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Taking Out the Trash

by Unknown

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© Copyright 2006 - Unknown - Used by permission

Storycodes: FFF/m; bond; bagged, breathplay; hum; transported; compacted; reluct; XXX

This story is from my side of the bag. The victim could be anyone of you, but it's me who is doing the bagging!

You hear the knock at the door, as your heart begins to race. You've waited for this all day, and now the moment has arrived. You open the door to find me standing there wearing the tightest pair of black leather pants you've seen, a tight white t-shirt that reveals my perky breasts, and skintight leather gloves. 

I push my way past you and sit down on your couch. 

I have a large canvas bag with me, but I don't open it. 

You offer me a drink, but I do not answer, instead, I light up a Marlboro Light without even asking you. 

You return with 2 glasses of wine, and sit beside me on the couch. 

After a few minutes I get up and take my bag with me while you remain on the couch. 

I return to the room, and quickly pull a black 33 gallon trash bag over your head. You begin to struggle, but I tell you to relax and put your hands down . I then grab another trash bag and tightly gag you from the outside of the bag on your head, creating an air balloon on your head. I watch as you expand and contract the trash bag on your head, all the while I'm tying your hands tight behind your back. 

It only takes a few minutes, but you pass out, and I remove the gag and bag from your head. I finish tying you up both hand and foot after I've removed your clothing, except for your shirt. As you come to, you hear me on your phone.

"Yeah it's all set, come on over."

You watch as I shake open a large 55 gallon black plastic trash bag and advance toward you.

"This is for you. Now be good and get your ass inside this trash bag!"

With a little shoving, I manage to stuff your bound and gagged self into the large trash bag and begin to seal it air tight. I gather the ends of the bag and knot them up, then tape the bag completely closed with black electrical tape. Just then the doorbell rings and I answer it.

"This the guy?" You hear another female voice say.

"Yeah that's him" I add.

"Well, let's get rid of the little worm."

You're begging, struggling and mmpphhing inside the bag.

"Get him to shut the fuck up" says another female voice. You realize there are now 3 women who have you bound and bagged. A rope is pulled around your neck, as you suck for air in the bag.

"Shut up you piece of trash!" I say.

The 3 of us lift you up and carry you out and deposit you in the trunk of our car, still very much bound, gagged, and trash bagged up tight. We drive for 10 minutes as the air in your trash bag gets low. Soon the car stops, and the trunk is opened, and the 3 of us lift you out.

"It ends right here trash boy!" says 1 female voice.

"Thank god for 24 hour trash compactors" the other voice laughs.

We lift you into the trash compactor and take a last look at you all trash bagged.

"Go ahead Amy, press the button."

I light up another Marlboro Light, take a drag, blow the smoke at your bagged ass, then my leather clad hand pushes the button, sweeping you away out of sight. You cum as the other bags inside squeeze against you, the air in your bag starts to get stale, soon you'll black out again. You begin to see stars before your eyes, will your Mistress rescue you this time as she has in the past or leave you here to end up at the refuse dump as she has often threatened to do...

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