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Surprised by the Garbage Woman

by Unknown

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© Copyright 2009 - Unknown - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-m; nude; dumpster; caught; F/m; bond; bagged; trash; cons; X

As I am walking to the garbage room beneath my townhouse complex, I wonder what mysteries await for me. I reach for the door, but a young woman emerges with a smirk on her face. She is startled by my appearance ... no shirt, sweatpants, and no shoes or socks. After all, I didn't need to go outside to get here, and I was ready for bed. I enter the odorous room, as I look back to see she has quickly vanished. The door slams behind me as usual, yet this time seems to have wedged itself shut pretty good.

I walk over to the dumpster and lean my curious eyes over the edge ... 1/2 full. Not bad for a Tuesday night. I proceed to heave my sack of trash into the bin, and then figure I'll sweeten the pot. As I climbed up the side of the dumpster, I pull the bag up with me. As I swing it back to hurl it to the farthest container, I intentionally lose my balance, and let the bag pull me over the edge. "Whomp" as I land face first in the dumpster.

A familiar scent engulfs my nose, as I am in a safe place. I decide to make it one step better. After checking that no one was around, I pulled my pants off to reveal my swollen and dripping cock. I stand on the edge of the dumpster in limbo, as I let myself fall backwards into the dumpster. As I lay, I ponder and close my eyes.

Upon awaking, I notice a set of devilish eyes gazing upon me over the top of the edge of the dumpster, and then she emerges ... It's her! She must have returned to throw her garbage out again and discovered me, lying naked in the dumpster. That same smirk is still plastered on her face, and with a wink, she reaches down and heaves 3 garbage bags into the dumpster right on top of me.

Before I have time to respond, she has leapt over the edge and lands square on top of me, straddling me like a saddle. She pulls out a rope and a couple of garbage bags, and without a challenge, she has hog-tied me, gagged me, and then bagged me up to my neck in one of the thick, black bags.

As she climbs out of the dumpster, I notice her fine, well-rounded ass and physique in tight, heavily stained jeans. As she turns around to stare upon what she has done, she notices my pleading eyes for help. With that, she plasters that same devilish smirk on her face, and reaches for a lever I'd never noticed before. With a yank, a door opens in the ceiling, and before I knew what was going on, I am completely engulfed in garbage.

A feeling as though she is stomping on the pile makes things rather tight, as the lids of the dumpster are forced closed and locked.

As the dumpster is wheeled out of the room and through the parking garage, I know it is futile to escape unless she changes her mind.

As we continue to move, the jostling slowly allows the garbage to settle, hugging my bagged body tightly as I try to hump the trash to orgasm. I know I am becoming garbage, so I may as well enjoy it.

As I wonder why she is doing this do me, I hear a devilish laugh begin, as the roar of a truck engine is heard. I feel myself being bumped about and tilted, and finally being emptied like a surging waterfall into the gaping hungry mouth of the beast.

Before I am able to right myself and attempt a near impossible escape, another dumpster is emptied inside and the roof closes with a note if finality.

She is satisfied, as one more victim has been captured and disposed of by "The Garbage Woman"


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