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Tammy Gets Caught

by PolytheneWrappedMe

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© Copyright 2017 - PolytheneWrappedMe - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; basement; compactor; naked; trashbag; bagged; toys; insert; gag; rope; selfbond; M/f; mast; discovery; caught; oral; sex; climax; compacted; cons; X

One night, when all was dark, and most people had gone to bed, Tammy decided to play in her favourite compactor. Crawling inside its mouth, naked, our female trashcan story writer, was only seeking some harmless fun, and more experiences she could write about later for Gromet's Plaza.

She shivered as her beautiful body made contact with the cold steel hopper. It sent an electric shock up her body that made her nipples erect. She did not care, about the coldness of the steel, for she knew that she would soon be wrapped in shiny, silky, black polythene, as she proceeded to bag herself, and from past experiences, she knew it would not be long before she would be dripping with sweat and other juices!

Opening the large 1100 litre commercial bin liner, she noticed the strong smell of new, crisp polythene. These bags had not been cheap, but she loved the fact she could be swallowed whole, and how thick and heavy duty these were. In seconds she could be concealed, tie up the bag, and pretend she was just another discarded item, waiting to be crushed in the compactor.

She had done her homework. Found out when collection day was, so she could avoid going away for good with the trash; but she knew when it was fairly empty, she could ride the compactor ram without too much risk of injury. 

Bagged and laying in the compactor's hopper, she silently inserted a couple of love eggs that would keep her stimulated without the need to use her hands and risk being discovered. She knew no one would hear the continual vibrations inside her, but she knew she was a bit of a screamer when it came to orgasms, so she also inserted a ball gag in her mouth, to keep herself quiet. Trash makes no noise, and she could not either.  Finally, she tied some rope around her legs and arms, to pretend that someone had done this to her.

Moments later she heard footsteps of the local janitor. He did not care what, or who, was in the compactor. He simply threw several large bags of trash on top of her, and moments later he activated the compactor's ram.

This is what she enjoyed most, as she visualised being treated as trash. For, to the janitor, that is all she was. She was just trash.

The ram pushed her into the container, along with the other trash. She was treated no differently, only her bag contained her young body, bound, gagged and bagged, yet complete with vibrations that made her pussy very wet.

In her head, she pictured pleading with the imaginary person that had done this to her.

"No. I will be a good girlfriend." she had pleaded with her sexy eyes, as her captor had bagged her and dumped her here.

In this mind play, he had not said a word. After all, who talks to trash ?

She had simply been bagged and trashed, and now the janitor, had not realised she was in the hopper. She must be trash, she thought.

As daylight broke, so the residents set up getting rid of their kitchen waste.

In the next few hours, a long precession of people came and went. All dumped their trash, and most compacted it too.

Each time, she listened to the compactor's motor, as the ram was operated again and again.

Each time, she wondered how tight it would get inside the container.

As more trash came in, the tighter it got.

Whilst she loved this, after several hours, she was beginning to panic, sensing it would be increasing difficult to get out from here.

Meanwhile the crushing continued. She was now pressed quite tightly against the other bags, and she imagined what she must look like. Now just part of a block of trash, getting more and more dense as she was squeezed ever tighter.

Once it went dark, and fewer residents came to dispose of their trash, she figured it must be night once more.

She was about to start digging her way out, when the rear door of the container opened and she was joined by another trashcan enthusiast!

This person she could not see, but his presence she could feel.

David climbed on top of the bagged waste, and started to masturbate as he rubbed himself on top of the bags, that laid on top of her.

David longed to have courage to ride the compactor ram like Tammy had done, but doing this in secret was as far as his courage went.

Then David noticed that one bag beneath him seemed unusually hot. Like it was body temperature.

His hands wandered over her naked and bagged form. 

David soon realised from her curves, this large bag contained a naked young woman.

Furthermore, he could not help but notice this woman seemed to writhe in pleasure as he moved his hands up and down her figure, trying to deduce what, or who, it was.

'Was this girl enjoying it, or was it his imagination running wild ?'

He decided to continue exploring her naked curves, which were still inside her trash bag.

As he moved his hands over her breasts, he noticed they and their owner, responded well. It was as if this bag of trash was enjoying it.

David gently tore at her bag, revealing her wet pussy.

His head went down, and Tammy felt his tongue explore her intimately. 

'This was far better than her love eggs', she thought. Whoever, this person was in the compactor with her, was obviously skilled at pleasing a woman. He knew exactly where her clit was, and sucked on it, as he tongue swirled around her mound, in soft figures of eight.

"Ummmm"  she cried into her gag.

Then he inserted one finger and immediately found her G spot, as he continued to work his magic with his tongue and lips higher up.

Tammy soon screamed her orgasm into her gag.

David was drenched as she squirted her juices in his face.  David continued to lick them up, as if he wanted to taste every inch of her.

It was not long before Tammy was aroused again.

David pulled out his throbbing cock, and inserted it hard and long into her.

Tammy had never been fucked in a trash compactor before. His penis, pushing her love eggs deep inside her, until they reached her cervix, and had no-where else they could go.

This filled Tammy like she had never been filled before. It was like a live, 12 inch, vibrating penis.

Just then the two of them heard some trash bags being loaded in the hopper, and as they both came, they were compacted once more as a resident activated the compactor's ram.

Neither Tammy nor David wanted this to end, and as it was now daylight once more, they could both expect a full day's worth of trashing together; whilst their bodies were squeezed together ever tighter.

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