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Submissive Male Trash Serves a Dominant Garbage Bagger

by Chad B

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© Copyright 2021 - Chad B - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/m; trash; anal; oral; hum; messy; bagged; dumpster; disposal; cons; reluct; XX

My online hookup profile contains photos showing my young twink boy appearance, a big dick and swimmers physique. At 5'3" and 110 pounds soaking wet my profile gets plenty of attention. A portion of my profile reads…

Relaxed, Boyish and Respectful. Responsible boy permanently attached in an open relationship. Not into drugs, just a little weed. I am exploring new avenues of degradation play and seeking kinky encounters with dudes exhibiting good attitudes.

Into role-play and recently returned from staring in my very first professional movie shoot. Stay tuned for news about a new kinky film TBA. Lots of rough action and creative humiliation.

One of the scenes features four tops tearing my clothing to shreds, just to get inside. I was used in many filthy ways before the crew dumped me into a giant trash bag along with plenty of garbage. Watersports, face farts, diaper punishment, trash bagging and more. Cheers!

Anyhow; I received a message from a mature aged fellow just a few weeks ago and we really seemed to understand each other rather well. His profile name has the word "trasher" in it so we quickly began sharing some boundary pushing thoughts and desires.

Through discussions, he and I established a hungry attitude for a very kinky encounter. I wanted to be treated like a worthless disposable sex toy, used, bagged and dumped amongst the trash at a designated waste collection area of his choosing. I admitted I would enjoy being in suspense of his bagging and disposal plans. 

My commitments drove him wild towards plotting a night of sex and ending with my disposal, while keeping the details a secret. I did offer suggestions of preference during previous chats, detailing my strong desires of being bagged with dirty diapers and stinky garbage; being tossed into a mountain of curbside trash bags overnight; I also admitted strong desires for a lengthy dumpster/compactor disposal scene.

After more discussion and photo sharing, we met at his swanky downtown condominium. Six hours of hot fucking around and I became absolutely exhausted and felt well used. I spent much of our time servicing him as a urinal and fart cushion. He used his bigger stature while vigorously railing seed into the depths of my “pretty li’l behind” twice, and once down my throat. Then he disappeared to shower as I drifted asleep on the floor where we had just finished.

A while later I awoke to see my new playmate sitting on the couch with another man. Both are sipping on bottles of beer and watching an aggressive sounding porno on the big screen. Soon I was spotted with my vision fixated on their stiff dicks pointed toward the ceiling. "Well look who's awake now that it's 7pm. How is my disposable li’l sextoy feeling?"

"Coffee please," I responded. We three spent the next thirty minutes or so getting better acquainted as I continued taunting them to utilize me in degrading ways. Suddenly the tone of chit chat became more serious. I was instructed to confess the limits of my own sexual boundaries with pen on paper. I performed my task while the men went on to discuss other pervy stuff.

With my confessions now on paper I handed it over. The host crumpled the sheet of paper and thrust much of it up into my sore used bum as I winced and whimpered. Then he sternly said, "read your confession aloud for us, trash slut".

With my task done I have admitted to the limits I was prepared for. I even got a little cheeky when reading the part stating that my written desires/limits also serves as my written consent.

Trasher had me unfold and sit inside the very heavy 55 gallon trash bag that I brought along. Then he overturned two bags of his own trash in with my disposable self. Then came a load of dirty diapers before twisting the thick bag of trash and secured it with a zip tie. I felt myself being dragged a little ways and plunked onto what I think is a bed.

My trash prison lands sideways with a soft bounce. I feel hands slide over my bagged ass then a hole being made near my sore butthole. Verbally demoted to disposable trash, while being used and squished into this nasty mess with every thrust. Both men took turns plowing this rare bag of trash to orgasmic relief. Soon, I was pushed off the soft furniture and onto the floor. The room became quiet for a while, so I figure they headed to clean themselves up. Time passes slowly trapped as mere garbage. I do anticipate someone will return for me soon. Seems I drift to sleep from the quiet and darkness first.

I was startled awake in temporary panic until remembering that I'm bagged with trash. Then I hear discussion outside my trash prison. The men had cleaned each other up in the shower and disappeared to a popular all night restaurant. I heard the two men open a couple beer bottles as they sat down at the computer to watch a hard-core porno.

I must have fallen asleep again because I was startled when someone began dragging my trash prison across the floor and seemingly down a long hallway. The sounds of many more crinkling trash bags suggested that one of the men is carrying more bags of garbage too.

I felt so ready to become trash, bagged up like this while degraded. My orifices are sore, leaking piss and cum." Please be gentle with me," I whimpered.

A booted foot swiftly pressed me into the mess as Trasher spoke softly, "you better play dead in there before someone notices."

Oh shit, I thought, this is actually happening now. I am being dragged to the garbage for disposal. I silently panicked while riding the elevator. All the while wondering if I can trust these men to place me into a situation I can safely escape from. Or, are they the type to get off by taking things further?

Oh gosh, sweating profusely and thinking that I may have totally fucked myself now. Moments later I'm dragged through heavy doors and lifted off the ground for a moment. Then I can feel the cold steel lip of a dumpster on my sore ass. Suddenly, I land inside with an audible plunk. The men tossed in the other trash bags with some hardy laughter.

"We are not done trashing you just yet, boy. Come tomorrow night I'll be loading all the condominium's garbage into the large compactor. Then I'll stuff the compressed trash back into a total of five dumpsters. The trash truck comes once a week on Thursdays. This is only Twink Tuesday. Given how small and flexible you are; Id say you've got a 20% percent chance of surviving the garbage truck ride to the waste transfer station."

"Just remember, boy! You practically begged me in your own handwriting for all this, and I'm not one to disappoint. Time to get some rest trash. You're going to need it".


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