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Theater Trash

by Frizzle | Forum Feedback

© Copyright 2019 - Frizzle - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; prank; trashcan; hide; mistake; stuck; FM+/f; public; trash; messy; foodwaste; condom; hum; buried; bagged; ziptie; waste; chute; incinerator; con/nc; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

This story is depicted as a fantasy only. No actions in this story should be implemented in real life, as it could cause serious bodily harm or even result in death!


Work was always quite boring, and Kara simply could never find the right motivation to get through her day without feeling expended. She had quite literally the trashiest position in the entire theater, a position on the janitorial staff. Having to clean up the waste and garbage from the inconsiderate customers and take out their trash every hour when each movie ended was horrible for her.

To make matters worse, she was pretty slim and didn’t weigh very much either. Trying to lift the enormous industrial polythene black bags filled to the brim was a nightmare, and sometimes the bags weighed more than she did! Each theater had its own little insert within the wall, a giant wheelie bin that could hold about ninety or so gallons of trash per movie showing locked behind cabinet doors with a trash lid on top for the garbage to fall into the trash bin. Moving these bins were easy enough since they had wheels, but when Kara had to pull the bags out and tie them up for tossing, it was always a nightmare.

Kara was a pretty short woman, finding herself at only four foot six and not weighing much either. One can imagine how difficult a job like this would be for someone like her, but despite Kara’s distaste for her job she still worked as hard as she could in order to get that paycheck every month. But after almost a year of her boring job, Kara was starting to crave some fun more and more as the days drudged on.

She was friends with a coworker named Nick, and he had always teased her on the job a few times. It was clear that he was attracted to her, but Kara had never put two and two together, oblivious to the attraction. She did enjoy his company however, and they often hung out after work. She figured it was time she got him back for all the teasing, and what better way to do such than to initiate a prank?

After lunch Nick would always come into the janitorial room to grab a replacement trash bin for the next showing at noon, which would be swapped with one in a theater that was already full so it could be emptied. It was on the dot every day, and always Nick who came. Kara devised a plan to scare him, jumping out of the bin as he came to grab it so she could scare him. She didn’t really think anything could go wrong, why would she? In her mind, it was a simple light hearted prank and nothing more. Not to mention she was small and weightless enough that the bin would wheel relatively normally, so if he started to move it he was likely not to suspect anything was wrong.

It had been decided, and the very next day at work Kara waited eagerly until a few minutes before noon to enact her plan. The day had been pretty relaxed, not too busy for the most part. It was usually like this however, and the theater usually began to get quite packed around noon, but usually an hour prior. Kara didn’t put much thought towards it, figuring the prank would be straightforward and over quickly. She had spent her time cleaning up some of the theaters trash bins, including the theater’s themselves from the garbage left behind by the inconsiderate viewers.

It was just like any other cleanup, dreadful and annoying. But soon enough lunch time had come, or at least for the first wave of staff, which included Nick. Kara had eaten her lunch rather quickly, making sure she had some minutes to spare so she could rush back into the janitorial room. The coast had been clear, all of the staff either at lunch or still completing their job duties.

Nick is going to jump out of his skin!” Kara whispered to herself, giggling at the idea of scaring the piss out of him.

She realized there was only one bin in the room, and that the others were still waiting to be emptied or had already been taken to theaters that were about to wrap up the movie. It made it much easier for her, as she realized Nick would only have one bin to come and collect. She first grabbed another trash liner, a regular one for the janitorial rooms smaller trash bin. She just needed to make sure she could cover herself some, in case someone decided to look all the way inside and end up spotting her.

She then lifted herself inside of the large bin, which was square shaped and allowed ample space to get comfortable. Once she was inside, she heard the door to the janitorial room click open, and she had to contain herself from laughing as she quickly covered herself with the small trash bag. It was enough to obscure her, and she hoped it would be enough as she waited for who she thought was Nick to approach the bin. She was ready to pounce, and as she felt the bin start to move she was about to pop up for the prank until she heard the voice of someone else entirely.

“This is the only bin left Janet,” spoke Kara’s coworker Stephanie.

“And? A bin is a bin. Take it!” Janet ordered, who was heard clicking her heels about as she walked up to Stephanie, “Nick went home sick, so I appreciate you for taking over his shift.”

“No problem!” Stephanie responded, grabbing a hold of the bin and wheeling it along at her side.

Kara’s heart froze, panic starting to set in. She hadn’t planned that her boss Janet and her coworker Stephanie would be the ones to come and collect the bin, and Janet was known for being quite humourless and strict. Kara knew if she exposed herself now, that Janet would have an absolute fit. To make matters worse, Stephanie was the most disliked employee in the entire theater. She was known to report several of Kara’s coworkers for various things, always trying to get on Janet’s good side. So long as Stephanie was near the bin, Kara wasn’t sure she would risk exposing herself knowing that Stephanie would likely report the incident to their boss.

Janet patted Stephanie on the back as she passed by with the wheelie bin, “Good girl! I’m going to go to concessions and make sure the slurpee machine gets emptied. Make sure that theater is spotless once all of the customers leave! Now hurry along so you can swap the bins before the movie ends, it only has a few minutes left!”

“Aye aye captain,” Stephanie joked, dragging the bin with her as she left the janitorial room and proceeded to the theater which was about to vacate.

Kara sighed quietly, the sound of the wheels masking her voice. Of course Nick went home sick, and of course Kara now found herself trapped in a damn trash bin that was being wheeled along by the one person who would most certainly report her if she was caught. Kara figured she’d wait until Stephanie swapped the bins, and once she left Kara could hop out promptly.

Her body bumped up and down as the wheelie bin was dragged along, remaining absolutely still and silent so that she wouldn’t get caught and so Stephanie wouldn’t suspect anything. When she heard a theater door opening, she knew that Stephanie had entered the theater as the woman pulled the bin up to the wall insert as she began to unlock the large cabinet doors. Stephanie opened them wide and pulled out the half filled wheelie bin inside from the previous showing, scooting it aside and grabbing the empty bin, or what she assumed to be empty.

Kara felt as the bin was shoved into the cabinets, into the wall insert. She was jostled slightly as the bin hit the wall of the cabinets, and she heard as Stephanie closed the cabinet doors shut and locked them. Even if they hadn’t been locked, it would be impossible to open them from inside the bin. Kara knew this already, as the wheelie bins fit into the wall inserts perfectly. Her plan was to crawl out through the trash lid opening above, which due to her size wouldn’t be too difficult.

She waited for Stephanie to grab the other bin and leave, but her luck proved to be nonexistent as she heard more chattering from outside the bin she was in.

“I’ll take that out Stephanie,” another janitor said, “the movies about to end and you should probably direct the other staff once the customers vacate the theater.”

“Thanks,” Stephanie said with gratitude, “I’ll just wait here I guess, let me get that broom and dustpan off you.”

“Sure thing,” he responded, handing Stephanie his broom and dustpan as he grabbed the half full wheelie bin and took it away.

Kara was starting to grow nervous, realizing that she was still stuck inside the bin. She heard the sound of Stephanie’s phone unlocking, the woman browsing her phone as she rested her butt against the cabinet doors. Kara felt the vibrations, and knew that Stephanie was just on the other side of those doors. She was trapped, with no way to get out without being caught and reported. Suddenly her prank didn’t seem so funny anymore, and she realized that Stephanie had trapped her in the cabinets unknowingly to await the piles of garbage that would be discarded by the viewers upon the movies completion.

To make matters worse, Kara didn’t have to wait that long. She heard Stephanie standing to attention, moving aside to the wall as she made way for the piles of people now cluttering the small side hall after stepping down from their seats. Kara realized her chance at escape was gone, or at least for now. That meant only one thing, she was about to experience first hand what it was like to be nothing more than the trash at the bottom of the bin.

“That movie sucked,” said a random viewer, who was clearly displeased with the quality of the film, “and these prices suck. Screw this popcorn, hmph!” The unsatisfied customer angrily thrust his popcorn down the lid chute, and Kara received a face full of kernels and popcorn which exploded in her face as the bucket smacked her in the side of the head.

“Screw this soda too!” The customer raged, thrusting his soda into the bin as well. The soda also collided into Kara’s skull, exploding on impact and drenching her in the smell of Dr Smite, a tasteful beverage that was highly popular among young adults. The soda was sticky and fizzy, effectively ruining her employee outfit as Kara frowned while looking over herself. It was only the beginning, and she hadn’t even begun to comprehend what it truly felt like to be literal garbage.

A massive gathering of people now arrived to the exit doors, all of them beginning to toss their buckets of popcorn, sodas, candy wrappers and water bottles into the lid chute. Kara grunted as an ocean of buckets began raining down on her, popcorn kernels getting stuck in her hair and going down her shirt. Sodas exploding in the trash can, which had clearly not been finished as they completely soaked her in a mix of different beverages. Candy wrappers and other half eaten chocolate bars smacked her in the face and in the chest, smearing her in chocolate and other gooey assertions from the diverse purchases from the customers. The least horrid of it all was the water bottles, though they packed quite a punch when they were still half full.

“What a waste,” Stephanie murmured to herself, “half eaten this, half eaten that, discarded with the rest of the pathetic garbage.”

Meanwhile Kara was getting buried alive, the trash now coming up to her chest as she was quickly drowning in the discarded food and drinks. She wasn’t crying or anything, mostly just pissed at herself for getting into the situation to begin with. Another popcorn bucket, this time empty, perfectly landed on her head and covered her entire face. She yanked it off angrily and thrust it to the side, not even caring if anyone heard it. No one did anyways, the loud chattering and footsteps of all of the exiting viewers obscuring any sounds Kara made within her confines. Approaching the trash bin now was a girlfriend and her boyfriend, the girlfriend looking rather anxious.

Are you sure it’ll be fine?” The girlfriend asked anxiously, clearly worried about something.

No one will know, just toss it in the trash, who cares anyways?” The boyfriend answered.

The girlfriend had removed her tampon during the showing, as it had begun to bother her quite a bit. It didn’t help that it was already sore down there, from a rough sexual experience with her boyfriend. She concealed it in the empty popcorn bucket, and decided that it wasn’t that big a deal. It would just be tossed with the rest of the trash, what would it matter anyways? Right? The girlfriend dumped her empty popcorn bucket through the lid chute, along with her bloody tampon.

The bucket hurled over, the tampon flying out of it as it entered the trash bin. It smacked right against Kara’s cheek, the clotted blood causing it to stick to her face. Kara gave an expression of absolute disgust and horror, upon realizing what had glued itself to her face. She wanted to scream and shout, but bit her tongue knowing that if she did it would get her in a load of trouble from Janet.

The tampon began to slide down her cheek, leaving a trail of the strangers blood to dry on her face. Kara dared not touch the disgusting thing, instead opting to shake her head violently as the force thrust the tampon to the opposite side of the trash bin. She wanted to get out and strangle whoever had tossed that vile thing, but ultimately she kept quiet to wait out the nightmare situation she was in. The trash was filling up to her neck now, tons of popcorn and a puddle of soda now forming underneath her ass. She certainly felt like trash, or so she thought. Hell, she practically was trash at this point. The customers had certainly treated her as such, discarding the rest of their waste without a care in the world.

How much longer will this take!?’ Kara thought to herself, ‘how many fucking people were in this theater!?’

A lot of people, quite a lot actually. But the worst had passed, and aside from a few more buckets of popcorn being tossed into the chute the last of the viewers had finally left, leaving Kara chin deep in all of their garbage. Stephanie let out a sigh of relief, as two more of her coworkers showed up for the theater cleaning routine. They each had brooms and dustpans, ready to gather the last of the trash in the theater.

“Alright,” Stephanie spoke up, “now that the theaters empty lets get this bitch spotless. Otherwise Janet will have our heads!”

“Does that mean you’re going to help us this time?” Asked the female coworker, who seemed happy to hear that Stephanie would be joining them.

“What? Of course not. Now get cleaning you fucking losers!” Stephanie pointed in the direction of the theater, ordering them to get it done.

“But shouldn’t we bring the bin with us?” Asked the male coworker.

“Oh, right…” Stephanie turned around and began unlocking the cabinet doors, much to Kara’s dismay. Kara was mostly afraid of being caught, but considering it was extremely dark in the theater and her entire body was swallowed by garbage she figured it’d be near impossible for anyone to make her out amongst the garbage.

Stephanie yanked the trash bin out, wheeling it over to the two other coworkers. She realized it was about three quarters full, which was good because that meant it wouldn’t be overfilled which always caused further problems. Kara made a point to keep very silent, unlike before. Now there was no chattering or footsteps to obscure her sounds, and after enduring it for this long it would be quite awkward if she were caught in the trash now that it was almost full.

She didn’t want people thinking she was some kind of trash freak, who got off to such things. Especially Stephanie, who would no doubt make her life a living hell if she ever got the implication. Kara was already buried in trash anyways, so what was a little more? She waited patiently as she felt the female employee drag her along, an employee of whom she did not recognize. She was shoved up against the edge of the stairs, and heard as the two employees began sweeping up the aisles and filling up their dustpans. It would only be more popcorn and sodas, nothing too bad Kara thought to herself.

Kara was wrong. The female was the first to finish an aisle, heading over to the trash bin and violently shaking the dustpan in it. Popcorn came pouring over Kara’s head, along with globs of hair and crumbs that had accumulated on the floor. The hair landed on Kara’s ear, resting comfortably and causing her to squirm with disgust. It would be the beginning of the second stage of trash dumping for her, as the two employees were not quite close to finishing.

The male employee then came over, who Kara finally recognized as Eric. She had only ever seen him a few times, and even thought he was quite cute, but for now she was nothing more than another part of the trash that Eric would be dumping the garbage into. He also shook his dustpan, more popcorn and hair falling out and landing into the bin along with Kara’s dark hair which helped obscure her from view. This time a few extras were piled onto Kara, which included some chewed up wads of gum that stuck nicely in her hair and a few gummy bears which had been flattened after being stepped on by passing viewers. Kara’s heart caved when the gum was dumped into her hair, and she realized it was really going to fuck it up. She’d have to have a haircut no doubt, which would be an absolute tragedy.

“Hey Natasha,” Eric spoke out, “I think I see something under the seat right next to you.”

“Oh?” Natasha, who had been revealed to be the female employee, peered under the seat that Eric was pointing at. She rolled her eyes when she saw a condom filled with cum resting on the ground, “are you fucking kidding me? What kind of freak does this shit in a theater?”

“What is it?” Eric asked, not able to see what it was from where he stood.

“It’s a fucking condom filled with some perverts cum!” Natasha answered in disgust, “some people are fucking freaks!”

“Well better toss it with the rest of the trash where it belongs,” Eric said to her, “doesn’t belong there, that’s for sure!”

Natasha picked up the condom in dismay, carrying it over to the trash bin and angrily throwing it inside. The condom hit Kara right in the face, the still warm and sticky cum bursting out of it and all over her nose and lips. Clearly it had been used recently, and Kara had to stop herself from gagging. She didn’t even want to open her mouth, afraid of it getting inside. Nothing was more humiliating than having a strangers cum all over your face, and Kara got to experience this humiliation firsthand. Neither Natasha nor Eric knew what they were putting Kara through, as they continued to toss the garbage just like any other cleanup routine.

“I think we’ve gotten most of it,” Natasha spoke up, “and the trash bin is looking pretty full.”

“The thing is huge too,” Eric responded, “ninety gallons of pure trash right here.” Eric slapped the side of the trash bin sarcastically.

“Well let’s tie it up and dump it out back,” Natasha said, heading over to the trash bin and spitting into it. The spit hit Kara right in the eye, and she couldn’t help but want to cry afterwards. Natasha’s spit drizzled down along her nose, and over her lips along with the strangers cum. As if she hadn’t been degraded enough, Natasha had to go and spit into the trash bin.

“Why’d you spit into the trash?” Eric asked confusedly, as he grabbed the two sides of the trash bag and began to pull them up.

“That disgusting condom put a bad taste in my mouth,” Natasha answered, “spitting just made it go away I guess. Why do you care? I just spit into the stupid trash, not like it matters.” Natasha grabbed the corners of the bag on the other side to help Eric.

“Never said it did matter,” Eric responded, “was just curious is all. Trash is trash, besides it probably deserves to be spat on. Especially with that gross ass condom!”

Filled with cum!” Natasha added, “let's get this dumped as soon as possible so we can move on to the next disgusting cleanup!”

“This has been the worst cleanup routine we’ve had in awhile…” Eric murmured, helping Natasha as they tied the trash bag up and secured it with a zip tie. The two then began to shake the bag, if for no other reason than to let the trash sink into the bag as deep as it would go. Kara was jostled around, the trash splashing up in her face and evening out over her body. She wished she had just bitten the bullet and exposed herself back at the janitorial room, but instead she allowed herself to be subjected to all of the nonsense instead.

“Alright let’s get this bad boy out of here,” Eric spoke, as him and Natasha began to wheel it out of the theater while being unaware that their coworker was stuck inside.

Kara just remained calm, her face sticky and her hair a hot mess as she was rolled through the theater with the rest of the garbage. She didn’t really pay any mind to how long it took, she sort of blanked out as she tried to think of other things to cloud her thoughts of absolute disgust. Her eyes were jostled open however, as the wheelie bin began to jump and shake as the wheels rode over the imperfect concrete ground.

“You think the both of us can lift it?” Natasha asked skeptically.

“Let’s hope so,” Eric answered, as they shoved the bin up against the dumpster and prepared to lift the bag out of it.

“What are you two doing?” Janet asked, tapping her heels annoyedly as she glared over at them, “didn’t Stephanie tell you?”

“Tell us what?” Natasha was confused, and so was Eric.

“We have a new system,” Janet explained, “the dumpsters are being picked up tomorrow. From now on everything is dumped into that chute over there! The large one!”

Janet pointed to a large chute, which had hooks for the wheelie bins so they could be tipped over with ease allowing the quick disposal of the trash bags. Kara heard the commotion, not entirely sure of what ‘new system’ could have possibly been installed, but decided it didn’t matter. Wherever she ended up, she’d finally free herself and after going through all of the trouble wouldn’t be caught for a single bit of it. All she had to do was wait for them to dispose of her so she could finally be in the clear to escape.

“Well that makes it easy,” Natasha smiled with relief, helping Eric as they wheeled the wheelie bin over to the new trash chute. They lifted it onto the hooks, and together they lifted the wheelie bin upwards which effectively dumped the bag full of garbage into the chute and down to wherever exactly it was going.

So much easier,” Natasha said with relief, “so where does this trash go anyways?”

“To our new incinerator,” Janet answered, “that trash will be burnt to oblivion!”

“Good,” Natasha spat, “means that perverts fucking condom will be annihilated! Trash deserves no better.”

“No it doesn’t,” Janet responded, “now let’s get back inside. Talking about trash so much is making me feel awkward.”



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