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Stu's First Day

by Stoo

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© Copyright 2020 - Stoo - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; trash; mast; caught; bond; tape; bagged; dumpster; nc; XX

It’s around 7am when Stu approaches the back of the building, which has a large dumpster next to a raised loading bay and a couple smaller bins close by. He stands next to one of the bins as he knocks on the door and waits. About 8 seconds pass, when he raises his hand to knock again, only for the door to open, revealing a young, attractive brunette in her mid 20's. She looks Stu up and down and says "Can I help you?"

"Oh, yeah... Hi, sorry... I'm Stu," he replies, "I was supposed to start today. I spoke with Sharon last week and was told to come here for my first shift."

It takes the woman a second to register what he said, she seems a little confused at first, but eventually she turns and heads inside, gesturing for Stu to follow.

"I apologise, I had forgotten you were supposed to start today," she says to him, "let me introduce you to the rest of the team and i will show you around."

The woman guides Stu down a corridor into a back office, where two other women, around the same age, are sitting chatting to each other. They stop mid conversation to pay attention to the new face.

"This is Louise and Sarah, they work the tills and deal with customers, my name is Claire, I'm the floor manager, you will be working under me most days, as Sharon is barely here, but don't worry, I'm a fair boss." She smiles at Stu as he gives a shy smile back.

"Is she fuck!" chimes Louise, jokingly, "I'd watch my back if i were you."

"Very funny, Louise..." says Claire as she pulls out her phone to look at the time, "don't you two have tills to open? Come on girls, let's get moving!"

Stu watches the two girls reluctantly and defiantly stand up and leave, taking in the curves of their bodies as they exit the room. He feels lucky to find a job alongside such beautiful women but would have to learn to try and not stare; to be a bit more professional.

"Like what you see?" Claire asks.

"Sorry, what?" replies Stu, pretending he didn't hear her.

"Nothing, let me give you the tour and show you where you will be working."

Claire then shows Stu around the building, an intimate little stationery shop that has been around for many years. She takes him all over, in the offices at the back, the storage room and then finally to the back bay area. She lays out all the tasks he will have throughout the day, cleaning the general area, sorting the warehouse, taking in deliveries and taking out the rubbish at the end of the day. The very last stop of the tour was a tiny little cupboard in the small warehouse that was used to keep all the cleaning supplies, like brushes, mops, cleaning products and a box full of several rolls of large strong bin bags.

With the orientation finished and a few last bits of paperwork complete, Stu is ready to start his first shift. He tries to impress them on his first day, making as much of an effort as he can; by the end of the day he has the place spotless, the stock up to date, and all the rubbish of the day bagged up and stored at the back of the warehouse waiting to be taken to the dumpster.

"Good job on your first day by the way, keep it up!" Claire gives Stu a smile and a wink as they both head towards the back door. The other two had left about 10 minutes before, as Claire had been showing Stu where to turn off the lights and lock up. Stu grabs the bags of rubbish, five in total; he grabs two in each hand as Claire grabs the other. "Let me help you."

They walk outside onto the loading bay, looking down at the dumpster, which has the door already propped open. Claire instantly throws her bag into the dumpster, watching it bounce slightly, as it rustles into a resting spot. Stu swings both arms at the same time, launching all four bags in at once.

"Nice shot!" Claire says to Stu in a playful manner, and then locks the door with her keys. She wishes him a good night as she walks towards her car, closing the dumpster lid as she passes, before getting in her vehicle and driving off.

Stu watches her drive away as he slowly walks away from the building, but once she is out of sight he stops and walks back over to the dumpster. He opens the lid and peers inside but it's too dark, so he pulls out his phone and turns the light on, shining it onto the black plastic bags inside, as they reflect the light with their glossy presence. Stu feels himself rise down below, he hasn't told anyone, but he has always had a love for black plastic bin bags and being treated like trash. He longed to be thrown out by some beautiful woman, but knew this was never gonna happen, so resigned himself to self-bagging. It was as close as he was ever gonna get.

After a quick look around, making sure the coast is clear, Stu then hops up and into the dumpster, closing the lid behind him. He sinks into the bags as they settle around him, pulling out one of the large black bags that he had stashed in his pocket from the cleaning cupboard, now HIS cleaning cupboard. He sets his phone down on a bag so that the light fills the inside of the dumpster, letting him see what he's doing, as he opens the bag up, before whipping his clothes off, laying them flat on a bag in the corner, then climbing into his own bag.

Stu then fantasises about being thrown out by one or all of the beautiful new co-workers he now has, and once he's exhausted himself he eventually climbs out of the bag, sweaty and sticky. He puts his clothes back on, grabs his phone and then climbs out of the dumpster before heading home, satisfied with his first day.


The next day Stu turns up for work the same as he did the day before, and continues to work just as hard. He also makes an effort to try and get to know the girls a little, even tries flirting with them.

Eventually lunch rolls around and Stu starts thinking about the dumpster and how much fun he had last night. He then wonders how much more of a thrill it would be, to do it again, but this time while the girls were still in the building. His heart starts racing as he contemplates the idea before eventually thinking "Fuck it, i'm the only one who takes the trash out... it should be safe. I'm gonna do it!"

He then grabs a couple more bags from the storage and hides him in his pockets before popping his head into Claire’s office to let her know he will be taking his half hour lunch break outside.

Walking outside to the dumpster he takes another look around, then lifts the lid and climbs inside, quickly taking off his clothes and getting his bag ready.


Claire is sitting in her office, which has a small monitor in the corner, she is facing the monitor with a puzzled look on her face. She calls the other two girls into her office as she fumbles around, looking for the remote.

"Look at this, girls. I'm pretty certain i just witnessed Stu climb into the dumpster, but he closed the lid and hasn't come back out yet." Claire points at the monitor as her co-workers turn to look.

"Seriously?" asks Sarah.

"See for yourself," Claire replies as she rewinds the tape and plays it back.

"That's him alright, but what's he doing?"

Claire puts down the remote and stands up, "Not sure, but i'm gonna go check, stay here."

She heads outside as the girls return ther gaze to the monitor, staring at an empty bay and a lonely dumpster until Claire comes into view on the screen. She approaches the dumpster slowly and hears rustling coming from inside, holding her ear up against the side to have a listen.

What the hell? she thinks to herself.

Clair slowly places her fingers on the lid and lifts it gently, the noise getting louder. After a few seconds, she decides to just lift the lid up fully, she needs to know what he is doing in there and she needs to know now! To her horror she sees what is clearly the bottom half of a naked man sticking out of a trash bag, with his hand wrapped around his cock, tugging away like he's ready to tear the thing off. While she observes, the man continues to pleasure himself, totally unaware he is being watched. That's when she notices the phone sitting on a bag, it is unlocked and an image is on the screen, it's an image of herself! She is repulsed by the notion that photos of her are being taken without her consent, and probably the other girls too. That's when a hand comes out from under the bag, pawing for the phone until it's found, and then dragged into the bag, most likely used to fuel the fire so to speak. 

Back in the office, Sarah and Louise are staring at the monitor in disbelief. Now the lid is open, though it is a little hard to make out, they are almost certain that they are witnessing someone play with themselves in the dumpster. They watch Claire slowly close the lid and head back inside, joining them again.

"Was he doing what I think he was doing?!" Louise asked Claire in a repulsed manner.

"Yup. Dirty fucking bastard. He also had photos of us on his phone!"

"Oh my God, eeew. That's so fucking creepy!" Sarah shivered slightly and looked visibly disturbed.

"Do we go to the police with this?” Louise asked, as she looked at Claire then back to the monitor.

"Oh, he's getting out!" said Claire as she panics a little, "Don't say a word or do anything. I will decide what to do later and get back to you, just get back to work as normal right now.”

The girls give each other a concerned look and go back to their work.


Stu returns from his lunch break feeling great, the release of endorphins had done him a world of good, but now it was time to work again.

The next couple of hours feels awkward to him, he can’t place what it is, but it feels like everyone hates him all of a sudden. The girls are cold to him, never once striking up conversation and seem to kill every conversation dead almost immediately; it was even hard to get eye contact sometimes.

He decides to just concentrate on cleaning, Claire comes to him and asks to make sure he collects all the rubbish, and to bag up some of the damaged stock and all the packaging. It feels like every other minute she was giving him more things to clean and bag up. By 2:30pm he has around nine black trash bags, filled to the brim waiting to go out.

Stu is tying the last bag closed when he is approached by the girls.

"Oh, hey guys... what's up?" he asks, trying to act casual.

Claire slowly approaches Stu and places her hand on his shoulder as she looks him in the eyes, giving a cheeky smile.

"We've noticed the way you have been looking at us," she rubs his arm gently, then slowly brings her other hand down his chest and teases it close to his crotch.

Stu starts to get visibly hard, but clearly embarrassed. "I... eh..."

Claire puts her finger over his mouth. "Shhhh! You don't have to say anything, we like you too, and we wanna have a little fun with you!"

Stu can’t believe what was happening, how could this be real? Things like this don't happen, not to him anyway... but it was happening... 

Claire walks behind him and grabs his hands, pulling them behind his back. Then she starts to wind tape around his wrists, binding them together. "We like it kinky! Don't worry!" Then she wraps tape around his ankles too.

Stu watches as the two other girls approach him. "Oh, we’re doing it right here then? I won't be able to go anywhere with my legs bound."

"That's the point,” says Louise, as she grabs the roll of tape from Claire and puts a piece over his mouth, "you fucking perv!” Stu's face changes from one of pleasure to confusion as he is then shoved backwards, falling back, not able to use his limbs to control the fall. He lands hard and has the wind knocked out of him, as the girls start to cut off his clothes. "You prefer to be naked don't you?"

His vision fades slightly and he is a little disoriented, but still able to take in what she said, adding to his confusion. "What are you talking about?"

Sarah pulls out a roll of trash bags from behind her back and lets it unroll to the ground as she rips one off, wafting it open and then setting it on the ground. "You know what we are talking about," she says to him in an aggressive tone, "pervert."

"You sure we should do this, Claire?” Louise asks, ”There's no going back!"

Claire grabs one of the full bags of trash and opens it. "Yup. This dick will just get a warning or something, just get a job somewhere else, god knows what else he's into... We are doing the world a favour. Plus, he apparently likes this kind of shit, so maybe we are doing him a favour?” She laughs to herself as she then starts to empty some of the contents of the bag into the one on the ground, before setting it back down. "Okay, in he goes."

All three of the girls surround the still groggy, confused man and pick him up, carrying him over the bag. They rest him down so his ass is in the middle of the bag, sitting on the rubbish just added. They then bend his legs up to his chest and tape it in place. Stu is starting to regain full consciousness and starts to struggle, but it's too late, he's fairly secure. He looks up at Claire as she stands over him and lifts up the sides of the bag, engulfing him.

"Ok, now the rest, I want it full to the brim!"

The two girls pick up the trash bag and empty the rest of the contents around him. The bag contained a lot of paper goods, office supplies, a little kitchen waste and some packaging. Louise pushes down into the back, compressing all the contents around him, making a lot more room. "I think we can get another bag in there," she says.

"I think you're right." Claire moves the bag around a little to let the contents settle more. "Keep it coming, this trash needs more trash! Actually... hold on..." Claire picks up Stu's cut off clothes and dumps them in his bag. "Ok... now you can go!"

Another bag is opened and slowly dumped on top of Stu, filling the rest of the bag to the top, the contents completely surrounding him on all sides, the pressure building up each time they compact it down to add more.

Eventually the contents are almost spilling out and the contents are squished down one last time before the bag is tied shut, sealing Stu into a world of darkness. All he can hear is the rustling of the contents settling around him, until he feels himself rolling around and hears a loud plastic noise from bottom to top... they were double bagging him... no... triple bagging him, as he hears and feels the final bag envelop him.

Claire enters her office and walks over to the monitor, staring at it. She watches as the back door opens and Sarah and Louise appear, dragging a bag of rubbish behind them, which they then proceed to push over the edge, dropping it onto the other bags inside. They then briefly go inside and return with several bags each, which they then throw into the dumpster, burying the first bag, before closing the lid and returning inside.

Claire then ejects the tape for that day's security and takes it outside. She opens the lid to the dumpster, which is now full, awaiting collection the next day, and throws the tape inside, right at the back, before closing the lid and heading back in to finish the rest of her shift.


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