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Times change in Waste Disposal

by PolytheneWrappedMe

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© Copyright 2019 - PolytheneWrappedMe - Used by permission

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Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

When I was young, my parents were very strict.

Nothing I ever did seemed to please them or made them think well of me.

Instead, it was quite the contrary.  They thought I was rubbish at everything.

I was rubbish academically, being as thick as two short planks, as they saw me.

I was hopeless at sports. Too fat to run, too uncoordinated to catch a ball, kick a ball, or hit a ball.

As my school grades dropped ever lower, my parents despaired at what future I might be as I was no good at anything.

Indeed, I was clearly rubbish at everything.

Maybe this was why I was attracted to the idea of actually being rubbish, or garbage, as some of you prefer to call it.

It made perfect sense in a way, for both parents and teachers alike kept telling me I was rubbish, so eventually you start believing it yourself.

I used to watch my mom take out the trash. 

She would pull the white polythene bin liner out of the kitchen bin. Then either insert it into a large black polythene dustbin liner, which the council provided; or simply carry the kitchen waste out to the dustbin, if the dustbin was already lined.

The dustbin and its black polythene liner could hold around three white polythene kitchen bin liners.

When full, my mom would simply tie up the black polythene dustbin liner, and carry it out to the kerb for collection.

Often the dustmen used to pile the black polythene dustbin lines from different houses together, to aid pick up, by allowing the rear loader garbage truck to make fewer stops.

One such pile of black sacks used to be piled every week outside my own house, and I used to wonder what it would be like to be sealed inside and just tossed into the back of the garbage truck.

No one would notice me, if I was able to shrink. I would just be treated like REAL rubbish.

I even lived near a magician who could help me achieve my dream.

I did not go into the reason for making these three wishes, and he sensed it was better not to ask.

I chose as my three wishes :-

1. To be able to shrink to whatever size I wanted (and return to my normal size) at will.
2. To be able to live and be conscious whilst in the absence of air, food or water.
3. To be able to withstand being crushed repeatedly without death or injury or suffocation.

I could not wait to try this out and I would spend time masturbating dreaming of being trashed.

But I was far too much of a coward to actually do this.

I knew it could be dangerous, even for a person with magical talents.

What if the garbage truck unloaded me at an incinerator ?  

My spells would be useless against being burnt alive, and sadly the magician only ever granted three wishes, not more. Not even if your first wish for was 10 wishes !

Now at college, I found myself still as useless as ever.

I wanted to go on a holiday, but my parents told me that "money does not grow on trees" and they made it clear that holidays would have to be paid for by myself and unless I got a job, I would have no money for what I wanted to do.

This was yet another blow. 

Yet again, they told me I was rubbish, and I suppose I just snapped.

One day, alone by myself in the house, I returned to my usual masturbation fantasy of being treated like rubbish.

I stripped off naked, and went into the kitchen.

It was a Friday.

I knew that the garbage truck came on Wednesdays, and as such the dustbin outside would be empty.

The kitchen bin, meanwhile was now full of two days of household waste.  

My mom would come home, and no doubt empty the kitchen bin, tie off the white polythene bin liner, and drop the full bag inside a new black polythene dustbin liner, and then carry it out to the dustbin.

By Sunday evening a second kitchen bin liner full of trash, would be joining me, and finally on Tuesday evening, a third kitchen waste bag would join me, before mom would tie up the black polythene dustbin liner, and carry me out of the dustbin, and put me at the kerb, ready for the dustmen to collect me early Wednesday morning.

Then I would be placed with identical looking black bags, before being thrown into the rear loader garbage truch and compacted and scooped out inside, to be repeatedly crushed as the truck got steadily more and more full.

I had done some research on the internet and I was pretty sure the trash was taken to a landfill site and buried.

I might just survive, and return to normal size, and sneak away.

Then if people told me I was rubbish, I could agree with them !

It was not a perfect plan, being found naked at a landfill site would be embarrassing, but it was either that or be buried alive for good.

I peered into the kitchen bin. It was full to the top with rubbish. 

Perfect !  

It would be emptied soon, and me along with the rest of the rubbish.

The kitchen bin was a small swing bin, and I sat naked on top of the swing bin lid.

I spoke the spell that the magician had taught me, and I shrunk down to the six inches that I had specified in the spell.

I turned over, and lay on my tummy, and allowed myself to slide down the lid of the swing bin. My body weight causing the lid to swing open like a pendulum.

I could see the trash inside and smell its slight aromatic stench.

I tumbled and fell, and landed on top of the rubbish in the kitchen bin.

As my weight was no longer on the lid of the swing bin, it balanced itself and closed shut above me.

I was now inside the kitchen bin, as part of the household waste.

I decided to hide under some pieces of trash, before saying a second spell that, this time, shrunk me from six inches tall to half an inch tall.

There was now no way anyone would see me unless they went hunting through the trash looking for me; and as no one knew I was there, why would they do that ?

I would juts be emptied like the trash I had become.

Without a care. Disposed of.

My cock was erect at the thought, and I jerked off several times.

The smell and sight of being amongst the waste and knowing what would happen next, making for a very arousing time. I manged to pump my load of cum several times before my mom returned home to find the house empty (or so she thought).

"David !" she called my name, but there was no answer. Even if I spoke I doubt she would hear her half an inch tall son inside the kitchen bin with the trash.

She went into the kitchen and made herself a cup a tea.

Opening the kitchen bin, to toss the scolding hot and used tea bag into the bin, with her son. Not that she knew I was there, and it narrowly missed me.

This being in the trash was more dangerous that I had thought !

Mom looked down at the full bag of trash in the kitchen bin and exclaimed, "That useless son, has probably been here all day, and could not be bothered to empty the bin !"

"No. I have been waiting for you to do it mom" I whispered under my breath.

I then heard and felt my mom gather the white polythene bin liner closed, causing the trash to shift around inside the bag, and I tumbled this way and that, with the rest of the bag's contents.

I watched from the inside as the white polythene was gathered shut and I was now sealed inside as just rubbish.

The same rubbish that I had known all my life that I was.

Now I would be treated as nothing but rubbish. 

Mom placed the bag down on the kitchen carpet, and went to get a council black polythene dustbin liner.

Moments later the bag that was in, was hoisted up and dropped inside the larger black sack, plunging me into total darkness.

I was now double-bagged.

I felt more movement, as the bag was carried to the dustbin, and placed on the ground.

Mom removed the dustbin lid, grabbed the bag containing her son, and placed me and the trash inside the dustbin, before replacing the dustbin and sealing me inside the family dustbin too.

I suppose if I had reversed the spell at that point, and grown back to my normal size, I might have been able to escape. 

Oh no, I could not. I remember now, the dustbin, had two handles that locked the lid on shut.

I was trapped.

If I wanted out, I would have to wait for collection day !

The impending future just made my cock hard again, and I wanked like never before. 

To be put out in the dustbin along with the trash. This was where I belonged.

The lack of air, food and water posed no issue, as thanks to the magic, I could live in the trash as trash.

The rubbish had no need for air, food or water. Now I was rubbish too, nor would I have such needs.

I enjoyed masturbating inside. No one knew I was here, so I was free to spill as much of my sperm as I liked. No need to worry about the mess or the smell.

No one would miss me either. For who misses rubbish ?

By Sunday, I was joined by a second bag of rubbish. The weight of it, pressing down onto the first bag, and the contents within.

By Tuesday, I was joined by a third bag of rubbish. The weight was enough to pin me flat inside my own polythene prison.

Then mom pushed down on the rubbish in the dustbin, in order to close the black polythene dustbin liner.

I had now been sealed inside two polythene bags.

Then she lifted the bag out of the dustbin, replaced the lid, on the new empty dustbin, and carried me up the front garden path, and placed me down on the kerb for collection.

I was nothing but rubbish and this is exactly what she did with the rubbish every week, and this week was to be no different.

Before the garbage truck arrived, the dustmen placed the black polythene sacks into small groups of 8 to 10 bags, and the garbage truck made its way down the street, towards the pile of black polythene sacks that contained me.

I could not believe it, that I was going to let myself be collected as rubbish by the council.

But that is what I did.

I was wetting myself in fear, as I heard the truck get nearer and nearer.

Then it stopped next to me !

The men lobbed the heavy bags into the hopper, and I became weightless as I was thrown unceremoniously into the crusher as well.

I was indeed nothing but rubbish now.

As the packer plate active, I was scooped out, and crushed.

The bags popped and burst, but I was simply forced inside the garbage truck with the rest of the rubbish.

I could not see what was inside, as it was completely dark. 

But I could feel the immense pressure building as everything was being squashed flatter than flat. 

The smell inside the garbage truck was rancid and foul.

People outside walking by on the street would have heard the hydraulics of the truck operate, and the hiss and pop of the trash bags, but not the whimper of me scream.

People don't care what happens to their waste, just so long as it is never seen of again !

The pressure build up lasted for hours and hours as the garbage truck consumed tonnes of trash, to be taken to the landfill site.

I was emptied there also. But before the earth-movers  could bury me for good, I managed to escape, and regain my normal size and be rescued.

However, it was total humiliation.

Everyone knew I was rubbish, and that is what they called more even more.

"Finally you knew your place in society and you went and came home !" 

That sort of thing.

No one asked how I had got there, and on what magical journey I had gone on, or why.

They just were angry at me for being found. I think they would have preferred it if I had not been so.

It had tarnished the family name, having a son found naked in the rubbish.

I was sent away for help. But actually it more so that they could ignore me more.

By the time I returned home, many decades had passed.

The year was 2040, and most wealthy homes had a waste converter.

A domestic appliance that instantly transformed waste matter by a light beam that rearranged matter into something new that the householder wanted.

It was a neat idea really. To turn your unwanted stuff into something else that you did want.

Sent away as I had been, meant that I had lost touch with modern waste disposal methods.

To me, the kitchen looked much as it always had done, from when I recall it had, when I was younger.

There was the same old swing bin, that unknown to my parents, I had shrunk myself and hid inside, only to be put out for collection.

It had not dawned upon me that the dustbin was no longer in its normal place in the front garden, or that one of the kitchen cupboards now contained the new machine for converting rubbish.

I was shown to my bedroom. 

My parents, although older, were full of sneer about my lack of abilities and what an useless son they had.

Never mind, I thought I could always go on another trash adventure.

Only this time I might stay in the landfill site. Snug and happy in my new home.

The waste converter had safeguards to stop it being used on live humans. 

Normal sized humans. 

But no one knew I could still shrink.

I had enough of being constantly belittled, so I decided to shrink again, and be thrown away.

I managed to get inside the swing bin in the kitchen as before, and I was looking forward to being disposed of.

Mom pulled the bin liner out the bin, with me and the other rubbish inside.

She proceeded to tie the bin liner shut and seal me inside.

But then, to my bewilderment, she took the full trash bag over to a cupboard and opened the cupboard door revealing a shiny steel box, and through the slightly opaque white polythene liner looked as if it might be a compactor.

I was so excited.

I was not just going to be taken out with the rubbish, I would be compacted first.

Knowing I could survive that, I was not in the least afraid.

The trash bag was placed inside the waste converter, and unknowingly my mom had placed me inside too.

Mom closed the door.

It went dark.

I expected to hear the whine of an electric motor start, and a compactor ram squash me flat.

Instead I heard mom press some buttons on the exterior of the machine.

There was a flash of light, and I became fused with the rubbish, but somehow still alive and conscious.

Whatever I was, I was now in a cardboard box.

Later mom wrapped the box in Christmas wrapping paper.

I was no longer trash. I was now a Christmas present.

At mom's office every year they played "Secret Santa" and mom had given a colleague, named Jacqui, a present that would set the office laughing.

Dad asked mom what she had given.

"I decided raunchy Jacqui should have a giant dildo. I was not going to buy one, so I decided to make the slut a present from the trash." mom said, before adding "Have you seen David ?"

Now I would serve a purpose that I was anything but rubbish at.


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