trash can being wheeled out of the house and knew they were heading for the dumpster across the street. The dumpster was a full sized one that belonged to a bakery and a pizza place, but was also routinely used by residents who lived nearby.

They stopped at their destination. Brianna heard them tie the top of the garbage bag, and poke a few breathing holes in it. Then they lifted the heavy bag out, lifted it up, and tossed it into the half filled dumpster. Brianna felt herself fall a short distance before landing on a pile of more garbage bags. Most of the trash in the dumpster was food stuff, so the bags were all pretty soft. But of course the smell was now even worse.

She heard her younger sister Kristi say, “I’m glad we took out that garbage. It was starting to really stink,” as they all walked away from the dumpster.

Now Brianna felt completely like garbage. Here she was naked in the middle of a full garbage bag, which is sitting in a garbage dumpster, and unless she’s wrong about her mom, she will be picked up by the garbage men tomorrow. She wanted to believe that her mom would get her out before that happened, but she was already starting to resign herself to the fact that she will live the rest of her life as garbage.

She hears approaching footsteps. She thinks that maybe they have changed her mind. But she knows this is not the case when she hears a man’s voice asking his friend to “help me throw this truck load of garbage away.” She hears them pick up garbage bags and throw them into the dumpster. Luckily they are soft and not too heavy, probably food and paper products. They keep throwing more and more bags in. By the end of it, Brianna thinks that she is probably under two or three layers of bags.

At first she was worried about breathing, but she finds that she just needs to move her head around in the garbage to find air pockets. And then, for the first time that day, she has to pee. She has no choice but to go in the garbage bag. It doesn’t matter; there is grosser stuff all over surrounding her. Over the next couple hours, more bags are thrown in the dumpster. The smell has become horrible. Brianna wonders if she will sleep, knowing what her probable fate is. She cries a little more, but has begun to realize that she is now garbage.

Brianna awakes with a start. She hears a loud truck engine. “Oh fuck! They’re here to pick up the garbage!” Brianna is scared, but she knows that she is now garbage, and this is what happens to garbage. She hears the arms of the truck slide into the grooves on the side of the dumpster. “Well, I guess this is it.”

She feels the dumpster lift off the ground. She feels it tilt, and then feels the bags start sliding backward. She starts crying again. She doesn’t want to end up as garbage. She wants to be a young girl again. But she knows that once she falls into the truck, that it isn’t very likely she would ever get to be a girl again. She sobs as her bag falls into the truck as she once again leaves one world to go deeper into the world of garbage. It really happened. This is for real. She is in a garbage bag in a garbage truck, with more garbage bags raining down on top of her. Could she survive? And what if she did?

The smell is overwhelming. She throws up in her garbage bag. She braces herself for what she knows is coming next. She feels and hears the walls starting to move. She feels the bags she is next to getting closer and closer. She hears some of the other bags pop under pressure. She feels herself getting squished by all the other trash in her bag. It gets pretty tight, but just when she thinks it is about too much for her to take, the walls recede. She made it.

The truck only made a few more stops. Each time she felt bags fall on the pile she was under, and the truck compacted. But each time it wasn’t enough to do any damage to her bag. And she felt even more a part of the garbage. So now that she had survived the truck, she thought “what do I do now?” And the answer was that she does nothing. Because garbage does nothing.

The ride to the landfill took a couple hours. She had almost gotten used to the smell, and even started to associate it with herself. She feels the truck stop, and then back up. And then she feels the bags sliding out. She feels her bag come to rest atop other bags, and then feels more bags pile onto her. So there she was, buried in a landfill in a garbage bag. She just lays there, realizing this was to be her life.

She eventually becomes hungry and thirsty. She manages to maneuver her hands so she can reach her mouth. She grabs some of the food in her bag and manages to pull her gag forward enough to stuff some food into her mouth. She finds some half drunken drinks, and gulps those down. She knows she will eventually run out of sustenance in her bag, so she knows she has to get untied. She works on it for the next couple days. She eats and drinks what was left in her bag. It doesn’t really phase her when she finally has to defecate in the bag. It is just waste, and so is she.

She finally gets the ropes off after many days. She tears open her bag, but she knows she is probably buried under several layers of bags by now. She tears into other bags to find food and drink. Once satisfied, she finds a bag she likes, opens it, gets inside, and ties it back up. And each day would bring new bags piled on top to rummage through to find what her body requires. And then she would return to being garbage.

She eventually after several weeks, made it to the top of the pile. She looks around, and for as far as she can see are garbage bags. The thought of trying to leave the landfill doesn’t even cross her mind. She is naked, and caked with garbage and filth. She is garbage. She doesn’t even think of herself as Brianna anymore. She had made the transformation from a person to garbage.

She finds a nice plump bag full of rotten filth, unties it, crawls into it, ties it back up, and waits for more garbage to be piled on top.

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