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That New Car Smell Part 1: Veronica’s New Car Experience

by JayJay

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© Copyright 2010 - JayJay - Used by permission

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Part 1: Veronica’s New Car Experience

Today was the big day.  Veronica had been back to the dealership a dozen times selecting the model, color options, haggling over rim choice and every detail.  Her old beater car that she had been driving all through high school and most of college was ready to retire and Veronica was treating herself to a new one.  Her old faithful finally sold on Friday and combined with a bunch of old junk she had recently sold on E-bay, she was hitching a ride with her roommate to drive away in her new set of wheels.

She woke up early Monday morning to get ready and ride down to the dealership with her old roommate Alexis.  Alexis and Veronica knew each other since high school, and had just graduated college recently.  They began rooming together after high school to share expenses and didn’t see any reason to change that even though they were both making decent money in respectable careers.  She was going to take the bus, but in case negotiations weren’t going in her favor, she wanted to give the impression she didn’t “need” to buy the car that day. 

To make sure she had the upper hand while bargaining, Veronica was wearing sheer white stockings that stopped right below her incredible arse.  She liked stockings better then nylons as she thought nylons compressed and distorted the wonderful natural shape of her cheeks.  Feeling a little dangerous, she found her favorite pair of strappy five-inch heels and wrapped them tightly around her feet.  She used the special locking clasp her last boyfriend got her which covered nearly any small buckle and locked over it discreetly turning any of her shoes into a secret bondage shoe without anyone knowing.  She had mailed her key ring to her office on Friday and would not be able to get the keys until she personally arrived to sign for the package.  She did this frequently as a way of testing her limits and forcing her to risk being discovered while impatiently awaiting the arrival of the delivery boy.  She picked her shortest skirt out of the closet and went commando just in case she needed a little help from Sharon Stone to get the price a little lower.

She knocked on the door and heard Alexis slowly wake out of her morning fog.  “Lexi let’s go!” she said with increasing anxiety.  “I need to stop by the bank and double check my balance.  I want to be there about an hour after they open.  I don’t want to seem too anxious.”  She flicked on the lights, which only brought on more grumbles from her tired friend.  “I need you to lace me up a little tighter, if I can pour on the sexy look I am certain I can get the price down and get into the convertible for the same cost as the base model.”  She continued while gently rocking her sleeping friend to break her out of her deep sleep.

Alex slowly sat up and rubbed the evening’s rest from her eyes.  “First off, we aren’t going anywhere until I get a cup of coffee.”  As she sat up, the covers fell from her shoulders revealing the 24 year olds slim waist and gorgeous breasts.  She started tightening the laces on her white cloth corset as she continued talking, “Secondly, if you doll yourself up anymore, the guy is going to keep raising the price until he gets some of this...” gently slapping her ass in a playful tease, “and forces you to sleep with him.”  Veronica grunted pleasantly as the laces were pulled even tighter nearly meeting in the back. 

“If you pour the sexy slut look on any heavier, you are going to get arrested for prostitution with me as your pimp.”  Alexis extended her hand knowing the drill all too well.  “I mean you are already an amazing D-cup, you should just go completely naked with the way this top puts them on display.”  With the laces completely secure Veronica handed her the locks and Lex started securing them through the grommets in the back.  “I assume the keys are somewhere between FedEx and lost?” she said with semi disdain.  Both girls were between relationships at the moment and had experimented with each other on a couple of occasions, but Alexis never understood V’s pension to force herself to retrieve the keys to her release from very public or risky locations.

“Hmmmmm, thank you” Veronica purred as she stood up from her friends bed.  She kissed her lightly on the cheek and handed Alexis a cup of coffee.  Veronica then wandered off and continued talking as Alexis was lost in her cup of coffee smelling the exquisite aroma and slowly sipping the hot brew.  Veronica returned mid sentence, “I don’t think this is too much; and if it is, who cares.  When you met my sales guy Dave, you will probably volunteer to take one for the team.  He’s pretty hot!”  Veronica twirled like a runway model showing off her deep cut blouse and the whole ensemble.  “So dress your best, there may be a three way in my new convertible over lunch.”  She giggled and left the room to go start working on her hair.  Alexis stayed behind and took her friends advice and started sexing up her own wardrobe.  Monday’s were her day off and with Veronica locked as she was until she went to the office Tuesday, they would probably go out tonight.

Alexis emerged some time later looking equally impressive.  She went with black seamed stockings, five inch heeled ankle high boots and a leather skirt just above her knees.  The tight fitting sleeveless sweater hugged her every curve accentuating her exceptional double DD breasts.  While Veronica was all-natural, Alexis was always a tiny B-cup and required a doctor’s slight of hand to properly fill out a dress.  Her amazing body was bought and paid for a dozen times over from dancing on tables for five or six years.  Both girls had since retired from their moonlighting past staying true to their word and getting out when they finished college.  The money was good, but all that goes with it was not worth making it a permanent career choice.  Alexis stood in the door way and purposely coughed a couple times trying to get the attention her roommate who was frantically tearing apart the kitchen.  “Ahhh – excuse me….is this good enough for you?” Lexxy  paused for a bit, “Ahh - What’s wrong?”

“It’s gone.  I can’t find it.  I had it right here.”  Panic had already sat in. “Last night I was doing bills, going through mail, balancing the check book, and I set it right here” gesturing to the counter, “now it’s gone.”  She finally stopped and looked at her roomy who was clearly confused.  “The envelope, my stash cash, the down for the car, $4,000 dollars, gone!”  She now understood the panic.  Alexis walked over to the counter and tried to calm her down and talk her through last night to refresh her memory.  She started in after dinner and went through every minute detail of what she did and then slowed down, as she got closer to the part where she last saw the envelope.  “…So after I paid all the bills, I grabbed the junk mail and took the bin from beneath the counter.  I put all the mail and flyers and newspapers in the trash, then took the bin out and emptied it into the container.”  Then she stopped.  “Oh my God Lex!  I threw out four grand in the trash last night!!!” 

Without saying another word they ran out of the condo and sprinted across the parking lot to the large steel bin that served as the community trash collection.  The metal container was nearly full as today was collection day.  “Holy shit!  This thing was half empty last night; the truck will be here in less then an hour.  You’ve got to help me.  Give me a boost.”  The metal container was hidden behind a tall decorative wood fence, which always seemed to close by itself behind you.  Veronica began stripping off her blouse and skirt quickly realizing everything else was locked in place. 

“What are you doing?  You’re not going in there!  You can’t be serious.”  Alexis stood there shaking her head.  There are certain lengths she would go to for her friends and this is where she drew the line.  “No way in Hell I am joining you.”

“It’s four grand and I don’t want to get my blouse dirty so take my shirt.  We aren’t dancing on a pole anymore.  You know how long it takes to make that kind of money now!  I can’t just wave good-bye to it.  I at least have to look.”  With some help from her friend she helped lift her up to the edge.  As Veronica tried to steady herself, Alexis was trying to awkwardly stand below her with an ideal view of her naked sex between her legs.  As she tried to balance Veronica’s heel in her hand she lost her balance when her own heel slipped on a sewer grate causing her to quickly adjust herself to avoid losing her balance.  As she caught herself from falling she gave Veronica one last push that she clearly wasn’t ready for.  The next thing she heard was a high pitch squeal followed by a plop, rustle and several soft balloons popping as dozens of bags ripped open from having a heel clad hottie suddenly jump in on top of them.  “I said look, I wasn’t committed to diving in yet, damn’it!”  Lex began apologizing profusely explaining what had happened. 

All the while she sank to the bottom of the slippery contents as several ripped open bags spewed forth their slimy mixture.  To make matters worse, the state had banned the use of non-biodegradable bags for trash disposal.  All bags statewide would almost immediately crumble after exposing to sun and water.  The stretchable bags would turn into fragile shreds the minute they were left out in the sun.  It had been a hotly debated topic all over the state as residents found themselves repacking their own trash when the bags would fall apart under their own weight on the way to the curb after being left outside for only a couple hours.  Veronica understood this topic better then anyone as nearly every bag disintegrated as soon as she touched it.  Within seconds every manner of mess inside the container was covering her.  As the bags fell apart she lost hope of ever trying to isolate her bag from the rest.  The stench of the container hit her full force as the swarm of flies returned for their morning meal after being interrupted during breakfast. 

Alexis yelled over the edge “Are you okay, can you see it?”

She quickly realized this was a bad idea and simply wanted out of the large container.  She never realized how tall the container was until she was trapped inside it.  The container was nearly ten foot tall inside, but was sitting on the lower level of the parking lot, so it was only six or seven feet tall for the residents to throw the bags over the edge.  She scrambled over to the edge ripping open more bags in the process.  She tried to climb out, but there was nothing to step onto unlike the outside of the container.  “I’m stuck, I don’t know how to get out.  I’ll never find it in here.” 

Just as she said that she kicked a large circular tub that felt pretty stable.  She stepped on the cardboard lid and put all her weight on the pail.  The cardboard lid quickly collapsed and her foot became stuck in the full plastic container of melted ice cream.  She sank deeper into the bin with the bags now over her head.  “You’ve got to find a ladder!! What was I thinking?” 

She turned again looking for another way out knocking over a bright green gallon of paint that tipped onto her head.  She looked up to see what happened quickly drowning her face in green paint.  She closed her eyes and lifted a hand to stop the flow instantly turning her right arm green.  Her quick reflexes to catch the container caught her sharp painted fingernails on a large zip locked bag of ripe warm salsa which immediately slit opened and hit her on the chest beneath her chin and began filling her top oozing between her ample tits.  Her senses were overwhelmed; she froze in disbelief as the paint continued covering her right side while stale smelly salsa was filling up her front.  “Go get a ladder.  Get me out!” was all she could mumble as her emotions sank as deep as she had into the filthy container.

“Okay, I’ll be back in a few minutes.  It’s going to take a bit to grab a ladder from the neighbors.  I’ll be back in a minute.  Until then you are stuck.  Might as well search around for it and see what you can find.”  Alexis ran back to the condo to start calling the neighbors to locate a ladder.  In their rush to leave the building, neither one grabbed their keys.  She wasted even more time running back to her car for the spare set.  Fortunately the car had an exterior keypad to unlock the doors as her car keys were also inside the house.  Their condo was way on the other side from the central refuse container so she couldn’t watch the bin while she dialed her neighbors.  Had she been able to watch the container she would have seen Veronica struggling through the trash as nearly every bag ripped and poured a new stream of junk across her body.  A gallon of rotten chunky stale milk poured over her left arm completely soaking her cloth top absorbing into every pore of the fabric.  Chunks of warm decomposing milk poured down her sides and front between her naked flesh and the silky smoothness of her undergarment.  Steamy ketchup, mustard and relish streaked down her legs from someone’s weekend barbeque. 

As she tried to remove the ice cream container still wedged to her foot she bent forward allowing a broken chocolate fondue machine to fall out of the heap slipping over her back and soaking her other leg in the sweet brown mixture.  She quickly decided it wasn’t worth removing the plastic pail and continued her search.  As she stood up, a filter filled with used coffee grounds was upset and now peppered the green paint on her head and face with black smelly specs.  The goopy wet mess began to dry and became stickier the longer she waded through the mess.  Little bits of garbage glued to her like fly paper as she continued her frantic search for the missing envelope.  She kept poking and prodding with her hands through the mess and accidentally ripped open a one-gallon bag full of nacho cheese, her left arm was now completely yellow from her elbow to her once red fingertips.  Just then a half open bag of Tostitos fell open sticking to various parts of her body.  Veronica thought jokingly to herself that her day was complete, now that she had chips, cheese and salsa.

It was now nearly eight o’clock in the morning and most of her neighbors had already gone to work.  Alexis continued calling around and knocking on the doors of her neighbors frantically looking for a rope or ladder or some way to rescue her roommate.  Most of her neighbors were on speed dial and had already left for the day.  Then she remembered old Mrs Patterson from two doors down.  She had retired years ago and since she was only five feet tall, she kept a short step stool in the kitchen to get into her upper cabinets.  She ran to the microwave to get the notepad with her number on it and pulled the spiral notebook from behind the microwave.  As she hastily grabbed the notebook, a thick envelope fell onto the floor. 

She frantically dialed her neighbor and waited until she finally picked up.  After a long conversation confirmed she had a small ladder and the girls were welcome to borrow it.  In a sigh of relief she reached down and snatched up the heavy envelope and looked inside to find a thick wad of bills.  Veronica must have placed the stash cash envelope on top of the microwave and it had fallen behind the microware while she was organizing her bills.  With a sigh of relief she grabbed her keys, left the envelope in the kitchen and rushed off to grab the ladder and rescue her girlfriend.

Veronica was now lost somewhere in the middle of the container.  Still searching for the missing envelope, there was no longer a single spec of white on her body.  She had stepped into a large plastic bucket half-filled with some type of powder and her right foot was now wedged into the second pail while the plastic container on her left foot was slowly filling with paper and other refuse and combining with the ice cream to form a sticky congealing mess as she searched inside the container.  While trying to shake the heavy plastic bucket from her second foot, she kicked another bag sending a two-liter of pop or water or some liquid into the bucket.  As the fluid continued cascading down her leg, she continued shaking the bucket loose agitating the mess around her causing other bags to wedge in tightly around her.  The heavy bucket attached to her foot was really weighing her down so she attempted to bend down to remove it. 

As she began pushing bags out of the way, she snagged her left stocking on a broken coat hanger, which knocked over a nearly full container of tile adhesive.  The open container poured out hitting her directly beneath her belly ring and began pouring down her front.  The glue quickly covered her pussy and started filling her left stocking held open by the snagged coat hanger.  She went to go right the container, but stopped to avoid any sudden movements thereby making her situation worse.  She backed away from the container slowly as she reached for it causing the container to flip completely upside down immediately filling her stocking and coating her entire leg with the heavy thick epoxy.  The glue quickly adhered to her skin and into the cloth weave of the stocking and started to form a nearly unbreakable bond. 

She stood there in tears as her situation grew worse watching in disbelief as her stocking became a solitary tube of curing adhesive, before she could remove the container the ice cream pail on her left foot was overflowing with glue and debris.  Just then she broke open a black bag full of paperwork behind her and turned to see her name on all the envelopes and began sifting through the documents.  As she turned and began sifting thorough the paper, glue from surrounding trash pile began dripping into the crack of her ass gluing her checks together and to nearly everything in a six-inch radius.

As she stood there in an almost a blissful state knowing she would not have lost $4,000 in one morning; she was unaware of the changing world around her.  She didn’t know that her roommate had already located the allegedly missing envelope.  With the help of old Mrs Patterson’s stepladder, help was not far away.  The bucket of powder was actually fast setting concrete and was quickly hardening her right foot buried in the pail the longer she stood still.  The adhesive now exposed on her left leg was drying making one leg into a stiff stocking covered mess with a one gallon bucket glued to the bottom.  As she continued searching through the stack of soiled envelopes the sticky adhesive was slowing dripping down the crack of her ass.  She was so excited to happen across her stack of envelopes that she failed to realize the cheeks of her ass had welded themselves into one mass of glue, flesh and garbage.  She was so caught up in the moment she didn’t feel her recently shaved lips had adhered themselves to one another and hundreds of shredded paper receipts that happened to be lying nearby. 

She was so happy that all of her misfortune was starting to turn around that she didn’t hear the loud rumble of the diesel truck until it connected to the dumpster to haul it away.


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