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A Step Too Far

by Melodie

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© Copyright 2010 - Melodie - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; Sbm; rope; bagged; dumpster; compactor; stuck; cons; X

I entered the parking lot of the office building, walking straight to the rear of it. My car was parked about a mile away in a residential street so as not to attract suspicion. I had chosen this place as it was an upscale office complex. In one of the rear corners of the first level, stood the reception area. With the ground level sunken, there was one dock for truck and just beside it, the garbage container.

Hi, you might be wondering what I am doing here on a Friday evening. A normal guy would be either with their buddies or girlfriend having fun in a bar or elsewhere. But not me, I have had girlfriends before but when I tell them about my little hobby, they all leave me right there. Friends with the same hobby as me are also rare. So, I am alone indulging in my fantasy.

I had chosen this location as with the 5 upper floors going over the reception dock, the container would be in the shade, only the back being exposed, the side wall fully closed to keep the look of the building in this nice office complex. Not only would this container would have mostly clean trash, the container had some nice features probably due to let disable people put the trash bags in. The container was in the sunken area with a concrete walkway at the floor level, there was not only a slide so people just had to push the trash bag over to let them fall in the container, there was also a pulley system to open the top of the container. Also, it would not be emptied before Monday morning.

I walked around to ensure that the cleaning staff had already left, being Friday evening, I would be able to stay in until Sunday night, over 50 hour in a garbage container, that would be the longest time I had ever been in one. My previous excursions lasting no more than 24 hours. I started by opening the top of the container and putting in place the time release mechanism consisting of a beer bottle full of water and with a string attach to a paper plug. I had tried this before, after pulling the cord, the water will run out and the weight of the bottle alone will not be enough to hold the release mechanism and about 15 second later, the container will be closed, leaving only a beer bottle as evidence which would surely be dismiss as being left by some drunken kid or a homeless person.

I then took out of my backpack, 2 garbage bags, a tie wrap, and some magazines that I put in one of the bags with some rope and a ball-gag. I then removed all of my clothes putting them in the second bag with my backpack, after that I closed the bag and let it slide on the ramp and fall in the container with a plop. While looking at the bag fall in the container, I fantasized that it was me inside that bag. Surely, my turn will come shortly. Just imagining me sliding in the container and dropping on those shiny garbage bag excited me.

I then lowered myself in my bag and started tying me in a ball, first a length of rope around my back and under my knees, then I tied my ankle together. I then attach a small rope terminating in a hangman knot to my ankle and pushed it in my back. It was time for my ball gag. Then, I rip the page of the magazine one by one and mash them filling the bag, I prefer magazine to newspaper as it is cleaner and mostly, doesn't become slimy with the wetness of respiration.

When the bag was almost full, I gathered the top of the bag in one hand, leaving only a small hole, took the tie-wrap, engaged it, then pass it in the hole before passing of over the bag. Holding the tie-wrap through the bag, I was able to almost close the tie-wrap around the bag. Almost done, I only had to pull the string the let the water come out of the bottle then quickly tighten the tie-wrap then let me fall on my side and slide in the container. With my right hand out of the bag, I slowly pulled the slack in the string, took a deep breath, one, two, three, pull, quickly bring my hand inside, fully close the tie-wrap, and let me fall on the side. I glide on the metal ramp, no more sound for a brief moment then land on top of the garbage with a loud plof. A few second later, I heard the top of the container slamming with a loud bang.

I landed on my right shoulder then I felt the bag slide a little under my weight beside the bag that where already in the container. My head is slightly lower that my bottom, as the garbage is smooth with no sharp edges, this should not be painful. I made sure to move the pages that where near my face and make a small hole in the side of the bag so no one would see it from outside the container. I then took that last remaining piece of rope which the 2 end where tied together, made 2 loops before passing them in the hangman knot. I managed to pass both of my wrists in the loop on each side of the knot and then suddenly pull hard with my arm. I was know tied in a ball with my hand immobilized behind me and a ball gag in my mouth and sealed in a garbage bag in a container. Of course, I could release myself after a while but as I pulled hard with my hand, I can't do this in 30 seconds.

Now that I am in this sealed bag, the temperature began to rise a little bit and everything thing started to become wet with the condensation of my breathing. I fantasized for a few hour before slowly drifting to sleep with some nice dreams. I suddenly woke up to some loud voice outside. After a few second, I realize that someone is doing sound check on an amplified system. I also heard other sound like metal knocking metal, small truck and the like for the next hour or so, it is hard to tell exactly with no watch, not that I would be in position to see it anyway. I came to the conclusion that there would be some event taking place nearby, probably in the parking lot behind the building. I can't really come out of my bin with all those people around, so best thing to do is stay in my bag and continue to dream.

Music started to play on the speakers, more and more voices in the background, and once in a while, a women speaking in the microphone about some contest and special event. That must be a party for the employees and their families. This is better that I had first thought. I am bond and gagged in a sealed garbage bag inside a container a few feet away from a party while no-one as a clue that I am here. It is even easier the forget that I am hungry or thirsty with the party going on.

After a few hours, can't say how many, but at least 4 or 5, the party came to an end, people went away, then all I could hear was again metal clicking on metal and small truck engine as the place was cleaned. I hear some voices coming close to the container and suddenly realized that this party must have produce tons of garbage. Oh! oh!, let's hope there is only a few bags. If it is the case, that would be even better than now but if it is too much, they might block the passage of air.

"Hey look, there is a pulley to open the lid."

"Yes and also, a ramp to slide the bags in. Must be a place for wimps."

"Ya, a 5 year old kid could do it, unless it is those new health and safety regulation."

"Anyway, let push those bag in, hey, it is almost full already. We will have hard time to put everything in."

Then I fell the first bag falling in the container, some around and some on top of me, then more, about 8 or 9 I was able to count. The extra weight had pushed me a little deeper in the trash. Those extra bags and rustling of the bags due to pressure being applied, I can't hear them anymore. I then felt pressure cycling as one of them pushed on the lid, the pressure stopped for a few seconds before starting again but this time a lot more pressure. I realized that one of the two guy must be stepping on the lid to shut it down. That extra pressure compacted that bag around me, as well as pushing the air out of my bag as the paper was crushed. After 6 or 7 pressure cycles, the pressure stopped as the guy stepped down the lid.

I was now pinned down between bags of garbage and barely able to move not speaking of the rope around me. I just hope that air is still able to pass as I don't want to suffocate here. I waited about 30 seconds for the guys to move on before trying to free my hand, I must check my air passage and be ready to get out of here in case not. I probably don't have more that a few minutes of air inside my now compressed bag.

I tried to pull my ankle and wrist closer together so I can loosen the hangman knot. It was hard, I tried to pull on the cord with one hand to help bring my ankle toward my back, but some garbage had filled the void that was between my ankle and tied wrist. After a few minutes, I had to stop as I was exhausted. The good side is that air must still be able to pass as I haven't suffocated yet. The bad side now, is that I must be able to free my hand if I want to get out of here.

Finally, after a few hour of struggling, I was able to loosen the hangman knot a little but not enough to free my hand. I am really tired now, with all the adrenaline flowing in my blood for those hours and the struggling, I fell asleep. The next morning, I woke up in my body aching from every where, about 30 hours of immobility and the struggle of last evening I have pain from every where. I soon remember where and in which position I am. Ok Calm down, I made some progress last night, I still have about 24 hours to go. Although I am in pain, hungry and mostly thirsty, I still have time to free myself but must stay calm.

I tried again to loosen the rope of the hangman knot, which after another hour of struggling, I succeed to do just enough so I can free my hand from the rope. I am ecstatic but unable to show it as I am exhausted with the limited amount of air I have and not eating or drinking anything for the last 36 hours or so. After resting for a few minutes, I manage to bring my left hand toward my ankle to try free them but my right arm is pined down between me and compressed garbage bag. Doesn't matter, I tried to untie the knot holding the rope around my ankle, I struggle for many hours but with limited space to work and only one hand, the task is harder that I had hope for.

I don't have a clue how many hours I struggled so far to free my ankle but I must succeed, if not, tomorrow morning, I will be crushed in the garbage truck as the trash will be collected. I am unable to have a good grip on the knot as I can barely touch it with the tip of my fingers. The trash is compressed so hard that I can't move my hand enough. This excursion has now turned into a bad dream. It was so nice yesterday during the party and now so unreal. It is an awful way to get stuck with nobody to come to my rescue. I have no hope of outside help so I must succeed to free myself.

I tried again to use my right arm but to now avail, still unable to use it. I have no clue what time it is, but I am truly exhausted from all this struggle and the adrenaline and almost no air the breathe. I rage against myself to have not realized that the party would create some trash earlier. I should have gotten out of here yesterday morning. It is too late to be sorry now. I must free myself.

I can hear some air brake nearby, then a loud bang as the garbage truck arm hit the container. Shortly after, I fell the container being raised. This is my last chance, the container will be dumped in a garbage truck before being compressed. as soon as I can move my hand I must free myself. The container starts tipping over, I prepare myself to free my ankles. I can hear bags starting to fall in the garbage truck, I can now move both my arms. I attack the knot at my ankles, I can pull the rope, the knot is coming, a few more pull and the knot is over. I feel my bag falling in the truck, I land on some bags and immediately more bags fell on me. I can now untie the rope around my ankles. Quick, the rope behind my knee, this knot is easier to undo as I made a simpler knot. That is it, I am free. I hear to hydraulic starting to move the wall of the truck, I must act quickly if I don't want to be crushed to death. I rip the bag open, I push the bags around me so I can stand up.

The lid of the truck is closing, my eyes are hurting with the intensity of the light after about 60 hours in the dark. I must hurry, no time, the inside of the truck is dark again. There is only one thing to do now, move the bags from around me to create a space hoping not to be crushed so I can escape at the next container. I start throwing garbage bags away from me, not easy when you are in to the waist. The wall is getting closer, I can feel the bag being compressed and shifting. I try to move my leg up on the trash as I start feeling the pressure increasing around them. They kept sliding between bags. I grab the bags as fast as I can to throw them away.

The pressure around my legs is now unbearable, I pick up a bag, this relieve the pressure a bit but not enough. There is a sharp pain in my left leg, ouch, the pain is awful, I drop the bag that I had in my hand, I pick it up right away and try to throw it, but too late. My right arm is now pinned horizontally and the wall is pressing against it, and the bag is at the same level as my face and I almost pass out, At least I can move it, more like letting it fall on my side, with my left arm I try to move the bag away from my face but unable to. I turn my face away to postpone the inevitable. The pressure slowly but surely increase as more pain hits my legs. There is not much I can do now except hope that the compactor stops but it keep going on. The bag at my face level is now touching my nose as it is flatten by the compression. I try to push it away but I am now unable to move my left hand enough to reach it. My chest is now painfully compressed, the pressure now increase around my torso. The plastic now covers my mouth and most of my nostril, I try to take a deep breath but the garbage bag stick to my face, I can't breathe anymore.

It is over now, I am stuck in a garbage truck and the compactor is working, having probably bones broken in my legs, arm and rib cage, I am unable to breath anymore, I will die shortly now, I just hope it is coming as soon as possible as the pain is unbearable.

What started as a promising weekend as turn to disaster. I am about to pass out but I am still bound with my hands in my back and no pain or almost. I took me a few second to realized that I must have had a bad dream, an horror dream I should say. I probably fell asleep from exhaustion. But I am still in a precarious situation, I have to free myself before the garbage truck comes as we are probably Monday morning by now.

Is it then that I felt the container starting to rise...


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