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Stuck Up Bitch

by Mr Happy

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© Copyright 2011 - Mr Happy - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; dumpster; naked; glue; stuck; insert; compacted; dumped; nc; X

Jane Harris was a high roller living in her third floor deluxe apartment in the centre of town she was not short of a penny, although she was a kept woman by her mother and father and thought nothing about blowing a few hundred in a night out.

Stepping out a hot shower in the evening she adjust her towel around her very toned and curvy body, grabbing her mobile off the side she browsed her messages as she stepped out onto her balcony to watch the sunset, at that moment she received a message but because her phone was on vibrate it made her jump and she dropped it into a dumpster down below.

Not thinking she shot out of her apartment into the lift and out the rear entrance, only thinking once outside that she was half naked, climbing up onto the dumpster she looked in and could see her phone laying in what looked like industrial waste.

She leaned in as far as she could but could reach it finally just as she was about to give up she lost her footing falling head first, as she fell in she hit the door and it came slamming down after her snagging on her towel and ripping it from her body.

Two hours later Jane awoke from a blow to the head, Jane had sunk deep into the rubbish within the dumpster, there was a strong smell of solvents in the air, and when she went to call for help she found her mouth to be stuck fast with glue that had leaked over her.

Thinking she would look for her phone so she could text for help, she soon found out she was stuck to a large off-cut of plastic and her back and arms were completely fused to the sheet.

Kicking out to gain attention she quickly lost her strength as the solvent overpowered her knocking her out, Jane lay there naked with her 38dd on show to anyone who wanted to look or touch.

Morning came and the noise of the bin men woke her up, lifting her on to a state of the art compactor the trucks on board computer weighed the dumpster and concluded that there was no need to empty this bin, compaction would be the best course of action.

Jane franticly tried to get the attention of the bin men as the compactor shot to life, if she could of been heard the words "noooooooooo" would have come out of her mouth.

As the bin compacted tubes of liquid burst over her legs covering her in a sticky substance, large plastic tubes headed towards her so she put out her feet to stop them but the force of the truck was too great and the tubes push up over both of her feet and carried on being push up her legs like a pair of very solid tights.

Squirming to escape Jane could only watch helpless as the tubes engulfed her thighs and finally stopped at her groin, with the glue setting in the tubes her legs were now useless to her she was spread eagled and stuck to base of the bin.

When the second wave of the compactor came rubbish pushed up hard against her exposed pussy in seconds her old mobile phone was being pushed into her pussy by a hard plastic cylinder, forcing her pussy to bursting point the large intruder disappeared halfway into her love tunnel as the compactors second wave continued.

Then in what Jane thought was a miracle the compactor broke down in mid compaction, Jane hoped in vain they had stopped it because they knew she was in there.

Glue tricked down onto her nipples that were being squeezed hard by the waste around her, setting hard on her defenceless nipples the glue stuck her to the waste above her that was now also stuck to the compactor side of the bin.

Hearing the truck roar back to life she freaked as the compactor return the side of the bin her nipples were stuck to, to the opposite side pulling hard on her nipples it stretched them far beyond their limits, screaming into her gag Jane didn’t notice the bin men leave.

Moments later Jane received a text on the phone lodged inside her pussy and the vibration put her straight on the edge, then she received call after call from a worried mother causing her to eventually climax.

She lay exhausted hour after hour she received call after call driving her pussy insane, causing her body to arch back in orgasm giving her severe pain in her nipples.

Days later Jane’s bin was taken away to be emptied and a picker at the recycling plant found her all glued up and in need of help, putting her in his van he drove away, yet again Jane was expecting that she was saved but she was very wrong as the man drove past the local hospital heading out of town to his house, sporting an erection.

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