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Store Clerks Revenge

by Katie

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© Copyright 2007 - Katie - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; bond; scarves; bagged; dumped; nc; X

The holidays always brought in more business than the store could handle. It's not that folks don't shop at The Gap during the year, they do, it's just that the holiday season brings everyone into the store from morning to night. Michelle and Rachel had been working at The Gap for over a year now and, although they enjoyed it, they could not stand their boss Lisa. Lisa was pushy, bitchy, and didn't really care how she treated the employees, just as long as her store was #1 in sales for the district.

It was a few days before the season would be coming to a close, and the store was especially busy. Michelle and Rachel had worked seven straight days and were looking forward to having a day off. Near the end of the night, Lisa informed the two of them that she needed them to work the next morning, as the store had been so overworked, it needed to be restocked before they would open the next day.

Michelle stormed out of the back room and outside to the loading dock. Rachel followed her a few minutes later. Once Rachel came outside she encountered Michelle angrily puffing on a cigarette. "That F**kin bitch, she's crazy if she thinks I'm working tomorrow" Michelle barked.

"Well, I'm coming in, I could use the money I suppose, but she really does get to me. It's as if she doesn't care one iota about anyone but herself" Rachel replied.

Michelle stomped out her cigarette and headed back inside. "Well, I'm not coming in, she'll have to deal with it" Michelle commented.

The store finally closed for the night shortly after. It had been a great day for sales, but the store was now a mess. Lisa appeared from the back and motioned for Michelle and Rachel to come over to her. "What a day huh girls?" Lisa remarked. "I'm going to need the two of you to clean up the mess we've made here. The back room is a mess of tags, empty boxes, wrapping paper and cards. There's some large trash bags in the back, just sweep it all up and bag it up. They're scheduled to empty the dumpster out back tomorrow morning, so cleaning up tonight will be perfect."

Rachel headed to the back room to begin the clean up, but Michelle turned to Lisa "Are you planning on giving us a hand?"

"I can't, sorry, I've got to count out and then I'm going out later" said Lisa.

Michelle stormed to the back room. Rachel was already back there bagging up some of the mess that was all over the store room.

"That witch, she's not willing to help out, well if she's not part of the solution, she's part of the problem"

"What does that mean exactly?" replied Rachel.

"Never mind, you'll see" said Michelle, as she grabbed a few large black trash bags and shook them open.

After about an hour, the girls had filled 12 large black plastic trash bags with all kinds of trash from the store. Rachel grabbed a couple of the bags and opened the door to the loading dock. She tossed the bags into the dumpster and went back in to get some more. Between the two of them, they managed to throw all the trash bags into the dumpster, filling it up nicely. Lisa came into the back room as the girls were putting on their coats.

"Oh no, there's plenty more left" Lisa said "The rest of the store is still a mess"

"F**k that, and f**k you Lisa" Michelle shouted. She grabbed Lisa by the arm and pushed her to the ground.

"What are you doing?" cried Rachel

"You're so fired" replied Lisa

"You treat us like trash Lisa, well you're about to become trash" shouted Michelle.

"Grab that roll of tape" Michelle motioned to Rachel.

Rachel handed Michelle a roll of blue duct tape.

"You just got yourself fired too Rachel" said Lisa.

Michelle pulled Lisa's wrists behind her back and began wrapping the tape around them tightly.

"Go out to the store and bring back as many scarves as you can" Michelle instructed Rachel.

"Do you even know what you're actually doing Michelle?" Lisa said.

"I know exactly what I'm doing Lisa, I'm taking out the trash"

Rachel returned to the back room with a handfull of silk scarves. Michelle grabbed them from her hand and stuffed one inside Lisa's mouth. She grabbed another and pulled it tightly between Lisa's teeth, pulling the rolled up scarf deep into Lisa's mouth. Lisa tried to protest, but nothing came out. Michelle took another scarf and again pulled it between Lisa's lips.

"Michelle, what the hell are we going to do to her?" Rachel cried. Michelle began taping Lisa's ankles together. She didn't bother to reply to Rachel. Once finished with Lisa'a ankles, she began to wrap the blue tape around her thighs tightly. One final rip of tape, and Michelle stood up.

"We're taking out the trash Rachel....grab me one of those trash bags."

"Are you serious Michelle?" Rachel said

"Totally" Michelle snickered.

Lisa began to squirm on the store room floor, not believeing what was happening or what she was hearing. Michelle tore a large trash bag off the roll and let it unroll from her hand. Once fully unrolled, Michelle pulled it apart and shook it open completely.

"I've had all I can take of you Lisa, and it's time for you to go" Michelle placed the trash bag at Lisa's feet, and pulled it under her until Lisa was sitting in the bottom of the trash bag. Rachel looked around nervously, even though she knew the store was locked up. Michelle shook out the bag a little shaking Lisa down into the trash bag until she was able to pull the ends of the trash bag up over Lisa.

"So long you little witch" Michelle laughed as she gathered up the ends of the bag and began to knot it closed over Lisa. Once Michelle had Lisa fully bagged up, she grabbed another trash bag from the roll, shook it open and began to double bag Lisa.

"One bag isn't enough for her"

Michelle tied off the second trash bag and took a step back to admire her work.

"Grab me some ribbon and a bow from the gift wrapping Rachel, let's give the garbagemen a little gift for the holidays" Michelle snickered.

Rachel began to fray some colorful ribbon and handed Michelle each one as she finished. Michelle began tying the pretty ribbons underneath the knot in the trash bags until there were 10 or so attached. Then she took the bow from Rachel, peeled of the back and stuck it to the side of the trash bag Lisa was bound inside.

"Let's take out our package" Michelle instructed Rachel. The two girls dragged the bagged Lisa out the door and to the edge of the loading dock.

"Happy holidays" Michelle shouted as she kicked Lisa, in the bag, right over the edge and into the dumpster already filled with many large black trash bags.

"We can't just leave her in there, she'll suffocate to death" Rachel mentioned to Michelle.

"Don't worry Rachel, I poked a few holes through the bag for the little witch to breathe. Suffocating won't be a problem, but the collection in the morning might be" Michelle laughed.

"Let's get on home Rachel" Michelle said. The two girls walked back inside, locking the loading door behind them, and leaving Lisa in her trash bag in the dumpster for the morning.

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