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Taking Chances

by Garbage Girl

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Storycodes: M/f; lingerie; bond; gag; bagged; messy; trash; trashcan; kerbside; near-miss; collected; compacted; transport; machine; hopper; processed; rescued; climax; cons; X

Stacy had a love for being bound and put inside a trash bag. She loved it so much that she would often have her husband bag her up, place her in the large trash can and put her out on the curb the night before with the rest of the garbage. He would leave her to her fantasies and then in the morning, before going to work, pull her out and bring her back inside, release her from the bag and they would continue on as usual.

A typically bagging for Stacy involved her being only in her lingerie, bound, gagged and placed inside a large thick trash bag. Her husband had rigged up a breathing tube so that she could get breathe safely while inside the bag. He would then place her inside another garbage bag, fill it with garbage from around the house, paper stuff, used tissues, old clothing, rags, Styrofoam, feminine pads, tissue and other stuff from the bathroom trash. Typically it was dry household waste.

Her husband had a unique way of sealing the second bag around her by tying it in a knot and sealing it with a zip tie that made the breathing tube not visible at all. The bags they used were large black industrial trash bags which were not very common among most residential households and they were easy to spot since they had the name of the manufacture printed on them. With Stacy inside of the bag with all the garbage she would look like any other bag of garbage to any person looking at it. They lived far enough away from other houses so no one ever noticed when they would put the trash out or when her husband would come and pull the bag with Stacy in it and return her back to the house. This was something that had been going on for some time. While they pretty much had a routine for this, Stacy did have a few close calls.

The first time Stacy had a close call, it was because there had been a brief power outage in the area and that caused her husband’s alarm to not go off. Stacy had been wheeled out the night before as usual. She had her little fantasies and eventually dozed off. She was awoken by the sound of the garbage truck pulling up and stopping. She then feels the jolt of her can being moved from the curb and connected to the can lifter on the garbage truck. She then felt the can being raised to be dumped in the back of the rear loading garbage truck. Stacy tumbled out of the trash can landing softly on a pile of garbage bags in the hopper of the truck.

While Stacy realizes she is about to live out her fantasy of being treated like a bag of garbage, she also realizes that she may get compacted. She then feels her bag being pulled and then she lands back into the empty garbage can that was on the ground. Her husband had realized what had happened and managed to make it out in time to stop the garbage man. He told the worker that that he thought he might have thrown something way and wanted to check. He tells him to pull that bag that Stacy was in and put it back into the can and he would “check“ for his missing item. He then wheels the can back to the garage where he opens it back up and pulls Stacy out.

Despite that close call, Stacy continued with her fantasies of being thrown away and continued to do this again with success for a while until she encountered another close call when the garbage truck had come early since a new employee had started doing their pick up. Stacy had dozed off when she was again awakened by the movement of the can and being lifted into the back of the garbage truck. She felt her bag sliding out but then stopped sliding as she landed against the bags in the already full hopper of the truck. She then hears engine of the truck rev up as the garbage man activated the compactor on the truck to start the compaction cycle. Stacy became excited and nervous at the same time.

On the one hand she was living out her fantasy of being treated like garbage again, but concerned as to what could happen next. The packing blade extended down and there was a brief pause before the garbage man pulled another lever to complete the compaction cycle. When that happened Stacy could feel the lip of the packing blade come down against her bag; catching her by the feet and began to pull her bag into the truck. The lip of the packing blade had her feet on the underside while she was still out side of the blade. As the cycle was completed Stacy was literally hanging with her feet caught under the blade.

Fortunately for Stacy, her bag did not break or get torn so it looked like another bag of garbage that got caught in the packing cycle however she could feel some twisting off her ankle as the packing cycle was being completed and she was being compressed against the other bags of garbage. The garbage man had then finished throwing the rest of the bags into the hopper of the truck when Stacy’s husband had come out to stop him. Once again he tells garbage man that he thinks he threw something way by mistake. He said he thinks it is in the trash bag that is hanging from the packing blade and wondered if there is a way that he could release it.

The garbage man said he could open the packing blade and the bag should fall back into the hopper. He said though they could not be responsible if the missing item is damaged. Stacy’s husband said he was not concerned about that. He then proceeds to pull the black trash bag containing Stacy and dumps it back into the trash can to take it to the garage to pull Stacy out. Stacy goes inside to get cleaned up and starts to notice some pain in her ankle as it begins to swell. She has her husband take her to the doctor to find she had twisted it but nothing was broken. She had to be on crutches for several weeks while it healed.

While she was waiting for her ankle to heal, she had done some research to learn a little bit about how the compactor on the rear loading trucks worked. The packing blade would open up, extend out and then come down on the bags in the hopper, begin compacting the bags and then scoop them into the back of the truck. She also noticed when the packing blade would open to start the cycle; sometimes some of the compressed trash from the previous cycle would fall back into the hopper. She figured by doing the research she would know how to try and be more careful.

Apparently the twisted ankle was not enough to deter her from being trashed again and again by her husband. She insisted on doing this and her husband continued to let her have the fantasy of being trashed until she had another even closer call than before. And it continued for some time without any problems.

Stacy once again had dozed off only to be awakened by the sound of the garbage truck pulling up. The garbage man quickly got off, grabbed the can that Stacy was in and dumped it into the truck. Stacy tumbled out of the can into the truck landing on a bunch of trash bags. She can also hear and feel other bags landing into the truck as the garbage man was tossing some of the many bags of leaves that Stacy and her husband had set out from raking the yard. Stacy was not too concerned as she was certain her husband would come to her rescue as he has done before.

Once the hopper was full the garbage man activated the controls to start the compaction cycle. Even though Stacy was in a double bag, she could still see the shadow of the packing blade extending out towards the back of the truck. As the garbage man pulled the level to complete the cycle, Stacy saw everything go dark. She could hear the bags popping and trash crushing against as her as everything else in the hopper was being compressed into the truck with her. The idea and feeling of being compacted like a bunch of worthless trash caused Stacy let out of muffled squeal as she had an orgasm.

Once again her husband realized he was late. He ran out and managed to catch the garbage man as he was tossing the last of the bags into the hopper. He first looked into the trash can to see it empty and then looked over into the hopper to see only a few of the small lawn and leaf bags in there, but not the large trash bag Stacy was in. He asked what happened to the stuff in the can. The garbage man replied that he had already cycled the compactor. Stacy’s husband said he thought he thrown away something valuable by mistake and had hoped to be able to check the large bag that was in the trash can.

The garbage man said he didn’t think there would be much left of it since he already compacted it, but he would at least be willing to open the packing blade from the last cycle to see if it was visible. If it was, he would try to fish it out if it was something he really wanted back and it was not damaged. The garbage man pulled the lever to open the packing blade. Much to Stacy’s husband delight, he quickly spotted the label on Stacy’s bag so they pulled on it and Stacy’s bag fell out of the compressed garbage and back into the hopper. They then pulled the bag out and tossed it back into the garbage can and Stacy’s husband then took her back into the garage. He pulled her out of the bag and stated, "That was pretty close, are you hurt at all?"

Stacy fortunately was not hurt at all. Deep down Stacy just loved the feeling of being treated like garbage and then going through the truck compactor like she did and the way everything compressed against her.

Despite the close calls Stacy had with the garbage trucks she still had the desire to continue with her fantasy of being bagged. This had been going on for some time without issue until one summer evening when she was bagged and placed in the trash can and set out by the road. A thunderstorm had rolled through and the sound of the rain hitting the can made her sleepy. Stacy was not worried since the can was plastic and she was safe and dry.

Once again Stacy was awakened when she felt movement of the trash can being brought over to the garbage truck and dumped into the hopper. For some reason she felt something was different, but she was not sure what. The only thing she thought was that the truck seemed much quieter, but even then she was not certain as it could have been the stuff that her husband had put on the trash bag this time. Anyway, she knew it was going to be an exciting moment for her again as she fantasized about being trash and wondered at what moment her husband was going to come and rescue her.

As she was laying there in the hopper like any other bag of trash she could feel and hear more bags being tossed into the hopper. These were bags of grass clippings from when they mowed the lawn. Stacy heard the truck engine rev up as the garbage man then pulled the lever to start the compactor. The packing blade extended out as usual before the garbage man pulled the other lever to complete the cycle. Stacy sees the day light disappear as the blade cycles through compressing her and all the bags of garbage around her and into the back of the truck. Stacy once again has another orgasm as she is being compacted into the back of the truck.

Just then her husband realized that the storm had knocked out the power and comes running out to get the attention of the garbage man. The garbage politely hands him the trash can. Stacy’s husband opens the lid to see it is empty. He tells the garbage that he accidently threw something away and he was trying to get it before they emptied the trash can. He looks over to the hopper of the truck and sees that it is empty. Stacy’s husband asks the garbage man if there is any way he could open the packing blade and he could see if the bag that he wants to check could be recovered. He said it was done once before by another garbage man.

The garbage man said, ”I’m sorry sir, there is no way to recover anything once the compacting cycle is complete. You see, this is a new truck and the compactor has been redesigned on this and won’t allow me to simply open the packing blade like you can on the old ones. On the old trucks, when you opened the packing blade and trash would sometimes fall back into the hopper and sometimes blow out of the truck. After numerous complaints from cities and residents they redesigned the compactors so that after the trash is compacted and pushed into the truck a secondary blade comes from below and to act as wall or a barrier to prevent trash from falling back into the hopper therefore keeping stuff from blowing out of the truck. This helps keep your neighborhood clean. This secondary blade remains in place until the packing blade extends out to the edge of the truck. The secondary blade then retracts and the packing blade comes down while the primary blade cycles though to crush the trash and compress it into the body of the truck.”

The garbage man then opens the packing blade to show Stacy’s husband how it works and as he looks into the back of the truck the only thing he sees is the steel wall from the secondary blade. He then proceeds to complete another packing cycle to show Stacy’s husband how quickly and efficiently it works with no mess.

Stacy’s husband asks, what does he needs to do to try and recover the bag that has the item I lost. The garbage man says that he would need to call the transfer station to arrange to meet them down there at the end of the day to see about searching for the bag if the item is deemed of value. Otherwise they can hope to find the item on the line when trash is processed. Stacy’s husband thanked him and walked away as he thought about what he will need to do next.

After Stacy comes off of her orgasm she just had; she realizes she is still in the truck as it starts to move down the street to the next stop. She figured she must be in the neighborhood sub division down the road as there were quite a few frequent stops. She hears the truck rev up as the garbage man pulled the lever to start the packing blade again. As it extends out she senses some movement as the secondary blade retracts and the primary blade starts compressing the garbage in the hopper and scooping it into the back of the truck. She can hear the bags popping, glass breaking, wood cracking and the crinkle of plastic as everything is compressed against her.

Even though Stacy was in thick bags that would stretch quite a bit, she can feel the garbage pressing against her. She then feels the neck of an empty beer bottle her husband had tossed in her bag that is forced in between her legs and hitting her g-spot. This caused her to have yet another orgasm. After she settled down, she realized that she was still in the back of a garbage truck, it was starting to stink, and she was living her fantasy of being treated like trash. She was being treated like any other bag of trash that was being collected and compacted in the truck. No special treatment for her.

Stacy had been in the truck for several hours being tossed around with lots of garbage compressing against her when it finally arrived at the transfer station for processing. She could feel the force of the inside blade pushing her and the rest of the garbage out of the truck and onto the floor of the transfer stations for further processing. She then feels something scooping her and a bunch of bags up into a bucket for a short ride across the floor before being dumped into a larger hopper. After being dumped into the hopper Stacy began to fantasize again about being treated as trash since she literally was. This caused her to have another orgasm as the machine was processing in the bags in the hopper. Stacy could feel movement from below as she sunk further into the hopper with yet another load of garbage being dumped on top of her.

All bagged garbage was dumped in this machine which then feeds it onto a line where it was then run through a series of wire prongs that would rip open all the bags exposing all the garbage. The contents would then be run by a series of line operators that would pull out the valuable recyclables before the reminder of the garbage would then be sent onto the incinerator or landfill.

In the meantime, after Stacy’s husband had talked to the garbage man, he went back into the house and made calls to the transfer station. His goal was try and get there before the truck unloaded Stacy’s bag for processing. Upon his arrival at the transfer station, he was informed that the truck that services his route had already dumped and the garbage was in the hopper to be processed. After talking with the plant supervisor, he suggested they go down to the line where the workers are and they would watch and hope they were not too late to try and catch Stacy’s bag.

It was Stacy’s turn as she felt the bag fall through the opening of the hopper and onto the line as it moved her along she hit the first set of wire prongs and it ripped one of the outer bag she was in. She then moved into the second set of wire prongs that not only ripped off her bag, but some of her rope, bindings and her bra as well. Her trash bags were no match for these sharp prongs. Stacy was laying there with her hands and feet still bound and surrounded by garbage as she moved along the line to where the workers were processing the rest of the garbage. Stacy had pretty much given up any hopes of being rescued and conceded that she was indeed nothing by garbage as she figured at this point she was going to end up in the incinerator or possibly buried.

As Stacy moved along she feels a hand reach down and hit her in the breast as it grabbed the bottle next to her. The line stops and as she looks up she sees the worker, the plant supervisor and her husband. They all grab her and pull her out of the mess. They then walk her back to the plant locker room to get her cleaned up and checked out as she had some scrapes on her from when she went through the bag ripper. Stacy’s husband then takes her back home. On the way home Stacy told him, despite smell and the mess, this was defiantly one adventure to remember and she fulfilled the ultimate fantasy of being nothing more than garbage.

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