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Terms of Service

by Trash Girl

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“Happy 18th birthday baby.”

“Oh Mom, it’s beautiful.” Jessie said.

“My little girl is all grown up, blow the candles out Honey.” Dad said.

Jessie closes her eyes and blows out the candles. Mom cuts the cake while Dad answers the front door. He returns with an official looking letter, his sad face speaks the words he can’t say.

“Not today, it can’t come today.” Jessie said.

“They can’t even respect a girls birthday anymore?” Mom said.

Dad had no answer, he did not like what society had become and felt sorrow when it happened to others, but now it was his little girl. Jessie begins to cry and her parents take her into the front room to sit and comfort her.

“My birthday wish was it would never come.” Jessie said.

“I’m so sorry Honey, I wish I could change things but it’s expected of us. Men used to be called to war, now women are call to service.” Mom said.

“Why do I have to go?” Jessie said.

“Remember the lessons I taught you about the long ago time, how people polluted the land and water and Government had to reduce the population. The service was created to make sure all the things people need to live get made. When it’s over you can come home, find a husband, and when it’s your turn you will be allowed to have a child of your own.” Mom said.

“Was it hard for you Mom?” Jessie said.

“It was very hard. I worked in a mine, when we didn’t have tools I was expected to dig with my hands and the men who ran the mine were very cruel. But having you was worth any hardship I went through.” Mom said.

“But since then the Government has taken steps to improve conditions, and in exchange for your service they guaranty you will be returned young and healthy.” Dad said.

“By throwing women away like they’re trash?” Jessie said.

“How do you know that?” Dad said.

“I saw it in the Industrial Zone. I let a woman go.” Jessie said.

“You what?” Dad said.

“She was crying, I couldn’t just leave her there.” Jessie said.

“You shouldn’t do that, those areas are restricted and you could be punished.” Dad said.

Mom tells Dad to leave the room so she can talk to Jessie alone.

“I’ll tell you a secret, I ran away during my service.” Mom said.

“What happened?” Jessie said.

“When I was caught I was punished horribly. They kept me tied up, whipped me for days, threw me in ice cold water. I was forced to eat garbage to stay alive. But for those few weeks I was free it was glorious.” Mom said.

“I’m going to run away, I decided the day I let that woman go.” Jessie said.

“I understand.” Mom said.

Mom calls Dad back to the room, “Jessie will not report for service and we will help her,” Mom said,  ” I don’t want our baby out there alone hiding from the Government or falling victim to the lost boys.”

Dad knows a decision has been made and offers no argument, they make plans to hide Jessie in the attic and create a story for agents who will surely come on how their daughter ran away.

Over the next few days Dad covers the floor of the unfinished windowless space with boards and puts a small light on the wall. A thin mat covers the rough wood. Jessie can just fit through the small square opening in the top of the bedroom closet.

It’s been two weeks since Government men question Jessie’s parents. Other than two men talking to the neighbor two days ago nothing has happened, the tension in the house begins to relax.

The family is having a quiet dinner when the door bursts open. Men in uniforms rush into the house and grab all three. Jessie’s parents are thrown to the floor face down and held. Two men hold Jessie down, she screams for her mother until a rag is stuffed in her mouth, another is tied behind her head to hold it in. Her hands are tied behind her back and her feet are tied. Jessie cries into her gag when she is bent into a tight hogtie. The two men pick Jessie up by the arms and legs and carry her out of the house and throw her into the back of a truck.

In the house one of the men lifts Jessie’s father’s head by his hair.

“Funny how much people know about their neighbors when there’s reward money, just be thankful you’re not in more trouble than this.” The man said and slams Dad’s head down breaking his nose against the floor.

With that the men are gone as fast as they arrived.

Jessie sits in a wheelchair in a Government office. Straps hold her arms, legs and chest to the chair and she is still gagged. Through the window she can see many women being led by men, all are restrained in some way.

While she waits Jessie imagines being told she will be sent to a mine or factory, maybe become a servant to some Government official. A man in a suit and tie comes into the office looking at some papers.

“You gave the agents a bit of trouble I see, well you’re here now and you’re a strong healthy young lady. Your parents did an excellent job caring for you and you’ve been selected for the breading farm. The population has fallen below target levels and you will be used to ensure the next generation prospers. Normally you would have to sign a terms-of-service contract committing yourself to a specific length of time, but since you tried to avoid your obligation your service will be for as long as the Government sees fit. We have to set an example for others, I’m sure you understand. Goodbye Jessie.” He said.

Jessie shakes her head and cries, she can’t believe what she is hearing. She pulls desperately against the straps but they hold tight. A man in a uniform comes in and wheels her away.

* * *

The drone of the engine and moans of frightened girls fills the dark space of the large delivery truck. Jessie lies naked and gagged on a stretcher, thick leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles anchor her to the metal frame while straps across her chest, hips and legs hold her down.

The truck stops and the rear door is raised. Women workers in grey jumpsuits come up a loading ramp and begin to take stretchers off the truck. They work silently with blank stares on their faces and don’t look at the girls, like they are moving furniture instead of human beings.

They come for Jessie, she is wheeled off the truck and into a building. Her fear increasing when she sees the inside of the huge space. It looks more like a factory than a farm, with overhead rooms surrounded by windows where men in white coats watch machines running below. The stretchers are taken to a large room where a man in a white coat walks around the stretchers with a clipboard. Satisfied with his paperwork he speaks to the workers.

“These are all new stock, get them processed and into production.” The man said.

The four women each take a stretcher and wheel it away, then return for four more. Jessie is in the last group and is taken to a white tiled room. Like an assembly line two women remove the restraints and lift a girl onto a conveyor where she is again strapped down with plastic straps and re-gagged.

Jessie is hauled onto the conveyor and strapped down. The rag she’s been gagged with since she was taken from her home is removed, she tries to plead with the women to let her go but her throat is choked with saliva. The new gag has a plastic mouthpiece that fits around her teeth holding her jaw slightly open with a leather strap that covers the lower part of her face. Jessie begins moving feet first toward the machine.

Jessie watches the girls ahead of her disappear, through the noise she hears their moans of pain.

The conveyor carries Jessie into the machine and stops in the first chamber. Jessie screams in anger as her head is sheared like a sheep, her beautiful hair disappears into a vacuum hose leaving a fraction of an inch on her head. Another device moves between her spread legs and covers her genitals. Jessie screams again, this time in pain, as the hair is ripped out by mechanical tweezers while applying electric shocks to ensure it won’t grow back.

Jessie is carried into the next chamber. Hot water jets come on hitting every part of her body. She fights to breathe through her nose and feels like she is drowning. The water stops and spinning brushes begin scrubbing detergent into her skin. They cover every inch from the top of her head to the bottoms of her feet, then the frame she is strapped to flips over exposing her backside and they begin again. The brushes retract and the hot water jets come on to rinse the detergent away flipping Jessie back over in the process. She moves through another chamber with hot air blow dryers. One more stop and something attaches to her right foot, then white-hot pain as her sole is branded with an identification number. Jessie exits the machine and is diverted onto another conveyor ending in a small room.

Still strapped down, but at least free of that horrible machine, Jessie waits. Even when not being tortured this place is scary. Human sounds have been reduced to moans of torment mixed with the sound of machinery. The table in the room is also scary.

More women in grey jumpsuits arrive. They remove Jessie from the conveyor and hoist her onto the examination table, one designed for gynecological exams, without talking to each other or Jessie.

They strap Jessie’s wrists and arms to the top of the table, then hoist her legs into stirrups tightening straps at ankles, knees and thighs. Lastly her hips, waist and chest are strapped down.

When the women leave Jessie can’t move, she waits in silence fearful of what they will do to her next.

A device shaped like an upside-down bell descends from the ceiling stopping six inches above her stomach. A small hatch in the side opens and a scanner makes passes over Jessie’s lower body. It finishes and retracts into the hatch.

Jessie’s eyes open wide and she pulls desperately against the straps, the cylinder shaped device that emerges can only have one use. It moves between Jessie’s spread legs and enters her, when it stops Jessie can feel it pressing against her cervix. A long needle emerges from the bottom of the bell centered over Jessie’s belly-button. It punctures her flesh and pushes deeper into her, then pulls out along with the object between her legs and the bell rises back up to the ceiling.

Alone, afraid and angry Jessie waits helpless. She wonders what kind of men run the Government and how they can treat people like this, and she dreams of the child she will raise when this is over and the kind of world Jessie wants for her little girl.

Two men enter with two women, one appears to be a trainee. He moves a hand scanner over Jessie’s stomach.

“Embryo implant successful.” The trainee said.

“Good, only one rejection today. Sex?” The other man said.

“She was assigned female.” The trainee said.

“What does the scan say?” The other man said.

“Female.” The trainee said.

“Trust the equipment, never the paperwork. This is another first pregnancy, we’ll induce lactation in four weeks,” the other man said turning to the women, “transfer her to prenatal monitoring.”

Jessie is transferred to a stretcher, strapped down and wheeled away.

* * *

Jessie has delivered two girls during her time at the farm. They were both taken away before she saw them. She lays on a stretcher in a room full of stretchers, like a morgue full of corpses waiting to be autopsied, except they are still alive. A woman comes to Jessie, removes the plug in her gag and pours in liquid Jessie is forced to swallow, then takes her to the milking room. It’s Jessie’s daily routine.

Tubes are attached to Jessie’s nipples and the machine begins milking her breasts. The pain has gotten worse every day the last two weeks. Normally Jessie watches her milk get sucked away through the tubes and into a processing machine where it is combined with the milk from other girls and used for feeding Jessie’s and the other infants. Today there is no milk, only pain.

A technician arrives and talks to the woman working the machine. The constant restraint and food supplements concentrated on reproductive health have taken a toll on Jessie and she is scheduled for recycling before her next pregnancy.

Jessie’s stretcher is wheeled to a strange part of the farm building and left. Two women wearing orange jumpsuits put a stretcher next to a large green box, unstrap the girl on it and roll her in. When it’s Jessie’s turn she falls on top of other naked girls and realizes it’s not a box, it’s a hopper.

The inside tappers down to a smaller opening at the bottom and girls are falling through one at a time. Jessie tries to remove her gag but can’t find a way to unbuckle it. Her weakened state and the smooth walls offer no leverage to climb up. Jessie can do nothing to help herself and falls through the bottom.

Jessie lands on a small platform where a gate orients her head first and pushes her into a small tunnel with a conveyor, she moves forward a short distance. The tunnel is too small for Jessie to move. When she stops her wrists and ankles are drawn together behind her back and fastened with plastic restraints in a tight hog tie. The conveyor moves her forward again.

Outside, girls fall out the end of the tunnel into the back of a garbage truck backed up to the building. When full a women in an orange jumpsuit stops the conveyor while the woman driver cycles the packer loading the girls into the truck.

Jessie lands in the back of the garbage truck with the last of the girls. The driver pulls the handle and the packer descends plunging Jessie into darkness and sweeping her into the box of the truck with the rest of the girls.

* * *

A technician walks up to the open office door of Edgar Soloff, Human Recycling Plant manager, and knocks before entering.

“Sir, the recycling truck from the farm is here.” The technician said.

“They always get the best girls, don’t they? Give them priority as usual, I’ll be down to look them over later.” Edgar said.

With the back of the garbage truck open the driver backs up to an intake chute and activates the ejection plate. Jessie is pushed out with the rest of the human recycling and slides into the building toward a conveyor. The girls are oriented head first and enter the conveyor single file.

Jessie enters the first set of machines where a scanner reads the bar code on the bottom of her foot, then her restraints are cut and she is deposited onto a rack, a thick plastic pad on which Jessie is strapped down spread-eagle. The rack moves on another conveyor and carries Jessie into the plant.

She passes under a medical scanner that assesses her physical condition, then her body is sprayed with an antiseptic. Needles puncture her abdomen and forearm to retrieve DNA samples, then Jessie passes another mechanical arm with a needle that administers a mild sedative. She is placed in a waiting area.

Edgar walks around the racks looking over each girl, occasionally touching the helpless women. He stops at Jessie, running his hand over her leg and squeezing her breasts. He bends over close to her ear.

“You’re a pretty little thing, I could put you to much better use.” Edgar said.

“Sir.” A technician said from behind Edgar.

“I’m busy.” Edgar said.

“There’s a reporter here.” The technician said.

“Oh yes,” Edgar said, “I’m being interviewed for the newspaper.” Edgar looks back at Jessie and walks away.

The machine returns Jessie’s rack to the conveyor and she moves into a large box that looks like an oven. When she is inside the conveyor stops and the door closes behind her with the sound of a vacuum seal.

Inside the box it gets dark and Jessie’s body is covered with a grid of blue light beams. Several devices come down from the top of the box, a laser slices into Jessie just above her left hip. The sedative she received only relieves some of the pain, she cries into her gag and strains against the restraints.

* * *

Edgar enters his office where a man is looking at his collection of framed awards and commendations. “As you can see I run an efficient operation here, it really keeps the Government off my back, but don’t quote me on that.” Edgar said laughing.

“Jack Dillard of the Daily Chronicle, thank you for your time. The paper is doing an article on human recycling and we would like to include input from the man who runs the top rated facility,” Jack said, “let’s start with the importance of what you do here.”

“Excellent question,” Edgar said, “so many people don’t understand the vital service I provide. When our existence was threatened by pollution the development of advanced recycling technology was required to reduce waste, as well as a dramatic reduction in population, which created its own crises. This facility is the ultimate progression of recycling technology to solve the population problem by allowing labor to be performed longer than the unrestored body would allow.”

“Why treat humans like trash?” Jack said.

“All the infrastructure existed for trash recycling, adapting that equipment for human recycling had far less cost and impact on the environment than creating a new system,” Edgar said, “but despite the appearance, rest assured the women are treated very humanly. I wish I could give you a tour to see for yourself, but the facility is restricted.”

“Why only women?” Jack said.

“It is true the technology is restricted to women, but it’s very expensive, and since women maintain the population the decision was made on that basis,” Edgar said, “besides, what else would they do?”

“One last question, there are reports you’ve had a number of audits recently?” Jack said.

“Obviously a new bureaucrat trying to make a name for himself, it’s nothing.” Edgar said.

“Thank you again for your time Mr. Soloff.” Jack said, and leaves the office.

Jessie’s left kidney, weakened by nutritional supplements, has been replaced with one grown from her DNA sample. When that incision is closed the laser scalpel moves to Jessie’s right breast where damage to the lactiferous sinus from mechanical milking is repaired.

Several times during surgery Jessie feels like she is losing consciousness from the pain. Then breathing becomes harder as the air gets thick. Cellular protein infused plasma is filling the box and Jessie’s body is subjected to ultrasonic emissions. The scars from the laser incisions heal and disappear as the cells in her body are renewed. As the plasma is removed and the air returns to normal Jessie feels her strength returning.

The rack exits the box and carries Jessie to another waiting area.

* * *

“Sir, the farm is having mechanical problems with their truck and wants us to return the stock.” A technician said.

“Sounds like they have a management problem to me,” Edgar said, “assign a truck, let’s not get behind schedule for their incompetence.”

Jessie is put in the back of a truck with the rest of the girls from the farm. Like the others she is naked, gagged and her hands are bound behind her back with plastic cuffs. Unlike the garbage truck they arrived at the recycling plant in, this panel truck has a tiny skylight in the top and Jessie can see the frightened faces around her.

The truck arrives at the farm, but the chassis is too low to back up to the loading dock. Two woman in orange jumpsuits exit the cab, they have never done this before and weren’t given any instructions. They open the rear overhead door and help the naked girls jump down to the pavement.

A man in a white lab coat runs toward the truck now surrounded by naked girls waving his arms and yelling at the two women. In the confusion Jessie drops to the ground and rolls under the truck, gets to her feet and runs toward the edge of the lot.

Jessie disappears into the thick vegetation but can’t see ahead. She runs around trees and through vines and branches struggling to not fall with her hands tied behind her while her exposed body is scratched by thorns. Jessie crashes through a patch of vines and over a cliff. She tumbles down the muddy hill and into an ice cold creek. She gets to her feet and follows the water downstream.

Cold and hungry after walking all night and half the morning Jessie sees a house near a large field, in the distance a tractor plows the earth. She makes her way keeping the house between her and the tractor and enters the open garage. Jessie opens a toolbox and sees a hacksaw, she unscrews the wingnuts from the handle and pulls the blade free, slides the blade between her wrist and the cuff and saws through the plastic. With her hands free she cuts the other cuff then slides the blade under the gag and cuts through the leather.

Against the back wall of the garage is a washer and dryer. Jessie opens the dryer finding a short sleeve dress and puts it on. She imagines the family’s daughter that wears it and is sad at the thought she won’t need it much longer.

The tractor is still plowing and no one else seems to be home. Jessie takes a chance and enters the house through a screen door into the kitchen. She opens the refrigerator and stuffs several hard boiled eggs and a piece of fried chicken into the pockets of the dress when she hears the tractor shut off. Jessie quickly returns to the garage, picks up the cut cuffs and gag and heads back to the creek.

Safely hidden by vegetation Jessie buries the cuffs and gag in the muddy bank of the creek and eats one of the eggs. Her stomach is upset from the first solid food since she was taken from her home and she rests for a short time, but knows she must keep moving.

By late afternoon Jessie enters the industrial zone. Exhausted and in need of sleep, Jessie finds a building undergoing construction and gets in through a boarded up door. She sits on the floor against the wall to eat the eggs and chicken and then sleep when she is confronted by two young men who want Jessie’s food.

The side effect of forced labor for women has been a lack of jobs for young men, many become urban nomads known as lost boys. She tries to get up to run but one of the men pushes Jessie, she falls hitting her head against the wall. Jessie blacks out.

Two security guards see the men running away but can’t catch them. They enter the building to check for damage and find Jessie unconscious on the floor.

“Is she okay?”

“Yeah, just out cold. Look at her foot.”

“Must be a runaway, wonder where she’s from?”

“Not our problem, package her up and send her back, they’ll figure it out.”

“Right, and shipping is always free.” Both men laugh.

A loud noise wakes Jessie up. She is naked, hog tied and gagged in a dumpster and the container is being lifted. She screams into her gag as she rolls into the back of a garbage truck. The container is lowered and the packer activates, Jessie struggles as it descends but she has no leverage. The blade reaches the bottom plunging her into darkness and trapping her inside then scoops her up and pushes her into the box.

The truck continues its route through the industrial zone picking up dumpsters. Though pitch black in the box Jessie feels naked bound bodies falling in around her. From the sound Jessie can tell they are all gagged. The truck stops again, this time the tail gate is raised and backs up to an intake chute. Jessie and the rest of the girls are pushed out by the ejector plate and slide into a building. Jessie is back at the recycling plant. She moves onto the conveyor and the scanner reads the code on her foot. Jessie expects the bonds holding her in the tight hogtie to be cut, instead a bar pushes her off the side of the conveyor and down a chute onto the basement cell.

* * *

'In a world where population is diminished and tightly controlled, developing recycling technology has become a priority as limited production capacity means as little as possible can be allowed to go to waste. This technology has been extended to humans, though its high cost has limited its use to females as they sustain the population. It also allows us to make women society’s beasts of burden and raises the question of the true cost of this technology'.

Edgar crushes the Daily Chronicle in his hand and throws the newspaper down on his desk.

“How can the Government allow lies like that to be published?” Edgar said to the technician standing in the doorway. “The paper didn’t quote me once. What do you want anyway?”

“You always handle code R system notifications personally, we have two more.” The technician said.

“Good, I’ll take care of it.” Edgar said.

In the basement cell another hog tied and gagged girl has joined Jessie from the chute. The door opens and Edgar steps in.

“You’re that pretty little thing from the farm, and your new friend is just as pretty. I have a much better use for you both, but first our little runaways need an education.” Edgar said.

Edgar takes out a pocket knife, cuts Jessie’s ankle cuffs and hauls her to her feet. He takes her to a large room with some machinery and puts her in a chair.

“You ran away from the farm. I respect that, and I won’t send you back there like the government will if they catch you, but in return you serve me from now on. I’m sending you to a business associate of mine, for now let’s say he’s in the entertainment industry, and you’re going to do everything he tells you. Just so we’re clear, I’ll give you a demonstration of what will happen if you try to run away from me.” Edgar said.

He grabs Jessie’s arm and leads her to a machine, unlatches and swings opens a large door, then with one hand under her bound arm and the other between her legs lifts her off her feet and throws her inside.

Jessie lands on a pile of black plastic trash bags. Edgar wheels a cart full of trash bags to the machine and tosses them in one-by-one on top of Jessie, she struggles to keep her face clear as her body is buried in plastic.

“This is how we treat trash with no recycling value.” Edgar said and slams the door closed.

The sound of hydraulic pumps fills Jessie’s ears and she can feel the bags shifting in the darkness as the compactor does its job crushing the contents of the box. Jessie tries to stay clear by kicking bags away but soon there is no room and she is encased in trash bags crushing down on every inch of her body until she can’t even move her head to find breathing space. Jessie’s lungs scream for air but there is no more.

Suddenly Jessie is falling with the rest of the trash bags when Edgar opens the side of the compactor. He bends down and digs her out of the pile.

“Next time you’ll end up in a landfill.” Edgar said.

Both girls are taken to a house in the trunk of Edgar’s car after dark. During the short walk from the car to the door Jessie looks around. From the lack of lights and sounds she can tell they are in a remote area.

“This is my associate,” Edgar tells the girls, “you can call him Sir, so you never forget who is in charge.”

“Very nice,” Sir said looking the girls over, “there is a lot of demand for girl-on-girl action.”

They are taken to the basement. Edgar warns both girls not to talk and removes their gags but keeps their hands tied behind them. The girls are forced to their knees and pushed into separate dog cages. A small bowl of hash is placed in each cage and the doors are closed and padlocked.

The men leave, locking a heavy door at the bottom of the stairs. Jessie turns her head toward the girl to talk, but her face is in the bowl lapping up the cold hash so she examines the room. There are no windows and the only light is a single bulb in the ceiling.

When the girl finishes eating Jessie learns her name is Amanda, but she is reluctant to talk about herself or where she came from and lays down to sleep. Jessie does the same.

Jessie wakes up to some commotion, Edgar is back and the two men are agitated about something. Jessie is pulled from the cage and gagged by Edgar.

“Are you sure this is necessary?” Sir said. “They were going to make two videos today.”

“Agents were asking too many questions this morning, we can’t take any chances. I’ll take this one and you take care of her, I’ll call you when it’s safe.” Edgar said.

Edgar takes Jessie out of the house and puts her in the trunk of his car, binds her ankles and locks her in. When the trunk opens again Jessie is lifted out, carried to a garbage truck and placed in the back.

“Sorry things didn’t work out little one, your videos would have been big sellers, no hard feelings.” Edgar said, and pulls the lever that starts the packer.

As the packer blade closes Jessie notices this truck doesn’t have the protective surfaces of the other garbage trucks she has been thrown into. This is a real garbage truck, fortunately she is not hogtied and uses her legs to brace against the blade as it deposits her inside the box.

After a while the engine starts and the truck begins to move as the driver starts her route. Each time the truck stops trash that can’t be sent for recycling, mostly biodegradable kitchen waste, is collected and pushed in toward Jessie.

The truck is filling with loose food waste and plastic trash bags. Jessie is covered in grease and food as she fights to stay on top of the pile with each new load but there is no room left. By the last stop Jessie is buried and can no longer move.

Jessie is losing the argument with herself not to give up when her nose senses fresh air. The truck has arrived at the landfill. With the tailgate up the ejector plate begins to push the trash out. Her relief is short lived as Jessie falls into a pit with the rest of the trash and is buried again.

The weight on Jessie is too much for her to move. With the time she has left she thinks about her mother and her two girls she never saw. Then she hears voices and the sound of shovels and she is pulled from the trash.

* * *

Jessie sits in a government office. This time she is not naked and strapped down, she is wearing a dress with sandals, and her hair is grown out, not to where it was but enough to put a ribbon in it.

Her parents fought to take her home for a short time to recover, now she is back for a hearing on her service.

“You had quite an experience Jessie,” the judge said, “and much of it could have been avoided if you hadn’t run away. I see no option but to send you back to the farm.”

“You can’t send her back there after what she has been through,” Mom said, “please, there must be something else we can do.”

“There is the issue of Amanda, she was a plant to track the unexplained disappearances. She was going to provide testimony in the matter. Sadly they never found her, if Jessie were willing to take her place and appear in court I could count that as her service.” The judge said.

Jessie and her parents agree and are allowed to leave. When they arrive home a man is waiting and Jessie sat at the kitchen table with him.

“Could you tell me what happened from the beginning Jessie?” He said removing a legal pad and pen from his case.

“You want to make sure I get the story straight in court. It all started the day Government men broke in to our home and took me away . . .”

Jessie recounts every detail of her story while the man writes down every word.

“Will this help punish those men in court?” Jessie said when she finished.

“I’m not from the Government, I’m a reporter with the Daily Chronicle, and yes, this will help.”

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