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The Suffocatrix Takes Out the Trash

by Trashbagme2

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© Copyright 2005 - Trashbagme2 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bond; bagged; breathplay; disposed; cons/nc; XXX

The doorbell rings. Slowly, the door opens revealing me dressed in black, patient-leather, thigh-highboots, gloves that stretch up just past my elbows and a thong bikini. You stand their drooling at my curvaciously sexy body and bare breasts. 

"Come in slave!" I say to you firmly. 

You step inside the emptyroom and begin to undress as I close and lock the door.

You notice the cardboard box in the corner of the room. 

"You're the slave with the garbage bag fetish, aren't you?" 

"Yes." you reply quietly, as if ashamed, as I walk over to the box. 

I remove from the box a ball gag, cock and ball harness with a leash, and wrist and ankle cuffs. 

"I've got a bunch of big, plastic, trash bags and I can't wait to see you tied up tight, wrapped up in one of them. I might even throw you in the garbage dumpster out back with the rest of the bags of worthless trash." 

I then walk back to you and lock the cuffs on your wrists behind your back with a small padlock. I then gag you and put the harness on your shaved cock and balls.

"I love to have my slaves totally restrained," I say as I lock the harness on you. 

Next, I put the ankle cuffs on you, but do not lock them together yet. 

"Bend over and accept your punishment like a good slave," I command as I reveal a riding crop. I start to whip your bare ass with the crop as you bite down into the gag. I smack your balls every once in a while to really make you whimper. 

When you look as though you can't take any more severe whipping I stop and walk back over to the box, retrieving a folded up, trash bag. 

"Have you ever been tied up in a garbage bag before?" I ask curiosly.

You shake your head no. 

"You know, you could suffocate in this big, plastic bag." I say as I open the large bag. 

You nod your head up and down as your cock stiffens. 

"Good, get in the bag you trashy slave." 

You step into the bag one foot at a time and sit down inside the huge, shiny-black bag as I giggle at you. I then lower the smooth, fresh bag around you down to the floor. 

Next, I lock your ankles together as I say, "It really turns you on to be restrained in a garbage bag, doesn't it"? 

You again nod your head up and down as I reach for your cock leash. I tie the leash to your ankle lock and then lock your wrist cuffs to the ankle cuffs. 

"The more you fight your bondage, the more the harness will tighten around your balls and hard cock." I pull on the leash hard and then you moan in pain. "See, I told you!" I say with pleasure. 

I go back to the box and grab a small, clear, plastic bag and some duct tape. I walk up behind you and pull the thick bag down over your head and then seal the bag closed around your neck with the tape. I kneel in front of you as you inhale and the plastic bag closes in around your head and face. I begin to slowly stroke your restrained dick with my leather gloved hand as you exhale and the bag buldges out like a balloon. 

"Do you like the feel of the smooth leather on your hardcock?" I ask, watching you suffocate. 

You nod yes and moan through the tight gag and plastic bag. I then jerk you off faster as I lightly tug on the cockleash.

You gasp and struggle against your bonds, suffocating in pleasure. 

"I love to see a slave naked, bound and gagged in a plastic trash bag! I can easily suffocate them and simply dispose of their body in a garbage bag." 

You start to go into uncontrolable spasms as your orgasm hits with the plastic bag clung tightly around your face. I stand up and tear a small hole in the top off the bag over your head giving you just enough air to keep you conscious. I walk out of the room as your warm cum drips down the back of your restrained ankles onto the thick, plastic trash bag that you are sitting in. 

You wiggle around testing your tight bonds. The harness tightens around your drained sex and you gasp into the ballgag. you then sit motionless concentrating on breathing air through the tiny hole in the bag above your head. 

After several minutes the door opens and I walk in with another woman, but she is not wearing any fetish gear. She is dressed in a grey jump suit, workboots, and stained industrial gloves. you quickly realize the woman is my garbage woman. 

She closes the door and walks with me over to you. "He is your slave?" the garbage woman asks. 

"Yes, he'll do anything I tell him to," I explain. 

She looks at you struggling for fresh air and then grabs your harnessed dick as she smiles. 

"You like being worthless, tied up in black trash bags don't you?" she asks as she squeezes the head of your still hard cock.

You twitch and admit that you do by nodding yes. 

"Well than it's time to take out the garbage." 

We pull the large bag up over your head engulfing your whole, naked body as you look through the clear bag with disbelief in your eyes. I twist the opening of the bag closed above you and tightly zip-tie it shut. Next, we carry you out of the building to a garbage truck that is parked in front of the large, green dumpster in the alley. You feel us toss you into the dumpster and you sink down a little into the bags of trash that are around you in the dumpster. 

My garbage woman then hops into the cab of the big truck as you start to suffocate again, sealed in the plastic bag. She reaches over and pulls one of the many levers in the truck. The full dumpster begins to rise, then tilts, dumping the trash into the back of the garbage truck with the rest of the trash. In an instant you are buried in smooth, plastic bags of garbage as the air in your bag rushes out from the weight of the rubbish on top of you. 

She puts the dumpster back down onto the ground as I watch in fascination and satisfaction. I imagine what you must be going through right now, being disposed of like a bag of garbage. 

You are really turned on, but more scared than you have ever been. Your body trembles against the smooth plastic that tightly encases your entire naked and bound body. The lid of the garbage truck is closed with a thud. Then she activates the hydraulic trash compactor. The wall of steel starts to push the bags of garbage to the very back of the truck. You try to break free as you begin to be crushed as a bag of trash. you can feel the bags of garbage squeeze tighter and tighter around you as you pass out from suffocation with the plastic clinging to your face. I can hear the rustling of plastic from within the garbage truck as the trash is crushed. 

"He is just a bag of compacted garbage now!" the garbagewoman says to me with a smile.

I thank her and then return to my dungeon of doom to relax.

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